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Valerie McIntyre-Baird spent over 25 years leading technology teams to reach their potential in the energy, utility, banking and technology industries. Over the last 6 years, Valerie has developed a private practice (based in Victoria, B.C.) as a trusted Executive Coach (ICF), Mentor and Certified Forest Therapy Guide (ANFT) for clients around the world. Her unique approach incorporates guided time in nature in support of mental health and overall wellbeing. This conversation is calm, collected, curious and lots of other beautiful c’s - listening over it for the edit filled my heart and I feel like it wraps up this year perfectly.Val's websiteMy websiteArtwork by Playto Studio 
Andrew Judd is a designer who's been creating for over 15 years working over a bunch of different disciplines - from kicking off his career in-house at the global event promoter Live Nation, designing TV style guides for the BBC, packaging for high street stores and achieving his childhood dream of designing for his beloved Tottenham Hotspur F.C. He currently teaches in the arts space at a University and his studio Play To Studio is all about - you guessed it, play. Andrew strongly feels play can build self-confidence and break down barriers, because we all know how to play if we just give ourselves the permission. Playto studio offers graphic design, workshops and talks to inspire, motivate, develop and expand creativity through our love of play. Playto StudioPlayto Studio IGEmma's websiteEmma's IGArtwork by Playto StudioHelp with the podcast running costs by buying me a virtual coffee.
I’m introducing Stacey Lowman of Pachira Money to the podcast - Stacey is a financial wellbeing coach bringing ten years experience in the city to create practical and measured but holistic advice around money in both our business and personal lives. I met with Stacey a few years back when she approached me about portraits. After that, so began my transformation with my relationship with money through coaching sessions with Stacey. Prior to them I firmly had my head stuck in the sand so facing up to them was emotional but one of the most empowering life situations I’ve ever had. In the past two years I have cleared 7k worth of debt and my relationship with my business finances has gone from strength to strength. I am so invested in the power of Stacey and her work that we have teamed up to launch our Pricing Confidence workshops to support creatives and freelancers find clarity in their rate setting through a practical workshop that will take place over a morning in January. We want to see you feel great about your rates as you start 2021. Pachira MoneyPachira Money IGEmma's websiteEmma's IGArtwork by Playto StudioHelp with the podcast running costs by buying me a virtual coffee.
Andrea Anderson operates under Who I Am and is a creative careers coach, helping her community find identity and direction towards the fulfilling life they want. This episode has so much useful insight on how we can deal with our inner saboteurs and why comparison is the killer of creative joy. Shirzad Charmine Joanna Macey Womenhood IG Live Andrea's websiteAndrea's IGEmma's websiteEmma's IGArtwork by Playto StudioHelp with the podcast running costs by buying me a virtual coffee.
I chat personal projects and meaningful work with portrait and environmental photographer Benjamin Youd.I always have such thoughtful conversations with Benjamin and delighted to bring him to Bounce the Block. Benjamin considers his work so carefully and it's such a joy to be inspired by him. Benjamin's websiteMy websiteKofi - buy me a virtual coffeeArtwork by Playto Studio
I speak with Maureen Bleekerpaal who runs a global female creative collective called Moksi Collective. Moksi Collective is all about owning your story and we explore in this episode the benefit of being clear on your story in your creative endeavours. Maureen:Maureen's InstagramThe Moksi Collective InstagramThe Moksi Collective websiteEmma:WebsiteInstagramFind Your FocusQuote creditDean GraziosiArtwork by Playto StudioHelp with the podcast running costs by buying me a virtual coffee.
I am kicking off this Bounce the Block series with a guru of creativity - Calandre Orton. Calandre is a business consultant in the creative work and she is an expert at helping artists and creatives thrive within their business. We talked finding clarity, the power of support and just doing the thing.This episode was recorded in Summer 2020. I feel so inspired by this conversation, I know you will be too! Show notes:Calandre's websiteBuy me a coffee!My websiteThe Find Your Focus coursePodcast artwork by Studio 
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