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Data is changing the construction industry too! In this episode, I chat with April Moss, the COO and Co-founder of DigiBuild, a Y Combinator-backed construction software company. The company has one of the largest, sustainable, and global supplier networks. It uses AI to help customers save vast sums of money and precious time. Resources mentioned in the episode:ICSConstruction Technology InstituteHUD
In this episode, I chat with Kevin Marcus about the many pieces of data used in marketing. We cover many concepts such as probabilistic and deterministic models, correlating IP addresses with a timestamp, mobile IDs, data wrangling, among many others!Kevin is the co-founder and CTO of Versium. A serial entrepreneur, Kevin is a technical evangelist with 20 years experience architecting highly scalable commerce and database systems. He is an advisory board member and alumni of University of California-Riverside.
Analytics is changing everything - even golf! Don't believe it, listen to this episode!If you are not a golf fan and have never picked up a club in your life, that doesn't matter. This edition will give you perspective on how the sport can be systematized and analyzed with statistics and Python.In the latest installment, I chat with co-founders and brothers, Matt and Will Courchene about their site, data golf, that is transforming the sport!Matt and Will Courchene grew up just outside Ottawa, Canada spending their winters playing hockey and their summers playing golf. They were both studying Economics in graduate school when they began applying their statistics skillset to PGA Tour data for fun. At first they posted the occasional blog post to a simple wordpress site, but it has since evolved into the data-driven golf analytics website known as
You are probably wondering about Large Language Models (LLMs), such as ChatGPT, and their impact on you, your business, and the world. In this episode, I chat with Paul Blankley and Ryan Janssen about LLMs, AI, and the semantic layer - where they were in the past, what they are doing today, and their impact on our future.Paul and Ryan are the Co-founders of Zenlytic, the world’s first self-serve BI tool. Paul is the Co-founder / CTO of Zenlytic, a self-serve BI tool that uses LLMs to provide a simple chat interface to complex business data. He's worked in data for 7+ years and is passionate about all things data and AI. He has a master's from Harvard in Data Science, and he lives in Denver, CO, where he spends his free time snowboarding, running, and rock climbing.Ryan is the CEO of Zenlytic. Prior to co-founding Zenlytic, he worked as a software engineer and a venture capitalist and private equity investor.  He has a masters degree from Harvard in computational science and an MBA from Oxford.  Fun fact: Ryan has lived in 4 countries across 3 continents.Other Resources Mentioned in the Episode:Finding Asteroids Down the Back of the Couch: A Novel Approach to the Minor Planet Linking ProblemOffice of Planetary DefenseAttention is All You Need WhitepaperChelyabinsk EventSemantic Layer ExplainedLump of Labor Fallacy
Data is becoming more and more and more prevalent.In this episode, I chat with Dr. Gordon Chiu about how data uncovers many mysteries of life.Dr. Gordon Chiu completed Wharton’s Advanced Management Program and Harvard’s Business Analytics Program during the latter part of 2022, and co-founded his startup Phenegra  in February of 2023.  Gordon is pleased to share that Phenegra has won the 2023 Global Tough Technology Prize in the Harvard Business School Alumni New Venture Competition.  HBS regards Tough Tech ventures as those working on transformative technology that solves the world’s most important challenges through the convergence of breakthrough science, engineering, and leadership.  While his pitch presentation was notably unconventional, Gordon’s technology is undeniable.  Phenegra will initially commercialize Dr. Chiu’s discovery of reactive graphene as Graphalt, an asphalt additive that improves the durability, bonding, and oil retention of conventional asphalt.  This new asphalt composite is proven to be an effective material for making enduring pothole repairs.  With the unrelenting proliferation of potholes, dump-and-go temporary repairs, and the emergence of electric vehicles that are more than 30% heavier than their gasoline and diesel counterparts, Graphalt will play a significant role in reinforcing transportation infrastructure and mitigating soil, water and air pollution from desiccated asphalt worldwide.
AI is changing everything at a very rapid pace - the online knowledge base, image production, and white collar jobs. In this episode, I chat with Edward Sturm, a serial founder and growth marketing influencer who lives the slomad life. We cover a lot - blockchain, ether, centralized bank digital currencies (CBDC), and how ChatGPT could be the biggest innovation since the iPhone.  Most importantly, we talk about how you can hedge against AI.  How to connect with Edward:TikTok - @build_in_publicTwitter - @showprogressInstagram  - edward.buildsYouTube - @buildinpublic
Learn how you can change your life by using your own personal KPIs. The key is not the knowledge, but how you implement it in your life.In this episode, I chat with Kimberley Spencer about how she uses data to change lives. She works with clients to make a lasting impact, break on through to the other side, and live how they want.She is an award-winning high-performance, trauma-informed coach and trainer, Amazon best-selling author, TEDx speaker, and the founder of CrownYourself.comShe helps visionary leaders transform their self-limiting stories, build their empire, stand out fearlessly, and make the income and the impact they deserve.
Improved data, analysis, and integration are improving the lending market with real-time processing, up-to-date statements, and everything in one place. In this episode, I chat with Anurag Angara, the Head of Product at Canopy.After graduating from UNC Chapel Hill with a degree in Business Administration and as a self-taught programmer, he started his career as a consultant at EY working in the financial space. Since then he worked at various startups focused on the intersection of finance and technology - as a software developer, product manager, and founder. In 2020, he joined Canopy as employee number four and has spent the last three years helping the team build a unique and differentiated product. Canopy has the most flexible system of record for operators of great lending programs at scale. 
Through the adoption of AI,  the expanded use of technology, and the application of data, digital health investors are making healthcare more accessible, affordable, and easier for everyone involved - from the patients to those administering the care. In this episode, I chat with Justin Norden, Partner at GSR Ventures, who invests in digital health companies.Prior to GSR Ventures, he was CEO and co-founder of Trustworthy AI which was acquired by Waymo. Additionally, he worked on the healthcare team at Apple, co-founded Indicator - an NLP based platform for biopharma decision making, and helped start the Stanford Center for Digital Health. As an academic he is an award winning machine learning and bioinformatics researcher with 20+ publications. Finally, Justin is a former professional athlete and 3x world champion in ultimate frisbee. Justin received his MD from Stanford University School of Medicine, MBA from the Stanford Graduate School of Business, Master of Philosophy in Computational Biology from the University of Cambridge, and BA in Computer Science from Carleton College.
Learn about how successful entrepreneurs create and build amazing companies!  In this episode, I chat with Dan Simpkins, a very successful 3x founder, about using data and developing technology - technology that you use everyday!  Dan is a serial tech entrepreneur who also holds 20+ U.S. patents. His first two start-ups were acquired by public companies.   In his current venture, Dwellwell Analytics, Dan had an idea to use his vast expertise in sensing technology to create the first comprehensive "check engine light" for the home. 
SEO Secrets Explained

SEO Secrets Explained


Find out how SEO really works and what you need to do to improve your website rankings. SEO Optimizers is a digital marketing firm that generates leads and increases sales for clients. In this episode I chat with Brandon Leibowitz, owner of SEO Optimizers, about this fascinating topic.
If you run a service based business this episode is a must-listen! Goals to Results focuses on getting better outcomes for its clients. In this episode I shoot the breeze with owner of Goals to Results, Dennis Riley, about running businesses and making them better through data.  
Data from satellites is very important for all of us users back on terra ferma.  EOSDA is launching the first of many satellites in November that will focus specifically on the agricultural sector.  In this episode I chat with Oleksandr Dzhevaga about the story behind this fascinating endeavor! 
NFTs (non fungible tokens) is an acronym that you hear a lot these days!  Community is a large part of the NFT landscape and in this episode, I chat with Arvin Khamseh, an expert marketer of NFTs, about that community and the NFT market.Connect with ArvinTwitterLinkedIn
Data is growing at a breathtaking rate, and the amount of technological change keeps on accelerating, but one thing that will always be constant is empathy.  In this episode, I talk with Kevin Hanegan, the Chief Learning Officer at Qlik, about how the world is changing and how it stays the same. Connect with Kevinkevin@kevinhanegan.comNew BookBlogThe Data Literacy Project
The 4th Industrial Revolution is the conversion of technologies of cloud computing, AI, IoT, and blockchain all within a very short period of time.   In this episode, I chat with Sol Girouard, CEO and Founder of Data Innovation Labs, about how the exponential increase in data has changed the way we live, work, and interact with others.[2:20] Decision Intelligence[3:50] Digital Transformation Approach[9:30] 4th Industrial Revolution[12:26] Private Cloud Computing Capability  [22:01] The goal of a PhD program [22:46] The Positive Effects of Social Media on Mental Health[33:26] Sol’s wonderful story about her grandmotherConnect with Sol and Data Innovation LabsSol Girouard LinkedInData Innovations Labs
In the world of overwhelming data, using anchor statements, linking phrases, and emotional intelligence when presenting data is of utmost importance.  In this episode, I chat with Minna Taylor, Founder of Energize Your Voice, about how speaking, narrative and communication  illuminate data and make it come to life.  In this episode we cover several key topics including:The Power of Storytelling, Human Connection and Community [2:56]  Acting is strategic and authentic truth telling [7:34]Covid has degraded the boundary between personal and professional [10:05]Minna works with founders on the value proposition narrative for those seeking fundraising [12:45]How to measure intangibles using data [18:23]Public speaking is a lot more than just standing in front of a crowd and saying words [23:10]Anchor statement is the key for presenting data [24:32]Connect with Minna and Energize Your VoiceEnergize Your Voice IGMinna Taylor IGEnergize Your VoiceMinna Taylor LinkedIn
Data has emerged as arguably the most valuable asset class in the global economy and is becoming increasingly available across industries, including financial services.  In this episode, Stephen Marshall, Head of Data Studio, Data & Analytics Solutions at BNY Mellon, discusses products helping BNY clients analyze their data from different vantage points and make better decisions. Included in this episode:[2:29] The zero code BNY Mellon Data Studio [7:00] Shifting from data as a byproduct to data as a service [15:00] Combatting data fatigue and paralysis[17:15] A look at the next 10 years; IoT and upping your business model[20:30] Differentiating yourself within a data heavy market
The digital revolution is impacting everyone, everywhere!  Remote villages in places like Ghana, Guatemala, and Laos with limited infrastructure are even reaping the benefits of digital tech and data. In this episode, I chat with CJ Stanfill, Senior Director of Data and Operations at Pencils of Promise, about how his nonprofit helps schools fill educational gaps using the power of data.In this episode we cover several key topics including:Knowledge Management (including failures)  [12:22] Using R to analyze student literacy [15:31] Longitudinal data sets of student cohorts [16:23] Can digital centers mitigate gaps in remote communities?  [17:44] POP’s novel applications for blockchain and cryptocurrency [18:59]Get involved with POP’s mission [21:53]Resources MentionedAmerican Evaluation Association RPlos One Connect with CJ and Pencils of PromiseLinkedinPencils of Promise
Could Your Next Job Be in FinTech? From datasets enabling funds to generate alpha, to NLP computing the word on the street, financial institutions are increasingly utilizing data technology to enhance end-to-end services. These companies need strong talent to stay on the pulse of market trends. In this episode we chat with Scott DeAngelis, a top performing recruiter at Selby Jennings, the leading financial recruitment agency in the U.S., about how his industry’s growth has only just begun.In this episode we cover several key topics including:The virtual world’s impact on the FinTech market [4:33] The role of data in commoditizing financial institutions’ value propositions [8:53] Alternative investments and passive returns generated by self-driving cars? [12:48] How NLP benefits both consumers and employers in the industry [15:02] Example of a business-to-business service using geospatial data [18:00] Connect with Scott: Resources Mentioned in this Episode: 
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