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Harder Than You Th!nk Podcast

Author: Peter J. Holgate And Tara Dobbs

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Following on the successful Eleven Ten Experience series, the new series titled Harder Than You Th!nk Podcast is filled with rich, authentic interviews with entrepreneurs who have broken through and built 7, 8 and even 9 figure businesses. Each week, your hosts, Peter J. Holgate & Tara Dobbs uncover and explore what it really takes to build a successful business.Turns out it is harder than you think...after all...If it was so easy, everyone would do it.
53 Episodes
Even though he has no background in the housing market,  that's not stopping Robert. His business is re-inventing the Real Estate market. He’s an innovator and a future thinker. Just wait until you see the ideas Robert has for this industry.
Matt was born to be an engineer.  However, after studying engineering at a University, he soon learned what a bad employee he made, and becoming an entrepreneur was the logical next step. 
Rob takes us back to the beginning with his story.  Growing up, his father influenced him and his siblings to all become entrepreneurs.  Fast forward a few years where Rob continues his journey with experiences he gained with the ownership of multiple businesses through the years.
Imagine being a powerhouse, who knows how to get things done without setting a single goal.  After reading a powerful book on the subject, Karina decided she never needs to set a goal again.  She is now an author of 4 books and a fitness and nutrition coach.
Episode 49: Scot Keith

Episode 49: Scot Keith


Going from small-town boy to moving into the largest city of Canada, Scot managed to not only survive but thrive as a natural in marketing. In fact, he found a moment in his life where he had it all, lots of money and toys. But soon realized he was not happy. It was then that he made the decision to become an entrepreneur.
Melanie's interesting story is of an entrepreneur taking on a product that very few dare to take on... pleasure accessories, or more accurately Femtech.  Melanie shares with us the enthusiasm and industry-specific bias she continues to encounter as she moves her business forward.
Craig is continually looking to challenge himself. He has completed multiple marathons and 100 ultra-marathons. The determination he manifests from these accomplishments also goes in his business life. Listen as Craig talks about how that advanced him as an entrepreneur.
No matter how much more difficult it was than Drew could have ever imagined, he has never regretted the decision he had made.  When Drew realized he was not growing as a person anymore he decided to challenge himself.  He became a solopreneur.  
In this half Emmanuel shares his story about exploring his new role in entrepreneurship.  He tells the tales of the difficulty in such a competitive world to get your game noticed. It ends in a surprise…
Emmanuel's compelling story shows us that it is never too late to follow your passion and stop letting life pass you by.  Not wanting to work in the field of his Masters any longer, Emmanuel acquires a job at the bottom of the totem pole in a video game company and moves his way up through the industry.  Realizing happiness was still eluding him,  he decided it was time he went from employee to entrepreneur. 
These two innovative business partners share their story about transforming their careers as engineers to entrepreneurs who wanted to help other businesses succeed. When Covid came, they found that they were having to quickly save their own business from a 90% near-death drop. Due to the strength in their partnership, they not only saved their business but experienced growth at an unexpected rate. 
Have you ever thought it humorous that your University degree does not apply to your current career?  On this podcast, Brad has an amusing discussion with the hosts on this very subject.  We also learn about how at a young age he starts his renovation empire, knowing nothing about running a business, walking from door to door to get new clients. 
In this podcast, Praveen discusses how his career started by exploring for diamonds in Northern Canada with his father and former partner. Now he co-owns an investment company with his family, focusing on investing in businesses that better the planet.   
Nigel did not have the easiest road to travel on his way to entrepreneurship.  He barely made it through high school, then went to work with his dad at his company until his dad was arrested.  All these obstacles lead him to co-found the successful business with his sister.  Now Nigel is able to pursue all his philanthropic adventures as well as continue to travel the world with his family. 
Episode 39: Matt Young

Episode 39: Matt Young


Listen as Matt tells his journey that takes his passion for fitness and sports and turns it into a stand-out business.  His and his team's philosophies and values then launch it into a successful franchise.  
The second segment of Kian's podcast goes much deeper into his life as an entrepreneur and how his wife influenced major life changes. 
Listen as part one takes you on Kian's journey as a young immigrant from Iran to Sweden and learning how to adapt.  Kian goes on to discuss his experience of having to study and restudy for his medical exams and that it was during University that he started to stretch his entrepreneurial wings.
Neil takes us on his journey through his darkest challenges of entrepreneurship and how it was completely burning him out.  He then tells us the story of how his mentor helped him through the recovery of his dying business to where he is today.
Rene is an entrepreneur that has seen and experienced the struggles and triumphs that comes with it.  Rene's entrepreneurial spirit will not falter and he is ready to celebrate in the streets when this pandemic is over.  
Christine took an experience that would make most people rightly upset and used it as a fire to take her destiny into her own hands.   She has since built two companies and worn many hats.  Listen to her incredibly humble journey through the struggles and the triumphs. 
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