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Truth, Lies and Puppy Mills

Author: Bailing Out Benji

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This new podcast from Bailing Out Benji will allow our team to go in-depth on the various facets of the puppy mill industry, the issues that advocates across the country face, as well as interviews with industry experts as we all work together to create lasting change for the animals trapped in commercial breeding facilities. Your Podcast Hosts are: Ashly Dale from our Washington Team, Nicole Galvan from our Arizona Team and Mindi Callison, Bailing Out Benji’s Founder and Executive Director. Sponsored by the East Village Spa. Use code 'Benji' to donate 10% of your sale to help our nonprofit continue researching and exposing the puppy mill industry.
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Tune in to our interview with Grace Kelly Herbert of Finding Shelter Animal Rescue and mother of Victoria, the inspiration behind Pennsylvania's Victoria's Law! Victoria was rescued by Finding Shelter in 2017 from a Lancaster County, PA puppy mill. She was 10 years old, born at the farm, and lived there for 10 years as a breeding dog. Right after her rescue, she received the terminal diagnosis of Degenerative Myelopathy and was placed on hospice care for the remainder of her life which was expected to be six months to a year. Victoria exceeded all expectations and lived for 16 months as a part of a family in a loving home, the first time she had been in a house for her entire life. Victoria passed away on February 26, 2019 in the arms of her mom and dad who loved her dearly.Victoria was a brave, wonderful, beautiful and forgiving dog and her legacy will live on through Victoria’s Law,  the Pet Retail Sales Bill named in her memory. Victoria’s Law would require that pet stores in Pennsylvania discontinue the sale of commercially bred dogs, cats and rabbits and require online transparency for puppy sales. Pennsylvania residents, please contact your state senators and representatives to ask them to support SB 44 Victoria’s Law so she can leave her mark on this world after saying farewell to the happy life she finally found after so many long and difficult years.Support the show (
We often talk about the parent dogs who are trapped in puppy mills and how awful their situations are. These mother and father dogs are living in the worst conditions and exist solely to produce puppies for pet stores and online websites. It is truly a nightmare. Sadly, this industry has many victims: including the puppies who are born into the system and the families who purchase them. It is very easy for those of us who know about puppy mills to cast blame on those who buy, but that doesn't help the dogs. In fact, Bailing Out Benji was born only after our founder bought a Petland puppy and learned the truth. Kindness and compassion will be what changes the world for these animals. On today's episode of "Truth, Lies and Puppy Mills" you will hear from two families who bought puppies from stores. Within days they had to deal with the heartache of having a sick puppy and the frustrations of dealing with the pet stores over veterinary bills. These women used their experiences to fight hard for local change and share their stories with the world in order to warn others against buying animals without seeing where they were born and raised. Support the show (
On this week's episode, we sat down with Theresa Strader the Founder of National Mill Dog Rescue!Theresa started National Mill Dog Rescue after rescuing 13 dogs from a puppy mill auction in Missouri where a breeder was going out of business.  After becoming shocked at the conditions the dogs were forced to endure, Theresa vowed to do everything she could to start saving breeding dogs and giving them a chance to have the loving homes they always deserved to have.  Support the show (
If we know where the puppy mills are, why can't we just shut them down?Tune in as we sit down with Shalimar Oliver,  the Animal Crimes Manager for the Humane Society of the United States, and discuss what it takes to actually shut down a puppy mill.  We discuss the importance of having trained local law enforcement and prosecutors,  collecting evidence, and having  witnesses come forward. So many things must go right in order to save dogs from the worst conditions imaginable. While this process is long and arduous, we must continue to fight to strengthen the laws so that law enforcement has the tools to shut down more puppy mills.  If you've ever wondered why we can't just shut down puppy mills, even after they've been caught breaking the law, we hope this eye-opening episode encourages you to email your Congress Members to ask them to co-sponsor the Puppy Protection Act.  Go here to send a simple automatic email: the show (
2021 Horrible Hundred List

2021 Horrible Hundred List


Join us as we take a deep dive into the Humane Society of the United States' Horrible Hundred worst puppy mills in the country for 2021.Learn just how bad legal puppy mills can get while they remain almost entirely unchecked by an inadequate USDA and ill-equipped state inspection programs. View the Horrible Hundred List here: take action by telling your Congress member to support the Puppy Protection Act, go here: to join our volunteer team to help us expose and report unlicensed and unregulated online breeders, go here: the show (
Join us as we celebrate hitting 10,000 listeners and celebrate Bailing Out Benji's 10th anniversary! We take a look back at many of the episodes we've done so far and discuss the challenges and triumphs that lie ahead.  Help us celebrate by becoming a Bailing Out Benji volunteer: make a tax-deductible donation to our nonprofit to help us continue our mission to #EndPuppyMills by going here: the month of May, all donations up to $25,000 will be matched by a generous donor!  Support the show (
CARE is focused on transforming the animal welfare industry with evidence- based inclusion training, inspiring narratives and compassion. CARE believes in the inherent goodness and dignity of all people. Ex-offenders, People without Homes, Seniors, Renters, Families with Small Children, and Yes, People of Color. To that end, CARE’s mission is to bring diverse voices to the Animal Welfare industry while also advocating for a more inclusive path to pet adoption. CARE is using evidence-based tools and narratives to inspire organizations to be more inclusive and less biased. All in an effort to save more companion animal lives and elevate the value of all human life.Learn more about CARE here: the show (
To round out our continuous discussion on dog auctions, we interviewed Erin Morse, founding Director of Midwest Animal ResQ.  Erin gives a first-hand account of what it's like to rescue dogs from the puppy mill industry at dog auctions and offers some learned advice on how to approach it as ethically as possible.  Tune in to find out what needs to happen so that rescues can stay true to their mission of rescuing animals while still supporting our shared goal of ending puppy mills.  Erin's rescue can be found here: you would like to support our efforts to continue educating about the puppy mill industry, please consider making a tax-deductible donation to our non-profit: the show (
Join us as we take another deep dive into the cruel world of dog auctions.  This time we are joined by journalist and author, Becky Monroe, who learned about the devastating level of cruelty in puppy mills after attending her first dog auction in 2009.  Becky went on to write the book Bark Until Heard, inspired by her first puppy mill survivor, Thorp, aka Number 177, who she rescued at her first auction.  Tune in as Becky eloquently describes why we must look beyond the smaller disagreements in the rescue community and continue to speak out against the much larger issue of puppy mills.To purchase a copy of Bark Until Heard go here: you learned something new from this podcast, please consider making a tax-deductible donation to support our non-profit: the show (
On this week's episode we sit down with Courtney Crowder, a columnist with the Des Moines Register who attended an Iowa dog auction in 2019 and inadvertently witnessed the state's largest brucellosis outbreak.  Courtney's article about this event laid bare the inadequate laws and the difficulty in contacting-tracing these zoonotic diseases, which result from the conditions inside puppy mills.  Courtney's viral article can be found here: the show (
Do you have a pet store that sells puppies from puppy mills in your city or town? Tune in to this week's episode to find out how you can start protesting the pet stores that keep puppy mills in business. Learn how to stay safe, remain peaceful, and find out how you can be responsible for educating thousands of people about the truth behind the puppies in the window. You are guaranteed to meet other compassionate people who may become your new best friends!To find out if a pet store in your area sells puppy mill puppies, go here: make a tax-deductible donation to our non-profit, go here: the show (
Dog auctions used to be places where puppy mill breeders sold dogs for pennies.  Rescues who have attended these auctions for years often save dogs from a lifetime of suffering and give them proper vet care, socialization, and the kind of home they deserve for the first time in their lives.  But now, puppy mill auctioneers have caught on to the rescue world's desire to save lives at any cost, and the prices at dog auctions have skyrocketed.  Should rescues still rescue dogs at auctions? How much is too much to pay to save a life? Should they not pay anything at all?  What if they can save lives without paying enough to incentivize the breeders? Unfortunately, there are no clear answers that everyone in the animal welfare community can agree on.  And the puppy mill industry uses these disagreements against us time and time again to deflect from their wrongdoings and to confuse lawmakers and the public.  That's why we need to keep having these discussions.  Join us as we have an open and honest discussion on this very contentious topic.  Support the show (
Today we have reached another milestone for our small nonprofit. The podcast we started on a whim has released its 20th episode and we celebrated by interviewing a very special guest. First Gentleman Marlon Reis is an amazing advocate for animals, people and the environment. His passion for positive change is unwavering and we are so thankful to be able to work with him in his home state of Colorado. Please join us in the conversation today as we discuss animal welfare, puppy mills and what it takes to create meaningful change for animals everywhere. Click here to find information on legislation in Colorado and elsewhere: Marlon's adorable dog Gia on Instagram: Marlon and view the amazing daily nature photos he discussed on Facebook: keep up with our work in Colorado, on Facebook, click here: the show (
2021 has been the busiest legislative season ever!  Tune in to this week's episode to find out if there are any new laws getting introduced to #EndPuppyMills in YOUR city or state and what you can do to help pass those laws! Learn how you can be a more effective voice for puppy mill dogs by hearing about all the legislative work being done across the country!For a complete list of active ordinances and bills that need help passing, go here: become a Bailing Out Benji volunteer, go here: you'd like to make a tax-deductible donation to support our work to #EndPuppyMills through research, education, and advocacy, go here: the show (
This week we sat down with Hilary Hager of the Humane Society of the United States and got real about compassion fatigue! Compassion fatigue effects us all. After all, there is only so much we can endure, especially when we take on the suffering of others time and time again.  Eventually, we all need a break to recharge in order to be more effective for the animals who "would never ask us to suffer on their behalf."  Tune in to learn more about compassion fatigue and how you can avoid it and be your best self for the animals who need you most!To learn more about Hilary's work to help animal advocates cope with stress and engage their volunteers, go here: can email Hilary at hhager@humanesociety.orgTo learn more about volunteering for Bailing Out Benji, go here: podcast  has been sponsored by the East Village Spa . Use the code 'Benji' at checkout and 10% of your sale will be donated back to us. https://shopeastvillagespa.comSupport the show (
Advocates across the country have been so successful at preventing pet stores from selling puppy mill puppies that the puppy mill industry is starting to fight back in big ways.  Preemption bills ban cities from passing their own laws to stop pet stores from selling puppy mill dogs.  They take away local control and create statewide safe-havens that allow the pet store/puppy mill pipeline to operate freely.  Tune in to this week's episode to learn how YOU can fight against these bad preemption bills and become a voice for the puppy mill dogs in your city or state.  Also, find out what you can do if you live in a state that preemptions local ordinances.  To sign up for our action alerts so you can be ready to stop bad legislation,  go here: sign up for action alerts from HSUS, go here: you learned something new today and you want to support our efforts at Bailing Out Benji, you can make a tax-deductible donation here: the show (
Launder: to conceal the origins through transfers of legitimate businesses Bailing Out Benji is the leading organization for exposing sham rescues across the country and our California lawsuit coined the term “puppy laundering”. With at least 7 sham rescues operating in numerous states, this has become a nationwide scheme to deceive the public into buying commercially bred puppies that have been labeled as ‘rescues’. But what does all of that mean? What is ‘puppy laundering’ and why does it matter? In episode 16 of “Truth, Lies and Puppy Mills” we talk about this very shady scheme and how it might be coming to a city near you. To learn more about some of the sham rescues discussed in this episode, go here: make a tax-deductible donation to our non-profit, go here: the show (
Small Animal Mills

Small Animal Mills


Join us this week to learn how small animals are adversely affected by being raised in large-scale commercial breeding facilities and then sold as pet in pet stores just like puppy mill dogs.  We often talk about companion animals in puppy and kitten mills, but other domesticated animals are exploited by the commercial breeding industry and sold to unsuspecting and naive customers as well.  Our special guest, Lorianne Kloss of Red Door Animal Shelter, teaches us all about rabbit rescue.  Did you know rabbits are the 3rd most surrendered animal in shelters across the country? Tune in to learn more!To learn more about Red Door Animal Shelter, go here: find almost any pet you can imagine available for adoption near you, go here: you learned something new from this episode and you want to support our efforts to #EndPuppyMills you can make a tax-deductible donation to our non-profit, here: the show (
Humane Ordinances

Humane Ordinances


Tune in to this week's episode to find out how YOU can take the lead and help your city #EndPuppyMills by passing a Humane Ordinance!Marc Ayers, HSUS Illinois State Director, is our special guest this week and he happens to be one of the most successful advocates in the country when it comes to passing Humane Ordinances.  Learn how to start the process of banning the sale of puppy mill dogs in your town and become inspired to create lasting change for the dogs trapped in puppy mills!To learn more about joining our efforts to create a more humane place for companion animals, go here: learn more about passing a humane ordinance, go here: sign up for Action Alerts and stay up-to-date on legislation in your city or state, go here: the show (
Why are politics sometimes a brick wall for puppy mill dogs? Tune in to this week's episode to learn how to #EndPuppyMills by breaking through that brick wall and lobbying for humane laws in your city, county, state, or even the U.S. Capitol! Find out how YOU can change the laws to help the dogs trapped in puppy mills.  Go here to join Bailing Out Benji's action alerts and be ready for when we need you to talk to your local, state, or federal lawmakers: here to sign up for action alerts from the Humane Society Legislative Fund: make a tax-deductible donation to our non-profit, go here: the show (
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