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Big Locals Podcast is a podcast introducing the innovative, eccentric, and movers-and-shakers of the Denver community. Be prepared to walk through the enthusiasm of the Denverites brought to you by a not-so-local host, Ian Jimeno. If you like the content or if you just want to spread the word of the local Denver scene, be sure to download and leave a like, review, and follow. Make sure to follow the host's journey as a new Denverite on Instagram: @biglocalspodcast Shop Local, Support Local, Big Locals Podcast
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I'm so JUICED after listening to this episode again! Paige Mitchell of can really get to the heart of the conversation and dig DEEP with some good answers.I myself have found ran into some roadblocks developing in my career, hobbies, and even on this podcast @biglocalspodcast. It's tough when you're going through life feeling like you're drifting and going through the same motions. But when you have a stellar guide like Paige leading you to a better version of yourself, the sky is the limit! Stay a while and listen to the topics covering imposter syndrome, fulfillment vs. happiness, career transitions, and her experience navigating through COVID as a coach. Paige is delivering to you so much value including:- A free initial call and 10% off any package you purchase from Paige Mitchell CoachingCLICK ON THE LINK BELOW!! The Burnout Handbook: TOP 5 Signs Of Burn Out At Your Job & How To Recover - And so many other resources and information for you to out the episode through this link: local, Support local, Big Locals Podcast Featured Artist - Video Girl with the song Slow Move Villalpando - SEO Extraordinaire
Ashley Youngswick's brainchild Birdy Creative @birdycreativeco has already given so much to the local Denver community by providing a visually stunning place for business owners to express what their brand is all about. I would know, because Birdy Creative did a piece on Big Locals Podcast @biglocalspodcast!After seeing the process of what it's like to be a Birdy Creative subject, I can tell that Ashley has such a self-less personality to the world around her. Pivoting from her interior design job, she has found a way to create these vibrant landscapes on a small scale and provide so much value for her clients. I can't stress enough that her eye for design is one-of-a-kind, and she loves to bring in the most eclectic, unique pieces of art in the mix that it brings out the kid in you. She's like the yin to BLP's yang: Birdy Creative's images to Big Locals Podcast's audio.Birdy Creative@birdycreativeco out the Birdy Creative Episode and the library of other episodes at Local, Support Local, @biglocalspodcastCheck out all the people and organizations mentioned in the episode below:Featured Artist - Povi with her single Who Better@iampovi film festival Camp in Empire and Event Rents Dosdall of Rebel Experiences@rebel.experiences Rush and Classy Productions and Taylor from the Easy vegan@theeasyvegandenver Clifford - Stylist out of LA@katiecliffordstylist’s Vegan Cakes@angiesvegancakes Ryan@RyandotcomMid Century Modern Tour of Wheat Ridge of MisoHot Chili Paste@misohotofficial Shoutout to Derek - Ashley’s Partner :)Pablo Villalpando - SEO Extraordinaire
Have you had one of those conversations where you look at the clock and go, "Where did the last hour go?" That's exactly how I felt after my interview with the homie himself Austin Plumb @asty_ We go into so many different subjects ranging from Jeopardy to emo music, American culture from the 90s to today, and the feeling of starting your own show on Spotify for whoever feels like listening. It's all available for you on this episode of the Big Locals Podcast @biglocalspodcastAusty is just a chill dude living life to the fullest. You HAVE to listen to his AstyWorld Radio, where a genre you listen to is just a click away, and hosted by, you guessed it, Austin Plumb. Also check out his cool knick knacks and shirts through @astyastyshop that you can purchase online. It's all for YOU!Check out everything in the Asty Universe in the links below:@astyastyshop@rookieastyphotografystudioAstyworld radio Seifxseifwest Takeover out the link below for this episode and previous podcasts: Local, Support Local, @biglocalspodcastCheck out the people and organizations listed below and support your local communitiesFeatured Artist - Turner Jackson with Red Plastic Cup@turnerjacksonmagic Dele Alex Trebek - Jeopardy@jeopardy Host Bar Trivia - Ophelias@opheliasden Villalpando - SEO Extraordinaire
Not many guests on the Big Locals Podcast @biglocalspodcast have made me self reflect like Britt Becton @thebigdale of Arrange. Britt has so much to offer her clients, and she was gracious enough to pour some of her insight into this episode. Her main driver in the design space is efficiency. Britt will help you be more intentional in your living space, with every item having a purpose while losing the clutter. I believe her intentional mindset was taken to the next level after her experience with Jonathan and Shelly, a homeless man and his dog who were going through some tough times. After striking a conversation with Jonathan, Britt believed Jonathan and Shelly deserved a second chance, and her story helping a fellow human in need is one that will melt your heart. You won't hear it anywhere else but the Big Locals Podcast! ...and maybe her instagram :)Check out everything Arrange related at her website out the link below for this episode and previous podcasts: Local, Support Local, @biglocalspodcastCheck out the people and organizations listed below and support your local communities!Featured artist of the week: Stop Motion with the song Mandy@stopmotiontheband to Indie 102.3 for the wonderful rec’s for darn good local music@indie1023’s Pet Food - Britt is cooking up Ethel Mae’s food as opposed to only brown dog food-based diet.@catespet - Britt’s PartnerEmily at Mane Roots Salon from Moon Raccoon Baking Company@moonraccoonbakingco the matchmaker at Modern Yenta@modernyenta Villalpando - SEO Extraordinaire
We can all agree that we miss eating at the Kids Table. Growing up sucks, but eating kid-friendly food doesn't have to suck, and that's where @kidstabledenver comes in. Their vegan Mac n Cheez is ON POINT! From the Classic Mac N Cheez to the Carolina BBQ Mac N Cheez with some Fritos on top, you'll enjoy everything from the warm (yet chiiilll) vibes with Melissa and Jake to the last bite of your Mac N Cheez. I can safely say that Melissa and Jake are some of the coolest people I have met. It will all be evident in the episode featuring the one and only: The Kids Table! Go check them out on social media and see them in person. If you can't see them in person, The Kids Table has their Mac N Cheez available at The Nooch Market, your local vegan grocery store.Check out everything The Kids Table related at @kidstabledenverCheck out the link below for this episode and previous podcasts: Local, Support Local, @biglocalspodcastCheck out the people and organizations listed below and support your local communities!Rachel Lynne - Featured Artist of the episode with the single Song for the Dead@rachellynnemusic Villalpando - SEO Extraordinaire Hall @globehalldenver city Collective@7thcircle_denver Lounge@larimerlounge Easy Vegan (Fellow ferret owners!)@theeasyvegandenver Lisa at Critter Care Animal Hospital Taco @deltacoGrandma’s House@grandmasbeerco Greene@ftgreenebar It Vegan@LovingitVegan - Melissa’s buddyShoutout to Jake
The Chocolate Daddy himself, Han Nguyen, has come a looong way to become the funk-tastic chocolatier we all know and love in the local scene. The one and only @loverboyfinechocolate has become a household name (at least in my household) and is often regarded as much more than just chocolate: it's a religious experience every time we pick up one of Han's Thicc bars! From dark chocolate, dried cherries, and smoked almonds to white chocolate strawberry limeade, the Chocolate Daddy has something for everyone in the local markets. And if you can't make it to the local markets, find Han jam skating around Denver getting down with his funky self. Han knows how to have a good time and wants to spread the fun and love through roller skating and his decadent thiccy chocolate bars!Check out everything Loverboy Fine Chocolate related at @loverboyfinechocolate and enjoy the episode on @biglocalspodcast.Check out the link below for this episode and previous podcasts: Local, Support Local @biglocalspodcast Check out the people and organizations listed below and support your local communitiesLoverboy Fine Chocolate@loverboyfinechocolate - Featured Artist of the episode with the single “Guilty” Kamkhagi “Mostly Chocolate”@mostlychocolate Skates@denver_skates Villalpando - SEO Extraordinaire
TREAT YO SELF! Chef Mark of Zest and Savor @zestandsavor is such an extraordinary human being utilizing both sides of his brain to create these experiential concoctions on your plate. When my wife and I had a birthday coming up, we thought, "What's something fun we haven't done that is still COVID friendly for our family?" We were turned to Chef Mark Galvan of Zest and Savor to give us a treat we haven't experienced before.Mark's interesting background growing up in a small town in the midwest, to becoming a ski bum and cook in mountain towns, to traversing the Appalachian trail, to starting his business, he brings all of his experience to the table and it is delicious!Everything you need to have Mark provide almost anything event related (wedding cakes, small events, cooking classes, meal prep, etc.) can be perused through his website at out the link below for this episode and previous podcasts: Local, Support Local, @biglocalspodcastCheck out the people and organizations listed below and support your local communities!Zest and Savor@zestandsavor Mananas - Featured Artist of the episode with the single Lucia Oblizalo of Vows and Peaks Farmer’s Market Dell Mushrooms Farms Daughters Butcher Shop Landing you or someone you know want to be on the Big Locals Podcast? Hit up Ian at
Herbalism, garnishes, cocktails, and furloughs, oh my! Katie Green of @the.boozybotanist keeps it real during this fantastic episode as she goes through her growing appreciation of plants, her inspiration behind creating her More Than Maple simple syrup, and keeping in touch with her "roots" as she touches on how human nature is still a part of nature, no matter how far we deviate from it in western culture. I've been known to have a heavy hand in creating cocktails for myself and my friends, but luckily Katie is there to help me out. The first couple minutes of the interview gives the audience a playbook of how to concoct her Festivus Old Fashioned, and you'll occasionally hear us sipping on it throughout the episode. Everything you'll need for the Festivus Old Fashioned can be purchased through alert: It's goooood. Check out the link below for this episode and previous podcasts: Local, Support Local, @biglocalspodcastCheck out the people and organizations listed below and support your local communities!The Boozy Botanist@the.boozybotanist Artist - Machu Linea with the song Got Me Kimchi@kreamkimchico Market (NTMRKT)@ntmrktden
It's time to stop thinking about the humans for a bit and start thinking about the beings that can do no wrong in our eyes: Pets! The loveable furry family members that roam around your house deserve the best, and I can't think of anything more motivating for those good dogs and cats out there than the Chonkies created by Cate's Pet Food @catespet. Nutritionally fortified, craved by cats and dogs (and humans like Trip) alike, and built upon the foundation of bringing rescue pets up to good health, Cate's Chonkies are everything you need and desire from a local vendor keeping your furry family members in harmony, mentally and physically.I feel like I'm reading off of that Nesquik commercial: "Kid Delicious, Mom Nutritious"Check out the link in my bio for this episode and for the whole library. Local, Support Local, @biglocalspodcastCheck out the people and organizations listed below and support your local communities!Cate's Pet Food Artist - The Mañanas with the song Don't Think Your Love Is Giving Up Honegger - Web Designer Raccoon Baking Company
I love it when an astonishing art piece is not only captivating, but the interview with the creator, Maria Cannata, is captivating as well.  Maria and her design business Freckle Bean Creations @frecklebeandecals have evolved over time to produce some of the most genuine, personal, and downright home-y creations from window decals, stickers, shirts, and (my personal favorite medium) woodworks. After discovering the piece designed by Maria, I had to get her on the show. Her passion for these creations shine through and create this aura of humility and coziness in your home. Even while working a day job, Maria still dedicates time to her craft and produces commissioned work for the clients of the local communities.Check out the link below and in my bio to listen to the latest episode!Freckle Bean Creations@frecklebeandecals Artist - Mon Cher Song - All We Have Villalpando - SEO Extraordinaire -
Moon Raccoon Baking Company @moonraccoonbakingco is ready to take on the world one pastry at a time. From tahini chocolate chip vegan cookies to sticky buns to muffins, in these uncertain times, Kate and Zoe put their experience and passion into their business and give it all to provide quality baked goods for the local communities! Stoked to have you listen to on the @biglocalspodcast.But Moon Raccoon is not your average bakery: you're looking at a company who is very aware and conscious of the communal mindset and the misrepresentation of the Indigenous community. Kate and Zoe reached out to Jesse from Sfoglina (BLP episode 5!) and Elizabeth from Cate's Pet Food to collaborate and bring something a little more to the people. Additionally, their work with the Indigenous community Spirit of the Sun is something all businesses should be striving for: not just to accept the community's support, but to support the community.Check out the link in my bio for the latest episode!Check out the people and organizations listed below and support your local communities!Moon Raccoon Baking Company Kishner Band (featured artist) - Zuur - sour beer, cheese/charcuterieDry Storage - family farms -’s Market - del cacao -’s Pet Food - @catespetSpirit of the Sun - @spiritofthe.sun fresh guys produce - @thefreshguysproduceFeeding the Line that fed the Frontline - Pasta - @sfoglinadenverSmall Business Development Center - Jimenez at Miette et chocolate - Quant, pastry chef at Uchiko - @arianaquantUchi Chef team - @uchidenverKim, Miss B’s Vietnamese Food Truck - @missbsvietnameseWylde Dreams by Natalia Sullivan - @wyldedreamshttp://www.wyldedreams.comSandi Calistro of Tattoo Dumond - @sandicalistro Villalpando - SEO Extraordinaire -
The mind behind Vows and Peaks (@vows_and_peaks), Sean Oblizalo, the trail guide, coordinator, planning expert, and straight up adventure-elopement ninja, shares his views of the world as a photographer for couples who want to skip the wedding drama and go straight to a memorable experience with eloping in the wilderness. This is definitely an episode of @biglocalspodcast you don't want to miss!Sean boasts an incredible gallery of photos featuring couples in areas rarely touched by mankind. He specializes in creating a memorable experience of journeying to distant lands and coordinating the adventure the moment you call him up. As a leave-no-trace guide, the only things he wants to leave on the trail are footprints and inhibitions.  This is one of those episodes that makes you rethink the conventional and branch out into something brand new. Reject tradition and embrace the modernity with an elopement organized by Vows and Peaks!Check out the shoutouts below!BE SURE TO LEAVE A LIKE, FOLLOW, SUBSCRIBE, 5-STARS, COMMENT, OR WHATEVER IN YOUR PODCAST LISTENING SERVICE!  It really helps with the algorithms and gets the word out to the worldSean Oblizalo's Vows and Peaks @vows_and_peaksSong - Lonely by Pyres Street Brewing & Savor GetRights@getrights_plantnurseryShop Local, Support Local, Big Locals Podcast
The dream-team of Ryan Nicholson and Carrie Smith, hosts of the @hashtagcoloradolife, shed light on the wondrous state that is Colorado in this episode of @biglocalspodcast. Hashtag Colorado Life (HCL) is a travel blog/podcast that features some of the greatest events, historical nuggets, and local businesses for the newcomers and residences of Colorado alike. Throughout each episode of the HCL podcast, Ryan and Carrie have a great chemistry that makes you feel like you’ve known them for years, and the amount of research and effort they put into each episode will have you binging their whole podcast library.The conversation with Ryan delves into much more than the podcast itself. We also talk about the influx of transplants in Colorado, the “keep it wild” mentality, and the effects of COVID in this unprecedented winter season. This episode is a little off the beaten path where we talk about some local businesses outside of Denver, but nonetheless, we’re here to help out those business’ voices that should be louder. Be sure to SHOP LOCAL during this holiday season! I know I will.Check out the shoutouts below!BE SURE TO LEAVE A LIKE, FOLLOW, SUBSCRIBE, 5-STARS, COMMENT, OR WHATEVER IN YOUR PODCAST LISTENING SERVICE!  It really helps with the algorithms and gets the word out to the worldHashtag Colorado Life the HCL book - - Manitou Springs Coffee Punk’s Barbecue’s Barbecue Brewing Company Cocina’s Pet Food@catespetcatespetfood.comPablo Villalpando - SEO
Born of the pandemic season and cultivated as a project to support the Black Lives Matter movement, Jesse Albertini’s creation Sfoglina (@sfoglinadenver) introduces handmade pastas to the community featuring wheat berries grown in the plains of Colorado and Utah.  Sfoglina (meaning a woman who rolls and spreads dough pasta) features several textures and shapes of pasta while experimenting with natural additives such as beets (check out the beautiful beet fusilli)! The heartiness of the pasta has a flavor of its own, but you should browse  Jesse’s blog at which provides great recipes for her pastas that enhance the already-bold Italian pastime. But the conversation is much more than just pasta. We talk about her donations to charity, her support system with her family and with other collaborateurs (is that a word?), and her life as a new mom. Thanks for listening to episode 5 of the Big Locals Podcast (@biglocalspodcast)! Check out the shoutouts below!BE SURE TO LEAVE A LIKE, FOLLOW, SUBSCRIBE, 5-STARS, COMMENT, OR WHATEVER IN YOUR PODCAST LISTENING SERVICE!  It really helps with the algorithms and gets the word out to the world  Featured Musician - Ghost Tapes KREAM Angel Fund (charity) or Death@chefordeathofficial 5280 Magazine Best Served Podcast Spuntino restaurant Hop Yuan’s Wontons@yuanwonton Rebel Experiences@rebel.experiences Birdie Collective@_birdiecollectiveMinga Provisions@mingaprovisionswww.mingaprovisions.comMoon Racoon Bakery@moonraccoonbakingco Jesse’s Family :) Pablo Villalpando - SEO extraordinaire
Matt Dulin, the creator of GetRight’s bakery and plant nursery, loves going against the grain for whatever life throws at him. From running his first marathon in rubber sandals, to buying a one way ticket to Hawaii to work on a coffee farm, Matt has lived a life many deem as nonconforming. GetRight’s bakery and plant nursery features Semolina sourdoughs, cookies, baguettes, canneles, croissants, croissants, and a plethora of plants for you to take home and enjoy. My favorite portions of the interview include the introspective and thought-provoking questions he asks of himself, which pushes himself that much closer to perfection; however, in his eyes, he only sees glimpses of perfection. There’s always room for improvement.Enjoy the conversations revolving around his dogs Mochi and Beans, his greenhouse and succulent projects, the interstate biking adventures, “Tour de Compassion”, and the history of how GetRight’s came to be.Check out the shoutouts below!BE SURE TO LEAVE A LIKE, FOLLOW, SUBSCRIBE, 5-STARS, COMMENT, OR WHATEVER IN YOUR PODCAST LISTENING SERVICE!  It really helps with the algorithms and gets the word out to the worldGoodygetright CITRA - Felt So Tour de Compassion Hop Alley@hopalleydenver Uncle@unclewwp@restaurant Night Market@ntmrktden Dio mio@diomiopasta Pizzeria Lui@pizzerialui Lindsey@lindseydolandulin Pablo Villalpando - SEO
Marketing-director-turned-small-business-owner Virgil Dickerson introduces his latest creation KREAM Kimchi in this episode. His specialty kimchi was first introduced to the world when he bottled up 500 jars of kimchi for his friends (for free!) after capturing the initially undocumented kimchi recipe from his mom. For those uninitiated with kimchi, kimchi is a natural probiotic vegetable additive to your dishes similar to the German sauerkraut, but with some spice and tanginess. Virgil often says that your gut health is so important, it's like your second brain. Having a probiotic in your daily diet (i.e. yogurt) is like a natural nutritious additive for your stomach.We also talk about the state of breweries in Denver, his history with record stores and record labels, the antics of touring in Japan and across the United States with bands, so much more!It was so exciting talking to the man strongly supporting local businesses by spearheading markets all around Denver. These markets, reminiscing of the Asian night markets with food, drinks, and proper people, provide a communal setting for the public and a base for businesses to set up shop and talk about their passion projects. Check out the shoutouts below!BE SURE TO LEAVE A LIKE, FOLLOW, SUBSCRIBE, 5-STARS, COMMENT, OR WHATEVER IN YOUR PODCAST LISTENING SERVICE!  It really helps with the algorithms and gets the word out to the world KREAM konsulting @kreamkonsultingKREAM kimchi co Villapando [SEO Guy]pablovillalpando.comKayla Rae - YKTFV and Shout @twistandshoutdenverWax Trax Fairlanes Beer Works Talk podcast @greaterthancollectiveImproper City @impropercityNew Saigon@newsaigondenverHop Alley@hopalleydenverMinga Provisions @mingaprovisionsAlfalfa’s Market@alfalfasmarketGoody Get Right’s @goodygetrightChimichurri Bros@chimichurribros Bakamono DenverNorthside Market@northsidedenverThe Farmer’s Market LSQ @thefarmersmarketlsqFort Greene Bar@ftgreenebar Ladybird Vintage@Ladybird.vintageOh Golly dumplings @ohgollydumplingsTerra Apothecary@terradenverBondadosa @bondadosacoTevernetta@tavernettadenverOhana Island Kitchen @OhanaDenverDio Mio @diomiopastaSfoglina Fine Chocolates FB: @loverboyfinechocolateCOVENHOVEN (band)@covenhovenNumber 38 @number38_coloradoStreet Feud Local Market@streetfeudCO Shop Local, Support Local, Big Locals Podcast
Is your dish missing a little something that is on the tip of your tongue? Is your palette missing a few "party favors" for that meal that could be a party?Chef-turned-business-owner Curtis Bell has the perfect remedy to your ailment: Misohot Chili Paste.Misohot blends a combination of six different peppers, from the very mild (bell peppers) to the opposite end of the spectrum (habaneros and Thai chilis), to supplement almost any protein or savory dish that is plated in front of you. Personally, I find the spiciness to be right in the middle; it's the perfect punch that adds that umami/savory boldness.Curtis also talks about the history of pho, the various "guinea pigs" (they're people, not actual guinea pigs) he had try Misohot, his experience as a personal chef, and his future events in the coming months. I had so much fun getting to know the CIA student (Culinary Institute of America, mind you) and what he brings to the Denver-sized table. Most importantly, Curtis often gives gratitude during the interview to the people who made his success happen (and still happening!). Please check out everyone he mentions in the podcast episode. A rising tide raises all ships! BE SURE TO LEAVE A LIKE, FOLLOW, SUBSCRIBE, 5-STARS, COMMENT, OR WHATEVER IN YOUR PREFERRED PODCAST LISTENING SERVICE!  It really helps with the algorithms and gets the word out to the world    :)Misohot Official @misohotofficialThe band Bison Bone - @bisonbonebandSEO specialist Pablo Villalpando - www.pablovillalpando.comUncle Ramen @unclewwpHop Alley @hopalleydenverCured Boulder @curedboulderLeigh Sullivan, Travis Plakke Denverfive @fivecoloradoZachary Johnson “The Spice Guy” @thespiceguycoAaron Wagner - Elevation Ketchup @elevationketchupKim and Patrick - Kim’s Gourmet Sauces @kimsgourmetsaucesFiery Foods Show - Albuquerque @fieryfoodsshowKREAM Kimchi - @kreamkimchicoGoody GetRight Bakery and Plant Nursery @getrights_plantnurseryCurtis' friend Willy...and last but not least, Curtis’ girlfriend :)Shop Local, Support Local, Big Locals Podcast
Welcome to the Big Locals Podcast! I'm your host, Ian Jimeno, and I'm so excited to take y'all down the path of the should-be-known businesses, eccentric artists, innovative entrepreneurs, and passionate musicians of Denver, ColoradoThis pilot episode introduces Big Locals and what's planned  for the upcoming episodes:How the episodes will be set up, What to expect,Why bother with the local scene,... and a single from a local artist each episode!Stay a while and listen to the heartbeat of Denver. Underneath the gorgeous backdrops and the hustle-and-bustle of the Colorado life are the inspiring stories, the unstoppable drive to create, and the generosity and support of the local populace.Stoked to have you all on this journey with me. This is gonna be fun. Trust.Shop Local, Support Local, Big Locals PodcastLocal Artist: Dragondeer from DenverSong: Max PatchAlbum: Mirage a Trois EP
Austin Hume, one half of the mythical Chimichurri Bros, introduces the world to his deepest desires in this episode, to serve those in need one kimcheesesteak at a time. This fantastic business brings the full on experience at your favorite pop up shops at the Night Market @NTMRKT and at Vine Street Pub @vinestreetpub and wherever their website says they'll be at next. The best chimichurri sauce north of Argentina can be found directly from their website or found in person at one of the local pop up shops. Seriously, Austin and Forrest are some of the chillest dudes I've ever met. Score some of their dank food and good vibes in the near future.Check out the link in my bio for this episode and for the whole library.Shop Local, Support Local, @biglocalspodcastCheck out the people and organizations listed below and support your local communities!Chimichurri Bros Artist - CITRA with the song Out Of This Place Dickerson Eat Serve Hall (B-Hall)Vine Street Pub street pubSushi Ronan Deli Taco De Mexico 5th String Provisions King Rapidos Shop Villalpando - SEO Extraordinaire
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