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WHAT the Data?!

Author: Lior Barak and Michael Stiller

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Let's talk about how we leverage our data to improve the user targeting and experience. Join our podcast while we explorer how our guests using data, how they develop the user experience, and improve marketing expenses.
Lior Barak, data strategist, author of "Data is Like a Plate of Hummus" and founder of "Tale About Data", Michael Stiller, analyst, founder of STILLGROVE, going to explorer how companies collect, process, and use their data, and how this improves the user experience of their products.

15 Episodes
Jakub is a Mobile Growth & Pricing Optimization specialist with large experience in dating apps, he loves coriander and lives in the Czech Republic, and we couldn't have him in a better time talking about dating apps, scammers, and what you actually should look at, and it's not what you most likely think.Tune in to this amazing episode where we asking, based on the data, does it actually make sense for you to start developing your own dating app?What KPIs should dating apps look atWhat scammers do to your productHow can you work with Facebook and Google and what alternatives you have?This and much more in our Be aware of scammers in your dating app! the episode with our amazing guest Jakub.You can find Jakub here: our Mailing List: always if you like it please subscribeYou can follow us on Facebook: even send us a voice question:
Juliana Jackson, also known as the CLV lady, is a serial intrapreneur. she has been working with Sales, Marketing, and Product teams for the last ten years helping them approach Customer Centricity as a mission rather than just a growth strategy. She loved E-Commerce, and her focus is to help merchants (re)discover the power of analyzing, understanding and using first-party data. In this episode, we talked aboutWhat is first-party data?What KPIs you need to understand your retention?What is the actually calculation of CLVAnd much more, we hope you going to enjoy this one.
Thomas an independent consultant, work with apps and almost only with non-gaming apps specialized in the subscription business models.  During the interview, we  asked him:Where do you see the most issues with startup's data? ✨How to spot data issues?✨What data stack can be used by companies?✨Which KPIs should not be used any longer?✨The future of the industry going forward✨Thomas is sending around a great mailing list to anyone doing marketing in the app industry and you can find it here: us on Facebook: us on Linkedin: to send us voice questions:
In episode 12 and the last one for 2020, Michael and Lior talk about collecting data, what is an API, why do you need to use it and what point is it relevant for you to start thinking about automating your data collection.✨ WHAT is an API?✨ WHAT is the right time to start using APIs to collect data?✨ Knowledge is a key ingredient in getting your dataFollow us on Facebook: us on Linkedin: to send us voice questions: you next year!
Performance managers should not only manage campaigns, they need to work with data, a lot of data, and it should be the company culture. In this episode, Lior Barak talks with the queen of Google campaigns, Maria Brigida Deleonardis on her path to becoming data centric.Bri talked about the course she is taking "Data Analysis for Management" and why she thinks every performance manager should take it.More in this episode: Moving away from performance to data?Becoming a better marketerWorking with data is adding another layer on topAnalyst need to understand the managementwhy should we hire you, marketing analyst
Episode 10 is here and we have another special guest, Philipp Loringhoven, a designer and dev turned marketer turned data nerd. Caught between marketing, product development, and data. which if there is one thing that is important to know about him is the belief data is a culture!In this episode, we will ask if MAUs are really useful? Are we allowed to make mistakes? And how should you use data as a culture?Join us for another great episode  exploring the deep side of data
In this episode, Michael and Alexey Grigorev talk about Product-oriented data science, How to start a data science project? How to make sure we're building the right thing? and more in a super interesting episode from the side of the data scientist and how he see things working.Alexey thinks Data is important because it's the ultimate truth and he still eats chips for lunch.If you wish to learn more, Alexey was kind to generate a unique discount with his publishing house giving you a 35% discount code (good for all our products in all formats): podwtd20You can refer to this link: was also kind to share with us five codes for his book "Machine Learning Bookcamp  Build a portfolio of real-life projects" you can get your free copy by the following form:
In this episode Lior talks with Lorenzo about fraud, common words in the mobile industry and what data should you collect to make sense of your data.A veteran of user acquisition activities, Lorenzo has managed up to 7-figure monthly budgets across a wide variety of advertising platforms. His work in leading companies such as Zalando, LOVOO, and Free2Move, has allowed him to develop a unique experience in mobile app marketing strategy and optimization activities. In 2019, he founded the biggest mobile advertising portal in Italy, Mobile Marketing Italia, and at the beginning of 2020, he launched REPLUG, a mobile app marketing agency focusing on paid and organic growth as well as CRM and digital infrastructure consulting.You can find Lorenzo at:REPLUG: Marketing Italia:
First interview of WHAT the Data?! Podcast.In this episode, Lior, Michael, and Daniel Zilberberg (Director of Data Analysis Guild at AppsFlyer) talk about the path of the analyst, what defines a good analyst and how can you be promoted from Junior to Senior.Even you can become an analyst#data #analyst #analysis #promotion
In the episode Michael and Lior talking about the great experience of eating Kebab in Berlin and how is it all connected to sharing data with third parties. A must listen to if you still sharing data with your advertisers.What you earn sharing data, what you lose by doing so and how should you approach this dilemma by using unblest  tools.Tune in to another great episode of WHAT the Data?! podcastLike, follow, share!See you in the next episode, next week #whatthedata
Lior and Michael talking about broken data and is there a way around it?So often we lose the ability to make a decision due to broken data.How to spot broken data, what can you do with it, and how will it affect your business... this and much more in the new episode about tracking1. When data is data getting broken2. Can you still use3. How to find if data is broken4. Finding the number#whatthedata
Lior and Michael talking about user tracking, and how to improve the usage of data to make decision shit the product. Is tracking important? How can you understand better your user behavior?1. What can we track?2. Where would you store the data3. What the difference between external tools and internal4. Is it even safe to use external tracking?5. Is it easy to develop an in house solution?Join us into the deep tracking subject! #whatthedata#tracking #userfocused #events #trackingtool
Michael and Lior talk about the latest development in the mobile industry, Apple user privacy, and the death of the user id, is it the death of the mobile industry?#mobile #idfa #user # privacy #optin #whatthedata
Michael and Lior asking the real question, do we need IDFA? The mobile industry goes crazy as Apple announce the IDFA will soon be history and with consent publishers won't be able to track and attribute users.Is it really the end if the world as we know it? #mobile #idfa #consent #privacy #whatthedata
The first episode Lior and Michael recorded during quarantine so they can look back and hear how horrible they were 😂. Trying to set some borders and lines of what the podcast is about and why should you listen#data #excel #datastorage #visualization #piecharts #whatthedata
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