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The Philosophy & Film Podcast

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Presented by Joe Saunders, the Philosophy & Film Podcast explores the philosophical questions raised by some of cinema’s most intriguing films. In each episode, Joe is joined by a different guest philosopher, who nominates a film for the pair to discuss. Together, they explore whether they can learn anything about the film from philosophy, as well whether the world of philosophy can learn anything from the film. The podcast is produced by the Hyde Park Picture House, with editing from Ollie Jenkins and music from Nathan Moseley.
5 Episodes
After returning from a short break, Joe is joined by philosophy professor Robert Stern (University of Sheffield), to explore notions of hope in the 2009 film, The Road.Robert's related reading:Béatrice Han-Pile & Robert Stern, ‘Is Hope a Secular Virtue? Hope as the Virtue of the Possible' Béatrice Han-Pile, Robert Stern & Judith Wolfe, 'In Our Time: Hope'Music by Nathan Moseley.
For this Valentine's Day episode, Joe Saunders is joined by philosopher Alison Toop  (University of Leeds), to explore all things love in Yorgos Lanthimos' 2015 The Lobster.Alison's related reading:Elizabeth Brake, 'Amatonormativity'Annette Baier, 'Unsafe loves'For discussion of Alison Toop's work, including a response to Brake.Music by Nathan Moseley.
For episode three, Joe is joined by philosopher Prof Shannon Dea (University of Regina, Canada), to discuss Frank Capra's It's A Wonderful Life  (1946). Music by Nathan Moseley.
For episode two, Joe is joined by philosopher Dr Gerald Lang (University of Leeds), who has nominated David Lynch's Blue Velvet (1986). Gerald's related reading:Lynch on Lynch, David LynchDavid Lynch Keeps His Head, David Foster WallaceBeing and Nothingness, SartreMusic by Nathan Moseley.
For this first edition, Joe is joined by philosopher Dr Natasha McKeever (University of Leeds), who has nominated Paul Thomas’ Anderson’s Phantom Thread (2007). Natasha's related reading:James Giles' TEDx talkAnnette Baier, 'Unsafe loves'Music by Nathan Moseley.
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