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Versian Chronicles: A CRPG Let's Play Podcast

Author: Kai Lee Cain

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A narrated let's play experience brought directly to your ears via the fantastic voice of Kai Lee Cain! Playing the best RPGs of the late 90s, early 2000s, and even some with a modern bend, this cast is your Audio Only Let's Play destination of choice!

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87 Episodes
The adventure continues as the group learns more about Rasaad's past and find a chicken who has found himself in a bit of a sticky wicket... FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENS NOW!
Nashkel awaits! We also pick up a very interesting Sun Soul monk to join our party, rounding the group out to 6! Will he be an asset or a liability? Lets find out!
Episode 2 goes on with us picking up are next party members and continuing on our adventure towards the south! Lets goooo!!!
Welcome to season 2 of the Versian Chronicles podcast! I'm super excited to get this rollercoaster ride started as we begin our long and probably deadly tale in the lands south of the city known as Baldur's Gate!   If you like the new direction the series is headed in, let me know by leaving a review at (Note: This will show as Season 7 in any app that has season numbers. It is set here due to the changes I made during the way the original show was cast. Sorry for any confusion!)
What an absolutely wild ride this has been y'all... I hope you enjoyed it, and I hope you stick around for Season 2, Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition!   Timestamps Intro - 0:00 Diablo in NWN - 4:30 Pokemon Empyrean - 6:38 Dragon Quest XI - 8:10 The Elder Scrolls: Morrowind - 11:45 Minecraft - 16:20 Bonus Episodes / Doom - 19:35 Baldur's Gate Reloaded - 21:35
Death taketh.. and taketh.. and freaking taketh again. We get smacked by a paladin. We get smacked by a man-bear and his bear friends. We get smacked by an Ogre.. again. We get smacked by a swarmy lady who is really bad at picking friends..   WE GET UNALIVED QUITE A BIT IN THIS EPISODE!   I wholeheartedly blame Lokathor from Lokathor's Audio Only Let's Play Podcast.. Its his fault this time. Check out his stuff at
I learned a lot about the world of Baldur's Gate, especially in how hard the world is on your new character. We fight a whole lot, find a new party member thanks to a little birdie, and even learned how to kill an assassin with the power of friendship and guards.    This was a fantastic and fun episode.    Special thanks to Lokathor of Lokathor's Audio Only Let's Play Podcast who told me about the friendly Paladin friend! Check him out and his Final Fantasy 6 playthrough right now at and tell him I sent ya!
Sometimes, you come across something you just really want to actually work on, and somehow the epic and legendary game Baldur's Gate is one I have slept on for years...  Well, now we will take the time to hit this legendary game from a bit of a different perspective...  This is Baldur's Gate Reloaded, a mod for Neverwinter Nights 2 from the Baldur's Gate Reloaded Team! You can find the mod at Love you all! Enjoy this pilot episode, character creation, and exploration of Candlekeep.. We also find a neat bug that we totally don't exploit at all...
I didn't get lost. He fell on my sword. I didn't get lost.   In this fantastic episode of Morrowind, we take a journey to the north and find a fascinating town with a ton of opportunity and make ourselves quite a bit of money in the process. A Nord might also die during this excursion... maybe... I swear he just fell on the blade! Special Shoutout to Skeleton House Podcast! Check them out at
You ever step into a world where you have nearly no idea what is going on? This was my experience with this episode. There is also a beautiful story about how I came to find the Baldur's Gate Reloaded mod for NWN2, as well as some other stuff I honestly don't remember even now.. OH! We also find some really interesting boots.
Now this is a strange episode.. one where I was honestly kinda sick when I recorded it and thus things came out weird.    On the brighter side of things, we did find the folks in the egg mine :P
This is a super rambling sort of episode as I decide to dig my way into the fighters guild for a bit, and finally make a bit of money. No Pillows were harmed during this episode.
The music at the start is ReMix: Dragon Warrior "Journey of Solitude" by Russel Cox and can be found at Special thanks to them for making this awesome track and letting me use it here! Go check out their stuff on This is part 3 of the March 25th Livestream session! It was a blast recording this, and even though the death was not intended, it did teach me a fantastic lesson.... SAVE OFTEN YA HEATHEN! Be sure to check me out live in the evenings throughout the week at where I do awesome stuff and show off fantastic games! I even record the podcasts live there!
Part 2 of the live session from March 25th! In this one, we tackle the  dungeon from around Pelagaid... This was an awesome time! You should have been there when I did it live! Don't come at me for forgetting to save! I KNOW WHAT I'M ABOUT!
This episode was a blast to record, and was recorded live during a Twitch stream on Friday the 26th! You don't want to miss this exciting 3 part series as we explore the dungeons around the Pelagaid town!
I hope you enjoy the new episode of Morrowind! I really enjoyed getting this episode made, and am beginning to feel much better overall, so look for the other seasons (DQ, NWN, and PoE) to return soon! Let me know what you think!
A week away and we take another bounce into the world of our friends from Nirn.... So what does the Mages Guild entail? Let's find out now! Together!
You have probably been waiting for this for a while, and it's finally here! The second episode to the Morrowind Saga! Ignore everything I say in the episode about scheduling!! I have no idea what I'm doing with that.. yet.
Morrowind Pilot (S? E1)

Morrowind Pilot (S? E1)


This is the second of the two pilot episodes that will be releasing this during the month of February! Be sure to vote at for which one will become the monday cast! Its a dark and stormy moon over the land of Vvardenfell. Will this prisoner be the hero the nation of Morrowind has been waiting for? You can find me on Twitter at You can also find me on Patreon and support the channel at You can watch me play games live on Twitch at Thank you for listening! Please leave a comment and rating on Podchaser if you can! It really helps the cast!
We are all over the place in this episode, and we even take the time to spill some water on myself. I loved making this episode, even if I'm physically in a lot of pain (which is why the episode is so much shorter than normal). Much love and I hope you enjoy it!   Shoutouts to my wife (Eve Damewood), Skelly House, Lokathor (who I may have forgotten to shout out in the episode), Bill from JRPG Trappings, RPG After Years, Hyrule Podcasters, and the entire Audio Only Podcast community!
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