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Have you ever struggled to find others to discuss video games with, especially in a hectic daily lifestyle filled with work and kids? Join long time gamers Court, Greg/Pez, and Wabba as we dive into current and retro game talk! If you want a perspective on current gaming mixed with old school/retro games from three gamers with plenty of experience, this show is for you. You will also hear about our stories of bringing our kids up with games, and some of the ways we balance family life and gaming. Grab a controller, pull up a chair, and join us on our new adventure with Three Dads and a Console! 

178 Episodes
Nintendo had their June Nintendo Direct and dropped some pretty juicy stuff. We all know that Pez loved it, but what did the other Dads think?
Xbox had a BANGER showcase, Summer Games Fest was an absolute snoozer and should something like Summer Games Fest even exist?
Sony had a State of Play and we're breaking it down. Also PSVR2 is FINALLY coming to PC, but you need an adapter to do it! 00:00-11:50 - Intro 11:51-29:30 - State of Play 29:31-40:00 - PSVR 2 40:01-44:37 Hockey Cards 44:38-50:33 - Hockey 50:34-56:45 - Summer Games Fest 56:46-1:01:30 - Outro
The Rogue Prince of Persia was released in Early Access and Pezzy has gotten his hands all over it. EA Sports' NDA is over and creators are talking about what they experienced in Orlando for College Football 25. Playstation has a State of Play on Thursday, May 30th, and we're giving our predictions. NEW Three Dads Merch: Wednesdays at 8pm EST Three Dads and a Console are LIVE on Youtube! Check out the "Three ...
Assassin's Creed Shadows was announced today and we're excited for it. As fans of Mirage, we're going to talk about Shadows and what we're expecting. Also Court is back from vacation! NEW Three Dads Merch: at 8pm EST Three Dads and a Console are LIVE on Youtube!Check out the "Three Dads and a Console" Discord server! handles: Three Dads and a Console:
Is game grading worth it? We discuss why its becoming more popular in the genre. Also Hades s and Heading Out released this week.
A new Arkham game has been announced and it is EXCLUSIVELY on the Meta Quest 3 for some reason. Also Xbox had a showcase earlier this week and Sea of Thieves has sailed on over to the PS5. NEW Three Dads Merch: Wednesdays at 8pm EST Three Dads and a Console are LIVE on Youtube! Check out the "Three Dads and a Console" Discord server! Twitter handles: Three Dads and a Console: https://...
Joined by Executive Editor at CGMagonline Dayna Eileen, we talk about some new games we've been playing and also some of the challenges of being parents!
Fallout is here and we've watched it, what do we think? Big Kitty Little City looks amazing! Also, we have a slew of games coming up to cover, let's briefly talk about them.
Star Wars Outlaws has a release day and people are already upset with Ubisoft. Wabba got his Pokemon cards graded and we're going to talk about them. Lastly, Fallout is out on Amazon Prime, what do the Dads think about it?
We're joined by our friend Matt Sowinski (@matt_silversoul) to talk about what it's like being a new dad and balancing the love of video games. He asks the Dad some questions about raising children and we talk about some of our favorite (and least favorite) memories in the baby era. You can find Matt hosting the Playstation Generation podcast and at Console Creatures!
The Dads are back from PAX East and we're ready to talk about the games that we played! What were our games of the show that we got hands on with.
Matt from @AssembleShow is here to talk about WWE 2K24 and give us his review of the game! Court has about 30 hours into Rise of the Ronin on PS5 and he's going to give us his impressions. Also, your boys are going to PAX!
MECHS? FIRE TORNADOES?! MANAGED DEMOCRACY?!?! Also Xbox had a partner showcase today and it was jam packed with some goodies
A deckbuilding roguelike that centers around poker hands called "Balatro" was released and all three dads got their hands around it. Lastly, gaming layoffs continue the plague the industry.
Joined by our friend Matt from Assemble, we talk WWE and their 2K game, The Show, and Microsoft telling consumers about business things that went off without a hitch
Its been a beefy week for games! Helldivers 2 is here and taking the gaming world by storm. Also, Skull and Bones is finally here after almost a decade of waiting. Court and Pez got their hands on both games, so what do they think about it? Come join the TWO DAD SHOW on this VALENTINE'S DAY!
Microsoft is breaking people's hearts by caring about money. Persona 3 is out which means Wabba and Pez are off the chain. The Red Sox STINK and for some reason Netflix wants to do a documentary on them. Oh hey, did you know that Steve Wilkos is STILL on TV?
We sat down with CaveCaveCave to talk about his @tapetotapegame speed run at Awesome Games Done Quick ( @gamesdonequick ). Have you ever wondered what happens in the background when a speedrunner gets prepared for a charity event like this? Cave talks about his experience, the support from Tape To Tape's community, and more! Follow Cave on Twitch: For more Three Dads and a Console content, visit our website:
Sony's State of Play dropped today and it was pretty freaking good! Also, a Blue Jay will grace the cover of MLB The Show 24 and NHL 24's newest patch has mixed reviews!