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In the final episode of In the Active Site we interview Dr. Christopher Prier, who shares his perspective as Associate Principal Scientist at Merck, New Jersey.
Episode 16: Kurt Faber

Episode 16: Kurt Faber


In a very special episode, we interviewed the winner of the Biotrans 2021 Senior Award, Prof. Kurt Faber from the University of Graz. As Kurt was the PhD supervisor of both of us we came with a long list of questions.
This week’s guest “In the Active Site was Prof. Gideon Grogan from the University of York. Listen to him, as he talks about his book, enzyme mechanisms and his talk at the Biotrans 2021.
This week we interviewed the winner of the Biotrans 2021 Junior Award, Prof. Todd Hyster from Cornell University. Listen to him sharing stories from his lab and his view on biocatalysis.
Listen to our talk with Prof. Byung-Gee Kim from Seoul National University and benefit from his great experience and his unique perspective at biocatalysis in Episode 13 of “In the Active Site”
Meet Prof. Emily Balskus from Harvard University in Episode 12 of “In the Active Site”. Listen to Emily talking about her research, teaching and much more.
In this episode we learn many details bout the upcoming conference from Prof. Mélanie Hall form the University of Graz, who is one of the leaders of the elk crew and part of the local organizing committee of Biotrans 2021. Also enjoy her thoughts regarding research and the biocatalysis.
Listen her to a special episode to Prof. Wolfgang Kroutil as he gives an update to his interview in Episode 1 and as he reveals some details on the conference.
Episode 10: Tobias Erb

Episode 10: Tobias Erb


Listen to Prof. Tobias Erb from the Max-Planck Institute Marburg, who shares some spoilers about his keynote lecture at Biotrans2021 and gives insight into the way he approaches his research.
This week we interviewed Prof. Magali Remaud-Simeon from the INSA in Toulouse. Listen to Magali, sharing insights about her career, science, and her contribution to Biotrans 2021.
In this episode, Prof. Marco Fraaije from the University of Groningen and organizer of the last Biotrans in 2019, talks about his passion for flavoenzymes and shares some insider information on organizing a Biotrans conference.
Listen to Prof. Silvia Osuna in Episode 7 of "In the Active Site". Silvia explains her research and talks about her passion for art.
Episode 6: Nick Turner

Episode 6: Nick Turner


Prof. Nick Turner from the University of Manchester shares some inspiring thoughts with us about biocatalysis in general. Listen to episode 6 of “In the Active Site”.
In episode 5 of our Podcast, we ask Prof. Gerard Roelfes from the University of Groningen about his career, his inspiration, and his science.
In this nice interview for Episode 4 of "In the Active Site" Prof. Francesca Paradisi from the University of Bern tells how she got into biocatalysis and talks about her research and about the way she leads and supervises her group.
In episode 3 of „In the Active Site” we have a great discussion with Elina Siirola from Novartis.
Meet Jiří Damborský, head of the Loschmidt Laboratories in Brno and known for the Protein Engineering Portal.
Listen to Wolfgang Kroutil, host of the Biotrans 2021 about his research and hear some details about the upcoming conference.
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