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Check out our new podcast where our collegues speak on what it is to be а part of Strypes. Hear them out! #Strypes #WeAreStrypes
8 Episodes
🗣️Jeroen van Hertum is the CEO of the subsidiary Kodar. He joined Strypes in 2014 and had a very diverse role. 📻In the podcast he shares about the beginning of his journey and about all the challenges he is facing now.
Angel Petrov is Strypes' IT Manager an he started his career at Strypes in 2014. 😊 He had a very interesting journey and he tells all about it in this podcast. 🗣️
Zhaklin started her career at Strypes as a Project Coordinator. In this podcast, she shares her journey to becoming a Project Manager, what inspires her in her daily work and how does the company look trough her eyes.
Toine shares about what his role in the company is, what are his biggest challenges and how did the Corvid-19 affect his work. He tells us more about the collaboration between the Netherlands and the Bulgarian offices and he gives great advice to people who want to be in his shoes. 
Are you curious how can you become a Team Lead? Lyuboslav Pirsafov started as a Junior Developer and is now one at Strypes. He has an interesting story to tell.  
Have you ever wondered what does a CEO do? How does he spend his workdays? Check out now! 
Have you ever wondered what qualities you should possess in order to be a successful Project Manager? Hear our Desislava Kostova on her journey to becoming a Project Manager.
Triphon Statkov is a Technical lead at Strypes. Here he speaks on what it's like to be in his possition and he gives several advices to juniors. Hear him out! #Strypes #WeAreStrypes #TechnicalLead #Junior #Developer #Advice
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