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Author: Martin "Marv" Quibell

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Podcasters, listeners, and anyone else to do with the podcasting world chat with podcasting addict Martin ”Marv” Quibell.
186 Episodes
Marv chats with Ketki about here show that delves into the world of nursing, and the different roles therein. The show is a mix of solo episodes where Ketki talks about her own experiences in training to become a nurse, as she is doing presently, but also has chats with people in various roles within the nursing industry itself, to find out what each role entails, and their experiences in that world.
Marv chats with Jason about his show, and anything else that comes to mind.  After the show ends there is bonus chat from their pre-record chatter.
Marv chats with Chris, the creator of the social network for podcast listeners, all about the application, podcasts in general, and the world of technology in the medium of podcasting. Chris Chalfant is trying to build the ultimate podcast community platform, where listeners can interact like never before - Chatpods. Chatpods app on iOS:  Chatpods app on Android:  Chatpods Instagram:  Chatpods Twitter:  Chatpods LinkedIn: Marv’s Linktree 
Marv chats with Vuk to trace the history and evolution of the show, delving deep to see how the show has changed around the creator and presenter himself, to become a show that looks at the many aspects of myth, legend, spirituality, creativity, and so much more. Find Tracing Owls here - 
Marv chats with Jason about the show It's Not That Bad, a show where Jason looks at films that are not seen in a good light, and shows that if truth be told, they're not that bad! 
Marv chats with Dean about his artwork, his podcasting, which includes the superb Death Is Not The End, where Dean chats with guests about any form of media that they could use to describe who they are as people, and what their lives where about. Marv’s links 
Marv chats with Kunal about their podcast PodcastWithKunal, the global impact of podcasting, gaming, media, spirituality, and more.  Podcast with Kunal :-  PWK clips :-  Instagram :- show Website :-  Spotify :- Marv’s links -   
Marv chats with Ryan Walker about his show Walk The Line, in which Ryan talks about absolutely anything he wants to, and with whoever he wants to chat with. Subjects in this episode include podcasting, being a Scot living in Essex, drugs, dating, not being named after a Johnny Cash song, and the potential world of spying. Listen to The Walk The Line Podcast - Marv’s links   
Unedited previously live streamed group chat episode where Marv was joined by Doctor Robert Heath from Therapy Bites, Ken Chester from Techmobility, Max Sycamore from Bitches With Beards, Graeme Klass of Klassic Studios (the creator of the podcasts Daily Dad Jokes, Daily Life Pro Tips, The Daily Quiz Show, and many more), and Cam from The Jacked Up Review Podcast, to discuss the subject of AI in the media.   Therapy Bites -   Techmobility -   Bitches with Beards -   Daily Dad Jokes -   Klassic Studios -   Jacked Up Review Podcast -   Pods Like Us meets Therapy Bites -   Pods Like Us meets Graeme Klass -   Pods Like Us meets Bitches with Beards -   Marv's links -
Marv chats with the whole team of Therapy Bites ART LAB, all about their podcast, the great work that they do as therapists, the truth and the myths of therapy, and the wonderful power of mushrooms. Is it completely serious all of the way through? Ima Freud Not! Marv's Links
Quick catch up with Ken Sweeney, podcast creator, presenter and producer, to find out about a show that he loves, and to see what he's up to. 
Marv chats with Eric and Alex about their chat show, where they chat about whatever is on their minds, but always including a discussion about a chosen film or tv show from the horror genre. Marv's Links
Marv chats with Chris from Walking Tall about their show, where people who have gone through traumatic experiences share their experiences, and they discuss how they have moved past that, to live lives that aren't controlled by these experiences, and in some cases used those to help others.
Marv chats with Em about the upcoming Independent Podcasting Awards that she started up, and about the film show that she presents, where she tells us the stories behind how films came into being, alongside her experiences with watching said films.   They also go into the world of podcasting, and their experiences therein.   Verbal Diorama Twitter -  Verbal Diorama Instagram -  Listen to Verbal Diorama -  Link to Why Now Media -  Podcasting Seriously Fund link -  Marv’s links - 
Marv chats with Jessa MacLean about her superb show, where she chats with people who work in activism, to better the world for everyone, and who Marv believes are incredibly misunderstood by the majority.   Some people would put disclaimers to say that what is said in this episode does not represent the opinions of anyone to do with the show, but Marv says what he thinks! Marv's Links -
Podcasty things on Marv's mind at the moment... 
Marv and Louise chat with Sanjida about her show Sanjida Sayz, her life living with cystic hygroma, and the pressures of being a young British Muslim in school.
Marv chats with Alex and Jakub from What's Your Spaghetti Policy to discuss their pop culture and topical related talk show, Alex's forthcoming book, and so much more, including the discovery that they have a friend in common. ⁦‪‬⁩/  
Marv chats with Max from the show Bitches With Beards. They chat about the show Bitches With Beards, the gay culture, LGBTQ+, movies, music, Max being a Brit who is living in the US, and the differences therein, and so much more.  There is some great advice as well with Max’s life tips, podcasting tips, and great films that highlight gay relationships.  Listen to Bitches With Beards - Bitches With Beards on Twitter -  Bitches With Beards on Instagram -  Marv’s Links on Linktree   
Marv chats with Rikki, the co-host of Sleigh Bells and Mistletoe Christmas about the show itself, as well as other things Christmassy, and the independent podcasting world.  
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