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Author: Karly Nimmo

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It's so easy to fall into comparisonitis as an entrepreneur… and in Karly's life long journey through entrepreneurship she has come to understand that, regardless of your level of success, fame or fortune, we all suffer from the same stories of fear, struggle and failure at times.
The aim of this podcast is to eliminate the separation between ourselves and success. To know that it's possible and a reality for all of us. And to lower the guru guard and see what really lies underneath.
Guests range from newbies (those who have launched their first ever event, product or service) to seasoned professionals who have done it all and seemingly have it all.
It's chock a block full of inspiring stories, business tips and takeaways to implement into your life for positive change.
381 Episodes
Karly answers your questions, and reflects on her experience, of being recent diagnosis of Autism.
Accidents and Autism

Accidents and Autism


It's been a while, but Karly is back to share what has been happening in her sabbatical. Life has been relatively smooth sailing.. until...
The last few years have been rough, for Karly, but she's back... life finally threw her a fucking bone, in the form of an unexpected new job role, and she couldn't be happier. Hear the backstory as Karly unpacks the last 3 life changing months.
Today in Karlosophies, Karly is talking about depression. She is sharing the story about everything that has been happening in her life throughout this year and the way she's been dealing with it. She also shares her plans regarding the next year, such as publishing Karlosophies regularly again.
Today, Karly gets very honest and vulnerable about life and business. 



Today, Karly explores the wonderful world of voice... and how our relationship to our voice, creativity and self expression really matters. After all, it's the way we connect with and communicate to the world around us.  Karly is about to kick off a brand new program, VOICE - a 6 week exploration of YOUR voice. Find out more here. We kick off Nov 1st.
Karly is back in the studio post her fourth singing/songwriting class and she's here to share some insights on what she is learning about her process and others creative processes. She also shares how the last couple of years have made her feel like she's taken a few steps backward in her confidence when it comes to her voice.  
Today, Karly reports back from her drive home from a songwriting course... something she has very little to no experience in. Whilst everyone else in the course has a background in music, Karly can barely play two chords on a ukuele. Here's what she's learning about herself, creativity, and making music from throwing herself in the deep end. To see and hear more of Karly's insights, follow her on instagram
Today, Karly shares her big weekend solo at the Byron Writer's Festival and gallery hopping with an old friend. She shares a bit about her journey to enjoying her own company and explores creativity and personal expansion.
Today, in the studio, Karly unpacks her thoughts around being a projector, or a manifestor, and the impacts of social conditioning around ideas of confidence, arrogance and strong boundary setting as a woman.
Today, Karly gives us a bit of a sermon on how important it is that we stay visible and keep speaking up as we move through life. And how vitally important it becomes once we move past our 40s, into our 50s, 60s and beyond. 
Today, Karly Nimmo unpacks the conditioning forces of the business world. How so many of us are chasing things that actually don't really matter to us and it leaves us in this cycle of constant seeking someone to show us a way that will work. We've been lead to believe success looks a certain way and is external to us. 
Today in Karlosophies, Karly is talking about music, singing and being who you are. She explains the way in which society impacted our views on our own voices and through her own examples of being in love with singing, she explains that we don't really have to reach for more, as sometimes our comfort zone might be just enough.  
This might seem a little out there and esoteric... even bordering on cult like... but today, Karly explores what the fuck is going on in the world right now, through the lens of Human Design. As we move from a tribal background frequency of the Cross of Planning and into the transition of the Cross of the Sleeping Phoenix, we are witnessing the crumbling of systems that have oppressed the majority of us for the last 400 years. Let's unpack it all.
In this episode, Karly explores the inner and outer worlds of being a human. And how, when it comes to human design, these two worlds collide to create our self or not self themes.
In today's episode Karly shares a bit about her experience as a projector and what has led her to come to embrace, and start to lead with, Human Design. She explores what following her own strategy and authority looks and feels like.
Today, on Karlosophies, Karly shares a little about her obsession with human design. She explores what it means to be a bitter projector and how life might look if we were all operating from our design.
The Age Of Uncertainty

The Age Of Uncertainty


In this episode of Karlosophies, Karly is talking about the age of uncertainty. After making a bit of a pause in recording new episodes, she talks about everything that was happening in her life throughout that period. She is giving us an update on floods that have happened, but she is also sharing her views on misinformation that have been spreading lately. Connect with Karly in her free private facebook group, Show Up Speak Up, on instagram, or at
Today in Karlosophies, Karly is talking about throwing a hat in the ring. She talks about coming out of your comfort zone and the way that this feeling might be uncomfortable at moments, but even this discomfort is some kind of a sign that we are moving towards what we want. Connect with Karly in her free private facebook group, Show Up Speak Up, on instagram, or at
Today in Karlosophies, Karly is talking about feeling secure and capitalism. As she is currently looking for job, she is talking about all the flaws that the system has and why many propositions made by politicians make no sense at all. Connect with Karly in her free private facebook group, Show Up Speak Up, on instagram, or at
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