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Author: Justin Hitt

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When you understand strategic relations you can position yourself in any market to create and keep profitable customer. This is done not by taking advantage of anyone, but instead by increasing your service to them. Discover self-marketing insights that increase your influence, earnings, and value in a marketplace.
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You don’t have to fear and be immobilized by the economic situation today you don’t have to worry about the pandemic or health fears in the future.There is something you can do to move towards the outcomes you desire. To create a new world that is more suited to mutually beneficial relationships.Unlock your freedom and your mind. Finally start living the life that you deserve and get all you want from life. There are many examples today of people who already do this.Why not join them using strategic relationships to gain more influence in business, persuasion in your communications, and the outcomes you desire.
Excepting from an upcoming program called what you want, this is why your talent is squandered in an unexamined life. You can’t have more of what you desire when you understand how the world works.Discover the freedom that you seek in the actions that you take. How to re-create the environment around you so that it supports your desires. But also to heed the warning that your desires may not be yours.This episode helps you see the world as it is and navigate through it’s obstacles to reach the destination you choose. This is a unique and powerful opportunity to transform your mind for the results you desire.
There is no such thing as equity in nature. In equity is everywhere and should be celebrated rather than vilified. That’s because each individual has their own strengths.The Strank’s make up the diversity necessary to get the outcomes and results that you want. Today’s podcast talks about looking for strength and others, seeking mutual gain an opportunity, and focusing on results.If you fall into this new victim culture you will fall behind. By design equal outcomes requires discrimination. It requires an outside party to determine what outcome should be.If you truly want freedom and respect for individuals, then embracing the inequities of life is what matters. This allows us to have maximum diversity of skills and strengths and for everyone to contribute.
Are you tired of being bossed around by children? Has your manager rapidly moved up the corporate ladder leaving you behind? Listen carefully for useful insights.Too often older workers get called aside as inefficient. They are seen as less valuable than younger workers. Is this age discrimination? And should you care?
Why Governement tends to become more dictatorial. How humans organize and why. What you can do to remain free.
Are you tired of those idiots holding you back and frustrating your advancement? There is some thing you can do to move forward.How you approach this frustration transforms your ability to reach outcomes you desire. It’s more than a mental exercise. This episode covers five steps to overcome obstacles and achieve today. You don’t have to be frustrated. You don’t have to be bending to someone else as well.With these insights you can free your mind for the outcomes and opportunities you desire. Don’t go another day with fear, frustration, or hatred.
There is an oasis in your community that can protect you and lift you up with the world around you is falling apart. Do you have the social connections necessary to handle economic disruption?Private clubs and even cooperative groceries can protect you from rising costs, and civil unrest. It is an age old method of finding security through association. Are you ready?In today’s episode we cover the value of social groups to protect you from the uncertainty of a changing world. There are many opportunities available for you to get the results you’re looking for in minor disruption despite failures.The world around you always change, do this to change it for the better.
Do you perform a job that is not for public information? If so how do you promote yourself define new opportunities?Today’s episode demonstrates how to tastefully promote yourself especially when you work with sensitive environments.You’ll discover practical ways to gain more income in your career, have opportunities come to you, and develop yourself as a professional.These insights are not available in MBA programs, or rarely ever taught outside of a mentorship relationship. That’s because the strategies are wicked executives extremely high incomes and make them in demand even in tough market.Are you ready to level up your career? If you’re a high income professional use these insights to tastefully promote yourself into that next more powerful opportunity.
High income professionals and subject matter expert’s very often reach the pinnacle of their career. But when you’re at the top of a career, your income often becomes limited.To overcome this incomes ceiling many professionals choose consulting. With the right consulting model you can profit from both active time and passive growth.This is done through services and intellectual property. When you can attract clients consistently, you can earn and learn new ways of solving problems.With these new ways you gain income stability while growing beyond the restrictions of employment. Listen carefully to what I had to share here, there are models it’ll help you become a successful consultant.
Are you frustrated by the state of government decisions and business choice? Do you want more from the world around you that seems to quickly move away. Today’s episode covers a unique approach to getting more from life.
Processes and controls in a complex environment is overwhelming at times. In today’s podcast I try to address the value of well developed controls in the relationship to issue management.When you fail to control for risk you always create problems in a business. What are effective solutions to reduce risk while documenting process and the controls in that process?
This perhaps is the most convoluted podcast I’ve recorded about critical thinking. It attempts to address the function of decision-making between individuals and groups.You will discover tips to make better decisions, to compare and contrast choices, and gain better outcomes. I asked the question about why people trust politicians who lie and celebrities who miss lead.Listen carefully and you will receive inside to make better decisions. You will discover why our brains are not as rational as we believe them to be. And you will see a few tips in order to make outcome oriented decisions.
Some would say that violence is the only necessary way to turn over a bad government. Others will say violence gets their attention and causes change. Yeah I would argue that is the least valuable solution.Violence only begets violence. If you want to turn around a bad government there are more effective ways. But first you must understand how the government gets the way it gets.What are the underlying systems of influence? Why does government make certain decisions? And how do authoritarians governments become so.All this and more is addressed in this introduction to turning around a bad government. Today’s podcast is a starting point for the change it’s necessary to create the government that you want.
What if you had inspiration and the power to overcome obstacles? There is a simple approach to remind yourself about the power from within.Discover a unique approach to build a visual reminder of where you can be in the future. A book of lessons that help you overcoming today’s challenges and reach the next level in your business.Join me in the simple discussion about a wall of fame. Also known as a Hall of Fame. This simple exercise unlocks lessons that are often lost in daily distraction.You will achieve more, and overcome larger obstacles. You’ll have greater wisdom and direction. And you’ll discover new things about yourself today that builds a foundation for tomorrow’s success.
These propaganda techniques are all around you. When you recognize them you can make better decisions. Discover the for propaganda techniques everybody should know.The world is awash with misinformation. Fake news, government propaganda, and out right lies. How do you know when you’re being manipulated?You can have greater influence over your life by not using these techniques, instead understanding when they’re being used on you. You’ll make better decisions. You’ll find better resources for input.These insights help you secure your mind against those who want to manipulate you. Free your mind, increase your ability to think critically. Thanks for listening.
Not many individual contributors think about risk. Yet operational risk is a hard and expensive component of any type of work.When you understand how to control for risk you increase the probability of desirable outcomes. You help improve compliance with laws rules and regulations.Risk mitigation and management improves successful results. Follow the simple approach to get an idea of what risks exist and how to control for them.You’ll learn the definition of a control, and a mindful approach to reducing risks in any business activity.
If you work with spreadsheets, then maybe you can relate. So many spreadsheets cause additional work, cut-and-paste, and long-term frustration.Whether tracking sheets, deliverables, or a list of information using spreadsheets the wrong way costs businesses millions. Here are some tips to get more results with fewer spreadsheets.Are you tired of cut and paste? Does it frustrate you that everybody has different templates? Are you wasting time doing paperwork unnecessarily?Send carefully for solutions to the spreadsheet dilemma. Escape finally from spreadsheet hell. Thanks for listening. For more episodes, join my newsletter,
It’s possible to make yourself so valuable that you outgrow your job. Becoming this type of person puts you in demand. Leaders will seek you out for answers.The challenges the interaction with other individuals. A challenge but you can’t handle and you can use to help all involved be successful. It takes all kinds of people to get results, why not be an exceptional person.
Most status reports in business are a complete waste of time. They are difficult to follow and understand what’s actually going on. Why is this?When executives don’t know how to make decisions, or managers are not sure who’s doing what, status reports seem to be the answer. Unfortunately these reports are convoluted and difficult to understand.If you want to write status reports the right way, then pay close attention to today’s episode. Nobody likes the right status reports. Yet done correctly they are a powerful tool to get work done.
Satisfaction matters in areas of family, social, and career. How do you feel about your experience in life shapes your optimism and your outlook.In today’s episode will talk about a personal satisfaction assessment. Do this to identify areas where you can improve, and areas of success.Use this exercise to unlock opportunities while improving your overall life. You gain greater influence over your outcomes, and greater flexibility over performance.You want life to be more balanced then listen carefully to this program. You’ll discover a simple self assessment to look at personal satisfaction. You’ll quickly see how you can improve the outcome you desire.
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