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Many contracts and job applications are asking COVID vaccination status. They also ask questions about disability, LGBTIA+, and veteran status. These questions early in a recruiting engagement sets up your company for potential risk.This is an important risk management concern that very few companies observe. With recent Supreme Court judgements and vaccination harm cases don’t make these mistakes in your hiring process. Reduce Human Resources risk with a small adjustment to your hiring process.Learn more about increasing business profits by reducing risk, improving process, and learn to master influence in business. Join our free newsletter at #RiskManagement #HumanResources
A fatal mistake of most project managers that can be resolved with risk management.
Business relationships matter more to your personal economy than anything else. The people you know, and how know you, determine your success in life. But how do you effectively keep in touch to cultivate these relationships over time.It’s not social media? It’s not email broadcasts? It’s five simple priorities that connect you with the right people, so opportunity comes to you. Stop making excuses, get setup right now with a way to connect and cultivate strategic relationships.To ask questions about gaining authority in your market, positioning yourself as a recognized expert, or building business relationships, join us at Your questions are welcome. Be sure to like and subscribe. Let’s get results together!#BusinessRelationship #SocialNetworking #RecognizedExpert
Are you struggling to find your next opportunity in this economy? With these skills, find the career opportunity you want rather than suffer. Three steps help you secure new employment or clients while positioning yourself as a high-value candidate.Stop worrying about layoffs, downsizing, and outsourcing. Become a person with communication and influence skills to attract top-paying opportunities. Are you ready to make your work more fulfilling?If resumes got people jobs, then everyone would have one. Today it takes more to cultivate, identify, and maintain meaningful relationships. Hiring managers do more to hide from the onslaught of unqualified candidates.This method works for senior-level employees and independent consultants. You'll find nuggets you can put in place right away. What have you seen work in your career development? Be sure to comment below.Many top-paid individuals fear daily news cycles of recession, layoffs, and corporate closures. Insulate yourself from these natural cycles with a strategic relationship approach.Finally, attract opportunities you want while influencing those who can hire you. Free resources that build powerful relationship skills at I could offer an encouraging word, it would be, "Those who ask in the right way get what is right for them." I'm looking forward to hearing of your success!
Are you stumbling through life or are you a master of your destiny? When you understand universal truths of human behavior you can navigate life more successful.Today’s episode is controversial, but offered you an opportunity to see the world as it is. You can discover new ways to achieve the success you desire. This is the truth that sets you free.
Here's the story of Dr. Peter McCollough with this 512k followers being suspended from Twitter. All the effort lost building a following and what to do about it.If this world-renowned Board Certified medical expert can be cancelled, so can you. The solution is easy and doesn't take much effort. That's what this episode is about.Transforming your knowledge into expertise is powerful. Learn how to become a recognized expert who cannot be cancelled by joining #CancelCulture #RecognizedExpert
If you have an experience in a job or career you’re in a perfect position to profit now. Your expertise has value in the marketplace. Learn how to transform your career into a long-term income opportunity.
You don't have to suffer due to societal collapse. With these six steps, you can opt-out of the clown world, which is modern times. There is evidence a modern dark age is upon us.The "Dark Ages" is a term describing a period characterized by a sharp decline in economic, intellectual, and cultural values. Today's episode details this definition while providing tools to help you thrive.A new society will rise from the ashes of the old. You can choose your path to thrive rather than fear. Even when the world is against you, you can forge a better path with family and community.Skills in strategic relations, influence, and self-determination give you staying power. You can achieve more with fewer resources with this unique resource,
Modern business still faces threats from thieves, competition, and malefactors. You have what they want. Social engineering is one way they get it.Today's episode draws from my experience compromising and protecting physical environments. Too much focus today is on cyber security.A compromise in the physical space often leads to operational risk. To manage such trouble, you need to understand social engineering methods.Organizations risk corporate espionage, information gathering, and other threats despite better technology. It is a crutch to focus on cybersecurity alone.This information is shared to prevent such activity. Don't attempt without permission. You can enhance your physical security by understanding these elements.To get your questions answered in future episodes, visit sure to like and subscribe. Your feedback makes this podcast possible. These are high-income skills with a perspective you won't find anywhere else. Thanks for sharing these resources with peers.#PhysicalSecurity #SocialEngineering
Are you responsible for important compliance and policy documents? You could be writing these documents the wrong way. Focusing on tools rather than publishing of these critical resources.How you manage documentation is an important part of clear communications. To learn more about these concepts in boosting your success, join us at
Stop wasting your time when solving million-dollar problems with cosmetics. New tracking software, a reorganization, or a new initiative is a straightforward approach.For senior leaders who want more outcomes by design, level up quickly with these insights. Free resources teach critical thinking and critical influence at
Falling digital subscriber counts at the Washington Post cause CEO Fred Ryan to investigate low productivity in the newsroom. It sounds like a simple cause and effect. Meanwhile, Katie Robertson of the New York Times reports this concern increases monitoring of meetings, badge swipes, and activity. Here's why this is a flawed approach!If you want greater productivity, the activity doesn't matter. What you do doesn't matter if the results aren't aligned with business objectives. Measuring activity doesn't increase productivity.Do you make these same leadership mistakes? Without a clear picture of the desired outcome, more activity only burns resources. In the modern business world, it doesn't matter if someone is in an office or not, as long as the work is done.Two reporters can have different productivity habits to create the same quality work. How you measure productivity matters. If one reporter takes three hours to write a story and the other four, but both meet the deadline, should it matter?A manager's approach is "more output in fewer hours means potential to increase output." Meanwhile, a leader understands it is the output requested that is achieved. It takes more than an activity to increase outcomes.With cognitive work pushing the faster writer into more stories burns them out. Asking the slower writer to go faster reduces quality. Measures of story quality have more value than the speed of writing. Or even stories the subscribing audience wants to read.Producing results is more complex than managers and leadership perceive it. The right approach acknowledges individual ability as well as defined outcomes. The wrong process wastes time and resources.If you want to achieve peak performance, you are in the right place. Join us at the skills top-earning professionals need to achieve results in their own life. Do more than the "Like and Subscribe" jive to have a more fulfilling career today.
What are the three steps that can destroy nations from without? These approaches happen in global politics. But teach a valuable lesson in personal influence.
You become a recognized expert by positioning yourself as who you are to the audience you want to reach. Use a book, report, or presentation. When done the right way you are not losing anything sharing exactly what a prospect must do to get a better result.Do this to get paid more, be in demand, and otherwise be the number one choice. You’ll get new opportunities plus much more. Becoming a recognized expert has tremendous value if you are willing to do what is necessary to create an artifact that positions your authority.To learn more about persuasion, influence, and becoming a recognized expert, visit #expertise #positioning
Do this to get in front of high value clients in a way that positions you as an expert. Discover the truth about podcasting, plus two ways more powerful than podcasting to gain credibility. If you are a doctor, lawyer, or other high income professional this lets you get more clients faster with less effort.
It is easy to retain power by spreading fear, panic, and worry. These emotions cause people to fall into quick solutions. But something even more powerful exists. Do this instead to build an army of producers. Choose to take higher ground to achieve the outcomes you desire.
No matter where you start, you can transform upward with these insights. Discover this path to power, prosperity, strength, and control in your life.Understanding this socioeconomic structure puts you in control. Unlock outcomes you desire. This three-step approach makes you a leader.Some will wonder why they didn't see this earlier. Others will not accept the facts presented. Still, few will think it to be fantasy. You decide.
If you’re not doing this you’re missing out on clients who pay, stay, and refer.. You’ll miss opportunities to connect and answer questions of valuable prospects.This simple approach positions you as an expert, elevate you above the market, and connect you with decision-makers. Do not miss this opportunity for growth, power, and influence.
It is shockingly easy to make yourself more relevant in the marketplace when you understand this method. You can collect rent on past successes, experiences, and position yourself as a recognized expert. Use this method to elevate your career, lifestyle, and even your wealth.For those who believe this method has no value, they are the same people who believe older workers are useless. They ignore the value of experience. With clear communications, positioning, and a few artifacts you can find a new opportunity in what professional knowledge you already have.Are you a high income professional, experienced worker or entrepreneur who wants more influence in business? You are in the right place. Join us at
You can stop worrying and being afraid of circumstances with this simple approach. Discover a five step approach that eliminates worry and frustration, while solving big problems with limited resources.You can use this in your personal life, business life, or in the environment around you to gain specific benefit. You can solve big problems, without the worry and frustration that comes with big problems.This is a unique approach that helps you take out of your mind the fear and frustration and turn it into results you can measure. Join us for this unique approach.
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