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Author: Jen Gumbel

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Death. It's our last taboo. But if we don't start thinking about it, we can leave a mess behind. Join legal educator, Jen Gumbel, to learn how to leave a manageable to-do list and make real legacy. Find out more at
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Prince died without a will. That didn't determine whether or not there had to be a probate. What it does mean, is the the state is left to fill in the blanks, which may - or may not - have been what he wanted.Learn about what happens when you die without a will and how it's playing out in the Prince Estate.Learn more about leaving a manageable to-do list at anorganizedafterlife.comWhat's stopping you from estate planning? Take the quiz to find out and get a free step to overcome it.
S3 E9: Memento Mori

S3 E9: Memento Mori


It's fairly common to want to avoid the reality you will die. Which can lead to a legal mess and get in the way your good legacy.Find out why this non-Catholic thinks you should adopt a Catholic practice and how remembering your mortality can help you create good legacy.Learn more about leaving a manageable to-do list at anorganizedafterlife.comWhat's stopping you from estate planning? Take the quiz to find out and get a free step to overcome it.
Prince made an incredibly common mistake. He didn't do an estate plan. An estate plan is thinking through the to-do list you'll leave and taking steps to make it manageable. If you avoid dealing with it, you're setting up a mess that others are stuck dealing with.Every adult needs an estate plan. But it can feel overwhelming. Where do you even start? Take my quiz to find out your barrier and get matched with a free resource to get started. Find more resources at
We’re all talking about it, tweeting about it and googling it. Here’s what you need to know about the Britney Conservatorship, her recent statement to the court and what it means for you.The most important thing you should know is that every adult needs an estate plan. Read more about the Britney Conservatorship here. Are you a little overwhelmed by the idea of estate planning? Start by taking the Quiz,, to learn your barrier and get a free tool to help you get started.
You can have great legal documents. But if no one can find them, you have a mess on your hands. That's what happened in Florence Griffith-Joyner Estate. Another celebrity estate that had a "normal people" problem.Legal documents are important. They set up a plan for the most efficient way for your legal issues to be addressed when you die. But you have to do more than simply sign a will or a trust. You have to be organized. You have to have your documents secure AND accessible to the people who need them. You also have to be financially organized. That means understanding what you own and coordinating your assets to follow the plan.Learn more about how proper estate planning is simply organization at
This year has brought a ton of changes to An Organized (after)Life, all to help you leave good legacy and a manageable to-do list. This podcast is no different. In Season Four, An Organized (after)Life will get a new name and new look to better represent all the topics we're covering.In the meantime, tune in to all new episodes for the remainder of Season 3, including episodes on the Prince Estate and the importance of financial organization. Enroll in Your Organized (after)Life Workshop, an online, at your pace workshop were I teach you what you need to know about estate planning and show you the steps you need to take to leave a manageable to-do list. Learn more at
What happens to promises if they're not in the legal documents or addressed through assets? Well, you might set yourself up for a mess like the Marlon Brando Estate.On the Season 3 finale, I talk through how important it is that your intent, your legal documents and your assets match. This episode is brought to you by Your Organized (after)Life Workshop,
What often creates a mess, even when someone had perfectly fine legal documents, is that some of your assets will transfer regardless of what your will or trust says. This episode, I talk about one type of transfer, through a beneficiary designation.This episode is brought to you by Your Organized (after)Life Workshop, on sale through the end of January, 2021. Learn more at
Michael Jackson had a great strategy in place and the legal documents to set it up. But he left a mess because he didn't do financial organization. Financial organization is understanding what you have and coordinating your assets with your plan. Without this step, you can have great documents and still not leave a manageable to-do list.This episode is brought to you by my 6 Day Organizational Challenge, kicking off on January 17th, where I'll help you gather information to understand what you have. Join me on Instagram,, or Facebook, a PDF checklist when you join my newsletter,
Barry White was married. And then got a divorce. He might of updated his will, but that wasn't all he needed to update and it led to a big mess. It was a mess that could have been avoided with a little bit of organization.This episode is brought to you by the Six Day Organizational Challenge, kicking off January 17th. I'll show you how to begin the financial organization you need to no leave a mess. Join me on Facebook, or Instagram, a copy of the checklist when you sign up for the newsletter,
Estate planning and probate attorneys get a front row seat to the lifetime effects of snowplow parenting. Here's the reality. You won't be around to clear the way forever. So begin now, to help your kids become adults that can fly on their own.
Celebrity estates have a ton to teach the rest of us. With the Heath Ledger estate, it's how important it is to update your plan when you have kids. If you're a parent, you need to have an estate plan.Get an Estate Planning Parent Checklist by signing up for An Organized (after)Life Newsletter: Notes:
Chadwick Boseman died without a will. That's making a few headlines and a lot of the clickbait feeds into a common misconception... that a will prevents probate. But, that is very much not the case. In this bonus episode, I'll break down what it means to die without a will and what actually determines whether or not there's a probate. Watch for Season Three, coming in December.Show Notes:
Our failure to number our days has made our society dysfunctional... and, oh boy, is COVID ever shining a light directly on our dysfunction.
S3 Unteaser

S3 Unteaser


COVID has everyone's to-do list town in a jumbled pile on the floor. My to-do list just happened to go into overdrive.
S3 Teaser

S3 Teaser


Season 3 of An Organized (after)Life is in the works. The Death Lawyer, Jennifer Gumbel, will talk about how the lessons from celebrity estates aren't just rich people problems and the single thing that can take the legal to-do list you'll leave behind from a mess to manageable. Listen for Season 3, coming Spring of 2020.
Legacy is far more than money. It's what you'll be remembered for. And you are making it everyday. Join Jennifer as she challenges you to think about leadership in a new way.
Join Jennifer as she gets on her soapbox to talk about what every estate planner wished people could get their head around and how it can change how you live.
You just found out someone else has named you as personal representative, or executor, in their will. Find out what every "PR", or everyone who's wondering if they should be PR, should know.
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