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Spend an hour in someone else's life. Conversations draws you deeper into the life story of someone you may have heard about, but never met.
743 Episodes
Tim Jarvis takes you on his adventures, following in the footsteps of explorer Ernest Shackleton, who tried valiantly to cross Antarctica from sea to sea, from 1914-17 (R)
How Leila saw birds anew

How Leila saw birds anew


Leila Jeffreys was a young photographer when she built a tiny studio specifically for birds. She then began taking heart-stopping images of budgies, owls, eagles and cockatoos 
Avani Dias was working as the South Asia Correspondent for the ABC when she was forced out of India for doing her job as a journalist
Neurosurgeon Brindha Shivalingam says it is a privilege to go into someone’s brain and repair the body's most vital organ. She didn’t expect to become the patient in 2019
Michael Theo found unexpected fame on 'Love on the Spectrum'. Now he's realised a childhood dream: to become an actor
Phil Roope with a true crime saga from 1930s Sydney involving a tiger shark, a severed arm, a Gladstone bag, smuggled cocaine, and a wronged man (CW: graphic descriptions)
Juliana Nkrumah survived ill treatment at the hands of her stepmother, growing up in Ghana, and got away with a warning from the Mugabe regime when she was teaching in Zimbabwe in the 1980s. And she is still the same girl who was too shy to look her husband in the eyes the first time they met
Why do we all feel "funny" about zoos? And should we? Dr Jenny Gray is the CEO of Zoos Victoria, and an ethicist fascinated by concepts like liberty and free will in the animal kingdom
The late Michael Mosley on his investigations into the complicated and fascinating world of our gut health and the human microbiome (R)
The 700-room nightmare

The 700-room nightmare


For a thousand years, Colditz Castle has sat on the edge of a cliff in eastern Germany. It has been a royal hunting lodge, a madhouse, and most famously an inescapable prisoner of war camp (R)
Thriller writer Louise Doughty on spycraft, trench coats and her Romany roots
When Kerstin Pilz discovered that her charming husband Gianni had been cheating on her while he was dying, she had to decide what to do next
Journalist Nick Bryant has had three years away from his beloved America, completely reassessing his ideas about the superpower and the wild, great American experiment
Kate Forsyth on the otherworldly myth of Eros and Psyche, a story at the root of many fairy tales from Beauty and the Beast to Cinderella
When psychologist Ariane Beeston started having delusions after the birth of her son, and hallucinating that he was a dragon, she had to learn how to become the patient
Jake Adelstein's dogged reporting on Japan's organised crime earned him a nemesis in Tadamasa Goto, one of the most powerful Yakuza bosses in the country. When Jake's life was on the line, he found protection in surprising places 
When Bonnie Garmus tried to sell her first novel, it was rejected 98 times. Then at 66, she wrote a novel called Lessons in Chemistry, which sold four million copies around the world
Archaeologist David Wengrow has discovered an entirely new way to think about the history of humanity, from the origins of farming, cities, democracy and slavery to civilisation itself
Matt Hall made his first solo flight at 15 years old and has been addicted to life in the air ever since. He became a top gun fighter pilot and after serving for more than 20 years, he still hasn't come down to earth (R)
Archaeologist Julien Cooper digs up the remote deserts of Sudan and Egypt, finding forgotten artefacts, which tell the uninterrupted, thousands-year-old story of the nomadic peoples of Northeast Africa
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Cherie Hudswell

This was a fascinating conversation today. I can't help but wonder how the average person would have faired if they had experienced the same medical problems.

Jun 19th

Blk Blu

it's like u in2 De 9t 4li3...f!

May 7th


It's weird how he laughs out of nowhere while talking about serious issues like S.A. or explaining something. 🤔

Feb 21st

Man of Steel

Some episodes are a bit difficult for non-native English learners due to speedy accent of Australians. But this one was great, fluent, sweet, full of life lessons… the best wishes for the adventurous strange girl of the story. Her life story is replete with learning for young people

Feb 9th

Mr kibria


Jan 27th

Phillip Sanchez

this story brought me to tears it is so lovely an inspirational

Nov 22nd

J Coker

NSW and Vic voting yes. How did that go, clown shoes

Oct 28th

Katie Hone

I was wondering why ABC people were talking about how bad psychopaths are since our courts support them. then, the Trump talk came into the conversations. It's funny when ABC seems to fully support HAMAS and the slaying of Isralei citizens. How ironic. Does that make this "Conversation" presenter a psychopath? And the ABC? When will the left stop creating problems for as all, as shown in Israel. The psychopath facts were really good, shame about the propaganda.

Oct 17th

Katie Hone

what a beautiful conversation. I laughed and cried. I will cherish the saying, "a pocket full of happiness".

Apr 11th

Wayne McAuliffe

"The Dept of Why We Can't Have Nice Things" ... love it, Richard.

Feb 10th

Barry Moore


Jan 5th


I love Nick Cave and this conversation is so heartfelt. The songs on Ghosteen are very sad. When Nick talks about Arthur, my heart breaks for him. I can hear his pain in every word.

Dec 11th

Heather Taylor

started great Waleed by calling 'them' ISIL but then the both of you reverted back to ISIS. I'm just trying to push the non use of ISIS as that is my beautiful daughters name along with many others #mydaughterIsis great interview otherwise😊

Oct 25th

Heather Taylor

Thank you Louise Pryke for calling them Daesh. Even though Richard slipped up afterwards. #mydaughterisis

Oct 24th

Clifton Simon

Excellent episode. Well done

Oct 22nd


Thank you

Oct 14th


graduated to an ashram? what a weird phrase.

Sep 30th

Jessie Adams

This was fascinating. Thank you for sharing.

Sep 28th


be our voice #mahsa_amini

Sep 25th

Thanas Meshini


Jul 31st