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Allan, Luke, and Zoe are here to talk about The Challenge USA Finale. In order they talk about: * Anger & Discontent * The Winners of the Final * The final daily challenge * Weird ruling on double male daily winners* Alyssa vs Angela Pole Wrestle* Ben's Injury Skewing The Numbers * Enzo's Spineless Quitting * Parts 1-3 of the Final * Angela's Weird DQ* Everyone Quitting * Congrats to Danny & Sarah * Global Challenge & Season 38 
Allan, Luke, Nikki, and Zoe recap Episode 3 of the Challenge USA. In order they go through: * New Partnerships * Justine's skepticism of David * Derek & Alyssa's Plotting * Trivia Challenge * Best and Worst Answers* Sarah Lacina being the worst * Daily Winners & Losers* Alyssa and Kyland's plotting * The Elimination * Aftermath
Allan, Luke, and Zoe recap Episode 3 of the Challenge USA. In order they go through: * Immediate Reactions* New Partnerships* Dom being a bit of a weirdo* Amazing Race Trio* Tyson and Angela's Game Strategy* Shan feeling uneasy about Tyson * Daily Challenge * Dom trying to throw himself and Cashay in * James throwing Leo under the bus * The Elimination 
Allan, Luke, Nikki, and Zoe dive deep into the Challenge USA Episode 2. In order they breakdown: * Initial Reactions to the Challenge USA* New Partnerships* Big Brother vs Survivor (Tiffany & Cinco)* Shan's News Segment* The Daily Challenge * Tyson being a boss, Justine being a queen * Politicking * Tiffany's Messy Game * The Elimination 
Allan, Luke, and Zoe jump into the premiere of the Challenge USA! In order they breakdown: * Opening Intro & Confessionals * TJ Lavin being a stabilizing force* Individual Player Bank Accounts * The Big Characters and Personalities* 1st Daily Challenge* Love Island having a target on them * "Club Night" * First vote of the season * Knot So Fast Elimination * The Algorithm * Random Thoughts
Allan and Luke are joined by Paige, the Queen of Challenge Tik Tok and host of the Most Likely Two Pod where they discussed the cast for the CBS edition of the Challenge known as the Challenge USA. They go through their cast photos and give instant reactions.Follow Paige on Instagram @MostLikelyTwoPod on Instagram. Here is here LinkTree with all her Socials:
Allan, Luke, Zoe, and Nikki dive deep into The Challenge USA Episode 10.In order they review: * Not So Fab Four * Benzo Friendship * Cracker Barrel Daily Challenge* Angela's dominating performance * David asking for Tyson in elimination * Angela and Ben squabbling over who to thrown in* Enzo & David's lack of self awareness * Ben's Outfit Choices * Slow Motion Balls In * Who We Want To Win/Predict To Win
Allan, Luke, and Zoe dive deep into The Challenge USA Episode 9. In order they review: * Luke's thoughts on the Individual Twist * The Fab Five* The Connect 4 Daily * Angela & Alyssa beasting * Sarah being a maniac * Danny & Desi winning * Politicking * Awkward Bar Scene * Sarah's Bad Intimidation Game * Hamster Wheel Elimination
Allan and Zoe dive deep into the Challenge USA Episode 8. In order they review: * New Individual Twist * People Who Don't Have Money To Run The Final* Ben's Story * First Solo Daily Challenge * Sarah vs Angela * Angela's Failed Alliance Pitch * Sarah wanting Enzo in elimination * One of the Worst Hall Brawls ever * The season is hitting a lowpoint
Allan, Luke, and Zoe dive deep into the Challenge USA Episode 7. In order they review: * New Partnerships * Tyson & Sarah * Leo losing 43k Dollars in one weekend * Mario Kart Daily Challenge * Cayla wanting to make a move * Dom's weird arrogance * Kyland being a third wheel * The wacky trivia elimination * Post elimination thoughts of Kyland & Kyra 
Allan, Luke, and Zoe dive deep into the Challenge USA Episode 5. In order they review: * The Perfect Algorithm * Tyson & Sarah aftermath * David & Enzo's Existence * Daily Challenge* Enzo refusing to jump * Desi & David Win* Post Daily Politicking * A Boring Elimination * Challenge All Stars 4 Idea
Allan, Nikki, and Zoe dive deep into the Challenge USA Episode 5. In order they review: * New Partnerships * Tension between the Survivor Alliance* Derek and Cayla not wanting to come in last* Swimming Challenge* So Many People Can't Swim * Tyson's Legendary Performance* Sarah Lacina stinking up the joint * Post Elim Politics * Cayla's Social Game * Tyson & Cashay''s Splashy Move * Leo's Quadratic System (The Elimination) * Sarah Lacina continuing to stink up the joint 
Allan and Nikki were given time to sit down and talk with Nehemiah Clark about his time on the Challenge All Stars 1-3.
Allan, Luke, and Zoe get together to talk about the Challenge All Stars 3 Final. They kick off with a discussion about our new winners, then dissect/recap the Final itself, along with some closing thoughts on the All Stars franchise and its players.
Allan, Luke, Nikki, and Zoe go through Episode 9 of Challenge All Stars. In order they talk about:* Nehemiah vs Derrick Elimination * Fake KellyAnne/Kailah Elimination* Surprise Daily Challenge* Nia accusing Kailah of cheating * Pre Final Thoughts (Wes being super prepared)* The Stars "TWIST" * Interesting Final Format* Final Legs 1 & 2 
Allan and Zoe talk about the penultimate episode of Challenge All Stars 3 and go deep on its flaws. In order they talk about:* General Grievances (Hating that it was a Cliffhanger)* Nia's status following Jordan's exit* Veronica's DQ* Daily Challenge * The Power of the Stars * The Awful Wes/Bananas Video Call * The Women All Wanting To Go Into Elimination * Derrick chickening out of calling Wes into elimination * Projecting Next Week's Final 
Allan sits down with Yes Duffy to discuss his return to the Franchise, his experience winning All Stars 1, his mindset going into challenge, relationships with different players, and what happened between him and Wes on All Stars 3.
Allan, Luke, Nikki, and Zoe get together to breakdown Episode 7 of Challenge All Stars. In order they go through: * Veronica's Hot Young Girlfriend * Roni and KellyAnne's Awkward Conversation* Brad's Strategic Self-Sabotage* Trivia Time * Mini House Party* Jordan and Jonna Voted In* Jonna vs Roni & Jordan vs Mark * Where The Game Stands From Here
Allan, Luke, Nikki, and Zoe are all back together to breakdown Episode 6 of All Stars 3. In order they breakdown: * KellyAnne vs Sylvia * Mark vs Brad* Sylvia's Sabotage * Men's Daily Challenge (Bionic Brad)* Women's Daily Challenge * Birthday Party* KellyAnne vs Sylvia Part 2 * Nia vs Sylvia Elimination* Derrick vs MJ Elimination * Where do we go from here? 
Allan, Nikki, and Zoe dive deep into the newest episode of All-Stars. They talk about:* Beth being a weirdo* Beth vs. Jonna * Wes's politician pitch* New Format Rules * Men's Heat* Treehouse Killing It* No Partying in the Club* MJ vs Brad* Wes putting his chips on the table * Jonna's Elimination Win * Wes vs. Yes 
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