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Life Matters - Full program podcast

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Life Matters is your guide to contemporary Australian life. Be part of rich conversations on relationships, family, parenting, education, work, health and consumer issues.
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Guest host Tristram Peters speaks to humanitarian engineer Huy Nguyen, who is using innovative technologies to change perceptions around disability. Plus, after a difficult year, what is needed to ensure community sport clubs thrive in 2021? And Eliza Hull asks, where did the word 'disability' come from?
Are laws against coercive control a good idea, or should we be better at including these behaviours when we address family violence? Plus what to look out for when you're offered the option to buy now and pay later at the checkout, and Wil Wiemann explores what could be done to make travel more accessible for those who live with a disability.
With the Victorian Government moving to ban school banking programs next year, could other states follow suit? Plus, how one charity op shop is supporting homeless women in the workplace. And Mandy McCracken on finding joy and coming to terms with her disability.
Menopause is a well-known part of life for women as they get older. But its symptoms can still be unexpected and extremely unpleasant. Listeners share their experiences and experts share their advice on this stage of life. Plus, the introduction of audio description across some television shows is enabling many more people to access to TV as a form of entertainment.
QR codes allow contact tracers to do their job, but where is our data stored, and who can access it? We pull apart the complexities of retirement, uncover the stress of pet owning when you're older, and find a house that can up stumps and leave no trace.
The challenge of getting Australians home for Christmas, how spending has changed in the lead up to the festive season, and what to do when your friend acts unethically.
What happens to your data after you scan a QR code in a store or restaurant? Plus, how to plan for your retirement. And the difficult conversations African migrants are forced to have with their children about race.
A panel of 20 year-olds reflect on the issues that matter to them, and their hopes for the future. Plus how we can keep pets in the lives of older people and an innovative and sustainable housing idea.
How does the Brereton report on Australian war crimes fit within a culture of idolisation and combat heroism? Plus, Gallery owner Tim Olsen reflects on his childhood and relationship with his famous father. And how AI could save us from superbugs in hospital.
What do you remember from the past 20 years? For some, Julia Gillard becoming Australia’s first female Prime Minister is an important event, for others, it is the advent of the smartphone or the rise of social media giants. Whether it is the walk for reconciliation across the Sydney Habour Bridge or the events of September 11, 2001, everyone has a key memory from this century.
The Productivity Commission says we must act now to support the mental health of our school children, why HIIT (high intensity interval training) makes sense for all age groups and fitness levels, the benefits of writing a will, and a new documentary reveals the obsessive life of a Batman collector.
How to tackle the pitfalls of hotel quarantine, spending iso in Antarctica, and what to do when you have a competitive family member.
The Productivity Commission has called for the wellbeing of school children to be prioritised. So, what role can schools play? Plus, why is sleep deprivation seen as a marker of masculinity? And what increased device time means for your child’s exposure to advertisements promoting junk food, alcohol and gambling.
An outbreak in hotel quarantine has put the future of a pilot program for bringing back international students in jeopardy. Plus how to make a will, and the benefits of high-intensity interval training.
The Victorian Government has announced a multi-billion-dollar social housing spend, but can a project of that scale work as a job creation strategy? And will other states follow suit? Plus, Sue and Saroo Brierly reflect on what makes a family. And journey inside a suburban Batcave.
Many travellers have been battling to get full refunds from cancelled holidays this year. But now that Australia seems to have COVID largely under control, are you thinking about making summer travel plans? Listeners discuss how the pandemic has changed the way they book and where they plan to go into the future.
Is there evidence that COVID has reversed our drift to the cities? How dogs view us, making waves with yourself, and getting the protein balance right in older age.
Willl JobMaker create long term and sustainable jobs, what downsizers are looking for, and what can you do when you suspect your partner has dementia.
With some businesses considering the benefits of employees working from home, and stories of families making a tree change, what will COVID-19 mean for our cities and regional centres? Plus, how Dee rebuilt her life after being stalked for 15 years. And why mobs of wallabies now call Britain home.
Will President-elect Joe Biden's pledge to sign the United States back up to the Paris Agreement on climate change affect climate action here in Australia? Plus why calorie restricted diets and intermittent fasting can be harmful for people over 65, and implementing Indigenous fire practices ahead of the bushfire season.
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