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In this episode (the final of season 1!)  we explore what we collect, why we collect- and cover the weird, wonderful and also some of the darker implications of collecting as we chat with Alice Procter about her Uncomfortable Art Tours, and her recent book The Whole Picture, subtitled ‘The colonial story of art in our museums and why we need to talk about it.’  Our guest artist for Things Found in Books is audio maker and broadcaster Jess Fairfax and we venture over to California for our indie book feature with Natalie Jones and her bookshop The Modern First to chat about her life in rare bookselling and book collecting.We have check ins with the Gather team and our collecting practices! Dav Byrne, audio extraordinaire tells us about his predilection for mystery books- not like Agatha Christie but you know those Mysteries of the World uncovered! And we travel to designer Tiffany Titshall’s property in Majorca, where she lives in an old schoolhouse and has recently created her own library in one of the old rooms, and I tell you a bit about my collection of 20th century women’s poetry published by small presses in Melbourne and read some poems.Book seeds:The Whole Picture: The Colonial Story of the Art in our Museums and Why we Need to Talk About It by Alice Procter, published 2020 by Hachette.Amy’s collection of 20th century Australian women’s poetry, including Tilly Aston’s The Inner Garden published in 1940 by The Hawthorn Press, Ruby Sykes Lyon’s Stray Sunbeams published 1926 by W.A. Hamer at 21 Jones Lane, off Lonsdale St, A Housewife’s Poems by Ellie Pearson published by S. John Bacon at 317 Collins St, and Linda Brumby’s Interlude printed at Morning Star Press, no date.Guests Featured: Alice Procter, art historian, writer, tour guide/founder of Uncomfortable Art Tours and see her ‘uncomfortable library’ here for more resources  Jess Fairfax, Guest artist for Things Found in Books with her soundscape Marginalia https://www.jessfairfax.comTiffany Titshall, Gather designer and artist Dav Byrne, Gather audio engineer and all round audio legend Indie Book Feature: Bookseller and collector Natalie Jones at The Modern First Music Featured:Minerva’s Idea by Ellen Sorensen/ Shadow FeetUntitled by Floc Home from Afar by Belle ChenThe Passengers Asleep  by Button Jar Canyon  Sound engineering: Dave Byrne, Iridium Audio logo and episode design: Tiffany Titshall MORE INFO, PHOTOS & SUPPORT THE SHOW!Find @minervasbooksandideas and @amytinderbox on social media



Here we explore the theme of adapting across languages and senses, adapting to circumstance, adapting books into theatre and poetry into music. We also ask how this podcast itself can adapt to be more accessible and feature our first video interview in both English and Auslan (access here) with Deaf filmmaker Ramas McRae.We hear a reading by Fiona Murphy from her wonderful book The Shape of Sound, talk theatrical adaptation with Christine Davey and hear about her adaptation of My Brilliant Career, and feature a chat and new work by guest artist musician Gelareh Pour for the segment Things Found in Books. There is even a snippet from a song by Amy and Julian from a way-back stage adaptation of Italo Calvino’s Invisible Cities.For our indie book feature we visit Brad and Jodie at Ballarat’s The Independent Bookstore and hear how they help adapt writers ideas into fully published products for sale in their beautiful shop.Huge thanks to all involved in this episode, produced on traditional Wadawurrung land, and to Creative Victoria for vital funding support. Please note that transcripts for all episodes will be available this DecemberBook seedsThe Shape of Sound by Fiona Murphy, published 2021 by Text Publishing Sybylla, by Odette Keleda, published 2017 by University of Western Australia Press Rumi Prescription by Melody Moezzi published 2021 by Penguin Random House Guests featuredRamas McCrae, Auslan consultant with Hands to Communicate, filmmaker and lecturer and part of the team behind Flow Festival, a vibrant and unique festival of Deaf Arts by the Australian Deaf Community from 18th to 21st September 2021 online. Check out the artists here- our interview for this episode here with Auslan, English and captionsAnd Ramas' La Trobe University Auslan Instagram Account Davey, theatre maker, screen writer and Creative Director of  Skin of our Teeth Productions, Geelong Gelareh Pour, guest artist, Iranian born Persian Kamancheh and Qeychak player, singer, songwriter and Choir director. book feature:The Independent Bookstore and Shawline Publishing Sound engineering: Dave Byrne, Iridium Audio logo and episode design: Tiffany TitshallFULL CREDITS, PHOTOS, AND SUPPORT THE SHOW!Find @minervasbooksandideas and @amytinderbox on social media 
Coming of Age

Coming of Age


In this episode we look at the by turns painful, joyous, creative, and generally angsty time of transition as we become our older selves (something that never really stops evolving, as Virginia Wolf wrote- “A self that goes on changing is a self that goes on living” and we ask what role books and art play in our becoming us. Taking Maria Popover’s Brain Pickings (and associated books such as Figuring, and A Velocity of Being: Letters to a Young Reader) as our book seeds, we talk to guests Rochi Zalani, Declan Miller, and Leanne Hall and feature music by Ballarat electronic artist FLOC. Voice messages on favourite Coming of Age novels are from Jenny, Ruth, Erin and Sian.Our indie book feature is the recent collaboration between the Indigenous Literacy Foundation, Stick Mob and Gestalt Publishing, who launched three new graphic novels during NAIDOC Week this year in Mparntwe (Alice Springs).  Huge thanks to all involved in this episode, produced in Ballarat on traditional Wadawurrung land. Kind thanks to Creative Victoria for funding assistance.Find @minervasbooksandideas and @amytinderbox on social media   Book seeds: Maria Popover’s Brain Pickings Velocity of Being The Getting of Wisdom, Henry Handel Richardson featured:Rochi Zalani, writer and content creator Miller, graphic novelist and Stick Mob Design Studio Hall, writer and guest artist for Things Found in Books  Music featured: FLOC's Idea, Ellen Sorensen engineering: Dave Byrne, Iridium Audio   Podcast logo and episode design: Tiffany Titshall FOR MORE INFO, PHOTOS, AND TO SUPPORT THE SHOWOther things to check out Maria popover talk- novel launch- story in the Ballarat Times News Brilliant Career theatrical adaptation-’s recommendation- Indian writer Rega Jha
Fairy Tales Continued

Fairy Tales Continued


In Part 2 of this episode enjoy chats, tunes, and tales as we explore the Fairy Park, artworks and PhD projects that work with fairy tales, and our kids writing competition themed Change the Story, Change the World, remixing fairy tales. Wander themes of magic and transformation, women’s agency, self-understanding, greater diversity of representation and the rich world of storytelling. Featuring the music of Tom McGowan (Button Jar Canyon) and a specially created song by Tom and daughter Freya.  Huge thanks to all involved in this episode, produced in Ballarat on traditional Wadawurrung land.  Book seeds:The Bee and the Orange Tree by Melissa Ashley published 2019 by Affirm Press Was Once, the Collected Fairy Tales by Deborak Klein, published 2009 by Moth Woman Press featured:Lucy Taylor- my 6 year old guide at the Fairy ParkEllen Sorensen, Ballarat artist and musician Hart, Ballarat artist and writer engineering: Dave Byrne, Iridium Audio   Podcast logo and episode design: Tiffany TitshallFOR MORE INFO, PHOTOS, AND TO SUPPORT THE SHOW
In this episode we look at how different kinds of sound and storytelling can transmit knowledge and emotions, and also how we can raise new voices, change narratives, and maybe even change the world. This episode is dedicated to all fighting for respect, peace and justice. We hear from Indigenous curator and author Margo Neale about Songlines (also known as dreaming tracks) via the exhibition and the book, and the concept of the third archive; bringing together Indigenous and Western knowledge systems and practices. We honour things not found in books and feature the soundscape Place-we-be created by musician and educator Deb Clark Lowah, for Ballarat’s 2021 Survival day Dawn Service, and hear from artist and writer Sarah Hart on the power of reimagined fairy tales from a feminist perspective.Our indie book feature is with Redrock Books & Gallery in Horsham VictoriaHuge thanks to all involved in this episode, produced on traditional Wadawurrung land.Book seeds:Margo Neale & Lynne Kelly. Songlines: The Power and Promise. Published 2020 by Thames & Hudson Australia (Book One in the First Knowledges series edited by Margo Neale aimed to “give readers an in-depth understanding of Indigenous expertise in six areas: Songlines;  architecture; engineering and design; land management and future farms; healing, medicine and plants; astronomy; and innovation and technology. featured:Margo Neale, Senior Research Fellow, Senior Curator and Principal Indigenous Advisor to the Director at the National Museum of Australia. Lynne Kelly, Writer and researcher Deb Clark Lowah, Ballarat musician and educator soundscape created by deborahN with Dave Clark, Sarah Jane Hall, Bonnie Chew and Tony Lovett. With guidance and sharing of knowledge from Wadawurrung leaders Tammy Gilson and Bonnie Chew. Sarah Hart, Ballarat artist and writer book feature:Redrock Books & Gallery in Horsham Victoria engineering: Dave Byrne, Iridium Audio    Minerva's Idea   by Ellen SorensenPodcast logo and episode design: Tiffany TitshallMORE INFO, PHOTOS, AND SUPPORT THE SHOW! Find @minervasbooksandideas and @amytinderbox on social media
In this episode we explore the ways in which we can travel with books, music, and ideas when we might not be able to journey physically. We look at Hugh Kenner’s concept of the elsewhere community, ideas of sonic postcards and the sense of home. Amy discusses her thwarted travel plans of 2020 to Ireland and Greece and her Macedonian family heritage. Featured interview is with London based musician and sound artist Belle Chen, and the Things Found in Books creative response is a wild radio play set on a library cruise ship with Ballarat’s Sophie Livitsanis. Sarah Comyn also talks about her favourite bookish spots in Dublin.Book seeds:Hugh Kenner. The Elsewhere Community: A grand tour of the world and the mind. Published 1998 by Allen & UnwinWilliam Hugh Kenner (1923–2003) was a Canadian literary scholar, critic and professor. He published widely on Modernist literature with particular emphasis on James Joyce, Ezra Pound, and Samuel Beckett.We hear a snippet of Hugh Kenner from CBC Radio, listen to more here: Yelland. The Atlas of Dream Places: A grand tour of the world’s best loved destinations. Published 1995 by Cardigan StThe Atlas of Literature, edited by Malcolm Bradbury. Published 1996 by De Agostini Editions, and writers that have inspired dreams of writing and travel- James Joyce, Samuel Beckett, Sappho, Charmian Clift, & Patrick Leigh Fermor.  Other books mentioned:Rebecca Solnit. Recollections of my non-existence. Published in 2020 by Viking & if you’re looking for personalised Greek tours with my old friend Chriss- Guests featured:Amy’s aunty and uncle- Freda/Aphrodite and John TsilemanisIf you want more you can listen to them talk about their wedding day here- Researcher and lecturer Sarah Comyn at University College Dublin more about the bookish places she loves in Dublin- the Museum of Literature Ireland (MoLI) and the Forty Foot James Joyce swimming spot London based musician and sound artist Belle Chen- Find Belle on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & YouTube. With Belle’s online sessions during lockdown in 2020 and 2021 she invites her community into her process and also to contribute sounds and be part of her music-making.Ballarat based artist and performer Sophie Livitsanis Sound engineering: Dave Byrne, Iridium Audio        Podcast logo and episode design: Tiffany Titshall thanks to all involved in this episode, produced on traditional Wadawurrung land.Find @minervasbooksandideas and @amytinderbox on social mediaFULL MUSIC CREDITS,  PHOTOS  & SUPPORT THE SHOW-
Here we check in with Readings Books in Melbourne and look to 20th and 21st century booksellers in Ballarat exploring Ewin’s Booksellers and the newest bookshop in town, Sothis Books and Sartorial for our regular indie book feature. We also enjoy our very first creative piece for the segment Things Found in Books from Ballarat storyteller extraordinaire Erin McCuskey. Our book seeds here are somewhat tangential but are the little teeny stickers of sorts that you might find in the inner front cover of an old book- known as booksellers tickets or labels.Podcast set up and first episode is proudly supported by the Australian Government’s Regional Arts Fund, provided through Regional Arts Australia, and administered in Victoria by Regional Arts Victoria.Guests featured:  Chris Gordon, Readings Books events coordinator- Rex Hardware and H-Squared Studios- out one of his current archiving projects- Erin McCuskey aka Madame Yum of Yum Studio, artist, writer and filmmaker- Alex Zety, of the former Pot of Gold Books and Collectibles Christine Crawshaw, Sothis Books & Sartorial- Music featured: Ellen Sorensen- Minerva’s Idea original composition for Gather- Carlo Onzo Trio Live Recording by Rex Hardware at the Ballaarat Mechanics’ Institute February 2020-12-01 Adam Simmons Creative Music Ensemble Prologue-  Sound engineering: Dave Byrne, Iridium Audio        Podcast logo: Tiffany Titshall Find @minervasbooksandideas and @amytinderbox on social media MORE INFO & SUPPORT THE SHOW-
A quick introduction to your host Amy and to Minerva's Bookshop@minervasbooksandideas @amytinderbox
Here we explore the wonderful world of bookseller and storyteller E.W Cole, a man both ahead of his times, and of them, and his amazing Book Arcade- opened on Melbourne Cup Day in 1883. But we’ll also explore the books and creative works inspired by the arcade, its publications and its message of equality, literacy, and fun.Podcast set up and first episode is proudly supported by the Australian Government’s Regional Arts Fund, provided through Regional Arts Australia, and administered in Victoria by Regional Arts Victoria. Guests featured: Lisa Lang- author of E.W Cole: Chasing the Rainbow and the novel Utopian Man Richard Broinowski- author of Under the Rainbow: the life and times of E.W Cole Hilary Bell and Philip Johnston, creators of the yet to be staged musical Do Good and You Will be Happy, based on Coles Funny Picture Book. Mike Brady and the 2013 Coles Funny Picture Book- featured: Ellen Sorensen- Minerva’s Idea original composition for Gather- Coles Book Arcade song as published in Coles Funny Picture Book, sung by Sharon Turley with music by Ellen Sorensen Coles Books Arcade symphonium c/o the Melbourne Museum- Philip Johnston- music from the yet to be staged musical Do Good and You Will be Happy C/O Philip Johnston and Hilary Bell Sound engineering: Dave Byrne, Iridium Audio        Podcast logo: Tiffany Titshall @minervasbooksandideas and @amytinderbox on social media MORE INFO & SUPPORT THE SHOW-
Gather Podcast Trailer

Gather Podcast Trailer


Gather round and get a taste of this new bookish wonderland from Amy Tsilemanis and Minerva's Books & Ideas, exploring the lives of books and the ideas they ignite and illuminate.Dreamt up and produced in Ballarat, Australia on Wadawurrung CountryEach episode will be woven around a theme, using a particular book or books as the seed- we’ll roam through the world of booksellers, travel, fairytales, coming of age, the weird and wonderful world of collectors, the sea, the sky, wherever the ideas take us, and enjoy the work of musicians, writers, and more. Come along for the ride. Episode One- booksellers and storytellers will be out in December 2020 in 2 parts- an extravaganza of book loving and creativity, a little audio gift to end a crazy year.  Podcast set up and first episode is proudly supported by the Australian Government’s Regional Arts Fund, provided through Regional Arts Australia, and administered in Victoria by Regional Arts Victoria.Subscribe now! and #gatherwithminervas @minervasbooksandideas
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