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~ The Pandemic of Disinformation ~ Pt. 7 ~ The Hidden Truth/Rabbit Hole Tours Podcast ~After breaking the story on the KNOWN FACTS OF DEADLY JAB NUMBERS AND STILL THE PUBLIC WAS LIED TO AND ERGO BRAINWASHED INTO BELIEVING THIS WAS 'SAFE AND EFFECTIVE" when, the TRUTH IS?FDA TRIED HIDING JAB HAS NEVER BEEN SAFE AND EFFECTIVE AND THEY HAD TO BE COURT ORDERED TO REVEAL THIS!On this updated issue, our subject content comes directly from:Rand Paul - US SenatorAnd the news you will hear him speak is.....   R E P R E H E N S I B L E!1277 DEATHS158,091 SERIOUS REACTIONSAND MULTITUDE SERIOUS PSYCHOLOGICAL REACTIONS NOT LISTED HEREMyocarditis, Cardiac Infarction (HEART ATTACK), Cardiac FAILURE, Blood Clots, Serious Arrithymia, and another horrific detail known before about these is:OF PREGNANT WOMEN, MISCARRIAGES OCCURRED BETWEEN 38-84% !!GOOD GRIEF!FORGET THE ABORTION PILL!MAKES ME SICK...over 150,000 SERIOUS 'AE' events as they like to minimize them, but THESE don't sound simply "adverse" as they intone more of a DIRE OUTCOME more correctly, but I'm not here to play politically correct BS, In the wake of our report yesterday on the FORCED FDA RELEASE OF DATA,We open with Rand Paul; now, like many of us reeling from what could be described, as Lara Logan, from Fox News, Fox Nation has termed: "Joseph Mengele" 2.0!  She went on to say may colleagues she knows feels this very same wasy as well!Logan also has a statement that we are rebroadcasting as AGAIN, THIS IS GETTING NOTHING ON MSM SOURCES!We'll open with Rand Paul on this episode, laying our confirmation and frame for going forward.Here HIS entirely SHOCKING ANNOUNCEMENT MADE TODAY!We also have many other things on this early edition, and will update again as this is a "Living Story" meaning, evolving virtually on an ongoing and continual basis, so we'll add more presentations as this continues to unfold.Highest Regards and Much Love,KevinThe Hidden Truth/Rabbit Hole Tours PodcastThe Rabbit Hole ToursSupport the show (
~ The Pandemic of Disinformation ~ Pt. 6 ~~The Hidden Truth/Rabbit Hole Tours Podcast ~December 2, 2021FEDERAL JUDGE ORDERS FDA TO RELEASE DOCUMENTS IN SPITE OF 55 YEAR BANFDA DOCUMENTS SHOW THEY KNEW JAB WAS DEADLY AND STILL LIED TO PRESSOur opening segment has Sen. Rand Paul openly stating the deliberate misinformation campaign launched by Dr. Fauci and from there we have updates on key issues surrounding this release as well as statements recorded covering the newest variant dubbed, "Omicron"Also included in this episode are segments from:President Mokgweetsi Masini - Botsawana PresidentPearson Sharp - OAN Alicia Summers - OANReports indicate from the time the jab rolled out in late Jan. 2021, that as of Feb, in just the first 2-4 weeks that 1277 deaths were logged.  Also, reports of heart attack, stroke, myocarditis and a host of other issues.  As the date of these data were also clear and apparent, it is equally clear that official statements of "safe and effective" had to be outright lies, or they didn't read their own reports, perhaps?You decide....Perhaps the most important issue we've done so far.....Much more here.Highest Regards and Much Love,KevinThe Hidden Truth/Rabbit Hole Tours PodcastThe Rabbit Hole ToursSupport the show (
~ The Pandemic of Disinformation ~ Pt. 5 ~ The Hidden Truth/Rabbit Hole Tours Podcast ~December 1, 2021 - #2Are the WHEELS COMING OFF?Lara Logan ~ Fox News ~ Fox Nationissues a STUNNING INDICTMENT ON LIVE TV!On Judge Pirro's show, "Justice with Jeannine" the Fox Nation host opens up in a way that clearly was unexpected as can be noted by the multiple attempts to interrupt her!Wonder how long SHE will still have a job?Also....George Christensen - Australian Parliament MemberGives us HIS recorded warning made on the floor of the Australian Parliament!And more!Highest Regards and Much Love,The Hidden Truth/Rabbit Hole Tours PodcastTruthful PoliticsSupport the show (
~ The Pandemic of Disinformation Pt. 4 ~ The Hidden Truth/Rabbit Hole Tours Podcast ~December 1, 2021MAYBE we NEED to be "DIS" informed.......YES, YOU SAW THAT RIGHT......Interesting perspective in our opening segment and makes perfect sense if you think about it from the way presented in the opening segment....Also in this episode, we feature a deeply researched project from:Chanel Rion - OAN NewsThis explosive research reveals yet again the incompetence and corruption of Dr. Fauci as well as covering the entire waterfront of issues surrounding this inflammatory topic enflaming the globe once again in the wake of the newest "variant" of COVID, Omicron.Here again, clear proof of Dr Fauci lying!Also, the Ace-2 receptor mentioned, this is a reference to the implication of what is known as “Antibody Dependent Enhancement” response, always found in Covid family virus vaccine tests in animals resulting in their deaths as much as 100% of the time and as such an unstable use of this science, as it is understood today, is clearly misaligned and is why this technology could never be brought to human markets without an emergency use authorization, leaving potentially billions in lost revenue from R&D....We have much more offered here as well with information from Botswana, as well as much information related we hope you find useful and informative..Much is little understood about what ADE is and WHY WE SHOULD KNOW ABOUT IT!We have a large body of research on this posted on our home site under the "Pandemic" section.  For those interested, that is in written form, some in PDF and some not but the link below leads to the entire listing which is undergoing updating, as we are still rebuilding, but much content available if interested, go here: Regards and Much Love,The Hidden Truth/Rabbit Hole Tours PodcastTruthful PoliticsSupport the show (
~ The Pandemic of Disinformation (Pt. 3) ~Economic Devastation Looming From Omicron FalloutNew "Omicron" Variant, breaking out in South Africa, which we covered in our last episode, has now quickly resulted in officials all over the world implementing extreme measures!Japan, Australia and other countries are rushing travel bans and other shock waves around the globe, seemingly over what has already been described by leading South African Health Officials as a "...tempest in a teacup.", a phrase of speech used to denote a subject of little importance being inflated, essentially.In this episode, we have contributing reports from:Gloria Stowe ~ OANAlso hear a member of Australian Parliament make aDIRE WARNING given on the FLOOR OF THE AUSTRALIAN PARLIAMENT!Also, we have reports covering the enforced mandated campaign launched in the Phillipines, and we have a statement from the PM as well, detailing the exact nature of the measures that are being taken there, as well.Support the show (
~ The Pandemic of Disinformation (Pt. 2) ~~ The Hidden Truth/Rabbit Hole Tours Podcast ~November 27, 2021In Pt. 1, we detailed the cursory thumbnail background which spawned this work.  For all of those "Brilliant Scientists" telling all of US to "follow that science" it is an easy stretch to see how many were mislead.  The question before us remains, was that "misleading" of us INTENTIONAL, or NOT?In the wake of breaking news of the new "Variant" being now unleashed upon us, originating in Africa, we took due diligence of the situation and brought in other sources on the ground.  In this episode, segments contributed under, "Free to Air" permissions, among other rights, we have the following journalists also included in this broadcast:Pearson Sharp - OAN Glenn Beck - Blaze TVPaul Joseph-Watson - The Summit News - UKIn addition to addressing the primary premise of this series in view of the latest "outbreak" then we have incredible content that may well seem to agree with the possibility of all of what we have all been through up to this point, is merely a "dress rehearsal" and stranger days are coming.....On this episode, yet ANOTHER HIGHLY ESTEEMED Scientist brings clarity to the mish-mash "double-talk" the MSM he clearly blames is done to deliberately and essentially, "brain-wash" the general member of our society whom are, typically NOT "Rocket-Scientists" in a manner of speaking, and as such, respecting our own unique and specific talents and specialties, have an inherent trust of others in giving that same space and respect that we, ourselves have oftentimes in OUR OWN FIELD, so hence, in a situation where it literally IS "LIFE AND DEATH" there is far more at stake here than just buying a bad toaster.Dr. Tyson, brilliant and highly peer reviewed, now comes forward on our broadcast today, corroborating many of the research we had uncovered had led us, and it is our hope bringing you the NEXT RENOWNED EXPERT in direct statements substantiating what heretorfore many regarded as, "Whack-Jobs" for example, anyone who ONCE said Wuhan Lab was the likely cause and Fauci HAD invested in "Gain of Function" that NOW ARE PROVEN TRUE!Here what this esteemed professional details in this alarming disclosure of the nature of the level of disinformation we have all been preyed upon with.  The level and depth of the victimization now already inlictied by, the damage that clearly has been visited upon all of us and is literally, IN THE FACE NOW OF FORCING CHILDREN TO TAKE THIS POISON SHOT,  by simply taking advantage of our inherent decent and good nature, that we are set to watch this attack literally, according to the many specialists and respected Scientists and various MD's who've bravely broken ranks to bring us a refreshing new paradigm:THE REAL TRUTH ONCE KEPT FROM US, AI FILTERED  AS BEING CALLED HARMFUL LIESWe examine only EVIDENCE here, not the typical "nut-job" hack pieces done in efforts to simply be inflammatory.  Not to say, that the information our research leads to, which is, as we hope you who've already perused our home aggregate site:https://therabbitholetours.comSupport the show (
~ The Pandemic of Disinformation Pt. 1 ~ The Rabbit Hole Tours ~November 25, 2021We want to wish all our listeners and followers on this and our other platforms a Happy Thanksgiving!With all of the "new" evidence coming forward (read:that can no longer be SUPPRESSED) that, in fact, the "vaccine" isn't even a REAL VACCINE at all, but rather a GENE THERAPY, and combined with how the masks have been proven to be more of a MASKARADE, then we have to honestly begin to wonder.  Was/Is ALL of this just a "dress rehearsal" for a much WORSE THING?Some reports running around some time ago, and frankly, still are many are wondering if a worse "Pandemic" is coming.....  With all of the search AI filters preventing many from uncovering accurate information, all of course, put in place to "prevent harmful lies" from circulating.This broadcast has Dr. Fauci himself "following the science" but you clearly hear him say several DIFFERENT VERSIONS of that "science" and clearly that man has lied so much he can't keep up his memory sharp enough nor does he clearly have command enough of the language to effectively talk his way out of the corner he is in....Yea, right. The same filters that kept us from finding out about the Fauci/Wuhan collusion, which took Rand Paul, on the Senate floor in direct hearings to EXPOSE FAUCI COLLUSION WITH WUHAN AND GAIN OF FUNCTION!ALSO THESE ARE THE SAME AI FILTERS THAT KEPT US FROM FINDING OUT BEFORE IT WAS TOO LATE THAT IT WAS CREATED IN A LAB?All of which, BEFORE?Was considered "harmful lies" as well.To that end, we are thrilled to bring a contributing report from a researcher, with standing permission to share and am including link below directly to this extraordinary individual and suggest any seeing this, bookmark his site, the archives alone there are astounding both in topic and depth.There are few others I respect and who does the same level of detailed and nuanced research bringing it forth also in easy to understand terms and can unravel these Rabbit Holes with great expertise.Hear what HIS research has EXPOSED ON SMALLPOX AND HOW IT MAY BE THE NEXT (FIRST) REAL PANDEMICPlease also, his site is LOADED with archives and can be found in the broadcast!Highest Regards and Much Love,The Hidden Truth/Rabbit Hole Tours PodcastTruthful Politicshttps://therabbitholetours.comThe Rabbit Hole Tours Research FoundationDisclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase, I may receive a commission at no extra cost to you.Support the show
In our last three episodes, (counting this one) we have postponed airing our broadcast on the inventor of the mRna technology, and that Dr. will have much more to add, once we get through this ever moving target of disinformation sourced from MSM outlets vs those of us who are in contact with and have scientific backgrounds to REFUTE what the MSM is collluding with in order to keep a largely unskilled (medically speaking) population.This episode is a "primer" of sorts for that one and EXPOSES the very nature of the test being USED TO DISCRIMINATE AGAINST PEOPLE AND THE SAME TEST THAT HAS UPENDED COUNTESS LIVES!Highest Regards and Much Love,The Hidden Truth/Rabbit Hole Tours PodcastTruthful Politicshttps://therabbitholetours.comSupport the show (
~ What is Bio-Sludge & Pandemic Consequences ~This episode throws back a veil long hidden from the public by every town and city across the United States, and likely the entire world.  The topic doing this is, "Bio-Sludge" and am rather confident, unless you are a very deep researcher, or have seen this material elsewhere, we are going to expose a serious health problem.CLEAR KNOWN SERIOUS HEALTH HAZARDDELIBERATELY PUTTING US IN HARM'S WAY!This episode also has a reference on our Rabbit Hole Tours Research Site.  The research material is 2 pages, already formatted into PDF for a quick download to share, give to friends, pass the word and information about a REAL HEALTH RISK BIDEN IS NOT TELLING US OF!PLEASE DOWNLOAD THIS EXTENSIVE AND DEEP RESEARCH REPORT AND READ,MAIL, TELL, COPY, OR OTHERWISE SHARE WITH ANYONE YOU CARE ABOUT! Full Introduction PDF (Section is under construction)  available HERE: than ever, in the world of virtually impossible to locate critical and needed, necessary and certain truthsa and facts surrounding the myriad of dire Health Issues facing all of us these days.  Sadly, for many, tragically, literally Life and Death so n view of how widely this practice of what I HONESTLY FEEL is a DELIBERATE confusing of the general public and that clearly it also is my view that in real time, as this is being done, that, I  believe clearly there's most assuredly a demographic, "somewhere" that is ACUTELY AWARE OF ALL OF THIS AND IT MAY EVEN BE BY DESIGN OR INTENTION AND THEN, yet, for the rest of us?Crickets on this, and this isn't a great time to keep us in the dark!Especially when a risk like THIS is SO WELL KNOWN!!!!For those of you who truly enjoy digging these "Rabbit Holes" then here is a little treat!Even though this source is from 2019, it DOES cover all the general bases, and will COMPLETELY give ANYONE a great "overview" of how bad this really is!This is a GREAT beginning to this iceberg!  Very well researched, well written, and accurate!You can find that resource, HERE: Regards and Much Love,The Hidden Truth/Rabbit Hole Tours PodcastTruthful Politicshttps://therabbitholetours.comSupport the show (
B R E A K I N G  -  N E W SLAWSUITS TO BE FILED AGAINST CDC, FDA, CNN, and OTHERS!LAWSUIT BASED ON FRAUDULENT CLAIMS AND FALSIFIED DATACLAIMING COVID-19 VACCINE SAFE FOR CHILDREN!There is so much more on this late breaking episode, we had to do a quick backgrounddue to even later developments this morning, Monday, Nov. 22, 2021mRna GENE THERAPY has only been approved "FULLY" that is, for LIVESTOCKdue to it is (in Coronavirus studies) not only NOT "safe and effective" but mRna therapyalong these lines ALWAYS leads to "Antibody Dependency Enhancement" Syndrome.We started our series on this under the following link.  So far, there are 8 pages contained in this archive.  This research material is in print form and the entire body of work, much of it already in PDF form and you can follow this up by downloading this research material at: you missed the last episode with Steve Kirsch and want to hear direct from the manwho is making Gov. Gavin Newsom that MILLION DOLLAR BET TO PROVE HIS INJURIES WERE NOT THE RESULT OF HIS SHOT, you can hear from this renowned scientist here:, HOW MANY KNEW A STRONG MEDICINE WAS ADDED TO CHILDREN DOSES?For those who, WHICH SHOULD BE EVERYONE, wants to learn more about theDANGEROUS HEART MEDICATION ADDED TO CHILDREN'S VACCINE, this is in2 parts, here is a quick link to the first episode: 2 can be heard here:'ve covered this and other areas in both our print format and podcasts.  Our aggregatesite, The Rabbit Hole Tours, is usually where the material will always be compiled, for those of you seeing this, or listening on various carriers, and/or Facebook.Robert Barnes is on this episode...ANNOUNCING FILING LAWSUITSEXPLOSIVE...BREAKING NEWSThis will be filed Monday, so likely the MSM won't be able to hide this one for long....Highest Regards and Much Love,The Hidden Truth/Rabbit Hole Tours PodcastTruthful Politicshttps://therabbitholetours.comSupport the show (
~ On Bio-Warfare - Pt. 7 ~ The Hidden Truth/Rabbit Hole Tours Podcast ~In this episode, you will hear several recorded statements from Steve Kirsch.He is RENOWN in Academia!  Some of us may remember, he's the guy that invented the optical mouse, so clearly a scientist beyond reproach.  Honestly, a LENGTHY PARAGRAPH would be needed to cite his credentials, suffice it to say, he stated here: Kirsch has a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Science in electrical engineering and computer science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.[3]Here, you will hear him DECLARE THIS VACCINE IS NOT ONLY DEADLY BUT THERE IS NO WAY THE NUMBERS WOULD BE INVISIBLE TO OTHERS, IN FACT, CALLING IT, "BACKWARDS" IN THIS BROADCAST!Just a look at his personal website, even if you're NOT an Academician, it's easy to see for anyone, this guy is a highly esteemed EXPERT in many fields and is in high demand.He also has bet Gavin Newsom $1,000,000.00 that the Governor is LYING!  All Gavin has to do to WIN ONE MILLION DOLLARS, is to provide a list of all Doctors that he'd seen in the near two weeks after getting a vaccine shot, then sign CONSENT FORMS for Mr. Kirsch to obtain ANY AND ALL INFORMATION IF ANY OF THIS WAS DUE TO VACCINE REACTIONGAVIN WILL NOT TAKE THE BET....At least, as of yet......He also states clearly that he has been told directly that not only do the FDA members on the Committee KNOW THIS, but they REFUSE TO BLOCK APPROVAL DUE TO BEING SCARED OF BEING KICKED OFF THE COMMITTEE!!"Safe and Effective?," Steve breaks down EXACTING data that PROVES ABSOLUTELY NOT!AND NO CHILD SHOULD EVER GET THIS!!!If you EVER SHARED even ONE SINGLE POST?MAKE IT THIS ONE!Highest Regards and Much Love,The Hidden Truth/Rabbit Hole Tours PodcastTruthful Politicshttps://therabbitholetours.comSupport the show (
If you listened to episode one, CLEARLY you can see why it went to BUTTER!In THIS EPISODE, you will learn of a VERY DANGEROUS "NATURAL" INGREDIENT!This ingredient, ALLOWS labeling to say, "natural" HOWEVER...  there is aTOXIC HIDDEN TRUTH TO THIS "NATURAL" INGREDIENT!!EVERYONE SHOULD BE AWARE OF THIS, WE LIKELY EAT THIS DAILY!!Highest Regards and Much Love,The Hidden Truth PodcastThe Rabbit Hole ToursSupport the show (
~ Butter vs Margarine ~ And MORE ~ Pt 1Most already know, that either choice results in many things they likely have heard of, in terms of the dangers of either....In THIS expose' we uncover to you what is NOT TOLD, neither HAS TO APPEAR in LABELING (Which we're preparing a series of, pulled from our archives) and yet, is:INCREDIBLY TOXIC TO HUMAN HEALTH AND BIOLOGY AND YET ISSTILL CONTAINED IN MANY FOODS YOU LIKELY EAT EVERY DAY!Find out this and more and learn something that very few know, JUST in the:"Introduction to the Dangers of Cooking Oils, Fats, Greases and Others"THIS episode, ALONE is worth learning even just these first few facts many do not know and maybe perhaps, begin to warn others, is always our hope in bringing to you, "The Hidden Truth" behind many issues impacting our lives on many levels.Highest Regards and Much Love,The Hidden Truth PodcastThe Rabbit Hole Tourshttps://therabbitholetours.comSupport the show (
When we first broke this story a few days ago on our Media platform, Truthful Politics, it started a bit of a firestorm.THE FACT CHECKERS STILL DENY THIS EXISTS, DESPITE MULTIPLE FDA'S OWN SOURCES!That SERIOUS contradiction should make us all HIGHLY ALARMED!They are giving our CHILDREN a POWERFUL HEART DRUG AND HIDING THIS TRUTH!Support the show (
A POWERFUL HEART MEDICINE has been ADDED TO KID'S VACCINES!FDA sourced!THE FACT CHECKERS STILL DENY THIS!Find out WHY this drug, even under PROPER LABEL use, IS SO DANGEROUS!And so much more.....Highest Regards and Much Love,The Hidden Truth PodcastThe Rabbit Hole Tourshttps://therabbitholetours.comSupport the show (
Learn here the HIDDEN TRUTH BEHIND what we are TOLD is, (here we go) once again are TOLD that THIS food is, for the increasingly many concerned, as SAFE alternative to get essential and needed PROTEIN levels into those, who for reasons stated, CHOOSING this food.Find out what you have NOT been told....Support the show
By listener request, this is unexpected but rewarding episode to bring you, and wish to Thank-You all directly with this answer to the same question that came up.I'm going to encapsulate the questions into the core idea:Is there anything we can do to replace Aspartame if we still wanted to use a non-sugar-based sweetener?From those who just were interested in overall health, to those using this for decades, I am so pleased to bring you this broadcast to answer you!Support the show (
This BREAKING news has forced us to hold off on the next PLANNED episode in this series.Once you hear THIS?You will understand why we made that decision.On here, Fauci himself, in 2017 announced the plan to get a "vax" to market WITHOUT GOING THROUGH FORMAL APPROVAL PROCESSTHEN, in 2019, you hear Fauci, AGAIN, saying that the "next administration" could PLAN ON HAVING A PANDEMIC OUTBREAK LONG BEFORE THE 'OFFICIAL" NEWS TOLD US OF IT....Support the show (
Find out how Aspartame is REALLY a "natural sweetener" in this episode!Support the show (
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