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5 | 2020 Won?

5 | 2020 Won?


HAPPY NEW YEAR FRIENDS! ūü•ā‚ú®On this week's episode, we're quickly chatting about all that must be left in the year that we all made it out of, 2020. Just a short and sweet rant with a dash of motivation to kick off this unpredictable year. Enjoy!¬†Instagram: @wineandwomenpodTwitter: @winenwomenpodSubmissions: wineandwomenpod@gmail.comxo
Happy holidays!¬†For this week's episode, I will be exposing my (past) toxic ways ūüėČ with a really good friend of mine, Alivia! Consider this my gift to you lol. We're getting into toxic relationships, trust issues, and more! Cheers!Instagram: @wineandwomenpodSubmissions: wineandwomenpod@gmail.comMy Instagram: @cydneemameAlivia's Instagram: @aliviaanthonyy
Oh hi friends! For this week's episode we're getting into some pretty sad shit. Anxiety, depression, and all that not so fun stuff that makes you drink straight from the bottle. Jk. Kind of. But really, let's have a glass and have an intimate conversation. I will be sharing with you my mental health journey of 2020 along with sharing some of your stories and questions towards the end of the episode. TRIGGER WARNING: As mentioned above, we will be discussing depression, anxiety, BLM, and the pandemic and its affects on us. Listener discretion is advised. Love you guys so much! xoInsta: @wineandwomenpodTwitter: @winenwomenpodHosted by: @cydneemame
In this week's episode, we're diving into the topic of colorism, a.k.a. the evil step-child of racism. In this conversation, you'll get to hear from several different perspectives including, from the women who put the "women" in Wine + Women, Ma and Grandma. Presenting three different opinions and experiences from three different generations. We also hear from some of you guys on the subject from listener write ins. As per usual, pour yourself a glass of vino and have a chat with the ladies. Cheers!For submissions please email: and follow the show on Instagram @wineandwomenpod! 
Welcome welcome! In the first episode, Cydnee is giving you a soft opening to the podcast. Hope this quick introduction will give listeners an idea of what to expect in upcoming episodes along with getting to know your host a little bit. Again, not the juiciest thing you'll ever here but... welcome! Cheers to good conversations with women, for everyone! Thank you for tuning in to the first episode and hopefully you'll stick around for a while.  Be sure to follow Wine + Women on Instagram @wineandwomenpod to keep up with what's going on in the show and more importantly, wine suggestions! See ya in next weeks episode, ciao! xo
Welcome to Wine and Women The Podcast. I'm your host, Cydnee Mame. This is the time for conversation, so let's get right into it. Cheers to conversations that make you think, laugh, cry, happy, angry, and everything in between. Be sure to follow us on Instagram @wineandwomenpod to stay up to date with the show and ways you can be a part of it. Chat soon!
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