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This delicious soup is one of The Diva’s favorites to enjoy during the cold winter months. It has an array of proteins and fresh vegetables so you may give your family a healthy, filling meal in minutes. Serve the soup with a slice of hot-from-the-oven beer bread or with a handful of oyster crackers.Tune into this episode and learn how to make this amazing soup with The Canning Diva®. She shares with listeners the step-by-step method to creating and preserving Sausage and Bean Soup in a jar. Learn how to safely omit, or substitute, ingredients whether you are a vegetarian, have food allergies or are on a special diet. Diane, The Canning Diva®, also takes a moment to share with you an amazing book written by her friend and local meteorologist, Terri DeBoer. The book, Brighter Skies Ahead, is an amazing guide to help parents cope with being empty nesters so you may find hope, peace, and joy in the next stage of life. For more information on this amazing book, go to today.Companion Shopping Highlight: Beginner’s Guide to Canning available for purchase on Amazon and 
The Canning Diva® shares with listeners 5 helpful tips so canners, new and old, may purchase the pressure canner perfect for their needs and their budget. Diane explores the variety of options, discusses yield and output, shares with listeners costs and availability and even provides listeners with what has worked well for her in her home kitchen.Diane, The Canning Diva®, takes this episode a step further to really get listeners thinking about their home, their stovetop, their goals and so much more. Tune in just in time for holiday shopping and savings!Companion Shopping Highlight: The Complete Guide to Pressure Canning available for purchase on Amazon, Walmart, B&N and Target.
In this episode, The Canning Diva® shares how the Presto Precise® Digital Pressure Canner has changed the way she preserves low acid foods. She gives listeners the skinny on how to incorporate this amazing appliance into your everyday life so you may preserve low acid foods on the regular. She takes you through the simple steps to use it and compares it to the traditional stovetop canners. While this amazing invention will never replace traditional stovetop pressure canning, it truly is a valuable aide in the canner’s kitchen.Diane also shares the value of Penida’s canning utensil kit. Here’s the link to take advantage of savings so you are well equipped this canning season. more canning recipes go to and be sure to subscribe to my podcast so you are alerted when I drop new episodes! 
Canning Tomato Season

Canning Tomato Season


With countless tomato varieties available today, it is often difficult for new canners to know which to use in home canning. In this episode, The Canning Diva®, shares her tips helping listeners determine which tomato is right for their home canning uses. Learn the many uses for the plumb, or Roma, tomato and the ways in which she maximized 8 bushels of canning, or Beefsteak, tomatoes with ease. Also in this episode, she will share blanching techniques, pressure canning tips and will give you the steps to make her well-known Basil Diced Tomato recipe.  A Special Offer for My Listeners Need canning utensils to help you work more efficiently in the kitchen? The Canning Diva® has partnered with Penida who is offering her listeners a discount on their 40-piece Canning Utensil Set. Click the link to save on this limited time offer:
Diane Devereaux, The Canning Diva® , takes another fun dive into freeze drying with guest, Lorrie Reminga. In this episode, they dive a bit deeper into some of the nuances of freeze drying.  Lorrie shares tips on how to properly preserve your freeze dried foods and discusses the various accessories and trays that have helped along the way. They also dive into pre-freezing space and storage containers, how to use your freeze dryer to vacuum seal Mason jars as well as how to tell when your food is thoroughly dried to avoid spoilage.  Lorrie will also share delicious freeze dried meal recipes so you may round out your food supply.  Learn how to make and dry Chicken Noodle Casserole and a protein-packed snack to avoid spending money on commercially made protein bars.
Diane Devereaux, The Canning Diva®, changes things up a bit in this informative episode with guest, Lorrie Reminga. Lorrie shares with listeners her experience with a Harvest Right freeze dryer, giving insight into how it works, the fun foods you can freeze dry, the costs involved and so much more! The Canning Diva® also shares the many benefits to freeze drying foods, its nutritional value when doing so and its amazing shelf-life! 
The Art of Pickling

The Art of Pickling


In this exciting episode, The Canning Diva dives into the art and craft of pickling as a means of food preservation. She will break down the science and the math in the required brine ratio to take low acid food and create a high acid environment. She dives into the reasoning and methodology behind the art of pickling and how to properly raw pack jars to maximize your yield. Diane, The Canning Diva, gives listeners two delicious canning recipes; Pickled Garlic Cloves which uses wine as the acid boasting an amazing flavor and Pickled Ramps, also known as Wild Leeks. While you may pickle just about anything, she will share with you the variety of differences between certain recipes as well as when to raw or hot pack the recipe.For more pickling recipes, be sure to pick up a copy of Beginner’s Guide to Canning available on Amazon and her website,
In this episode, The Canning Diva® teaches listeners various tips and what to store long-term as you build your food supply, including medicinal items and emergency essentials to productively round out your pantry. Preparedness isn’t just for preppers – it’s for everyone!Why Stock Your Pantry Now?A disaster is relative to you. It is what hits you personally and financially. A disaster could be the loss of income, a death in the family, an accident or personal injury. Other disasters may of a larger scale like a massive power outage, hurricane and tornado, food shortages and supply chain disruption. But whatever the disaster, they all have something in common. The disaster puts us in a position where the necessities in life, food, water and shelter, are catapulted to the forefront of survival. How are you going to eat and drink, provide yourself shelter and how are you going to stretch every penny without having to rely on our food supply system? Tune in and learn how to confidently stock your pantry by asking yourself these five very important questions.
In this fun informational episode, The Canning Diva® explains her canning technique called, Raw Stacking. She gives listeners the Top 5 Advantages of raw stacking a canning recipe, shares how to use your frozen vegetables and meats, gives detailed information when using dried beans when raw stacking and shares why certain recipes may not be best suited to raw stack. Diane, The Canning Diva®, also gives listeners the instructions and ingredient measurements to create her Irish Bean & Cabbage Stew recipe using the raw stacking method. It is simple, delicious and her go-to lunch! For more information and recipes using the Raw Stacking Method, be sure to pick up a copy of her cookbook, The Complete Guide to Pressure Canning, or head over to the Diva’s website at and explore further! 
As a trailer to The Canning Diva®’s previous episode, Economical Canning Recipes During Inflation, Diane wanted to dive a bit deeper in this episode so you may learn how to safely preserve chicken in a jar for long-term food storage. With the increase in overall food costs affecting consumers, we see a drastic 8.5% increase in the cost of chicken and poultry. Before costs get even higher, The Canning Diva® shares seven important tips to help you get the most out of every jar while also providing listeners with instructions and processing times to maximize yield. She will also share a variety of delicious seasonings you may incorporate to give your chicken robust flavors to use later in meals.  For more information on how to preserve meat and meat-based recipes, be sure to pick up a copy of my cookbook, The Complete Guide to Pressure Canning, or head over to my website at for more recipes today!
With the cost of food increasing and farmers recently on the news warning us there is going to be a food crisis come Summer 2022, not to mention the news reporting the State of Michigan will face planned power outages, it is imperative we have ready-to-eat food in jars on our pantry shelves. Diane, The Canning Diva®, shares with you some of her canning recipes to help you and your family sustain during hard times.Learn how to create a variety of meats, soups and stews in this episode, such as Vegetable Soup and Irish Bean & Cabbage Stew . The Canning Diva® will also provide listeners with tips to safely preserve meat in a jar, sharing a recipe from her cookbook, the Beginner’s Guide to Canning. She will also highlight various tips and tricks to include protein in your planning in the event meat is not a viable, or cost-effective solution.Be sure to visit for more information and recipes to start canning and preserving before the end of summer.
Diane Devereaux, The Canning Diva®, shares what she has learned about her overall pantry supply after being faced with a disaster lasting more than six weeks. After breaking her ankle, having surgery and going through recovery, it has really forced The Canning Diva to look at her personal food preserves in a whole new light! In today’s episode, she will share with you some of her recent discoveries in hopes to get listeners to really think deeper about the recipes and food types they’ll use and/or consume when times are tough. She will share her experiences and the ‘thought process’ behind it all to better help you determine what foods to preserve, which methods to focus on, and which food groups and recipes make sense, so you too may be prepared if an unfortunate disaster strikes!
Preserving Fresh Mint

Preserving Fresh Mint


In this episode, The Canning Diva® shares three preservation methods for fresh mint. She gives you the recipe and technique to preserve Mint Jelly in a jar, how to dehydrate mint leaves and a recipe to create delicious mint tea with citrus zest. Lastly, she shares with listeners how to use the steeped mint leaves in a delicious Pesto Sauce. The Canning Diva® also shares some herb gardening tips and ways to use herbs in your recipe creations.
Are you ready to begin home canning but are unsure what is needed to start?In this episode, Diane Devereaux, The Canning Diva, shares her list of canning essentials she uses in her home kitchen, making the canning experience safe and efficient. These cost effective solutions will help you remain safe while working around high temperatures and glass jars and will ensure your efforts are efficient so you may put up as many jars as possible. This episode is a great place to start if you are new to home canning and preserving, but it is also a great refresher to my fellow veteran canners! Tune in and start your canning essentials checklist and be ready for the 2022 Canning Season!
Dehydrating Basics

Dehydrating Basics


In this episode The Canning Diva® shares the Top 5 Reasons why it is important to learn how to dehydrate foods. She shares efficient and easy ways to maximize your food preservation efforts and ensure you have a well rounded food supply in the event of a disaster or economic downturn. Diane, The Canning Diva®, breaks down the 4 Key Factors required to safely dehydrate foods - Time, Temperature, Air Speed and Raw Food Preparation. And, most importantly she shares proper storage tips and essential instructions on proper reconstitution so you may safely consume your dehydrated foods.
With the holidays around the corner, learn how to preserve delicious and visually appealing gifts to give this Thanksgiving and Christmas season. The Canning Diva will teach you how to use cranberries and apples, a seasonal favorite, in recipes to preserve and share throughout the holidays as well as use for fun gift ideas any time of the year. The recipes The Canning Diva will teach you how to preserve in today's segment are Cranberry-Apple JamCinnamon Apple Rings Blueberry Pancake SyrupShe even shares fun jar decorating ideas and tips with listeners so you may present your gorgeous gifts in the jar with affordable flair and style. The Canning Diva has partnered with Instacart and Denali Canning Company and is sharing fun offers in this episode and on her website. Promo code GIFTCAST at to save 10% on your entire order.Denali Canning lids special promo now until December 31, 2021, buy 5 12-packs of lids and get one 12-pack free at Instacart groceries delivered in a little as one hour and free delivery on our first order over $35 at - which let's Instacart know I sent you, and as an affiliate, will help support my show.Have a blessed Thanksgiving everyone!
In this episode, The Canning Diva teaches you how to home can Chicken Soup to help ward off seasonal crud so you may stay healthy all winter long. Also known as Nature’s Penicillin, The Canning Diva shares the many healthy benefits of consuming Chicken Soup and the soup's amazing history so listeners may feel confident storing this natural remedy in a jar  long-term. Diane will also share with you a variety of ingredient substitutions so you may create the soup according to your taste buds; as well as teach you the math required to safely do so. Lastly, The Canning Diva will share with you the secret to safely preserving your family’s favorite version of this timeless classic, helping to give your family what it needs and loves any time of the year.
In this informative episode, The Canning Diva® shares safe thickening agents for use when home canning a variety of recipes. Thickeners like pectin and ClearJel®, also known as Canning Gel, are safe and effective as are various foods like finely chopped apples. With each natural thickening option, Diane shares a delicious canning recipe. She also dives into the chemical make-up of each thickener as well as its best uses, so you may decide what is best and most effective when canning in your home kitchen. Additionally in this episode she shares the science and math behind the various agents so you have a thorough understanding of each and how best to use them when canning.
I just love a good, hearty soup, especially in the winter months and even more so in early spring when it’s gloomy, dark and rainy. In this episode, Diane Devereaux, The Canning Diva®, shares her authentic recipe which boasts a true Tex-Mex flavor. With several fun ingredients like black beans, dried árbol peppers, green chilies and cumin this delicious soup will sure to please. She gives listeners step-by-step instructions, provides ingredient variations and shares pressure canning tips to help ensure proper and safe processing. Learn how to preserve yummy soups all year ‘round with The Canning Diva® and have a fully stocked pantry ready for any rainy day life may throw your way.
Diane Devereaux, The Canning Diva®, takes to the air waves the answers to those canning questions burning on canners minds. Using her website and social media to gather questions, The Canning Diva shares detailed answers to questions like, “What is Canning Gel?”, “Why are my jars covered in a white film after processing?”, and “How do I adjust the processing time or psi if I live in a different elevation?”. Whether you are new to canning or have been canning for seasons, this episode dives into many specifics on how to keep food safe, proper processing times, altitude, thickening agents and long-term food storage. Be sure to grab a pen and paper for this one! You don’t want to miss it!Have a question for The Canning Diva®? Get your canning or food preservation question answered in an upcoming podcast by emailing or messaging @CanningDiva on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.
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