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Chasing Hope with Katherine Abraham

Author: Katherine Abraham

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Chasing Hope is a new and inspiring podcast that has been created for the hopeful and the hopeless; for the faithful and the faithless; for the young and the old with the core idea of reviving, refining and re-defining the perspectives of Indians who are struggling to meet the Truth. With a heady mix of fact, history and archaeology, this new podcast has been initiated with a view to re-introduce Christians and Christianity to Indians by dispelling myths around the faith and the religion.
42 Episodes
How does a believer brave the odds and work in such trying times? Is the Corona here to remind us that God is testing us or that God is there for us every step of the way? Listen in as Katherine explains this on the latest episode of Chasing Hope
In this week’s episode of Chasing Hope with Katherine we learn how Love is all about learning to wait. Making a God ordained choice is not difficult but sometimes it takes us on an emotional roller coaster.
Join Katherine in the latest episode of Chasing Hope as she talks about how and why praying is not the only answer; there’s much to be done to have God answer our prayers.
Join Katherine in the latest episode of Chasing Hope as she discusses the human struggle for flawlessness in a very flawed world.
Join Katherine in the latest episode of Chasing Hope as she engages with Fr. Cedric Prakash from India, an articulate speaker who talks about the Human Rights issues that have been brushed under the carpet by the authorities quite regularly. Activism and Engagement is key to this malaise.
Conscience is a significant factor in influencing a person's decision-making. It is a small voice whispering the right things to do. But what factors can silence it?Catch the latest episode of ‘Chasing Hope’. Let's talk about how different things can affect our conscience.
Are you holding on to some superstitions?Do you check your horoscope daily?God doesn't want us to be misled. He wants us to look to Him every day for guidance.Tune in to another episode of ‘Chasing Hope’ to learn what God says about these distractions.
The first miracle that Jesus performed was turning water into wine. Many have asked if the wine He made was alcoholic and, if so, does that mean the Bible doesn't condemn drinking alcohol?Tune in to the latest episode of ‘Chasing Hope’ to find the truth behind this miracle.
Have you ever wondered what God's plan is for you?The Bible says that the Almighty has “plans to prosper you and . . . give you hope and a future.’’Tune in to another episode of ‘Chasing Hope’ with Katherine Abraham and discover that when God seems to be silent, He is working out His plan for you.
What if you received something different from that which you prayed for? Would you still believe that God has given you something better? Let's talk about how prayers are answered in ways that are better than we can imagine.You can catch the latest episode of ‘Chasing Hope’ through (link).
King Solomon's desire for wisdom led him to change the lives of many. Though many may doubt it, historical evidence proves his existence and that of his father, King David, through newly-found stone inscriptions. Join me in this latest episode of ‘Chasing Hope’. Let's talk more about the recently-discovered evidence of these two great men.
Trusting someone is not always easy, but it seems we are more likely to entrust our life to another human being than to the Divine Being who can do miracles.Tune in to another episode of 'Chasing Hope’ to learn how faith moves God to do wonders.
Tired and burned out? Are you under a lot of stress lately? God understands how you feel, even from the beginning of the world. He made the seventh-day a holy day intended for rest, to worship Him and fellowship with one another.Find hope, respect, forgiveness and rest despite the stress and challenges of this world. Tune in to another episode of 'Chasing Hope' with Katherine Abraham.
Who is your hero?Heroes help us become a better version of the person we want to be. In the Bible, God speaks to us through the lives of many true heroes. These accounts set us examples to follow in our lives today.Tune in to ‘Chasing Hope’ with Katherine Abraham and Pastor Sam Neves.
Are you the hero of your fairytale-like story? Every person has different stories to tell. We all yearn to have a happy ending to our story. Find out more here (link). Learn about what stories and real-life may have in common.
With our busy schedules or even when we are all alone, do we still remember to find time to spend with God?Listen to the latest episode of ‘Chasing Hope’. Let's learn about making time to connect with God despite our busy schedules or personal dilemmas.
Most of us have a problem with putting off the things we should do. Sometimes this leads to a chaotic schedule. Procrastination has a negative effect, so why do it? Join us to catch the latest episode of ‘Chasing Hope.’ Let’s talk about ways to combat procrastination.
Have you ever wondered which is God’s holy day? People argue over which day it is—Saturday or Sunday? Let’s discuss together the truth about what history says about the Sabbath. Join me in this new episode of ‘Chasing Hope’.
Too busy to take a break?We are living in a non-stop world. We are too busy working to earn more money, fame and pleasure. We do not have time to rest.What does the Bible say about rest? Does God also rest?Yes, even God rests. He set aside a day to rest and He also asks us to stop and reflect. According to scripture, “Remember the Sabbath day by keeping it holy. Six days you shall labour and do all your work, but the seventh day is a Sabbath to the Lord your God.” Resting on the Sabbath day is part of God’s law.Tune in to learn more about this interesting topic in another episode of ‘Chasing Hope’ with Katherine Abraham. Find out which is the special day that God sanctified, in order for us to rest and meet with our Creator.
Being vulnerable has been identified as a weakness these days; however, recent studies show that a person's vulnerability opens the door to honesty and leads to healthier relationships. How true is this? Can this so-called weakness cultivate love? Catch the latest episode of ‘Chasing Hope’ through ( Let's talk about vulnerability.
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