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Author: Kat Molesworth

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The Blogtacular Podcast: Creativity, The Internet & Everything.

Unpacking the inspiration, fails and success of some of the biggest creators working online. From art to insta and everything in between, Blogtacular explores it all in interviews and advice from host Kat Molesworth.
55 Episodes
This is a live podcast recording brought to you in partnership with our sponsors Pinterest. The show is in two halves, firstly Kat is joined by Pat McNulty, freelance Editor and Content Consultant and the woman behind's winning Pinterest content. She has a knack for creating social media content which strikes a cord with her audience. Their interview is followed by a panel with supreme bloggers, Medina Grillo of Grillo Designs, Samira Kazan of AlphaFoodie and Jenny Kakoudakis of Seasons in Colour who discuss how to succeed on Pinterest, their top tips and how to use the new Story Pins feature. Full show notes at: Enter the Pinterest UK Awards 2019:
It's the 50th EPISODE! To celebrate in style I have an extra long chat with the one and only Mini Moderns aka Keith Stephenson & Mark Hampshire. Their iconic wallpaper patterns grace walls the world over.  We chat about their careers, inspirational teachers, making mischief at work, how to design a scent like a pattern and much much more. Our Pinterest recording has happened! Listen out for it in a future episode. Show notes at
Some say the best time to start is now and figure out the details later but for Tabara nailing her branding and business plan has laid the foundations for a successful company launch. In this episode I talk to Tabara N'Diaye about her company, La Basketry, and debut book: Baskets out now. Full Show Notes & Links:
Tiffany Han is a life coach who teaches smart, driven women how to raise their hands and say yes to all the things they want to do, be, and say without compromising their standards—or their sanity. Full Show Notes & Links:
Keith Brymer Jones is a born and bred Londoner and a potter by trade. You may know him from The Great Pottery Throw Down or from his hilarious YouTube spoofs. Keith's career spans four decades and in this interview we discuss his roots and how he has adapted to a changing retail climate to maintain a successful business.   Full Show Notes & Links:
Stephanie Yeboah is a freelance writer, public speaker, fat acceptance advocate and a multi-award nominated plus size fashion blogger. In this episode we discuss how Stephanie's blog and career developed as well as online activism. Full Show Notes & Links:
Nik is a passionate voice speaking against the practice of influencer fraud and in favour of high standards in the industry. In this podcast we discuss what to get in writing when you're working on a campaign, advertising and fraud and why brands need to allow creators to create. Full Show Notes & Links:
Starting out as a freelance illustrator, Emma Block found herself in more than one situation where she wasn't being paid. We discuss Emma's creative career, what to look out for as a creative business owner as well as Emma's first book The Joy of Watercolour. Full Show Notes & Links:
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Standing out online can seem like an impossible task. Is there a single original idea left? Kat takes you through seven ways to hone your content and to stand out online in this chatty Kat solo episode. Full Show Notes & Links: Tickets on sale NOW: 
Jess Sims and Kate Baxter have worked both sides of the brand / blogger relationship over the years.  As freelance PRs they decided to create something to address the public airing of relationships gone wrong. Hear how to create valuable, authentic campaigns and how they're aiming to change the industry. Full Show Notes & Links: Tickets on sale NOW: 
Meera Shah is the Social Media Manager for IKEA UK and IE, handling social strategy, content and execution. We discuss how the IKEA philosophy guides their work and ensures that influencer partnerships are meaningful and well thought-out. Full Show Notes & Links: Tickets on sale NOW: 
Catherine Price is a science journalist whose curiosity takes her on some interesting journeys. When she decided to use her phone less it sparked an interest in the relationship we all have with our addictive and ever-present smart phones. Rather than go cold turkey Catherine's new book helps you regain control and build a more healthy relationship with your phone.   Full Show Notes & Links: Tickets on sale NOW: 
Jo is a food photographer and Creating for Good founder known as Candids by Jo online.  We discuss the tension between audience demands and creativity, cinemagraphs, new motherhood and using creativity to benefit charity. Full Show Notes & Links: Tickets on sale NOW: 
Lauren Mahon didn't expect to get breast cancer, she was young, had no family history and didn't have more than a nod to boobs. Since being diagnosed in 2016, she has fought and beaten breast cancer, written her way through the darkest hours and set up a brand  GIRLvsCANCER, which supports small cancer charities working with people like Lauren. In her words, it was probably a blessing in a really ugly disguise. In this episode we discuss the highs and lows of going through treatment, how Lauren's Tit Tees have impacted her life and what comes next. Full Show Notes & Links: Tickets on sale NOW: 
The ASA and CAP provide advice to advertisers and publishers in the UK.  As influencers and business owners we have a responsibility to ensure that all of our posts are transparent where a commercial relationship exists. In this episode with Emma Smith, CAP Copy Advice Manager  we cover what you need to do to stay compliant and answer your questions. Full Show Notes & Links: Tickets on sale NOW: 
Tilly Walnes grew her blog from her exploits learning to sew her own clothes into an award winning pattern house. In this episode we discuss growth strategies, book deals, being on the telly and the steps Tilly took to scale her operations from sofa to staff! Tilly's second book, Stretch, is out now! Full Show Notes & Links: Tickets on sale NOW: 
Not many people would see the creativity in police work but Clare Mackintosh saw the link between factually gathering and reporting information on crimes as a form of storytelling. In this episode we discuss Clare's route from a successful police career through blogging, freelance journalism and eventually to Sunday Times Bestselling author. She is the author of I Let You Go, I See You and her latest novel, Let Me Lie, is released today. Full Show Notes & Links: Tickets: 
Marketing can seem like a daunting activity cooked up by people in sleek suits but it doesn't have to be that way.  In this episode Kayte Ferris shares simple ways to reframe marketing and do it in a way which doesn't make you feel icky. Full Show Notes & Links: Tickets: 
Everyone loves to say people weren't making money online in the early days, yet Natalie has been making a full time living online for a decade. We discuss business models, expectations and more in part two of our chatty podcast. Full Show Notes & Links: Tickets: