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1234 Rock'n'Roll radio • Vinyl only
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1234 Rock'n'Roll radio • Vinyl only

Author: One two three four On-air

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Finalmente anche su Spreaker la nuova stagione di One Two Three Four!
Trasmesso in mondovisione, in diretta da Torino, Italy, in onda su Radio Banda Larga.
Tutti i martedì in diretta dalle 18 alle 19 su e ora anche su Spreaker!
26 Episodes
Crunchy 45rpm selection of Rhythm&Blues jams starting from mid fifties to mid sixties. Raffo behind the microphone and turntable, tonight's choice featuring Louis Jordan, LaVern Baker, Ruth Brown, Little Walter, Freddy King, Connie Christmas and many others.Please visit our website
Nuova puntata dedicata alle sonorità vicine al country-rockabilly, oltre ad alcuni brani più tipicamente R&B per sessanta minuti di relax con il sound unico dei veri dischi.
Some of my vinyl collection blues favorites with a bit of r&b and rock and roll sound all around.Get your kicks and enjoy your next sixty minutes with good company and your favorite drink!
New hot episode!With Raffo the Twist and his hot wax from the Fifties and
New hot episode! With Raffo the Twist and his hot wax from the Fifties and Sixties. Follow us on
One Two Three Four! Vinyl Only • Weekly R&B Rock'n'roll Rockabilly LIVENew hot episode with Raffo the Twist with a hot selection of 45 rpm vinyl records from the Fifties and Sixties. Follow us on
New hot episode with Raffo the Twist with a bunch of vinyl records from the Fifties and Sixties. Follow us on
New hot episode with Raffo "the Twist" spinning old crunchy records from the fifties and sixties...Saxophone, piano, drums and lovely voices that shaped the story of modern music!More on
New hot episode with Raffo the Twist and Houserockin' Chris joining their best vinyl records from the Fifties and Sixties. Follow us on
Sixty minutes of rockabilly and rhythm and blues from the fifties, with your beloved DJs Raffo the Twist and Houserockin' Chris' selection of hits and gems!
Must-hear episode with the return of the odd couple! Houserockin' Chris joins back to Raffo the Twist for 60 minutes of flames and fire on the turntable.Shirley and Lee, Boyd Bennett, Chuck Miller and many other heroes on this 45rpm vinyl only podcast!
Another bunch of rockin' vinyl records for your pleasure! Raffo the Twist brings you zixty minutes of gooooood vibrations at 45 rpm!!
Otis Williams, Eugene Church, Bobby Day, Johnny Otis, The Hot Toddy’s, Paul Evans, Carl Perkins, Big Maybelle, BB King and many others on 45rpm vinyl only records.
A bunch of 7" records for 30 minutes of the best white artists and 30 minutes of best black artists that shaped the music of the fifties and sixties Rock'n'Roll and Rhythm&Blues.
New year's rockets on the turntable for the first broadcst of 2021.Raffo The Twist and Houserockin' Chris selection of 50s rock'n'roll, rockabilly and rhythm&blues for your party time
Last show of 2020, with a super cool selection of blues, rock'n'roll, r&b at 45rpm. Chess Records, Imperial, Gone, Aladdin, Cobra, Coral, London, Cameo, Sun, and more.Raffo "the Twist" on the mike and turntable.
This is not a Christmas Show! Raffo "the Twist" and Dj Houserockin' Chris today spinning some "new" hot 45rpm records as every Tuesday. Follow us on Facebook and visit our website!
After the lockdown spearation, Raffo and Chris come back together on the microphone and turntable to spin 60 minute of burning Rock'n'roll and Rhythm & Blues from old 45 rpm records.Please visit
Only true vinyl records from the 50s and 60s! R&B and Rock'n'roll for your party time!Selection by Raffaello Allemanini, Torino, Italy
The best Rock'n'Roll and Rhythm and Blues from the 50s and 60s vinyl records!Visit our website for more rock'n'roll!
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