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Leadership Canvas: Mastering Personal & Organizational Excellence
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Leadership Canvas: Mastering Personal & Organizational Excellence

Author: Jay Graves

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Hosted by Jay Graves and Terry Vaughan, two experienced speakers, and consultants, Leadership Canvas: Mastering Personal & Organizational Excellence is dedicated to exploring the art and science of fostering excellence within organizations. We believe that greatness is not a destination but a journey; in this podcast, we embark on that journey together.


We uncover the essential elements that contribute to organizational excellence through insightful interviews, engaging discussions, and expert insights. From effective leadership strategies and nurturing a positive workplace culture to embracing innovation and adaptability, we leave no stone unturned in our quest for greatness.


Tune in to Leadership Canvas: Mastering Personal & Organizational Excellence, and let's embark on a transformative journey together!

16 Episodes
In this episode, we delve into the innovative world of artificial intelligence and its role in combating unconscious bias in the hiring process. Our guest, Shiran Danoch, Founder of Informed Decisions and an expert in AI-driven recruitment solutions, shares insights on how advanced algorithms can help ensure fair and unbiased hiring decisions. We discuss the mechanics of AI in screening candidates, how to incorporate human judgment with AI to win the best of both worlds, ethical consideration...
Employee onboarding is a crucial process for new hires and organizations and critical for developing high-impact organizations. In this episode, Jennifer Murray of Onboard Solutions LLC delves into the significance of effective onboarding, highlighting its impact on employee retention, engagement, and overall productivity. Check out this episode to learn best practices and tips for effective employee onboarding!
Talking  D.I.R.T.

Talking D.I.R.T.


In our society, incidents of shootings and assaults have sadly become all too common. But in this episode, we're going to dive into a story that hits close to home. Terry's daughter was on campus at UNC when an active shooter alert message sent shockwaves through her world. She and several classmates found themselves barricaded for hours in a bathroom. And just last year, my own daughter was hiding in the back of a store when an active shooter event unfolded at a local mall. Thankfully, both ...
In this episode, Terry and Jay discuss various themes covering nonverbal communication, the importance of interpersonal skills, leadership, and much more!
Mental Health Awareness Month plays a crucial role in promoting awareness, education, and support for mental health. It is important to recognize the impact that mental health disorders can have on people's lives and to prioritize mental health just as we do our physical health. In this episode, Amal Hussain discusses the importance of mental health and how we can normalize and support "mental health as health".
Women leaders often face unique challenges throughout their careers. In this episode, we chat with Lisa Huse, who shares her dynamic journey and advice as a successful corporate leader, mother, wife, and people advocate.
Building allies in the journey of social equity is important, but having accomplices is key! In this episode of our Diversity Breakthrough Series, Tamara shares several initiatives and philosophies that take us beyond allyship and words to powerful action.
The rise of hate crimes toward the AAPI community is on the rise. Unfortunately, not just here in the US. In this episode, we hear from my Canadian friend and colleague, Elena Chouw, Director of Planning and Insights at CDM. Elena shares her personal experiences with prejudice and how we can work together to address racism toward the AAPI community and beyond.
As the number of hate crimes toward the AAPI community increase, I wanted to have unfiltered and candid conversations with friends of mine from the community as a way to learn, share, and grow. In this episode, I interview my friend Leah, a Chinese American Veteran, as she shares her experiences and views on the current situation with the AAPI community.
Dynamic conversation with Mary Fairchild, Global Director of Diversity and Inclusion at F5, where we discuss several topics ranging from partnering with employee resource groups for leadership development to understanding and embracing your strengths to be your authentic self.
As the Founder of Paint Her in Color, we discuss Laura's inspiring story of a life-changing event that started a journey from Corporate America to patient advocate for parents of children with special needs. Paint Her in Color is now an international destination for parents to find resources, support, and hope....and she is just getting started.
An exciting and informative discussion with Christine Ramsay, Global Senior Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Engagement Leader at Jazz Pharmaceuticals and Founder of Ignite Inclusion about leveraging the strengths of neurodiversity.
Jamie Pickett, VP of Manufacturing Excellence for Integrated Mission Systems at L3 Harris discusses the importance of psychological safety and the impact on corporate culture and innovation.
Guillermo Gutierrez discusses his global travels and fascinating journey to becoming a champion of inclusion and diversity.
Communication is one of the cornerstones of organizational excellence. In this episode, Ann explains that through active listening and psychological safety, leaders can ensure they are providing a climate where employees from all backgrounds can speak up and share innovative ideas.