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Author: Kathy Gleason, Stephanie Kendrick - CoHosts

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It’s time for grief to come out of the basement, or wherever we have stuffed it to avoid talking about it. When you suffer a loss you need support, comfort, and a safe place to heal. What you are experiencing is painful but normal, unique but similar, surreal but very, very real. As grief advocates we understand and want to provide support, knowledge and comfort as you continue to live and grieve. Host, Kathy Gleason; Producer, Stephanie Kendrick.
22 Episodes
Summary:When you lose your life partner to death, the devastation seems endless. If they were ill for a period of time, you may have been their caregiver, their advocate, their entire world - sacrificing yourself bit by bit without realizing it. Such was Marie's experience, which became her reason to become a Grief Coach. Listen to her story and how she helps others whose lives run parallel to her own.Episode Notes:As you start to heal, reality strikes a blow and you may not even know who you are anymore. Your life as previously known is no longer there. Your calendar is empty, as is your address book. You must redefine yourself. If you feel you need help or support, it might be that the best person to help is another who has walked that same journey. Marie is a Grief Coach and End-of-Life Specialist who walks the path of healing with women who have suffered a profound loss. She specializes in creating brave spaces for women to be seen, heard and witnessed in the fullness of their experience of loss. Her approach is based on the assumption that you are the expert of your own grief and my work focuses on guiding you back home to yourself so that you can find meaning in your life in the “after”. Having lost her partner to cancer, her guidance and coaching comes from both education and personal experience which allows her to deeply relate to her client’s experience of grief and loss. She is the founder of Empowered Through Grief, a coaching practice and community that provides a safe space for healing and post-traumatic growth for women grieving all types of loss.Contact:Website:  https://asiliveandgrieve.comEmail:  info@asiliveandgrieve.comFacebook:  As I Live and GrieveInstagram:  @asiliveandgrieveTo Contact Marie:Website:  www.empoweredthroughgrief.comEmail:  empoweredthroughlife@gmail.comInstagram: /empoweredthroughgriefCredits: Music by Kevin MacLeod
Summary:Jason Dyke started his grief journey traumatically when his 11-year old son died from suicide. He saw the differences in the impact of grief on his wife and other two sons, but when his "bus family" stepped in to help, their support made a tremendous difference for Jason. Carson's Village is a legacy to Jason's son and serves those families devastated by a sudden loss. Jason shares with us today and this is an episode to not miss.Episode Notes:In June 2017, Jason Dyke founded Carson's Village, a first-of-its-kind nonprofit organization that provides free support and resources to families who have experienced the sudden loss of a loved one.  After the loss of his son, Jason realized that there is not an organization in the United States that is dedicated to supporting families from passing to the funeral and then through the first year after a loss to ensure healthy grieving.  Carson's Village was created to fill that gap and to address the stress and challenge of that period of time. As of March 1, 2021, Carson’s Village has helped nearly  800 families and was named the Organization of the Year (small) by DCEO.  In addition, Carson’s Village was selected by the United Way of Metropolitan Dallas to be in the 2020 cohort of the Social Innovation Accelerator program.  Jason holds both a bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering as well as a Masters of Business Administration from Texas A&M University. He works as a Business Development Manager on AT&T’s connected car team.  In the past, he has owned and operated two restaurants in the Austin area as well as an auto repair shop in north Dallas.  Jason serves as a board member on the Coppell Education Foundation.  His wife, April, is a diagnostician at Coppell Middle School North and together they have two sons, Alex who is freshman at Texas Tech University and Ryan who is a senior at Coppell high school.Contact:Website:  https://asiliveandgrieve.comEmail:  info@asiliveandgrieve.comFacebook:  As I Live and GrieveInstagram:  @asiliveandgrieveTo Contact Jason or Carson's Village:Website:  www.carsonsvillage.orgEmail: help@carsonsvillage.orgFacebook: Carson's Village Credits: Music by Kevin MacLeod
Summary:Dealing with the death of a loved one is tough, but having to explain that death to a child is sometimes traumatic for both the adult and the child. Join us today as Kendall Lanning introduces her book, The Fox and the Feather, a children's book for the grieving heart.Episode Notes: Fox and Cardinal are best friends. One day the Cardinal explains that he, “is sick and dying.” Although, the Fox is sad and crying, the Cardinal reminds him to look for signs.  Kendall is both the author and illustrator of this book that shows a child how to remember and remain connected to that person who is no longer here. The book includes resources such as developmental stages of grief to guide your discussion and directs to her website that has activities that accompany the story.Kendall Lanning is a Certified Child Life Specialist, Certified Yoga Instructor, Energy Worker, Artist and Author/Illustrator. She finds her creative outlet through painting and artistic expression. She was intuitively guided to write and illustrate a children's book that will help children cope with death and grief. With an integration of her gifts, she listened to her calling to create The Fox and the Feather. The intention of this book is to enhance conversations of remembrance, in the hopes to give peace to the grieving heart in knowing that their loved one is still with them. Kendall is currently working on several children's books that open conversations to address difficult topics, while strengthen emotional and spiritual intelligence. She also facilities individualized therapeutic sessions though many unique healing modalities. Contact:Website:  https://asiliveandgrieve.comEmail:  info@asiliveandgrieve.comFacebook:  As I Live and GrieveInstagram:  @asiliveandgrieveWebsite:  www.padmalight.comEmail: kendall.lanning@padmalight.comInstagram: @padma.light Facebook: Padma Light Credits: Music by Kevin MacLeod
Anxiety is the focus of our discussion today with guest Claire Bidwell Smith, author of Anxiety: The Missing Stage of Grief. We can understand anxiety easily in that initial phase of grief with the myriad of activities, tasks and the bustle of visitors, cards and calls. However, anxiety can remain and can also have a more troublesome impact further along in your grief. Claire helps us understand how anxiety plays a part in our grief and how we can allay the effects of this anxiety.Claire Bidwell Smith is a therapist specializing in grief and the author of three books of nonfiction: The Rules of Inheritance, After This: When Life is Over Where Do We Go? and Anxiety: The Missing Stage of Grief. Claire offers numerous online programs for grief in addition to working with people one-on-one. Led by her own experiences with grief, and fueled by her work in hospice and private practice, Claire strives to provide support for all kinds of people experiencing all kinds of grief. In addition to having given dozens of talks on grief, Claire has written for and been featured in many publications including The New York Times, The Atlantic, The Washington Post, Scientific American, The LA Times, MSNBC, The Chicago Tribune, Goop, Oprah Magazine, and Psychology Today. She deeply loves her work and is devoted to expanding the conversation about grief and loss. Contact:Website:  https://asiliveandgrieve.comEmail:  info@asiliveandgrieve.comFacebook:  As I Live and GrieveInstagram:  @asiliveandgrieveTo reach Claire:Website:  www.clairebidwellsmith.comInstagram: @clairebidwellsmithFacebook : @clairebidwellsmithTwitter: @clairebidwellsmithCredits: Music by Kevin MacLeod 
Summary:Our guest is Amanda Ferrat, founder of Value Yourself Counseling, returns to offer insight into the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Tapping. This technique is frequently recommended by therapists to help grievers find stabilization and focus, especially during the intense emotions of initial grief.  Episode Notes: Today Amanda guides us through a sample of the EFT Tapping. This simple technique combines affirmations with light touch on acupressure points and is most effective when taught by and followed by a Certified EFT practitioner, such as Amanda. Stephanie and I immediately understood how it could be useful for anxiety and other instances, and with guidance from Amanda learned how to accomplish the technique discreetly so it could be helpful even when in public. Thanks for listening! Contact: Website: Email:  info@asiliveandgrieve.comFacebook:  As I Live and Grieve Instagram:  @asiliveandgrieve To reach Amanda: Application for Coaching: Email: Instagram Handle: @valueyourselfcounseling Facebook Business Page: Facebook Group: Music by Kevin MacLeod 
Summary:Our pets, regardless of species, often become very near and dear to us with their unconditional love and soulful eyes. The death of that pet can be devastating to the owner, yet not fully understood by other's who have never experienced a similar loss. Wendy helps us understand disenfranchised grief and also speaks about how children respond to the loss of a pet, which is usually their very first experience with death and grief.Episode Notes:Wendy Andrew is founder and owner of The Scottish Pet Bereavement Counselling Service in Glasgow, Scotland, and the author of How To Recover from Pet Loss: Supporting You on Your Journey to Acceptance. Our discussion covers how disenfranchised grief can be hurtful to someone grieving the loss of a pet and then moves on to children, with suggestions on helping your child deal with this experience.Contact Us: Facebook:  As I Live and Grieve Instagram:  @asiliveandgrieve  Contact Wendy:Website:   www.thescottishpetbereavementcounsellingservice.comFacebook: Twitter: LinkedIn:  Credits: Music by Kevin MacLeod 
Summary:Today we chat with Stevie Fedele, a Certified Life Coach, who helps us understand how partnering with a Life Coach might prove beneficial if you struggle with your grief, even walking us through a brief exercise she frequently uses with her clients. Episode Notes:There are times in our grief that we feel stuck, not moving forward, and even not caring whether we do or not. It is at these times that loved ones might utter the word ‘therapy’ or suggest you get some help. One of our goals is to offer alternatives that might you might not even be aware of in an effort to help you sort out what appeals to you, what you think might help you. Today, Stevie Fedele explains what a Life Coach is and how working with one might be your solution to working through your grief. In Stevie’s own words: ”Family is the most important thing in my life, especially the ones I spend all my time with, my 5 year old daughter, my 8 month old son and my husband. I was raised by the most amazing parents I could ever ask for, one that now lives in heaven and the other that now goes by Papa. I have two older protective sisters that I love very much. My mom was Italian, so my extended family is a huge part of me and I love that about my life. Second to family is my passion to help people! Help them heal, grow and reach their own personal definition of success. This is my work as a life coach, a place where I have never felt more aligned. A place you’ll find me most, outside of my home, is at Breathe yoga, where I teach and practice yoga. This is a major source of my healing, growth and inspiration in life! As I said relationships with people is very high on my list of things I value, and with that said, I have some of the most amazing friendships and a community of beautiful people that support me daily. I live for quotes and one of my favorites is ‘I have found that if you love life, life will love you back.’ I’m learning and practicing how to love life every day, every moment.” Email Stevie to arrange for a FREE 45-minute call to learn more.Contact Us:Website: Email: Facebook:  As I Live and Grieve Instagram:  @asiliveandgrieve  Contact Stevie:  Email:  solcoaching@yahoo.comInstagram:  @Solcoaching27Facebook:  Stevie FedeleCredits: Music by Kevin MacLeod   
Writing Through Grief

Writing Through Grief


Summary:Author Beth Castrodale shares how her grief actually interrupted progress on her novel and what she did to move past this. She offers suggestions for how you might benefit from putting thoughts and feelings in words and writing them down, even if you think you can't write.Episode Notes:Writing can often be cathartic and is frequently suggested by therapists, as well as in bereavement groups. There are additional advantages to writing as sometimes these memories can be shared with other members of the family, even generations later. Whether it is in a journal or a computer-generated document, putting your thoughts on paper may well help you free them and allow you to continue on your grief journey.Beth Castrodale worked as a newspaper reporter until her love of books led her to the publishing field. She was a senior editor at Bedford/St. Martin’s and is the founding editor of Small Press Picks. Her short fiction and essays have appeared in numerous publications, including Live Write Thrive, Printer’s Devil Review, the Smoky Blue Literary and Arts Magazine, and Writing and Wellness, which featured her article “How to Write Your Way Through Loss and Grief.” Her debut novel, Marion Hatley, was a finalist for a Nilsen Prize for a First Novel from Southeast Missouri State University Press, and an excerpt from her second novel, In This Ground, was a shortlist finalist for a William Faulkner – William Wisdom Creative Writing Award. Her latest novel, I Mean You No Harm, is forthcoming from Imbrifex Books.If you sign up for Beth’s email newsletter, you’ll get a free copy of her novel Gold River. To Contact Beth:Website: www.bethcastrodale.comEmail: bcastrodale@gmail.comContact Us: Facebook:  As I Live and Grieve Instagram:  @asiliveandgrieve 
Summary: We are delighted today to learn about Rocky, a goldendoodle who serves at Bartolomeo & Perotto Funeral Home in Rochester, NY. Rocky charmed his owner, Mike Perotto, into speaking with us and we invite you to listen in. Episode Notes:Dogs have an incredible way of breaking through those invisible barriers that hold people back when it comes to comforting those in pain. Much training was involved, but Rocky is often the first to identify the griever most in need of comfort and, will even accompany a reluctant child to the kneeler and assume a prayerful position. Listen to Mike Perotto’s recollections of Rocky’s successes and the immeasurable comfort a therapy dog can offer the bereaved.RockyRocky was born June 2015 and resides in Greece (suburb of Rochester, NY) with his “father” Mike, and “brothers” Michael & Jon. At home he enjoys playing tug of war and watching the critters in the back yard, though he is not a squirrel fan. He loves to sit on the lap of anyone who thinks they are going to watch TV and actually watches the TV himself. Like other dogs, he enjoys playing fetch and is always under foot. Rocky’s goal at work everyday is simple. He enjoys bringing comfort to those who have lost a loved one. He has quickly become the most popular member of the Bartolomeo & Perotto team. He has been “working” at the funeral home since 2016 and is more well known than any other staff member. Michael Perotto, President, Funeral Director since 1988Mike attended Canton College for Mortuary Science. After completing his residency he earned his funeral director’s license. Since then, he’s been growing the business with his dad, Phil, and brother, David. A large part of his commitment to improving funeral care is being involved in industry-related organizations. He has previously served as president of both the Preferred Funeral Directors International (PDFI) and the local Rochester Genesee Valley Funeral Directors Association. Mike is currently serving as a board member for the Greece Rotary. Mike has enjoyed watching his own sons, Michael and Jon grow into young men who are now creating their own distinct futures. Mike’s third “son,” Rocky is the family’s faithful companion. Aside from keeping lacrosse stats on the sidelines of his son’s games over the years, Mike is true outdoorsman who loves to hunt, hike, fish, or just sit around a campfire with friends. When he gets some spare time, he likes cooking and perfecting timing and flavors with his food smoker. “It is our commitment to the Bartolomeo legacy, reaching back to 1922, that motivates us to continue to grow and improve.”  Contact: Facebook:  As I Live and Grieve Instagram:  @asiliveandgrieve  To Reach Mike Perotto: Website:   Email:  Credits: Music by Kevin MacLeod  
Summary:Join us as Dr. Jackie Black returns, this time to help us understand how guilt impacts our grieving process. Guilt and shame are not the same - did you know that?Episode Notes:We discuss in detail how guilt and shame differ and how to change your mindset to be able to dissolve that guilt you feel. As we shed light on these terms, we ourselves heal along with you.Dr. Jackie Black helps rekindle relationships with loving, amazing but crazy, busy small business owners so they are lovers again. Also for the last 30 years, Dr. Jackie has been actively supporting grieving partners and family members in the cancer community and the Alzheimer community, and was on the frontline of the AIDS Pandemic serving men who were ill, and the partners, family members and medical teams of those who died. Dr. Jackie also serves couples when one partner is living with life-threatening or chronic illness. As the founder of, she currently helps clients in 8 time zones, has delivered her monthly relationship Tip Sheet to men and women in 38 countries, and has been featured on hundreds of radio shows and podcasts around the world. Contact:www.asiliveandgrieve.cominfo@asiliveandgrieve.comFacebook: As I Live and GrieveInstagram: @asiliveandgrieveTwitter: @liveandgrieveTo Reach Dr. Jackie Black:www.DrJackieBlack.comCredits:Music by Kevin MacLeod
Bestselling author Hope Edelman discusses her latest book, The AfterGrief, Finding Your Way Along the Long Arc of Loss (pub. Oct. 2020) so we might better understand how grief impacts our lives even years beyond the death of a loved one.Episode Notes:We are becoming more accepting now that grief could feasibly last for the rest of our lives. Hope Edelman offers insight how our grief might change as time passes and how occasional upsurges can occur.HOPE EDELMAN has been writing, speaking, and leading workshops and retreats in the bereavement field for more than 25 years. She was 17 when she lost her mother to breast cancer and 40 when her father died, events that inspired her to offer grief education and support to those who cannot otherwise receive it.Her first book, Motherless Daughters, was a #1 New York Times bestseller and appeared on multiple bestseller lists worldwide. Her work has been translated into 14 languages and published in 11 countries. Hope is the author of seven additional nonfiction books, including Motherless Mothers and the memoir The Possibility of Everything. She was the recipient of the 2020 Community Educator Award from the Association for Death Education and Counseling and has won a Pushcart Prize for her creative nonfiction.In addition to writing and speaking, she is a certified Martha Beck Life Coach and also leads nonfiction workshops to help writers tell, revisit, and revise their stories of loss. Hope lives and works in Los Angeles and Iowa City.Contact Facebook:  As I Live and Grieve Instagram:  @asiliveandgrieve To Contact
Hospice and Grief

Hospice and Grief


Summary: Marjorie Smith, LCSW, visits with us today to tell us about Hospice and how this program supports both the terminally ill patient and the family. Episode Notes:After a brief history of Hospice, we learn the various components of this end of life care program and can better understand how it can impact grief by preparing family and supporting them after the death of their loved one. Hospice incorporates holistic practices and a diverse care team to provide dignity and better quality of life in the last months of life.Marj graduated from Roberts Wesleyan College with a Bachelor’s Degree in Organizational Management and returned to Roberts to complete her Masters of Social Work.  While working in mental health as a therapist, she experienced Hospice as a family member when her father died with Hospice support.  This experience fueled her desire to work with the dying.  She transitioned to Hospice Social Work in 2010, where her role concentrated on supporting terminally ill patients as they navigated the last stage of their lives.  She was drawn to Hospice because of the focus on dignity and comfort of the whole person: mind, body, and spirit.  In 2019, she accepted the position of Executive Director of Aurora House Comfort Care Home in Spencerport, NY, a two bed Hospice House.  In her spare time, Marj also officiates wedding ceremonies as an ordained Minister.   Contact: Facebook:  As I Live and Grieve Instagram:  @asiliveandgrieve To Reach Marj Smith : Website:  Aurora House of Western Monroe County  Email: Phone :  585-617-4863Facebook:  Aurora House (a Hospice House) Credits: Music by Kevin MacLeod 
Summary:Today’s chat is with The Feelings Guy™, Archie Messersmith-Bunting, who helps us understand that everyone grieves and that grief is the reaction to a loss, whether related to the death of a loved one or to the death of our dreams. Episode Notes:COVID has impacted everyone. We have lost our routines and most of our social enjoyment, though we have adapted as necessary to restrictions. Still, when someone asks how we are, “fine” is the popular response. We are not “fine.” We are grieving. This episode contains numerous nuggets that will help you understand how grief affects each of us. Yet in this conversation, we comfortably discuss grief and even laugh. You will, too. Using dynamism and authenticity, Archie champions mental health awareness worldwide at corporations and universities. He challenges people to rethink complicated and emotional topics like depression, suicide, alcohol and drug addiction. Through his company ArchieCares, LLC, he aims to reframe the narrative surrounding mental illness and addiction by facilitating honest and vulnerable conversations. He has provided leadership, mental health and alcohol & drug prevention education at corporations like Solenis and The Job Sauce, and college campuses including Clemson University, Iowa State University and The University of Southern California. Archie reaches individuals personally as he openly and honestly shares his own struggle with addiction and clinical depression. He weaves research of top therapists and addiction specialists into his storytelling, allowing audiences to understand the potential for loss and pain. Whether it's a conversation with corporate employees about mental health in the workplace or a student workshop on resilience, Archie delivers a vibrant mix of life lessons. Contact: Facebook:  As I Live and Grieve Instagram:  @asiliveandgrieve  To Reach Archie, The Feelings Guy™ : Website:  Email: IG:  @the archstar Credits: Music by Kevin MacLeod 
Summary Our guest today is Melissa Pierce, author of Filled With Gold: A Widow’s Story (written with Christine Fadden).   Episode Notes: Melissa chats about the importance of self-care and advocates being your own best friend while grieving. She believes the brokenness of grieving relates to kintsugi, an ancient practice of repairing cracked vessels with a gold adhesive, thus making them whole again, but also far more beautiful. Melissa was widowed overnight at the age of 44 when her husband Dave didn’t wake up on a cold Saturday morning in 2011. As a solo-parent to their two sons, Melissa knew she had to take care of herself first so she could care for her kids - they needed her support more than ever - so she began the work of processing her deep grief and practicing radical self-care to move forward. Melissa has rebuilt her life and established - for the very first time - a deeper knowledge of herself. She is a testament to trusting her gut and standing behind her choices.      Contact: Facebook:  As I Live and Grieve Instagram:  @asiliveandgrieve  To Reach Melissa:   Credits: Music by Kevin MacLeod 
Grief and Belief

Grief and Belief


Summary:Join us today as we discuss how various beliefs can impact the grief process, especially as plans are being made for funeral or other memorial events. Episode Notes:Belief in God, higher power or non-belief is an individual choice and really makes little difference in our personal grief journeys. However, when people come together immediately after a death to plan a funeral or other event to memorialize or celebrate the deceased, differing individual beliefs can pose a major stressor for all. Rev. Jennifer Green, of Hilton United Methodist Church, chats with us today on this topic and includes some thoughts on creative ways to involve alternative components.Contact: Facebook:  As I Live and Grieve Instagram:  @asiliveandgrieve  To Reach Rev. Green: Website:  Hilton United Methodist Church  Email:  Credits: Music by Kevin MacLeod  
Newborn Grief

Newborn Grief


Summary Today’s episode is Dedicated to Madelyn Elizabeth Webster, daughter of our guest, Crystal Webster. Maddie was in her mama’s arms when she died the very day after her birth. Episode Notes: Grief just sucks. Crystal shares in her straightforward, candid manner the gamut of emotions experienced with the loss of a newborn, as well the reality faced in living ‘childless not by choice.’  Crystal Webster is the founder and Chief Solace Officer of Sharing Solace, author of Confessions of a Griever: Turning a Hot Mess into an Haute Message (Laughable Lessons for When Life Just Sucks), and most importantly she is Maddie’s mama. With Maddie foremost in her mind, she created Sharing Solace, an innovative program to honor and memorialize a loved one while at the same time supporting you in your grief journey. Contact: Facebook:  As I Live and Grieve Instagram:  @asiliveandgrieve  To Reach Crystal Webster: Website:  Email: Facebook:  /SharingSolaceLLCInstagram:  @SharingSolace Credits: Music by Kevin MacLeod 
COVID and Grief

COVID and Grief


Summary Our guest today is Michele Allman, LMSW. Episode Notes: COVID has turned our lives upside down. For those who have lost loved ones, whether from the virus or another source, the restrictions imposed during this pandemic have complicated the grief journey for many. Michele Allman, LMSW, in Rochester, NY, speaks to how the presence of COVID and restrictions have impacted the local grieving community.  Michele Allman, LMSW (Licensed Master Social Worker), is the Bereavement Coordinator for UR Medicine Home Care and Hospice. She has worked in Hospice for the past fourteen years, twelve of them as the Bereavement Coordinator. She facilitates grief support groups and meets with families and individuals on a 1:1 basis to offer support and guidance through the grieving process. In addition, she is the cofounder and director of an annual three-day children’s summer bereavement camp, Camp Heartstrings/Camp Dreams. Michele is a Master Level Social Worker and completed her degree at Syracuse University.      Contact: Facebook:  As I Live and Grieve Instagram:  @asiliveandgrieve    Credits: Music by Kevin MacLeod 
Summary:Our guest today is Dr. Jackie Black who has supported grieving partners and family members as well as those with a terminal diagnosis. Today’s topic will help many better understand what help might be needed after the death of a loved one.Episode Notes:After suffering a loss, Dr. Jackie feels everyone should be encouraged to find a Bereavement Group in which to participate. “It is the only place you don’t feel different than everyone else.” Therapy is indicated, she states, only if there is a clear psychiatric diagnosis. She offers insight into her recommendation, even including suggestions for friends and family to comfortably broach the subject.Jackie Black, Ph.D., BCC, helps rekindle relationships with loving, amazing but crazy, busy small business owners so they are lovers again. Also, for the last 30 years, Dr. Jackie has been actively supporting grieving partners and family members in the cancer community and the Alzheimer community, and was on the frontline of the AIDS Pandemic serving men who were ill, and the partners, family members and medical teams of those who died. Dr. Jackie also serves couples when one partner is living with life-threatening or chronic illness.As the founder of, she currently helps clients in 8 time zones, has delivered her monthly relationship Tip Sheet to men and women in 38 countries, and has been featured on hundreds of radio shows and podcasts around the info@asiliveandgrieve.comFacebook: As I Live and Grieve Instagram: @asiliveandgrieveTwitter: @liveandgrieveTo Reach Dr. Jackie Black:www.DrJackieBlack.comSchedule a complimentary call with Dr. Jackie and explore how she can help. One conversation might change your life forever: www.TalkToDrJackie.comCredits:Music by Kevin MacLeod    
Summary Our guest today is Gary Roe, who shares with us 8 Tips to Handle Holiday Grief.  Episode Notes: Gary Roe itemizes his 8 Tips to Handle Holiday Grief and adds his personal experience to help others contemplate their own situations and feel supported and a bit more in control of this frantic period, now even more stressful with the pandemic.  Gary Roe is the multiple award-winning author of more than a dozen books including Comfort for the Grieving Spouse’s Heart, Shattered: Surviving the Loss of a Child, and Aftermath: Picking Up the Pieces After a Suicide. Gary’s books have won three international book awards and have been named as finalists eight times. He has been featured on Dr. Laura, The Daily Positive, Wellness, BeliefNet, Thrive Global, and other national media. A trusted and compassionate voice in grief recovery, Gary currently serves as a hospice chaplain and grief counselor for Hospice Brazos Valley in central Texas. Known for his engaging style and sense of humor, he is also a popular speaker at a wide variety of venues.  Contact: Facebook:  As I Live and Grieve Instagram:  @asiliveandgrieve  To Reach Gary Roe: Website:  Credits: Music by Kevin MacLeod 
Our guest today is Dr. Bill Webster, Executive Director of the Centre for Grief Journey. Dr. Bill brings us from the traditional stages of grief as offered by Elizabeth Kubler-Ross and another perspective of task-oriented phases by William Worden, to his current thoughts on the grief process, the grief journey. We start with the traditional stages of grief offered by Elizabeth Kubler-Ross and the task-oriented phases described by William Worden. Then we move on to a more easily understood perspective that though there are many emotions, thoughts and feelings as we grieve, it is different for everyone. There is no standard. Grief is not a sickness or a mental disorder. It is a normal reaction to an unwelcome event. Dr. Bill Webster is the founder and executive Director of the Centre for The Grief Journey. Widowed in 1983, Bill struggled to come to terms with his own loss, as well as the task of bringing up his two sons, who were 9 and 7 when their mother died. After graduating from the University of Toronto with his doctorate in 1990, Bill began facilitating grief support programs in numerous communities. Dr Bill also conducts many professional seminars and educational programs on the topics of grief and loss both in North America and in Britain, and has authored numerous books and articles on the subject of grief. Contact: Facebook:  As I Live and Grieve Instagram:  @asiliveandgrieve  To Reach Dr. Bill Webster: Website:  Email: Facebook:  The Grief Journey Twitter:  @DrBillWebster  Credits: Music by Kevin MacLeod 
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