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Our three week series on the Disney Afternoon wraps up with TaleSpin - listen now and you won't have to start your homework until after dinner. PLUS:- The debut of "Not Your Mother's Goons" - our new True Crime series - as we dive deep into the Gingerbread Man- We check in on the other fairy tale characters named Mary, and Mary Mary Quite Contrary plugs her new lawn care business in an ad.- In the news, the Great Pumpkin gets busted bulking up with PEDs, and the family of a concussed monkey sues Serta after a bed-jumping incident.
The Goose is Loose again, as we continue our trip through the Disney Afternoon with Chip and Dale's Rescue Rangers. Plus:* In the news, Pac-Man: The Musical struggles, and Dr. Seuss sets a new email record after hiring Spam-I-Am.* That dude in Daisy, Daisy/A Bicycle Built For Two serves up the worst marriage proposal ever.* A new segment - Newtonian Fairy Tales* If you need humor, but booger jokes are touch too sophisticated, our review of the Three Stooges will be right up your alley.* Rapunzel's Jukebox tackles The Hollies, as "Hey, Carrie Anne" turns into "Hey, Mary's Lamb."
We're back with a good, old-fashioned "regular" episode.* We'll kick off a review of the Disney Afternoon by diving into Scrooge's Money Bin on Duck Tales.* Ali Baba slowly whittles down 40 thieves to 0 (bring a calculator)* In the news: Area Man Done Row-Row-Rowing His Boat, Buys An Outboard* Dr. Seuss moves to the world of financial literacy with the release of Fox In Stocks. * We award our career achievement prize in athletics to Goofy
It's the second half of our Behind the Music special, with more from Andrew Mitchell. Andrew is back to tell the stories behind four more song parodies, plus deliver a brand new song snippet from Trisha Yearwood. PLUS a major announcement!Songs:* "Some Belles Do" ("Some Girls Do" by Sawyer Brown)* "Red Riding Hood" ("Red Rubber Ball" by The Cyrkle)* "Ran Away" ("Runaway" by Del Shannon)* "Meat in the Middle" ("Meet in the Middle" by Diamond Rio)* "She's in Love with the Boy - Frozen Edition" (Trisha Yearwood)
Resident singer/trombonist/kazooist Andrew Mitchell drops by for a two-part episode, looking at all our favorite parody songs from the past year, plus a brand new tune. Get the inside scoop about:- Mary With The Little Lamb (I'm Henry VII, I Am)- Runaround You (Runaround Sue)- Pride Rock, Pride Rock (New York, New York)- Dress Me, Drape Me (Bend Me, Shape Me)- Bad Bad Captain Hook (Bad Bad Leroy Brown)- Mother Goose (Penny Lane)- NEW: Wake Up Sleeping Beauty (Wake Up Little Susie)
It's a true potpourri show, with a little of everything. Such as:- Gilligan's Island- The Hokey Pokey (including its, uh, interesting names in other countries)- Everything you wanted to know about pie (ask LIttle Jack Horner)- Broadway Before-and-After with Star Wars: The Phantom Menace of the Opera- A Fairy Tale Typo worthy of an immature 8th grader- Breaking News, including Old McDonald dominating FarmVille
It's the NYMG Crime Fighting Special, complete with:* Inspector Gadget (featuring a terrible Dr. Claw impression)* Dick Tracy (Inspector Gadget's predecessor, with fashion by Big Bird)* Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, including a debate about whether the original Donatello sculpted with bo staff* News coverage, including Impossible Foods new plant-based Road Runner* Rapunzel's Jukebox: Andrew Mitchell tackles a Diamond Rio hit to bring Little Tommy Tucker to the airwaves
We'll name the winner in the Tournament of Disney Rides presented by World of Walt, as either Rise of the Resistance or Haunted Mansion claim the crown. Then we'll remember the story of Corduroy, and write up our first Fairy Tale Typo, Little Miss Mullet.Plus:* News: Flynn Rider Competes on American Gladiators, and Captain Nemo signs on for Rub-a-Dub-Dub, Three Men In a Sub* Climb the clock with Hickory Dickory Dock (which apparently has a secret verse about a snake?)* Andrew Mitchell is back on Rapunzel's Jukebox, singing our new version of Del Shannon's Runaway Little Miss Muffet and Georgie Porgie.
The Tournament of Disney Rides presented by World of Walt is down to its final two attractions, and we've got all the info. We'll hear from Herb Leibacher from World of Walt (recorded IN Epcot), break down the voting, and preview the finals between Rise of the Resistance and Haunted Mansion. Plus:- Old Mother Hubbard- Twinkle Twinkle Little Star meets Baa Baa Black Sheep meets the ABCs meets ... Mozart?- Movie Before and After(ish): Little Red Robin Hood- The New Sure-Win Forest Fairy Tale Sports Betting Site 
Not Your Mother's Goose is back just in time for Christmas, with Frosty, Rudolph, and a massive update in the Tournament of Disney Rides. We've narrowed the field to the final 16 (VOTE NOW at!), and we've got all the breakdowns and analysis your MagicBand can handle. Plus:* In the news, Peloton Releases It's New In-House Flying Carpet, plus The Beast Is Named Grand Marshal of the Rose Parade (he can bring his own rose)* We'll scamper around Paris with Remy from Ratatouille* Andrew Mitchell is back on Rapunzel's Jukebox, as The Cyrkle's "Red Rubber Ball" turns into "Red Riding Hood"
We introduce the 40-attraction field in our new Tournament of Disney Rides presented by World of Walt, and kick off voting in the Magic Kingdom Bracket. Plus:* Just in time for the Holidays, we'll see how Scrooge McGoose is coping with his visit from Marley.* In the news, Georgie Porgie guests on "Days of Our Lives," and Bugs Bunny launches his telemedicine service, "What's Up Doc?"* Why hire Goldman Sachs when you can get investment help from the fairy tale experts, Gold-In-Sacks?* We'll head to the theater for another movie before-and-after, "Finding Captain Nemo."
We'll do a plumbing project with Mickey Mouse in the Sorcerer's Apprentice, update our homeowners insurance policy with Home Alone, and check the news, where Shere Khan has signed on with the Forest Service as the voice of new fire prevention campaign. We'll also check all of your best Fairy Tale Typos, from "Little Miss Mullet" to "Jack Splat" to "Snow White and the Seven Doors" (featuring Snow's marathon run on Let's Make a Deal). Finally, Andrew Mitchell is back to fire up Rapunzel's Jukebox, bringing us back to the 90's with a Sawyer Brown song revisited as "Some Belles Do."
Head to Matt's General Store, buy some supplies, and head out on the Oregon Trail. (Remember, don't ford the river just because the average depth is 3 feet.) In the news, Scrooge McDuck becomes the latest billionaire headed to space, and London Bridge collapsed on a troll when a jumbo billy goat crosses. Plus Little Miss Muffet, Tom Tom The Piper's Son, and the new crossover movie, "Mulan Rouge!"
Get the full recap of the thrilling final round of the Tournament of Villains. Maleficent and Scar exchanged the lead 10 times and the final margin was just 6 votes (out of nearly 500). We'll also take a look at Tangled and This Little Piggy and have news coverage of the NHL's expansion to Arendelle and Rudolph's new compact fluorescent nose. The Big Bad Wolf has a new home improvement store named "Blowe's," and Andrew Mitchell is back with a new Rapunzel's Jukebox parody, reworking the citizens of Penny Lane into Mother Goose characters.
The NYMG Tournament of Disney Villains has nearly crowned it's Baddest of All-Time, as we've reach our final two: Maleficent vs. Scar. It's bitter sorceress vs. fratricidal lion for all the marbles. Our expert panel will break it down, including analysis from our own "Sir Charles" (who may or may not be four years old). To vote in the finals, visit: Also on this episode:* Take flight with Dumbo to learn about the placebo effect* The Count takes over as host of American Top 40* Iron Chef is back, including new Iron Chef Canned Goods, Chef Boyardee* Movie Before and After: Batman and Robin Hood* EVERYTHING you could possibly want to know about The Muffin Man (a fairly short segment)
Full Episode Segment Summary:- Intro- Villains Voting Results and Announcement of Semis- News (Including Curious George getting arrested for chasing weasels, and the Geico Gecko being hired to replace Gordon Gekko)- Mr. Toad's Wild Ride (i.e. The Wind in the Willows)- Villains Tournament, ahem, "Expert" Panel (including discussion of whether Gaston was hampered by too much fast twitch muscle)- Rapunzel's Jukebox: "Bad Bad Captain Hook" by Andrew Mitchell
The top seeds join the fray as our Tournament of Villains hits the Evil Eight. Then we'll check on Little Tommy Tucker's search for cutlery, mashup "Sleeping Beauty and the Beast" (including terrifying new villain "Malefiston of the Magic Biceps"), learn of David Copperfield's Made-for-TV escape from Rapunzel's Tower, and dial up and Emperor's New Clothes tune on Rapunzel's Jukebox.
Tune in for the first round of our new Tournament of Villains, including tongue-in-cheek analysis from our "expert" panel, then cast your votes for the baddest of the bad. (The first round matchup of #3 seed Captain Hook vs. the Queen of Hearts looks like a barn burner.) We'll also take a look at Peter and the Wolf, learn about Gonzo's win on America's Got Talent, and rev up Rapunzel's Jukebox as Andrew Mitchell puts a Sinatra twist on "Pride Rock, Pride Rock."
We'll slurp up the spaghetti with Lady and the Tramp, investigate Mary Had a Little Lamb with Henry Ford (seriously), and search the eBaby listings where Donald Duck is selling a collection of pants (apparently unused). We'll also try another movie before-and-after with 'A Few Good Men in Tights,' and check in on Humpty Dumpty's new partnership with Aflac.
We'll fight off the summer construction on the Yellow Brick Road to go see the Wizard, check out the world of fairy tale Sheriffs, and check the latest "news" including Dumbo signing to fly in circles at Busch Gardens as a free agent. Andrew Mitchell is back with another Rapunzel's Jukebox song, as Dion meet the Tortoise and the Hare in "Runaround You."
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