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Author: Topher Goggin

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Welcome to Topher Goggin's totally irreverent, mega-sarcastic fairy tale recaps for grown-ups, with laugh out loud "news" stories thrown in for good measure. This is definitely not your mother's goose.
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Not Your Mother's Goose wraps up with a mammoth finale, featuring everything from The Price Is Right to Three Blind Mice, and our most ambitious Rapunzel's Jukebox song ever, American Pie. Don't miss your last chance to:* Come on down with Bob Barker, as we take a snow day from school and watch The Price Is Right* Clean up the leftover nursery rhymes, like Three Blind Mice and Old King Cole* Head to the before-and-after movies to watch The Gingerbread Man-in-Black* Check out the news, where Oscar the Grouch goes green and moves into a recycling bin* Schedule a consult with Dr. Rick from Progressive, here to help fairy tale characters who are becoming their parents.Plus, Andrew Mitchell has officially outdone himself on Rapunzel's Jukebox, back with full fairy tale version of American Pie that you can't miss.
Our next-to-last episode features the return of Andrew Mitchell, back to play all of our hilarious songs from the past years, plus a brand new Herman's Hermits parody, as "Something Good" turns into a Pinocchio tune - "Something Wood."Songs:- Hey Mary's Lamb (Carrie Anne by the Hollies)- Walking to Grandma's (Walking in Memphis by Mark Cohn)- Wonderland (Margaritaville by Jimmy Buffett)- Gals in High Places (Friends in Low Places by Garth Brooks)- Ichabod Crane (Sweet Baby James by James Taylor)- Willy Wonka (Sugar, Sugar by The Archies)- Tom Petty Medley (Tree Fallin', I Don't Know How It Feels, The Dating, Rowin' Down a Stream)- Something Wood (Something Good by Herman's Hermits)
We'll fire up the Mystery Machine with Scooby Doo and chase some ghosts (and/or cranky middle-aged guys in rubber masks), swing on some vines with Tarzan, and give a 2-star rating for hospitality to the folks from "She'll Be Comin' Around the Mountain." Plus we'll check the news, which is sponsored by the Big Bad Wolf's new meal kit service, Hello Flesh, and fire up a new Tom Petty Medley on Rapunzel's Jukebox.
It's time to rid Gotham City of filth with Bruce Wayne, examine the curious songwriting choices of Rock-a-Bye Baby, and get your sheep white as snow with this week's sponsor, Woolbrite.Plus:- Try to help Humpty Dumpty by calling all the King's paramedics- Examine the classroom game 7-Up to learn why I was so bad at it (Answer: I got CHEATED!!)- In the news, Mario pays a record littering fine for dropping banana peels and other objects on highways- In depth analysis of what kind of shoe that Old Woman was living in, including debating if hightops could as two stories
How much can we fit into one show? About this much:* Set sail on the Spinach Seas with Popeye* Do some work on the railroad with Dinah (and 'someone')* Pick a loser with Eeny Meeny Miney Mo* Dump a Wild Draw Four on that loser playing Uno* In the News, Cinderella's Demolition Derby entry ends poorly when the event runs past midnight* Get a drink from our latest sponsor, the new liquor store, "Hogsmeade Hooch"* Rapunzel's Jukebox takes a swing at The Archies* AND the results of the Tournament of Disney Dining!
The Tournament of Disney Dining has been whittled down to the last 8 restaurants - we'll recap the action so far and introduce you to the Plate 8. Also:- See if we can get one of those Housekeeping Zambonis like the Cat in the Hat- In the news, Ursula's selection as the keynote speaker for Career Day raises eyebrows- We'll check out Rogue 101 Dalamatians in a new movie before-and-after- Jump some candlesticks with Jack Be Nimble- Andrew Mitchell is back, this time with a guitar instead of a kazoo, to sing a James Taylor parody on Rapunzel's Jukebox
We're back with our final show of 2022, jam packed with all kinds of fun.* We'll head to Whoville to check in on the Grinch* In the news, Santa gets stuck in Mario's chimney after a poor decision to eat a mushroom* Teach kids to say "You're Welcome" in all circumstances with the new Maui on Manners program* Gastroenterology meets Bug Zappers in "There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly"* We'll announce the field and kick off our Tournament of Disney Dining. Did you favorite restaurant make it in?
It's time to save the Princess with Mario - well, it will be as soon as we take the cartridge out of the Nintendo, blow on it, and put it back in and try again. Go chase down Bowser, and follow it up with:* A ride on the Magic School Bus* An Encylopedia Brown Mystery* In the news: The Tortoise announces his title defense against a sloth in the "Trudge Through the Sludge"* Pride Rock has a hot new reality show to pick a king, it's goodbye Star Search, hello Scar Search* Rapunzel's Jukebox tackles Garth Brooks with a live-version parody* We'll announce the four #1 seeds in our upcoming Tournament of Disney Dining
Not Your Mother's Goose returns to Sesame Street, as we find a random episode online and live tweet it (only to have it turn out to be the show with the big Snuffy reveal!) Also:* Just in time for Thanksgiving, we'll visit Alice's Restaurant in Wonderland.* In the news: We're off to see the Wizard, but slowly, due to construction on the Yellow Brick Road. Plus Rumpelstiltskin fills in with Penn and Teller.* Sponsor: The iStone by Hansel - mobile technology to help avoid getting ditched in the woods by your parents.
From the Old West to the AFC West, this episode has a little of everything. Along the way we'll:* Finish up our PBS afternoon with a visit to Sesame Street.* Take "Songs Written By Otolaryngologists For 200, Ken" - checking out Home on the Range* Block a field goal or two with Lawrence Taylor on Tecmo Bowl* In the news, Disney can't figure why sales are struggling at the apple stand near the Snow White ride* Just in time for Halloween, the Headless Horseman has opened one of those pop-up costume shops
It's time to flip the channel to PBS (and travel back 30 years or so), as we re-live all your childhood favorites.* Ride the trolley on Mr. Rogers Neighborhood* Take Levar Burton's word for it on Reading Rainbow * Join Mathnet to chase crooks with your abacus on Square One* Chase more crooks (and hope you get the South America map) on Carmen Sandiego Plus a regular dose of news, and sponsorship from your favorite coffin supply store, "Blood, Bath & Beyond"
It's Genie vs. Olaf, as we crown a champ in the Tournament of Disney Sidekicks. Tune in to meet the winner, then stay to:* Spend your morning with Captain Kangaroo, which seems to be what you'd get if you visited your grandpa (who happened be a circus ringmaster with some odd neighbors).* Get some horrible parenting ideas from the writers of Hush, Little Baby* Head to the theater to see our latest mashup, the Book of Dumboba Fett* Check the news, including Mary Poppins and Aladdin collaborating on a flying carpet bag* Drop a quarter in Rapunzel's Jukebox, home of an all-Wonderland version of Margaritaville.
The NYMG Tournament of Disney Sidekicks rolls on. We're reached the Overlooked 8, and have a full update, plus analysis from our typically clueless "expert" panel. Plus:* Reaquaint yourself with Alvin and the Chipmunks, one high note at a time.* News: Disney Hires Ghostbusters to Clean Up Haunted Mansion* Head to the before-and-after(ish) movies with Wookiee of the Year* Review Rumpelstiltskin's Twitter feed, with tweets from everyone from Tarzan to Bingo (...was his name-o)
The Tournnament of Disney Sidekicks gets underway with the announcement of the field. Plus:* It's back to Bedrock with the Flintstones, including a reference to the Grand Poobah.* In the news, Rip Van Winkle gets the nod as new host of the Late Late Show.* The Emperor takes his clothing technology to the assembly line on the Emperor's New Cars (starring Clark Ramsey)* Georgie Porgie gets another look, including some speculation about pudding and pie.* Andrew Mitchell is back with one of his best vocal performances ever on Rapunzel's Jukebox, turning "Walking in Memphis" into " Walking to Grandma's" with Little Red Riding Hood.
Ads Bonanza II

Ads Bonanza II


It's every fake ad we've done (since the last time we did a show like this), complete with the background stories of how the ideas started and how they got recorded. Here are just a few of the favorites you can hear again for the first time:·      Bitecoin – the Big Bad Wolf’s Cryptocurrency·      Head and Shoulders Knees and Toes – Rapunzel’s Dandruff Shampoo that prevents flakes right down to your ankles·      H&R Croc – Captain Hook’s Tax Prep Folks·      Eeyore: The Musical – Including the showstopping hit, “I Think It’s a Bunion”
Our three week series on the Disney Afternoon wraps up with TaleSpin - listen now and you won't have to start your homework until after dinner. PLUS:- The debut of "Not Your Mother's Goons" - our new True Crime series - as we dive deep into the Gingerbread Man- We check in on the other fairy tale characters named Mary, and Mary Mary Quite Contrary plugs her new lawn care business in an ad.- In the news, the Great Pumpkin gets busted bulking up with PEDs, and the family of a concussed monkey sues Serta after a bed-jumping incident.
The Goose is Loose again, as we continue our trip through the Disney Afternoon with Chip and Dale's Rescue Rangers. Plus:* In the news, Pac-Man: The Musical struggles, and Dr. Seuss sets a new email record after hiring Spam-I-Am.* That dude in Daisy, Daisy/A Bicycle Built For Two serves up the worst marriage proposal ever.* A new segment - Newtonian Fairy Tales* If you need humor, but booger jokes are touch too sophisticated, our review of the Three Stooges will be right up your alley.* Rapunzel's Jukebox tackles The Hollies, as "Hey, Carrie Anne" turns into "Hey, Mary's Lamb."
We're back with a good, old-fashioned "regular" episode.* We'll kick off a review of the Disney Afternoon by diving into Scrooge's Money Bin on Duck Tales.* Ali Baba slowly whittles down 40 thieves to 0 (bring a calculator)* In the news: Area Man Done Row-Row-Rowing His Boat, Buys An Outboard* Dr. Seuss moves to the world of financial literacy with the release of Fox In Stocks. * We award our career achievement prize in athletics to Goofy
It's the second half of our Behind the Music special, with more from Andrew Mitchell. Andrew is back to tell the stories behind four more song parodies, plus deliver a brand new song snippet from Trisha Yearwood. PLUS a major announcement!Songs:* "Some Belles Do" ("Some Girls Do" by Sawyer Brown)* "Red Riding Hood" ("Red Rubber Ball" by The Cyrkle)* "Ran Away" ("Runaway" by Del Shannon)* "Meat in the Middle" ("Meet in the Middle" by Diamond Rio)* "She's in Love with the Boy - Frozen Edition" (Trisha Yearwood)
Resident singer/trombonist/kazooist Andrew Mitchell drops by for a two-part episode, looking at all our favorite parody songs from the past year, plus a brand new tune. Get the inside scoop about:- Mary With The Little Lamb (I'm Henry VII, I Am)- Runaround You (Runaround Sue)- Pride Rock, Pride Rock (New York, New York)- Dress Me, Drape Me (Bend Me, Shape Me)- Bad Bad Captain Hook (Bad Bad Leroy Brown)- Mother Goose (Penny Lane)- NEW: Wake Up Sleeping Beauty (Wake Up Little Susie)
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