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A faith-based lifestyle and entertainment podcast focused on inspiring, uplifting, and educating the culture. We keep it real and we have real conversations with your favorite celebrities, entrepreneurs, authors, creatives, and your everyday people. Topics like Self- Love & Care, God, Relationships, Entrepreneurship, Business, Success, The Struggle, you name it! We believe everybody is somebody and we encourage everyone to be their authentic selves. With that being said, we all have original inspiring stories people can relate to and be motivated by, which is why MyWay wants to help the voice of the culture be heard. Tune in and join the conversation. Follow us on social media IG: @MyWayMagazine Email: Website: Twitter: @MyWayMag_WFB
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MyWay Magazine #WFB Rolls Out New “MyWay Spotlight” Cover Featuring Tiny TeTe, An Uprising Female Rapper From Atlanta, GAby Kenya SheatsHello world! Happy New Year! We hope all has been well for you and your family, especially during the unfortunate events that are taking place in today’s reality. Some of us have taken this time to rest and unwind while others have found peace working in their purpose and doing what they love. Tiny Tete for example. She is an emerging female rapper from Atlanta, GA who fell in love with music at a very young age and has recently released a new single titled, “PN” (available on all streaming platforms).Since her and authentic melodies have been rocking, she's been able to develop a captivating brand that exudes confidence, creativity, and character.The single mother is not letting up on her craft but only going harder and working smarter. She plans on doing big things in the new year with the help from her reputable, and genuine management team by the name of Superior Music Company, founded and operated by Kai King out of Philly.When Kai reached out to me about her new artist, I just had to support and see what’s really going on! It’s a MyWayKay Exclusive...So, tell us a little bit about yourself and what it is that you do:Tiny Tete: I’m a female rapper from Atlanta,GA.How long have you been working towards this goal and what is its purpose?Tiny Tete: I have been pursuing rapping professionally for 6 years nowHave you faced any challenges? If so, what were they and how did you overcome?Tiny TeTe: I have faced many challenges. A few of them being the fact that I am a mom. I’ve been told it will be hard to pursue a rap career while being a mother, which I think is bogus because motherhood motivated me more. It didn’t stop no show. I’m also slim and I don’t look like your average female rapper with the big boobs and booty to match. I’m simply my talented unique self. And I hope to inspire other women that look like me to push forward to accomplish their dreams and goals as well.What are some things that keep you motivated?Tiny TeTe: My children and when people doubt me.What are some qualities and characteristics about yourself that make you original & outstanding? Tiny TeTe: Qualities of mine that makes me original is that I am ok with my small frame. I don’t need a doctor to fix what isn’t broken. I’m a genuine soul and I love seeing other people win. I focus on my own bag though and I grind hard to secure what’s for me.Click here to read more: @TinyTeTeOfficialFacebook: @TinyTeTeOfficialTwitter: @IAmTinyTeTeInstagram: @MyWayMagazineWebsite:
Toronto, ON - Author, Kam (Kambiz) Salami looked deep into his soul to access the person he is truly meant to be with learned powers laid out in “The Sleeping Giant.”  The Sleeping Giant” is a book about reaching and understanding the un- tapped wisdom in the depth of our souls through meditation, cosmic understanding and science.  “The Sleeping Giant” will help you access the strengths of who you really are, allowing you to capture the stillness inside that calls, sometimes loudly.  Salami shares experience and research that gives his readers the tools to access and connect with these inner thoughts, but manifesting your destiny comes from a place only you can go.  “The Sleeping Giant” tells that story.   This profoundly personal journey will allow your inner revelation to be seen, heard and utilized.      Kam Salami, was Born in war torn Tehran, Iran, before he and his family fled to Sweden, then Germany & eventually at the age of fourteen immigrating to Toronto.  Always wanting to help and serve, the author joined the Canadian Armed Forces and then the Police force, serving in various roles of criminalinvestigations.  In 2015, following various traumatic incidents and life-threatening close calls, the author began battling severe depression and anxiety.  After seeking assistance from the North American medical community, Salami was given the opportunity to travel and live in a temple in the mountains of NorthernChina, the first north American to be allowed to enter the temple.   The deeply personal discoveries and lessons he shares in “The Sleeping Giant” allowed Salami to come out the other side of his challenges and allowed for the opening of personal channels yet to come.   We all have this ability; we just have to learn how to access it. Purchase “The Sleeping Giant” Follow Kam Salami: INSTAGRAM: @kammylife FACEBOOK: @ kammylife1    
Korstiaan "Kors Vandiver is a filmmaker and educator that hails from Atlanta where he took a serious interest in filmmaking after he served as an apprentice and eventually received some serious mentoring advice from educator and filmmaker Spike Lee. Education was always looming in the background as he came from a family of educators starting with his mother, as well as aunts and an uncle who were all teachers. Before education Kors started Blue Angel Entertainment, his multi-media company then took a leap of faith to Los Angeles where, within less than two months, he got a paid gig to write a script based on the life of singer John Legend. He worked for Starz "Martin Lawrence Presents: 1st Amendment Stand-Up" for a number of seasons before his work in Special Education and later head multi-million dollar funded non-profit afterschool funding for at risk youth. Kors would later write action/drama film, "Run Cholo Run", which screened in the Vice & Folly screening in Park City, Utah in 2012. Since then, Kors has garnered interest from organizations such as Sony/Columbia, Veralux Media & Fox. As a Director, he was nominated for his film "Entropy" in the 2012, 168 Film Festival. His film "LU", starring Nate Parker, was a 168 film finalist with 11 nominations including 'Best Picture', 'Best Director' & 'Best Screenplay', winning 4 awards and was an HBO/BET Urbanworld Official Selection. "LU" also took 1 award in the international One Lens festival and screened at a special Sundance board member event in 2014. As a screenwriter/filmmaker Kors has captured the interest of the agencies such as ICM, CAA, Gersh, WME as well as Leonardo DiCaprio's Appian Way and Anonymous Content. 
Fresh and unprecedented author and filmmaker, A. R. Hilton certainly exemplifies that. He was born in a place many people call a paradox, Mount Vernon New York. It boasts both tree-lined, family-oriented streets as well as the beautifully dilapidated, urban atmosphere that many New York City dwellers are accustomed to. These were the streets that inspired A. R. Hilton to become a writer, author, and expressionist of life's experiences and lessons.In 2008 Hilton's debut novel, THAT LIFE (Prophecy of a Hustler), introduced us to characters that walk a parallel path--a path that Hilton's traveled in his own life--which led him to Federal and State prisons for over 18 years of his adult life. A. R. Hilton sought the direct guidance and motivation of black literary giants such as Ralph Ellison and James Baldwin with his intensely expressive masterpiece.About "Anonymous Killers"Four seasoned killers and one hapless professor are rounded up in one violent swoop and awake in chains to discover they are part of a demented experiment orchestrated by a maniacal, mysterious captor.To decide their fate, they must share the motives behind their crimes as they face the judgment of their peers. The rules are non-negotiable and the outcome is clear: live or die. The moral compass spins frantically as all fight to justify their lives before the final vote is cast.You can view the trailer here: @AR_Hilton @MyWayMagazine @TheWorldOfKenyaWebsite:
King Beli is an emerging new artist with a street-smart rap style, charged-up persona and a string of latest street hits, “Smackdown.” Ready to pull out the big guns and ascend beyond regional recognition, King Beli links up with a trio of Hip Hop beauties and fellow new sensations Renni Rucci (QC) and BWA (Dimepiece) for an undeniable radio smash, titled, “Juice Her Up”.Produced by the platinum North Carolina producer Dee Money. “Juice Her Up” is a female-charged song that motivates the best out of beautiful women worldwide to get to the bag. As Renni and BWA supply the sultry and raunchy female perspective, King Beli drives the concept home with a couple of catchy raps and hooks about upgrading his leading lady with all the designer things that are a woman’s best friend. The new song is easily Beli’s best work yet and the perfect jump-on point for new-found fans. Get familiar with Hip-Hop’s emerging star today. “Juice Her Up” is currently streaming on all DSP.
Demond Coleman, the highly successful businessman who has dedicated his life to creating products and services to assist women with living a healthier lifestyle is launching a state of the art new feminine product line entitled “Essentiables”.  Formerly an inmate at Leavenworth Prison, Coleman served a considerable amount of time, where he developed multiple ideas to improve the lives of women closest to him (his mother, wife, and sister).  For years, he has seen the women closest to him suffer from the side effects of fibroid or a very aggressive menstrual cycle.  In response, he began developing a solution to their problem: Essentiables Premium Sanitary Napkins.•Toxic-free•Chlorine-free•Super absorbent•negative Ions•Nano Silver•Far Infrared Therapy•All Cotton•Superior Comfort•Maximum Absorption•Undetectable•May eliminate or reduce cramping•May eliminate odor•Will reduce the number of times users have to change the pad because it's extra absorbent.•May balance PH•May reduce the days of the cycle•May reduce/eliminate accidents/spillage•Cost effective•Premium, yet affordableColeman’s former company was entitled Nspire Network, which introduced a new brand to his ventures called: “Cherish Premium Sanitary Napkins”, an all-natural 100% cotton feminine brand in May 2017. Coleman launched Cherish, As the Global Director of Sales, Coleman helped generate $1.6 million in sales the first 30 days and $5.6 million in the first year that Cherish was in operation. Coleman successfully sold his shares of the company in 2018. In the last 12 years,  Coleman has been able to help countless families become top earners in business through his coaching and leadership programs. In the Fall of 2020, Coleman is launching Essentiables Premium Sanitary Napkins, a brand that provides all-natural chlorine-free feminine hygiene products that preserve and protect feminine health. He will also be launching his memoir, Street Dreams, in Spring 2021. His passion is to speak on a public platform and help people find their purpose, passion, and execute! 
Candace is best known for her Award-Winning spa parties and her business instructional classes designed to empower millennial business owners. She has written over 30 e-books (for spa professionals) and has been invited to speak on mainstages internationally. A trailblazer in her own right, Holyfield has assisted over 500 spa owners not only launch their salon but create a six-figure income while doing so.  Her work in the industry has not gone unnoticed.  She has graced the stages and pages of some of the most coveted beauty magazines and expos.  She has been the voice for African American spa owners b/c so many have been ignored or muted.  This prompted the development of The Queen Spa Expo and The Black Spa Magazine.   Candace’s next major production is the Black Spa Awards, slated for December 19, 2020 in Atlanta, Ga. Interviewer: Kenya Sheats | MyWayKayInterviewee: Candace Holyfield
Mental health is a touchy subject for most. Since COVID-19 has plagued the world the subject has become an easier conversation. From eviction notices to the loss of jobs, many people are experiencing a form of mental health. Cortina Peters understands the importance and has dedicated over 20 yrs to the industry.Cortina Peters is a licensed mental health counselor, life coach, author, motivational strategist, and mentor. She motivates people to win in every area of their life. As the creative developer and visionary of the W.O.W Effect, she bridges the gap between people just living life and helps them to become individuals who can experience life on a deeper level. She is a two-time cancer (Breast Cancer/Lymphoma) survivor and Lupus warrior; she has dedicated her life to motivating and encouraging others to liver their lives as authentically as possible.Interviewer: Tierra SheffieldInterviewee: Cortina D. Peters
Breast cancer survivor and Atlanta, GA resident Latisia Jones, affectionately known by her brand as The Educated Boss Chic, is a servant leader, teacher, and breast cancer early screening advocate. She is a respected leader at New Faith Christian Church, holding the position as Chief Armor Bearer to the Co-Pastor, Lady Laurona Phelps primary assistant to the first family.  As a solid educator with 14 years of experience in middle grades, Ms. Jones has a unique ability to capture, cultivate and nurture the minds of our future. She is also an advocate for her fellow educators to boss their health, faith, and finances.  She has earned her bachelor’s degree in English, a Master's in Education, and a Specialist degree in Curriculum and Instruction. Interviewers: Kenya Sheats & Tierra SheffieldInterviewee: Latisia JonesBook: Behind The Scars | theeducatedbosschic.comWebsite:
You’ve heard of a Shero, you’ve heard of a boss, but have you ever heard of Nathalie Nicole @nathalienicole ? I suggest you get familiar with her because she’s all of that and more. Sis is a mogul that little girls and grown women aspire to be. Stay tuned, our very own @overdose_on_tee is about to get the inside scoop. Outlet: MyWay MagazineInterviewer: Tierra SheffieldInterviewee: Nathalie Nicole
Music has been a core foundation for many of us, whether we’re singing, dancing, writing, or just vibing out to it, R&B Singer and Billboard Songwriter, Kissie Lee talks about her love for music and where it all started for her.If you haven’t heard any of Kissie Lee’s soulful sonnets, then you’re missing out. She keeps her sound fresh and simple with an old school melody. Her music brings a sense of familiarity as well, as a voice you didn’t know you needed to hear.Podcast host: Tierra SheffieldOutlet: http://mywaymagazine.comInterviewee: Kissie Lee 
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