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UNcomplicating Business for Teachers, Helpers, and Givers
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UNcomplicating Business for Teachers, Helpers, and Givers

Author: Sara Torpey

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If you're a teacher, a helper, and/or a giver, and you run a business sometimes your BEST intentions are ALSO the things that make growing a business the MOST complicated. Sometimes your best intentions feel like they conflict with what you're 'supposed' to do to build a successful business... and that makes creating success (and not hating it) hard. And THIS is where the UNcomplicating Business podcast comes in. UNcomplicating Business is for the teachers, the helpers, and the givers who want to HONOR their best intentions, BE themselves out in the business world, AND grow a successful business - one without all the shoulds, the drama, or the complicated steps. If you're a teacher, helper, and a giver, and you want to find success as YOURSELF, the UNcomplicating Business podcast is here for YOU.
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We all know we *should* journal... but easier said than done, right? It seems like a nice thing to do - so if we have time it happens, and if we don't...well, it doesn't. But. What if journaling actually made you money in your business? What if making more money, finding more success was actually CONNECTED to journaling? This week on the podcast we're talking about the connection between regular journaling and success!Join the free FB group: a free 1:1 conversation about coaching:
There are LOTS of tools and tricks that I used as a teacher, for myself, in my classroom and with students and colleagues that I still use today both as a business owner and as a coach. On this episode of the podcast, I'm sharing my three favorites. Ready for things to be simpler? Listen on!Join the free FB group: a free 1:1 conversation about coaching: up for my next workshop here:
Launching something new? Planning a new offer? Adjusting a current offer? Me too :) And having been through the process myself recently I was reminded of things I've had to learn (repeatedly!) in the process of launching something new. On this episode I'm sharing 4 lessons for launching that would be helpful for you to have AHEAD of time. Ready to get ahead of the drama that *can be* launching a new/different thing? Listen on :)Join the free FB group: a free 1:1 conversation about coaching: Selling by Giving here:
Want to simplify... something? Anything? EVERYTHING? You can. And taking something that feels complicated right now and simplifying it so that it feels, well, simple only requires 3 steps. And really, 'steps' makes them sound like more work than they actually are :) Ready to simplify all the things? Listen on! Join the free FB group: a free 1:1 conversation about coaching: up for my next workshop here:
What if, seriously, what IF selling never had to feel icky, sticky, or hard ever again? What if it could be different? What would change if you didn't HIDE from selling, if you didn't AVOID it, if you actually felt GOOD about it? (Probably a lot...) If you are running a business and you want to sell more, but the selling is the part holding you back - this is for you. Selling does NOT have to be something you hate, it doesn't have to involve stalking, and you don't have to spend all of your time thinking on it... it can (and SHOULD) be different for YOU. Want to know how? Let's talk about Selling by Giving! Join the free FB group: a free 1:1 conversation about coaching: up for my next workshop here:
Do you think about your elevator pitch, your 30-commercial, your introduction endlessly? Is it something you're CONSTANTLY trying to figure out, get right, and get clear on? Do you feel like if you can get the elevator pitch down then maybe everything else will fall into place? If this is you, then this episode is for you. Today we're going to SIMPLIFY the monster that is the elevator pitch. If you're ready for this part of your work to be clear, simple, and easy - listen on :)Join the free FB group: a free 1:1 conversation about coaching: up for my next workshop here:
You should network more!' 'Get out there and meet more people!' Yeahhhh, people tell me that too. But networking can be intimidating, and uncomfortable, and scary, and just downright painful... especially if you are doing it in a way that doesn't fit YOU. And the thing is, to grow a business you DO actually need to network (usually) and meet more, what do you do? This week I'm sharing the 5 keys - as I see them - to becoming an effective networker while also NOT hating netwoking. I know, sounds crazy right? It's not, I promise... you might even enjoy it :) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Join the free FB group: a free 1:1 conversation about coaching: up for my next workshop here:
How to FIND Clarity

How to FIND Clarity


Clarity is this magical thing that we feel like we have to FIND. It feels like something we have to search high and low for, and that we can't DO any of the things we want to do without. Because if we start and we're unclear, well... we might do something wrong, we might take a wrong turn, we might confuse people and that's bad, right? Well. Here's the thing. We DO need clarity... but the key to finding it is different than we think it is - and it comes in a different part of the process of growing a business than we think it does. It ALSO involves maybe a few wrong turns... but actually, they're right turns, we just didn't know it yet (we find that out once we HAVE clarity, omg...). So, how does this finding clarity thing ACTUALLY work? It's not complicated, it's just different than the way you're doing it right now... --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Join the free FB group: a free 1:1 conversation about coaching: up for my next workshop here:
What if planning for the new year was as simple as making your favorite version of salad at a salad bar (and yes, I am well aware that salad bars are SO 2019, ha!)? What if planning effectively was all about choosing the pieces of planning that YOU need, spending the time on it that YOU want, and then walking away with a plan that YOU feel good about? Well, it is. Planning should ONLY work like this, actually, and it IS this simple. Let's jump in...PUBLISH
Boundaries for Givers

Boundaries for Givers


Giving is great, but giving with clear boundaries that feel good to you AND the people you're helping is SO. MUCH. BETTER. This week on the podcast we're talking about which boundaries to set as a giver, how you might think about boundaries in a way that's more flexible (and less rule-y), and - most importantly - how to make them stick because having boundaries is great, but actually USING them is life changing. Ready to give big AND have boundaries you feel good about? Let's talk about it.  --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Join the free FB group: a free 1:1 conversation about coaching: us for Plan 2023:
What we THINK about giving and receiving has an outsized impact on what we ACTUALLY give and receive. So, how do you check in on what you believe in these two areas and why should you bother? And what are the most common places what you believe about giving and receiving might be out of sync (making it harder to do both!)? Let's talk about it.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Join the free FB group: a free 1:1 conversation about coaching: us for Plan 2023:
The first step in re-balancing what you GIVE and what you GET back for what you give (which is how we stop overgiving, feeling burned out, feeling undervalued... so many things) is to actively decide what you WANT to give and what you do NOT want to give. It really IS as simple as it sounds. Today I'm sharing the questions you can ask yourself as you decide what you LOVE to give and what feels like too much so that you can feel better about both how you're showing up AND about what you're getting back when you do. 
There's giving (and I'm a FAN of giving) and then there's giving too much. So... how do you KNOW if you're giving too much? AND, more importantly, how can you continue to BE yourself - a giver - AND also NOT give so much that there's nothing left for you? Let's talk about it.
Doing What's YOURS

Doing What's YOURS


One of the fastest ways to simplify what you DO in your business is to focus - ruthlessly - on doing what's YOURS to do and letting the rest go. And what on earth does that actually mean? Well... it starts with focusing on to-dos and the parts of to-dos (for example, like posting on social media, or making offers) that are within YOUR control - think focusing on making the post vs. what the algorithm will do with it once you hit the button. When we focus on DOING the things we can do - even the simplest things - we get more accomplished, in less time, with less fuss, with less drama AND we make more progress. Ready for that? Listen to THIS. 
Want to save a ton of time (and energy, and money) in your business? It all starts with ONE question. Asking this question in your business on a regular basis will cut down on the things you don't love - drama, questioning, starting over and give you MORE of the things you WANT to gain - time, energy, money. Ready for less drama and more time? Of course you are :) Listen on to get started NOW. 
If you're a teacher and you've thought about starting a business, you probably know Stacey Ogden and Side Hustle Teachers (and if you don't, you should!). On this episode of UNcomplicating Business Stacey and I talk about the things learned (repeatedly!) as we started businesses, our biggest mistakes (and learning experiences), our ah-has as entrepreneurs, and WAY more. If you're growing a business AND doing something else (even if it's not teaching), this episode is a must listen, full of practical advice, things to try, and things you can STOP doing right now. 
In business and in life there are a handful of simple truths that, when we REMEMBER them, make whatever we're doing SIMPLER. For the second in this series, one of the most important truths I've learned as a business owner is this: it's in your control. Growing a business, owning a business, succeeding in business is IN our control. Knowing this makes a HUGE difference because it helps us make key shifts inside and out, without which success becomes REALLY difficult. So what are these shifts? Let's talk about them...
We've all experienced this 'WOW, I need what she has' effect as buyers. We meet someone and just immediately their energy, their vibe, their presence has us SOLD on whatever it is they are selling. So, how do you BECOME that person, rather than just buy from them? What can you do yourself to CREATE this 'wow, I need what she has' effect from the other side? What you don't need to do is be someone else, channel some kind of innate charisma you don't think you have, or 'wear' a version of yourself you don't want to be. NONE of that is required. Instead? You can create this effect by focusing on your INTERNAL CONTROLABLES. What's that about? Listen on to get the details...
For me, UNcomplicating success really comes down to ONE thing. What's that thing? It's focusing on what's IN your control. Sounds simple, right? So why does this feel like a trick? Well... because as humans we aren't always super great at staying in our own lanes, at keeping our heads down and out of OTHER people's things, or at letting go of what other people might think of us... and that's what focusing on what's IN your control is really all about. This week, I'm sharing how I think about what's in our control as business owners along with two of my favorite simple simple simple strategies for shifting YOUR focus to what's in your control more effectively day in and day out, starting NOW.
In business and in life there are a handful of simple truths that, when we REMEMBER them, make whatever we're doing SIMPLER. For me the most powerful and useful of these simple truths is this: it's uncomfortable. Growing a business, owning a business, succeeding in business is not for the faint of heart because it IS uncomfortable. And it's MOST uncomfortable when we forget that the discomfort that comes with growing, changing, doing new things, challenging ourselves, and evolving is NORMAL. In this episode of UNcomplicating Business we're going to talk about how to SIMPLIFY growth by normalizing being uncomfortable.
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