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Author: Sara Torpey

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Teachers in Business is the go-to resource for former teachers who are now in business full-time, working to grow thriving and profitable businesses. In this podcast, you'll learn about how to build a successful business using your best skills - your teaching skills - and without any more certifications, degrees, or courses. Sara Torpey combines her 20+ years of experiences as an expert teacher, coach, AND business owner to help you and all the other former teachers here in the business world set clear goals and then actually DO the things it takes to reach them, right now.
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We ALL get the 'toos'. The 'toos' are when we're worried that we're going to be TOO pushy, too spammy, too salesy, too braggy, too agressive - and then we hold ourselves BACK to avoid going too far. So what's the issue with this? We were NEVER in real danger of going too far - so when we hold ourselves back all we're doing is holding ourselves back (for no reason!). This week on the Teachers in Business podcast we're going to talk about how to identify your 'toos', and how to STOP holding yourself back because of them. (Hint, instead of avoiding the toos we're going to EMBRACE THEM!)
How do teaching and learning to love your body connect? This week the AMAZING Jen Lebo is sharing her teaching journey from teaching in a classroom to teaching women how to love their bodies, and everything in between. What's the secret? It's all about the containers...:) (Jennifer Lebo:            Website: www.jenlebo.comFB Group: LOVING YOUR BODY:            Freebie: My free Guide, 17 Ways To Boost Your Body Image           Link:
Jessica Kleine is one of my favorite teachers...but she doesn't actually think of herself AS a teacher. This week on the podcast, we'll talk about that, teaching, homeschooling, business, and MONEY (because those are all the things Jessica does BEST), and about the role practice plays in ALL of it. Listen on to get ALL of the goodness! You don't want to miss this! 
One of my FAVORITE questions to ask myself (and clients) is how do you want to STRETCH next? It's a great question for LOTS of reasons, but the biggest is that it's an OPENER. It's the kind of questions that opens me (and them) to ideas, to things we might way to try or experiment with. Thinking about stretching means you are leaning into learning, into experimenting, and into the leading edge of your own growth (and when you're stretching, so is the rest of your life and business). So, how do YOU want to stretch?
Why are teachers EXCELLENT entrepreneurs? Why is starting and building a business a perfect match for teaching skills? And magic? What??! This week on the Teachers in Business podcast my guest, former ELA teacher and now AMAZING life and business Stacey Andon and I talk about ALL the reasons why owning a business is a GREAT fit for teachers. We share our own experiences at making this transition ourselves - the things that helped AND the places we've gotten in our own ways on the way to business success! 
Having a goal is a good idea, right? I seems like a good idea, BUT. Here's the thing. It's easy for goal-setting to go terribly wrong. And when it does, we get FRUSTRATED - it sucks to set goals and not reach them, AND doing this over and over again KILLS your confidence. Who wants to set themselves up for failure over and over again? I get it. I see you. And I'm here to offer you an alternative. This week on Teachers in Business I'm sharing how to set A goal - one goal - that will actually work for you. We'll talk about why having a goal matters, why I very much advocate for 1 vs. multiple, and how to think about this whole process of setting (and hitting) a goal differently. It CAN work, and it doesn't need to feel like banging your head into the wall! 
Teachers have a deep understanding of how people learn. And this understanding? This is a business ADVANTAGE (because if you've ever taken a boring course, you know that NOT everyone just gets this). This week I'm talking with Dr. Carrie Graham about creating effective learning experiences as a teacher IN a business. 
My business model is 4 words.Nope, not 4 steps.It's 4 WORDS.Talk to more people.Period.This model is exactly what has created ALL of my business success, and it's ALL you need to create yours.And yes, you're probably thinking "That's crazy. It's NOT that simple." - but I'm here to tell you it is.The MODEL simple, but what you GET from the model is way more than 4 words.In this episode of Teachers in Business we're talking about CONNECTION and the insane amount of growth/reward that comes from focusing the most simple approach to business there is.
Special Guest Alert! This week the AMAZING Deb Stanley shares her story of moving from the teaching world to the worlds of business AND book authorship. Deb is a great example of what it looks like to do it YOUR way, to make your own rules, and to find your way to clear purpose and consistent growth. She has created a business where she gets to focus all of her time and energy on doing what she LOVES - and you can too! 
Teachers LOVE learning...and so we buy a LOT of courses. Some of them we start AND finish, some we just start, and then there are the ones we buy and NEVER even touch - yikes! This week on the Teachers in Business podcast I'm going to share the questions I ask myself BEFORE I decide to buy a course (or really, anything related to my business!). Before you buy that next course, try these on and never waste money on a course that you don't need, won't finish, or that won't actually solve your problem EVER again!
Genius hour has long been a thing in schools. It's a tool to help motivate and engage students, and one that helps them build critical thinking, problem solving, and connection skills. On this episode of the podcast I'm going to make the case for YOU to have genius hour in YOUR business (spoiler alert: it's good for you the same way it's good for students!), and how exactly you might put it into place and create MORE GROWTH as a result. 
How to Stop WAITING

How to Stop WAITING


Conventional wisdom is to be patient, to let it all come with time, and to wait when we aren't sure. And I think when it comes to waiting conventional wisdom should take a hike. Waiting, particularly in business, is a sneaky progress killer.It keeps us 'safe', small and NOT creating the life and business we actually want. This week we're going to talk about WAITING... I'm going to share a few of my favorite tricks you can use to notice when you are waiting and then three strategies that you can use immediately to move forward. No more waiting. Let's GO!  
Everyone needs a vacation sometime - even just a day or two - ESPECIALLY business owners. But if you own your own thing, and you wear ALL the hats, how do you walk away, even just for a day or two? This is a HUGE topic with my coaching clients right now, so this week on the Teachers in Business podcast we're going to talk about what you can do NOW so that you can actually take a vacation from your business in the next few weeks or months, and NOT drown in work either before or after as a result! 
One of the MOST common issues teachers in the business world face is that we PLANNERS.In the teaching world, we plan weeks (months!) in advance, and have a clear path of what's going to happen when from the start of the year to the end. In the business world, planning FEELS productive. It's laying out all the details and the steps and the flows - it's AMAZING. But in so many cases this is OVER planning rather than planning - and there is a BIG difference. OVER planning is planning for perfect. It's planning from FEAR and need to control rather than just planning and then DOING. On this episode of Teachers in Business I'm laying out the differences between planning and OVER planning. Then, I'm sharing 3 SIMPLE strategies to plan effectively (without OVER planning OR ditching plans all together!) 
One of the things I hear from clients ALL the time is 'I've lost my motivation'. Friends, motivation is like the weather - it changes ALL the time! Depending on motivation to power you allllll the time is like planning for fair skies and perfect temperatures EVERY DAY forever (not happening). So, what's the alternative? What about COMMITMENT? This week on the podcast we're talking about motivation and commitment - how they're different, and how you might think about them for the long run.
When business is convoluted and complicated it's also NOT fun.  And when it's not fun, you probably aren't growing either.  On this episode of the podcast, I'm sharing a new definition of simplicity along with a handful of easy to use (starting NOW) strategies to dramatically simplify your business asap.
The online business world says you MUST have a clear niche right NOW. And if you don't? You're DOOMED. As a result, business owners spend an ungodly amount of time freaking out about their niche in 100 different ways. Which is ridiculous - because your niche is relevant and also totally irrelevant to your success all at the same time. This week on the podcast I'm going to share my favorite analogy for your niche (really, stop standing in the hallway like a weirdo), and the three simple steps you can follow right now to stop freaking out about your niche now and forever. 
One of the things clients ask ALL the time is 'how do you manage to create SO MUCH content? You never seem to run out of ideas.'One this episode of the podcast I'm sharing how I think about creating content.Then, I'm teaching you exactly how to create MORE...without also driving yourself bananas.Here's the KEY:You already have ALL the ideas and all the skills needed.It's just a matter of how you collect and use them...You're closer than you think!
Is pricing your nemesis? Does it take an insane amount of your brain space (and maybe steal your sleep)??! No. More. Today I'm going to talk about the three most common reasons your pricing isn’t working. I'll share how it LOOKS in your business and life, as well as what's ACTUALLY going on. From there I'll explain what you can DO about each one so that you can get OUT of the pricing-drama trap right now, now and forever more.
You might not realize it, but your teaching skills are your unique business advantage. They are what sets you apart from the rest. One of the MOST vital skills in a teacher's tool kit is asking great questions - and this skill translates SO well into business because asking great questions creates CONNECTION (and when people are connected to you they buy!).
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