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Mo and Max are 80s cinema nerds. They are on a quest to rank, debate, and offer fresh takes on the best of the best from the only decade that matters. From Arnold to Zoltar, they cover it all. That answer your question?
Buzzn The Tower
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Good advice, bad jokes and questionable fashion sense. The rad dads of the 80s had it all! Today we’ll celebrate Father’s Day by hand picking bits and pieces of our favorite 80s dads and Frankensteining the mother of all…. or father of all patriarchs.  I’m Mo Shapiro and joining me as always the Danny to my Jack Torrance, Max Sanders. And with that, let's get to work!
Vice Versa, The Parent Trap, 18 again, 17 again, Face/Off, The Hot Chick, The Shaggy Dog, The Change Up. There is no shortage of Body Swap movies in Hollywood. But what if instead of Judge Reinhold and Fred Savage playing musical chairs with their souls we tried something new... something bold. Stallone and Schwarzenegger dominated the movies of the 80s from muscles to one liners they were the definition of action. But what if we had to Freaky Friday 3 of their respective films, could it be done? Should it be done? I'm Mo Shapiro and joining me as always the Brigitte Nielsen to my Arnold/Sly love triangle. And with that, let's do a movie swap!
Beverly Hills Cop

Beverly Hills Cop


The heat is on, on the street, inside your head, on every beat. Few movies have captured lightening in a bottle like the 1984 classic Beverly Hills Cop. This is Eddie Murphy at his best, and today we're going to celebrate one of the finest movies the 80s had to offer. I'm Mo Shapiro, and joining me as always, the Detective Rosewood to my Sergeant Taggart, Max Sanders. And with that, let's ruin the buffet at the Harrow Club.
Last week on Buzzn The Tower we covered 11 through 6: Akira, Tron, They Live, The Last Starfighter, Escape from New York and Dune. This week we're going to get to the heart of our Sci-Fi romance with our top 5. I'm Mo Shapiro, and joining me as always, the Jonesy the Cat to my Ellen Ripley, Max Sanders. And with that, THAT'S IT MAN, GAME OVER MAN, GAME OVER!!! WHAT ARE WE GONNA DO?!
Science fiction... the final frontier. These are the favorite sci-fi movies of Buzzn The Tower. It's two part mission... to explore 80s movies, to seek out new facts to rank and boldly go where no podcast has gone before. I'm Mo Shapiro, joining me as always, the Spock to my Admiral Kirk, Max Sanders. And with that... KHHHHHHAAAAAAAAANNNNN!!!!!
Every year on the second Sunday of May we take time to honor and celebrate the wonderful women who brought us into this world. The very existence of humanity and, more importantly, the 80s, can be tracked back to some incredible moms. Buzzn The Tower itself would not be here today if not for the love, compassion and overwhelming patience of two wonderful matriarchs. So what way better to show our love to the special women in our lives than to highlight our favorite moms from our favorite 80s movies. Today we'll laugh, we'll cry, we'll cry some more and then we'll laugh, and in the end... we'll probably cry some more. I'm Mo Shapiro and joining me as always, the only person I know who loves his mom as much as I do, Max Sanders. And with that, Happy Mother's Day!
Remembering John Candy

Remembering John Candy


Canada's three greatest exports are beer, hockey and John Candy. This gift from the Great White North gave us dozens of performances that still warm our hearts to this day. Rather than focus on how we lost him too soon, today we'll rejoice in the gifts he left behind. John Candy owned the 80s, and in honor of that Buzzn The Tower will dedicate an episode to remembering his life, impact and performances. I'm Mo Shapiro and joining me as always, the Tom Tuttle from Tacoma to my Chet Riley, Max Sanders. And with that, take this quarter go downtown and have a rat gnaw that thing off your face!
Drafting The Perfect Comedy

Drafting The Perfect Comedy


In honor of the 2021 NFL Draft, Buzzn The Tower is putting together two fiercely competitive rosters of comedic geniuses. Directors, writers, and actors will be chosen throughout this ten round fantasy draft. The result? The best 80s comedy ever made. Strategy, player evaluation and a little luck will all be needed as we try to create a movie even Vince Lombardi would be proud of. I'm Mo Shapiro and joining me as always, the Mel Kiper Jr. to my Todd McShay, Max Sanders. And with that... Max you're on the clock.
Game Of Thrones 80s Edition

Game Of Thrones 80s Edition


Buzzn The Tower is traveling back to the 80s. Max is in his DeLorean, I'm in the phone booth, and we're going straight to HBO to pitch George R. R. Martin's novels, A Song of Ice and Fire. The Starks, Targaryens and Lannisters are getting a radical makeover. From the Iron Islands to Westeros the locations and stories will remain the same, but we'll need the best 80s actors and actresses to step into these iconic roles. I'm Mo Shapiro and joining me as always, the Hodor to my Bran Stark, Max Sanders. And with that, I am the three-eyed Raven!
Top 10 80s Comedy Duos

Top 10 80s Comedy Duos


Lucille Ball & Desi Arnaz, Laurel & Hardy, Abbott & Costello, Spade & Farley, Key & Peele... Mo & Max. Some comedic duos are in a class of their own, if you are listening to this podcast you no doubt love comedy, comedic duos and realize the 80s had plenty of both. Today we're going to list our Top 10 80s Comedic Duos from our favorite movies. I'm Mo Shapiro and joining me as always, the punchline to my joke, Max Sanders. And with that, let's get our laugh on!
Evading the dreaded Imperial Starfleet, a pair of Podcasters have decided to recast The Empire Strikes Back with different actors from the 80s. From their secret base on the remote ice world of Michigan, Buzzn The Tower will restore balance to the force. How do you try and replace such a prolific cast? No, try not. Do, or do not. There is no try. I'm Mo Shapiro and joining as always, the warm Tauntaun intestines to my unconscious Luke Skywalker, Max Sanders and with that I thought they smelled bad on the outside!
1984 is widely considered the greatest year for movies of all time. Temple of Doom, The Terminator, Beverly Hills Cop, and The Karate Kid just to name a few. One movie in particular stood above the rest as a cultural and spiritual life changing event. New York City is heading for a disaster of biblical proportions; Old Testament, real wrath of God type stuff, forty years of darkness, earthquakes, volcanos, human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together, MASS HYSTERIA!!! I'm Mo Shapiro and joining me as always, the Zuul to my Vinz Clortho, Max Sanders. And with that, let's go bust some ghosts!
Despite our greatest efforts the Mad Titan has recovered all of the Infinity Stones. However, this Endgame has a twist. When Thanos snaps his fingers half of the 1980s John Hughes catalog will disappear forever. The world's greatest 80s movie Avengers, Mo & Max, have been assembled to choose which movies stay and which movies go. I'm Mo "Captain America" Shapiro, and joining me as always, the Molly Ringwald to my Anthony Michael Hall, Max "Black Widow" Sanders. And with that... Buzzn The Tower ASSEMBLE!
In case you didn't know, this podcast is dedicated to the movies of the 1980s. And found within that rich tapestry of action, drama, horror, and comedy are some of the finest films ever made. But lurking in the shadows, in places you'll never admit, are some movies that would make a billy goat puke. Even worse than the actual films, is the fact that we still love and watch them. We're not here to judge, in fact, quite the opposite. Today we're going to confess to our guiltiest 80s movie pleasures, the movies that are so bad... we kind of think they're good. I'm Mo Shapiro, and joining me as always, the Blanky to my Brave Little Toaster, Max Sanders. And with that...if no one's looking... let's admit to our guilty pleasures.
The 1980s defined action hero Shangri-La. From J.J. McQuade to John Matrix there was never a shortage of biceps, bullets and blackbelts on the big screen. Today we're going to borrow Gary and Wyatt's brilliant idea from Weird Science. But instead of making a woman named Lisa, we're going to Frankenstein the perfect 80s action hero. I'm Mo "Dark Shadow" Shapiro and with me as always, the Jean Claude to my Van Damme, Max "Viper Blood" Sanders. And with that, let's make a monster!
There are movies and then there are MOVIES. You'd be hard pressed to find a single person alive who doesn't know who Marty McFly is, or how many gigawatts are needed for time travel. Today we're going to do the unthinkable and go back in time to 1985... and technically 1955 too, and recast Back To The Future with different actors from the 80s. We don't have a DeLorean or a phone both or even a hot tub, but that won't stop us from revisiting one of our favorite 80s films. I'm Mo Shapiro and joining me as always, the Eric Stoltz to my Michael J. Fox, Max Sanders. And with that, let's see if you bastards can do 90!
Last week we started our top 25 countdown by covering the bottom 15. This week we'll rank our top 10 best dance scenes of 80s cinema. So grab your BMX bike or Strategic Artificially Intelligent Nuclear Transport, Johnny Five to his friends, and get ready to boogie down. I'm your host Mo Shapiro, and with me as always, the steel town girl to my Saturday night, Max Sanders. And with that, let's dance!
Ren McCormack knew the salvation of his town relied on a dance. Johnny Castle wasn't about to let anyone put baby in a corner. Films have a long standing romance with dance, whether it's Gene Kelly splashing in puddles or Kid 'n Play tearing it up at a house party. Cinematic dance scenes have spanned every decade and, as always, the 80s did it best. Today, in Part 1 we are going to rank our top 25 through 11, 80s movie dance scenes. I'm Mo Shapiro and with me as always, the Willard to my Ren, Max Sanders. And with that....I THOUGHT THIS WAS A PARTY, LET'S DANCE!!!
Mo Shapiro's Day Off

Mo Shapiro's Day Off


The question isn't what are we going to do. The question is what aren't we going to do. Straight from the playbook of Ferris Bueller we're gonna take a day off, splicing and dicing all of the greatest parts of our 80s movies to make an adventure worth talking about. Minding the P's and Q's of everything Ferris Bueller, we're going to make the most out of this day. Because it's pretty tough to come up with a new illness, if I gotta go for 10 I'm probably gonna have to barf up a lung, so we better make this one count. I'm Mo Shapiro and joining me as always, the Sloane Peterson to my Abe Froman, Max Sanders. And with that, let's start our day off!
The 80s Collector

The 80s Collector


From lightsabers to Howard The Duck’s recliner, our favorite movies from the 80s are filled with items we want, can’t have, or maybe we can. Today we're going to explore what we want in our own personal collection. I'm Mo Shapiro and joining me as always, the flux capacitor to my DeLorean, Max Sanders. And with that, let's curate our museum!
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