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In this special episode, I am joined by two guests: Manuela and Sabrina.   Both descendants of Indian ancestors, Manuela grew up in Guadaloupe, a French territory in the Caribbean; and Sabrina in Mauritius, a former French colony in the Indian Ocean. They both moved to France for their studies and after feeling like they didn't fit in anywhere, they realised they were not alone. Together with three other Brown women, they formed Spicy Devis - an online community creating visibility for the experiences of Brown women in France.We spoke about France's forgotten history of colonialism in India and the lasting legacy of this today, how their identities have shifted and evolved over time, and the power of coming together to create the spaces that are missing.You can follow them on Instagram:Sabrina: @sabrinalikestoreadManuela: @brownandfrancophone and @angrywomanofcolourSpicy Devis: @spicydevisFor news and updates on the show, follow @paris_reimagined. 
Madeleine Planeix-Crocker is a curator at Lafayette Anticipations and is currently doing a Ph.D. researching community-based performance in Paris. In her spare time, she facilitates theatre and writing workshops at Women Safe. Women Safe is a non-profit organisation that gives women who have experienced any form of violence medical, legal, psychological, and emotional support.  When Madeleine started giving workshops to a group of women welcomed there, they barely knew each other. 2 years later, they had built a strong community; on top of having written, staged, and performed a piece of theatre together. Madeleine tells us how they got there, and why art and performance can be transformative for women survivors of gender-based violence.To find out more about their vital work, which is more important now than ever, visit: news and updates on the show, follow @paris_reimagined. 
This week  I had the pleasure of talking to Dr. Monique Y. Wells about her work literally unearthing African-American history in Paris. Monique is a visionary, changemaker, and steward of legacy. She is a native of Houston, Texas, and a 28-year resident of Paris. With a background in veterinary pathology and toxicology, her work today ranges from being a writer, speaker, and mentor to working as a travel professional. In all her work, she harnesses the power of education to change lives.  This week was a little different as we had to record remotely, but I hope you enjoy the conversation, and learn as much as I did.We spoke about why African-Americans are treated differently in France than at home in the US, the power of making this invisible history known, and why the idea of a colour-blind France is a dangerous myth.Visit her website to find out more about her inspiring work, and follow on Instagram at @entreetoblackparis.For news and updates on the show, follow @paris_reimagined.
Welcome to the very first episode! To mark the occasion, I have a very special guest in the studio. Farhad Shamo Roto is a survivor of the 2014 genocide committed against the Ezidi (also written Yazidi) people by ISIS in northern Iraq. He came to France as a refugee in 2017 and has since founded Voice of Ezidi, an organization that helps Ezidi families re-settle in France and advocates for their struggle to be recognized internationally.We spoke about what it means to be Ezidi, their amazing work as an organization, why the French immigration narrative is so toxic, and what drives him every day to keep going.You can follow them and their incredible work at @voiceofezidis.For news and updates on the show, follow @paris_reimagined. 
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