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The Art of Healing

Author: Charlyce Davis

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The Art of Healing is a podcast created by the physician, Reiki Master and owner of, Charlyce Davis. This podcast will be covering medicine, Reiki, spirituality and how these intersect to create health and wellness.
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There are many holistic remedies to choose from when deciding on what you need to heal chronic pain.  In this podcast, I offer my advice based on my practice experience in medicine and Reiki.  Included topics in this podcast include Meditation, Reiki, Yoga and aromatherapy.I would love your feedback, so if you have the time please leave a review in the podcast platform of your choice.
This episode is the first in my series covering Chronic Pain.  I will review four types of chronic pain, musculoskeletal, neuropathic, immune related pain and generalized pain.   Understanding the types of chronic pain can be a solid first step in alleviating the pain.  If you have further questions, please send a message to me at Healing Arts Health and Wellness.
Reiki as a Lifestyle

Reiki as a Lifestyle


In this episode, I'm discussing Reiki as a Lifestyle, and how Reiki can improve many aspects of your life, including work, relationships, and health.I mention insomnia, and of an extra resource, please follow this link for a PDF I created on Chakra Blocks and insomnia.Chakras and Insomnia
This podcast I will be  discussing how you can learn about inflammatory changes in your body. The Coronavirus Pandemic of 2020 has highlighted the importance of understanding chronic inflammation.  Chronic Inflammation is a generalized state in which the immune system is in overdrive in an attempt to heal some issue.  Inflammation is apart of normal healing, but chronic inflammation increases the risk of disease. Please follow this link if you'd like to see the labs I reference:COVID19 and ImmunityReferences:1.Zabetakis I, Lordan R, Norton C, Tsoupras A. COVID-19: The Inflammation Link and the Role of Nutrition in Potential Mitigation. Nutrients. 2020 May 19;12(5):1466. doi: 10.3390/nu12051466. PMID: 32438620; PMCID: PMC7284818.
Why I'm Teaching Reiki

Why I'm Teaching Reiki


I'm giving some updates on what's next on my website. I'm also discussing why I feel now is an important time to teach Reiki to others.If you'd like to read more about Reiki, you can download the guide Reiki 101 by signing up here.My site, Healing Arts Health and Wellness has other resources as well.Happy New Year!
In this podcast, I'm sharing my experience of what its like to be attuned in Reiki and practice medicine.
Meditation is an excellent way to start with other forms of holistic healing.  In this podcast, I cover why a Meditation Practice is a good way to start your journey to feeling better.Sign up for my newsletter and receive a free copy of 5 Powerful Reasons to start Meditating Now.
This episode I'm giving a brief update on what I'm working on.  I'm also discussing Insomnia, and what happens in normal sleep.  Next episode will be covering Chakra blocks and insomnia.
Podcast on Reiki's role in helping healthcare workers heal and a quick energy healing technique.
This podcast is some of my recommendations on using Reiki in everyday life.  If you are not a Reiki practitioner,  you can replace Reiki with any positive thought, prayer or Mantra of your choice.Follow me at my website Healing Arts Health and Wellness.
Welcome to my broadcast.In this episode I'm giving a brief introduction and what's to come.
Disclaimer: you can not safely evaluate chest pain at home.  If you are having chest pain, call 911 or your physician immediately.Website DisclaimerWhat are the causes of chest pain?  Heart Attack, or Myocardial Infarction, is one of the most feared causes of chest pain must always be ruled out.  Depression after an MI is common, up to 21% of people feel depressed after treatment of cardiac ischemia  Depression and Anxiety after Acute Myocardial Infarction Treated by Primary PCI. PloS one, 11(4), e0152367., P., Hudakova, N., Jurajda, M., Kasparek, T., Ustohal, L., Parenica, J., Sebo, M., Holicka, M., & Kanovsky, J. (2016).Beyond a heart attack, what else can cause chest pain?Digestive issues, musculoskeletal issues, and emotional issues can cause chest pain.Want updates on the upcoming book?Sign up Here for UpdatesThank you for listening!
I am honored to have a special guest, Heather!This is a powerful episode in which Heather and I go deep into issues of the spirit, including discussing mediumship.Heather has a unique healing practice in which she combines Art, Creativity,  and Reiki to heal her clients.   Heather is a Psychic Artist based in South Florida who has cultivated a sensitivity to subtle energies through her artistic process.Heather uses the artistic process to open healing channels in her clients.  Heather share with us her unique perspective on how creativity can widen your perspective, offering your freedom when you may feel restricted.Want to connect with Heather? You should!!!Website:  www.heatheryish.comInstagram:  @heatheryishFacebook: Heatheryish GalleryPinterest: Heatheryish
The heart is endlessly fascinating.  Matters of the heart are even more interesting.  In this episode, you'll discover:The Origin of The Heart ShapeReference: significance of 21 Days and the heart at the beginning of LifeWhy your heart is smartThe importance of the number 4 and the heartQuestions? Comments?  Response? Email me!
This podcast is a meditation.We discussed resting for at least 5 minutes before checking your blood pressure.This meditation can be used to help you relax during that time, or anytime you would like to have a few minutes to lower your stress.This body scan helps you focus on the sensations in your body, as well as learning to consciously relax.Thank you so much for meditating with me!
Stress is at the source of all abnormal blood pressure readings.In this podcast we address how to begin to mindfully approach stress.Meditation can help, but mindful living takes even less time.We revisit how to "SitWell" (see June 21st Podcast) to reduce our stress.Sign up for email updates if you like  to get the latest Art of Healing Podcast to you inbox every week.Thank you for listening!
High Blood Pressure requires medical management.  Beyond this,  High blood pressure requires addressing the overall lifestyle.  In this podcast, we discuss:Diet:  My "quick and dirty" nutrition advise to reduce blood pressure.Sleep: getting enough, improving the quality of sleepExercise:  How to keep it simple to get movingRelationships: Really? yes, learn to observe how you show up in your relationships.For more related content, check out Healing Arts Health and Wellness .Want to make sure you catch all the new episodes of Art of Healing Podcast? Sign up here and I'll notify you every week when the next show is available.Thank you for leaving a review!As a thank you for my listeners, click here for a special discount!
There are many factors that can raise your blood pressure.  In this podcast we discuss:The role salt plays in raising the blood pressureThe role excessive insulin levels play in raising the blood pressure, and how weight loss helps.How chronic stress leads to high blood pressure.How sleep deprivation can worsen blood pressure readings.References:Primary Care Medicine 8th EditionWant updates on my upcoming project about the heart? Sign up for updates here!
This podcast is the first of 5 related podcasts covering high blood pressure.  You will learn:The details of what's measured when you measure your blood pressure.How to measure your blood pressureHow to choose the right blood pressure cuff for your specific needs.What normal numbers areThe website you may use a a resource when shopping for a blood pressure cuff can be found here: Primary Care Medicine, 8th Edition: Office Evaluation and Management of the Adult patient by Allan H.  Goroll and Albert G. Mulley.
Hello listeners!This podcast is a meditation exercise.  You may want to assure you can be in a seated, quiet place where you can be undisturbed for several minutes.This meditation is for stress relief.  Prior to starting the meditation, here are some thoughts you can consider and/or journal:How does your chest, belly and head feel before starting the meditation?How do positive and negative stories impact you?You can return to these questions after completing the meditation.Thank you listeners!  Please leave a review if you feel so moved.
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