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The MMQB NFL Podcast brings you unique, informed and immediate analysis from around the NFL. Whether you’re looking to catch up on Sunday’s football action, take a deep dive into the film or answer some burning NFL questions, The MMQB staff has you covered and you’ll finish each episode knowing more about football than you ever thought you could.
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Matt Verderame and Gilberto Manzano break down how the Jets lack of offensive weapons and offensive line struggles are not helping an abysmal quarterback situation. We also take a look at what moves Denver might make and give our picks for week fourSee for privacy information.
Conor Orr and Albert Breer break down the Dolphins historically dominant win over the Broncos and how the loss puts Denver and Chicago into win or die mode heading into their week four matchup, the tough position Robert Saleh have with Zach Wilson at quarterback, and why CJ Stroud is looking the best QB of the past draft classSee for privacy information.
Matt Verderame and Giberto Manzano break down the Panthers terrible choices with Bryce Young at quarterback, why the Chiefs offensive struggles are being outshined by the success of their defense, why Kirk Cousins could tear up the Chargers defense, If the Broncos could turn to Jarrett Stidham at some point this season, and other games to look forward to this seasonSee for privacy information.
Conor Orr and Albert Breer break down week two of the NFL season including Dan Quinn's Mica Parson led Cowboy's defense, Russell Wilson's struggles in the Commanders comeback win against the Broncos, how the Chargers can turn their defense around, how a QB upgrade could turn the Falcons into an elite team, and much moreSee for privacy information.
Matt Verderame and Gilberto Manzano break down what's next for the Jets after losing Aaron Rodgers to a season ending achilles tear, why some big name quarterbacks had major struggles during week one, and preview some week two gamesSee for privacy information.
Conor Orr and Albert Breer break down Week 1 of the NFL season including the Dolphins impressive win against the Chargers, how the Vikings one score luck won't be transferring over to this season, the Jim Jim Schwartz led Browns defense, and Jordan Love taking the reigns in Green BaySee for privacy information.
Matt Verderame and Gilberto Manzano break down the Lions upset victory over the Chiefs to open the season, Joe Burrow's record breaking extension, if Tee Higgins could be out in Cincy, and a preview of the remaining week one slateSee for privacy information.
2023 NFL Awards Predictions

2023 NFL Awards Predictions


Conor Orr and Albert Breer break down who they expect to win each of the NFL's awards this season. as well as there division winner, some of which may surprise youSee for privacy information.
Matt Verderame and Gilberto Manzano break down the Patriots moving QB's Bailey Zappe & Malik Cunningham to the practice squad before giving their division winner predictions and teams that could surprise usSee for privacy information.
Conor Orr and Albert Breer discuss why the Los Angeles Rams could have a much better season than you think, Conor's inside look at the post Dan Snyder Commanders, and why Bryce Young looks impressive after a rough start to the pre seasonSee for privacy information.
Trey Lance's NFL Future

Trey Lance's NFL Future


Matt Verderame & Gilberto Manzano break down what led to Trey Lance going from a third overall pick by the 49ers in 2021 to their third string QB ahead of this season. We also discuss what the ceiling might be for the Packers and Steelers with two young quarterbacks and experienced rosters behind themSee for privacy information.
Conor Orr and Mitch Goldich go over every team's projected win total's from Conor's tradition of picking every the winner of every game during the upcoming seasonSee for privacy information.
Conor Orr has decided to leave the Cleveland Brown's in the past and is joined by Albert Breer and Mitch Goldich to pick a new one for him to unbiasedly root forSee for privacy information.
Bad Takes Week

Bad Takes Week


Editor Mitch Goldich joins the show to discuss the best of Bad Takes Week. New rule proposals off safeties, the elimination of the standard play clock, the right to call yourself a "World Champion" and why the NFL needs to DOUBLE the length of the preseason. All this and more in our latest episodeSee for privacy information.
Conor Orr break down the lowest moments of Daniel Snyder's ownership tenure in Washington on the eve of the team's sale before getting into the liat of running back's who are still un signed and looking for new deals, and the drama around the Jets on Hard KnocksSee for privacy information.
Conor Orr is joined by Tyler Dunne of Go Long to discuss the Zuckerberg Musk cage match, win total over unders and his friend’s dad, who used a jar of his children’s clipped cuticles to help him win bets See for privacy information.
Conor Orr hangs with old pal Dan Hanzus from the Around the NFL podcast, breaking down the team of the off-season, why the Jets are not just a franchise making a splash, and why Conor was a jerk the day the Aaron Rodgers trade became officialSee for privacy information.
Conor and Albert play a game of what if. Gregg Popovich tanked for the most elite prospect in recent NBA history. What if Bill Belichick had done the same after Tom Brady? Plus…Caleb Williams and the temptation to throw an entire season. Would you do it? Which teams wouldn’t? See for privacy information.
Conor Orr and MMQB editor Mitch Golditch provide summer plans for six of the NFL’s most intriguing figures. What should Russell Wilson be reading on the beach? Where is Kyler Murray traveling in his Winnebago? Will Woody Johnson see the Grateful Dead with Conor? These questions and more are answered. See for privacy information.
Conor Orr and Albert Breer pick the AFC and NFC teams that missed the playoffs last season that are poised to make a big leap in their divisionSee for privacy information.
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Gq Smoove

Robin Thicke Has More Than Blurred Lines As A Hit Smfh

Aug 29th

Gq Smoove

Aaron Donald does the same thing JJ did in his prime

Feb 16th

Gq Smoove

JJ definitely didn't play at a pro bowl level last year with only 5 sacks smfh

Feb 15th

Stephen Boykin

Great interview with Sean McVay!! 👍👍👌👌👏👏

Jul 10th

Stephen Boykin

I really like the new MMQB format.

Sep 9th

Go Billers

"the Bills did some work on the offensive line but not enough" they brought in 9 free agent lineman including the highest paid center in the NFL and traded up to pick a top RT... this is the shit that makes me dismiss everything you say. 2 of you didn't do any work and scoffed at the thought and 1 liked the over/under

Jun 29th
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