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We had real football this weekend...except, we didn't. The crew didn't think we could take anything "key" away from Raiders/Jags--so instead we talked Ravens K Justin Tucker's new four-year, $24M extension, the Ravens activating RB J.K. Dobbins, and the impact of injuries felt over the weekend and through Monday.
Big news on the Deshaun Watson suspension--and @CharlesRobinson, who broke it, joined the Big Show! We talked Sue L. Robinson's bombshell to the NFL, where the process goes from here, what it means for Roger Goodell, Jimmy Haslam, and the Browns.We also talked Kyler Murray, the Hall of Fame Game, Jaguars, Raiders, and the Jon Gruden lawsuit. Check it out!
Deshaun Watson's meager six-game suspension is a terrible look for the NFL. Will the Cleveland Browns QB really get off that light on dozens of sexual assault allegations, or will the NFL appeal to Commissioner Roger Goodell?
We already wanted @LukeEasterling on to tell us about Bucs camp: Julio Jones joining the squad, Leonard Fournette's conditioning, etc.--but also we got his take on what the injury to center Ryan Jennings means for this season. The crew talks Mike McDaniel's Tua coachspeak, Kyler Murray's work-ethic presser, and Matt Patricia as the official unofficial offensive coordinator of the New England Patriots!
Friend of the Show @SandoNFL released his annual QB Tiers piece at The Athletic, and the crew had to discuss the rankings and comments made for Aaron Rodgers, Pat Mahomes, Tom Brady, Lamar Jackson, Josh Allen, Justin Herbert, Joe Burrow, Tua Tagovailoa and much more.
We got @JeffRisdon of Browns Wire & Lions Wire to explain the Jimmy G talk, break down the Lions' hopes for a surprise season, and more!The crew also talked the Kyler Murray extension with the Cardinals, what it means for Lamar Jackson and the rest of the QB market, and whether the Browns really can roll with Jacoby Brissett if Deshaun Watson is suspended for very long.
Nobody's smarter OR funnier about D.C. sports than @reesewaters, & NFL Yacht Summer's the perfect time to talk Dan Snyder, Commanders, and everything else sports in our nation's capital (and beyond).We also got in our takes on Snyder, as well as N'Keal Harry finally getting traded away from the Patriots (and to the WR-hungriest team in football).
We debate NFL rules changes by @peter_king readers, plus talk Condi Rice & Sandra Douglass Morgan, Zach Wilson's pecadilloes, and the Steelers' renamed "Acrisure Stadium."
Reproductive freedom is no longer guaranteed; @janesports breaks down Dobbs v Jackon's impact to sports & sports media. Also, the crew reacts to Baker Mayfield FINALLY getting traded to Carolina, and the Dallas Cowboys naming Black Rifle Coffee Company their new official coffee the day after a holiday weekend marred by mass shootings.
Fantasy drafts are almost here, and @KCJoynerTFS is here to help! We talk Deshaun Watson dynasty implications, WRs in new situations, and the future of the Zero RB strategy with.The crew also discusses Terry McLaurin's extension with the Washington Commanders, Joe Burrow's re-share of a pro-choice Instagram meme, and more receiver talk!
Is there anyone you'd rather listen to on Roger Goodell, Dan Snyder, and Congress than @minakimes? US NEITHER, so we asked her to break down today's proceedings--as well as Gronk's second """retirement,""" Pete Carroll, and so much more!The crew also expounded on Gronk stuff, WFT stuff, and what happens when your favorite baseball team asks you to throw out the first pitch.
We were lucky to get @JBaileyNFL on right after some big-time Steelers news! We picked his brain on the Minkah Fitzpatrick extension, Spanos family drama, and lots lots more.
We were lucky to snag @byajperez when the Broncos just sold, more allegations against Deshaun Watson just dropped, and Silicon Valley looks ready to change the NFL media landscape.gmantha Bunten and Michael Schottey also debated which NFL team will sell next, which NFL team they'd buy if they had Walmart money, and what the latest developments in the Deshaun Watson fiasco mean for the Browns and the league.
The Broncos, per @MikeOzanian, will be sold to Walmart's Rob Walton. Is it true--and if so, what does it mean? The crew breaks it all down on this week's Key Takeaways!
Vox Media's @davidfucillo joined us to talk the future of sports betting (and sports gambling analysis), plus his beloved 49ers and old-school blogger feuds.The crew also broke down Aaron Donald's contract drama, if Cam Newton joining the Seattle Seahawks make sense, and why the Washington Commanders are proposing such a tiny new stadium.
@VinnyBonsignore breaks down Colin Kaepernick's workout with the Las Vegas Raiders--what's next, and what does it mean? The Las Vegas Review-Journal reporter & Raider Nation Radio host also talked Josh McDaniels, Derek Carr, and whether this team is prepared to contend in the super-tough AFC West.The crew also talks Kyler Murray's potential new extension, and what the public friction between Chiefs coaches and LeSean McCoy means for miniority coach hiring in the NFL.
The Three & Out crew gathered once again to break down all the latest NFL news and tell you what you need to know about it. Will the NFL owners finally kick Dan Snyder out of their organization? Bill Belichick and the Patriots seem to be trying to run a positionless coaching staff--can that work? And Nick Foles signs with the Colts; could he push Matt Ryan?Ty Schalter, Samantha Bunten, and Michael Schottey talk it out!
We were lucky to chat with @nfldraftscout on surprise picks he's warming up to, 2023 QB prospects, and maybe a lottery??Plus we wrap up Over/Under/Push with the NFC West, and talk about what James Bradberry getting cut from the Giants and signing with the Eagles means for the teams, the NFC East division, and the salary cap.
We ran down NFC win-total futures LIVE on #TwitterSpaces, arguing over, under, or push for each one! We also got a little Drew Brees comeback talk in there.
It's always awesome to talk football with Football Outsiders' @MikeTanier, and we talked about lots more than the #NFLschedule with him.Plus, the crew finished their game of "Over, Under, or Push?" on AFC win-total odds with the AFC West!
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