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A weekly podcast for B2B sales & B2B marketers. We interview top CEOs, Sales, and Marketing Leaders to uncover their strategies, hacks & tools to help you grow faster. So if you want to learn how to grow your B2B business with proven growth hacks & strategies, listen to our show!
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Todays guest is Michael Lazik, Sales Director DACH at Templafy. That’s in it for you:1. How long term relationships and considering buyer’s personal goals drive SaaS products success2. How Templafy tests its way to the most effective sales strategy and wins new customers with valuable references 3. Michael's take on value-based cold calling and how to excel in sales meetings by tackling prospects' pain points4. Diversity as a success factor for sales teams and Michael’s biggest lesson learned in the past yearAbout MichaelMichael is an ambitious expert with 15 years of experience in the talent management industry and building sales organizations for leading SaaS providers. Prior to his role as Director Sales DACH at Templafy, Michael held senior sales and strategy roles at Stepstone and Cornerstone OnDemand. He is experienced in leading regional and international teams and gained intercultural experience working in Norway, Sweden, and the UK. About TemplafyTemplafy is pioneering the content enablement category with a first-of-its-kind infrastructure that actively accelerates business performance with connected content. Unlike existing solutions, Templafy is embedded in company-wide workflows, going beyond simple content management to serve teams exactly what they need, when and where they need it within the applications they already work in, while allowing organizations to effortlessly govern content and track performance. Essential to business enablement and embedded in every employee’s workflow, Templafy’s platform enhances the end-user experience, aligns workforces and enables people to create on-brand, high-performing business content faster. A seamless future of work relies on content enabled by Templafy.Founded in Denmark in 2014, Templafy is a global organization with offices in six major business hubs such as New York, London, Copenhagen and Sydney. Templafy supports over 2.8M users and enables over 600 enterprise customers like KPMG, IKEA, and BDOShownotes MichaelFind Michael on LinkedInFind TemplafyMichael’s favourite Business book: Crossing the Chasm by Geoffrey A. MooreMichael’s’ favourite business leader: Jeff Weiner, Executive Chairman at LinkedIn
Learn from the Irish IE Business School professor and entrepreneur Joe Haslam how to scale your business.In today's GROW B2B FASTER episode, our host Sammy, Managing Partner and founder of SAWOO catches up with Joe Haslam, Professor at IE Business School and Executive Director of the Owners Scaleup Program.That's in it for you1. Joe's inspiring entrepreneurial journey from schoolyard salesman to teaching at IE Business School and starting businesses2. Joe's opinion on chasing new customers vs. expanding with existing customers3. How to excel at cultivating existing customer relationships by going above and beyond the basic requirements4. The benefits and challenges of running a growing business and finding product-market fit5. How the pandemic led to useful insights about the exponential nature of scaling, experimenting, and sticking with what works bestAbout JoeJoe is an aspiring global entrepreneur with strong business expertise, especially in the field of scaling companies. He is a professor at IE Business School and Executive Director of the Owner's Scale-up Program in his chosen hometown of Madrid. Besides, he has co-founded five companies and serves in roles such as an investor, board member, coach and speaker. His first company Marrakech raised over $75m in Venture Capital and scaled up to 250 employees. He is now the co-founder and Chairman of Hot Hotels, the first company from Spain to be accelerated by the Techstars program in the USA (Boston, summer 2015). Along with Professor Daniel Corsten, he is currently writing a book “The Scale-up Checklist”. Throughout his life, Joe has lived in 6 countries and is passionate about mountaineering - he has climbed 3 of the 7 summits. About Owners Scaleup Program at IE Business SchoolIE Business School is a graduate and undergraduate school of business located in Madrid, Spain. It was founded in 1973 and has been part of IE University since 2009. At IE, the Owners Scaleup Program (OSP) is structured to refresh business management skills, identify market growth opportunities and investment readiness, and discuss concepts and strategies to sustain and grow your business in a changing economy. IE was ranked the #3 business school in Europe by the Financial Times in 2017. The 2019 QS Global MBA Rankings ranked IE in the same 8th place.Shownotes JoeFind Joe on LinkedIn Joe’s Owners Scale-up program at IE Business SchoolFind more about IE University on their websiteJoe's favorite Business book: White Teeth by Zadie Smith, The Female Eunuch by Germaine GreerJoe’s favorite business leader: John O’Shea and his organisation Goal  
In today's GROW B2B FASTER episode, our host Sammy, Managing Partner and founder of SAWOO catches up with Roger Figueiredo, VP Marketing&Sales at #paid.That's in it for you1. How #paid pairs brands with creators via their innovative two-sided marketplace 2. Roger's philosophy on hiring great SDRs, coaching and cultivating perseverance3. How #paid’s marketing team generates leads and drives revenue without gating any content4. How to exploit thought leaders as content producers and distribution channels5. Roger's book club approach to growing his team's expertise in copywriting and content creationAbout RogerRoger is an enthusiastic marketing expert, dedicated to helping marketing teams contribute more to company revenue. He has held leading marketing positions at various enterprises such as Shutterstock and Upchain before joining #paid as VP Marketing&Sales. Roger strives to spread his excitement for creator content and supports marketers become irreplaceable to their org through creator marketing. Besides, he assists and mentors founders, and other marketers in the tech community.About #paid#paid is a creator marketing platform that matches marketers and content creators for integrated influencer marketing programs, content creation, and native amplification designed to inspire customer behavior. Businesses of every size use their software to collaborate with creators and grow their businesses. The company was founded in 2013 and is headquartered in Toronto, Canada.ShownotesFind Roger on LinkedIn and TwitterRoger’s company #paid and their podcastRoger’s book tip for improving your copy: How to write better copy by Steve HarrisonRoger’s LinkedIn post on #paid’s testing strategyRoger’s favorite business leader: Phil Jacobson, Chamath Palihapitiya and Web SmithRoger's favorite Business book: How to win friend and influence people by Dale CarnegieSammy’s book tip for your hiring process: Who: The A method for hiring by Geoff SmartGrow B2B faster episode with Mike Weir, COO at G2
In today's GROW B2B FASTER episode, our host Sammy, Managing Partner and founder of SAWOO catches up with Daniel Bartsch, Co-Founder and COO at creditshelf.That's in it for you1. How creditshelf boosts business growth, directly impacting the future of the economy2. Daniel’s view on two diverging mindsets when it comes to accelerating one's company3. Daniel's marketing and sales key learnings during creditshelf's growth journey4. How creditshelf keeps hitting prospects by providing valuable solutions addressing ‘painpoints‘5. Why qualitative analysis and a pulse for the market are key to successful hypothesis generation and testingAbout DanielDr. Daniel Bartsch brings over 15 years of experience in the international consulting and banking environment.Before co-founding creditshelf and serving as its COO, he held various positions at UBS, including senior roles in Zurich and Singapore. After graduating with a degree in business administration from the University of Mannheim he completed his doctorate in Düsseldorf focusing on capital market research.About creditshelfcreditshelf is the leading credit platform for digital SME finance in Germany. Founded in 2014 and headquartered in Frankfurt am Main, the company arranges bank-independent, flexible financing solutions via a constantly growing network. They combine complementary needs: While SME entrepreneurs can easily access attractive financing alternatives, institutional investors can invest directly in German SMEs. creditshelf has been listed in the Prime Standard Segment of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange since 2018.ShownotesFind Daniel on LinkedInDaniels company creditshelfDaniels favorite Business leader: Milton Friedman and Warren Buffet
In today's GROW B2B FASTER episode, our host Sammy, Managing Partner and founder of SAWOO catches up with Cyrosch Kalateh, General Manager DACH at TinkThat's in it for you1. What Tink is doing and Cyrosch’s responsibilities as „CEO of the DACH region“2. Tink's multitude of ideal customers and the next evolutionary steps in organizational development3. How to set up a B2B sales org in a new country from scratch4. The importance of winning strategic partnerships prior to building and scaling your product marketing5. Cyrosch’s twofold philosophy on active outreach and crucial lessons learned About Cyrosch KalatehCyrosch represents a Senior financial leader with deep experience in the financial services industry regarding open banking, M&A, and private equity. He is passionate about digitizing the financial industry and finding ways to make his partners shine. Besides, Cyrosch is a family person, book enthusiast and dedicated downhill mountain biker.About TinkTink, founded in 2012, has the mission to change the banking industry for the better. Tink has built Europe's most resilient open banking platform with the widest, deepest connectivity and powerful services that generate value from financial data. They provide the tools that allow everyone from major banks to fintechs to startups to shape the future of financial services across Europe. ShownotesFind Cyrosch on LinkedIn or reach out to him via cyrosh.kalateh@tink.comCyrosch’s company TinkCyrosch’s method for keeping his mind sharp: Hunt: ShowdownCyrosch’s favorite Business book: Lords of Finance by Liaquat Ahamed
In today's GROW B2B FASTER episode, our host Sammy, Managing Partner and founder of SAWOO  catches up with Niels Turfboer, former Managing Director and co-founder NL & UK  at Spotcap ($112m funding).That's in it for you1. How to save costs by investing in recruiting when building up a company2. Spotcaps's sales channel with a 92% conversion rate3. How to really understand your customer's profile4. 3 key learnings from building a B2B startupAbout NilsNils is an all-around C-level executive and Fintech entrepreneur.  From 2015 to 2020, he worked on Spotcap as co-founder of the Netherland & UK unit, where he helped exit the Netherland unit of the company. Now he is on the advisory board of three different companies.About SpotcapSpotcap empowers SMEs with tailored finance, allowing them to focus on their business.The company operates as a direct lender to SMEs in the United Kingdom, Spain, Australia, and New Zealand where they offer promising businesses access to flexible finance. Spotcap’s online application is straightforward and can be completed in as little as five minutes, either online or in collaboration with a financial advisor, broker, or accountant.Spotcap was founded in 2014 and is headquartered in Berlin.ShownotesFind Niels on LinkedInNiel’s former company SpotcapNiel’s method for keeping his mind sharp: Go outside for at least an hour with the phone switched offNiel’s favorite Business leader: Jack Welch from GE
In today's GROW B2B FASTER episode, our host Sammy, Managing Partner and founder of SAWOO catches up with Josh Mastel, Founder and CEO of UpRoar Partners.That's in it for you1. How UpRoar Partners drives successful sales solutions with customised, multichannel outreach strategies2. The importance of effectively pivoting and positioning your product in a niche market3. Why to leverage cold calling in B2B Sales and UpRoar Partners personal approach to it4. UpRoar Partners hiring process and personality-revealing interview questions5. Josh’s view on automation and how innovative software tools can helpAbout JoshJosh is a determined, passionate business leader with a great deal of experience in managing large, successful sales organizations. He stands out for his high enthusiasm for sales and new digital technologies. Josh is a member of the Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC) and serves as mentor at both Techstars and Big brother Big Sisters of America.About UpRoar PartnersUpRoar Partners works together with B2B tech companies across the United States to drive leads, book demos, and grow revenue. To reach these objectives, they take responsibility for the strategy, the research, the management, the execution, and the tech tools. It was founded in 2017 by Josh Mastel and is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia.ShownotesFind Josh on LinkedInJosh’s company UpRoar PartnersJosh’s method for keeping mind and body sharp: 75 Hard by Andy FrisellaJosh’s favorite Business book: Atomic Habits by James ClearJosh’s favorite Business leaders: Gary Vee, Grant Cardone, Elon Musk
In today's GROW B2B FASTER episode, our host Sammy, Managing Partner and founder of SAWOO catches up with Vikas Bhambri, SVP at Kustomer ($137m in funding). That's in it for you1. Kustomer’s unique organizational structure and Vikas special role of overseeing the whole customer lifecycle and experience2. Vikas holistic view on account-based marketing and its potential for triggering innovation3. How to leverage the breadth of your business and ensure efficient cross-department collaboration 4. How to create content to arm your primary buyer for successfully selling your product internally5. Why customers and sales should drive strategy together and the importance of a mutual action planAbout VikasSince 2017, Vikas has been the SVP at Kustomer, leading all of the sales & customer experience functions at Kustomer, including Sales, Alliances, Operations, Technical Pre-Sales, Customer Success, Services, and Support. It is a privilege to lead this amazing team and to serve our customer base. He spent the first years of his career as a Software/Sales Engineer and System Consultant before working for 7 years as a Solution Consultant and later Solutions Director at Oracle. He appeared as the guest About KustomerKustomer is the omnichannel SaaS CRM platform reimagining enterprise customer service to deliver standout experiences. It scales to meet the needs of any contact centre and business by unifying data from multiple sources, enabling companies to deliver service and support through a single timeline view. Kustomer is the core platform of some of the leading customer service brands like Ring, Glovo, Glossier, Sweetgreen, Away, Rent the Runway and UNTUCKit. The company was founded in 2015 and is headquartered in New York.ShownotesFind Vikas on LinkedInIf you know anybody that is looking for a new challenge, Kustomer's career's page is a good place to start. Vikas mentioned Erica Schultz as a potential next guest on our podcast. She is his former boss and a mentor who’s you know the president of field operations.Vikas' favourite business leader is Tomasz Tunguz, Managing Director at Redpoint VenturesVikas' favourite business book is "Start with Why" by Simon SinekVikas is a big fan of meditation and uses the meditation app Headspace for his daily practice. 
In today's GROW B2B FASTER episode, our host Sammy, Managing Partner and founder of SAWOO catches up with Cassidy Shield, VP of Marketing at Narrative Science ($43m funding).That's in it for you1. Narrative Sciences' unconventional way of hiring high performing marketers2. Why B2B marketers should drive pipeline, not leads3. How B2B marketers can let the B2B buyer ask for a call instead of pushing for it 4. How Content-based networking can drive your B2B demand generation5. The competitive advantage small B2B companies should leverageAbout CassidyCassidy is passionate about driving change, he started his career streamlining industrial operations with software and lean operating principles. Since November 2018, he works at Narrative Science. Before, he was working ca. 13 years at Nokia, then he moved to the first software company called Netcracker and then Gogo - both as the VP of Marketing. About Narrative ScienceNarrative Science creates software that writes stories from data to drive understanding and results. Powered by artificial intelligence, its technology automatically turns data into easy-to-understand reports, transforms statistics into stories, and converts numbers into knowledge. Narrative Science was founded in 2010 and is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, United States.ShownotesCassidy’s podcast “Leading with Data”Find Cassidy on LinkedIn or send him an email at cshield@narrativescience.comFind Cassidy’s company Narrative ScienceCassidy’s favourite business books:  “Play Bigger“ by Alan Ramadan, Dave Peterson, and Christoph as well as “Positioning” by Al Ries and Jack TroutCassidy recommends the podcasts by Christopher Lochhead as one of the best marketing podcasts out thereCassidy’s favourite business leaders: Dave Gerhardt, CMO at Privy & Christopher Lochhead, CoCreator Category Pirates Newsletter
In today's GROW B2B FASTER episode, our host Sammy, Managing Partner and founder of SAWOO catches up with Josh Allen, CRO at Owl Labs.That's in it for you1. How to build a really high velocity inside sales motion by creating a trial to paid model.2. The different B2B business models Josh experienced during his career at different firms.3. How to make cold outreach successful by providing solutions to present problems.4. How to incentivize your team correctly.5. How to use the voice of your customer for your marketing.About JoshPrior to joining Owl Labs in October 2020, Josh held the roles of CRO at Drift, SVP of North American Sales and Services at CarGurus and VP of Sales at LogMeIn. In each position, Josh has focused on building out high-velocity, effective sales and customer success teams. In his free time, he is passionate about CrossFit and is the co-owner of “CrossFit 128”, a CrossFit gym.About Owl LabsOwl Labs is a collaborative tech company revolutionizing how the world communicates through inclusive and immersive video experiences. Built for modern organizations, we’re dedicated to empowering hybrid and remote teams with our award-winning collaborative technology and product suite. Owl Labs was founded in 2014 and is based in Boston, Massachusetts, United States. ShownotesFind Josh on LinkedInFind Josh’s company Owl LabsCheck out Josh's Cross Fit Gym CrossFit128.comWhat Josh is currently reading: “The Talent War” by Mike Sarraille, George Randle & Dr. Josh CottonJosh uses The Wall Street Journal to be up to date with the developments in this worldJosh’s favourite business book: “Powerful” by Patty McCordJosh’s favourite business leader: Seth Shaw, CRO at Airtable and his former mentor and sales leader when he was at LogMeIn
In today's GROW B2B FASTER episode, our host Sammy, Managing Partner and founder of SAWOO catches up with Mike Weir, Chief Revenue Officer at G2.That's in it for you1. Why a sole focus on generating leads becomes a plague in B2B Marketing2. G2’s approach for building up and fostering long-term customer relationships through thought leadership3. How joint planning sets the stage for the most effective teamwork between Marketing and Sales4. How considering the whole customer journey continuum helps to understand and refine the MQL/SQL relation5. Chances and risks of personalised cold outreach in MarketingAbout MikeMike was recognized as a Top 100 Global Sales Leader in 2021 by The Modern Sales & Collectiv. For 8 years, he worked at LinkedIn to lead a team of professionals solely focused on the Technology Industry. Now at G2, he is meeting with executives to improve their Marketing & Sales partnership so they can improve revenue growth for their companies. In his spare time, he likes to travel the world to speak at events and take in the amazing sights and culture of each country. About G2G2 is a platform to share business software reviews in real-time. It leverages more than 425,000 user reviews to drive better purchasing decisions. The company is used by business professionals, buyers, investors, and analysts to select the best software and services based on peer reviews and synthesized social data. G2 was founded in 2012 and is based out of Chicago, Illinois.ShownotesFind Mike on LinkedIn Mike’s company G2What Mike is currently listening to on audible: “Vendetta in Death:“ by J.D. Robb’sMike’s favourite business book: “Blue Ocean Strategy” by W. Chan Kim and Renee MauborgneMike’s favourite business leader Satya Nadella, CEO at Microsoft
In today's GROW B2B FASTER episode, our host Sammy, Managing Partner and founder of SAWOO catches up with Latané Conant, CMO at 6sense.That's in it for you1. How to understand modern B2B buyers and identify qualified accounts2. How to understand your B2B market to level up your marketing3. No forms, no spam, no cold calls - shifting your perspective on how marketing and customer acquisition should be done4. Why you should stop cold calls and mass outreach5. 3 tips to run your marketing team more effectively6. How to engage with your customers in the right way?About Latane Latané is a “recovering software saleswoman” at 6sense and thrives on variety, challenges, and working with wicked smart people. Until 2018 she worked as the CMO at Appirio and before moving to 6sense as the CMO. In 2020, she published her first book: “No Forms. No Spam. No Cold Calls”, sharing her experience and tips on how to increase your marketing results. About 6sense6sense features an account engagement platform that unifies revenue teams with account-level insights to achieve predictable revenue growth.  It was founded in 2013, is headquartered in San Francisco, California and up to now raised $101m in funding. Shownotes Find Latané on LinkedInLatané’s company 6senseLatané’s book “No Forms. No Spam. No Cold Calls”Latané’s favourite business book: “Never eat alone” by Keith FerrazziLatané’s favourite business leaders: Her CEO at 6sense Jason Zintak, as well as Gary Survis, Operating Partner at Insight Partners
In today's GROW B2B FASTER episode, our host Sammy, Managing Partner and founder of SAWOO catches up with Rob Gonzalez, Co-Founder and CMO at Salsify.That's in it for you1. How Salsify started building up its digital DNA and Rob’s major responsibilities as CMO2. The crucial role of the right customer for successfully scaling up your product/market fit3. Top advice on how to create and test valuable content efficiently4. The evolution of B2B Marketing and why quality over quantity ultimately wins5. How Salsify defines its own product category and builds thought leadership through community developmentAbout RobRob loves to get creative and shows this in his positions and work history in product management and marketing. He is a founding member of The Digital Shelf Institute and a core member of _Underscore.VC, two Boston-area startups and ran inbound marketing and product management for Cambridge Semantics, another Boston-area startup. He then co-founded Salsify where he is CMO.About SalsifySalsify is based in Boston, Massachusetts and empowers brands by providing tools to track and analyze inventories, presentation, and sales of goods on digital shelves. Up to now, they raised $252m.ShownotesFind Rob on LinkedIn Rob’s company SalsifyRob’s favourite business book: Deep Work by Cal NewportRob’s favourite business leader: Ben Thompson and his blog Stratechery - Rob: “currently the most thought-provoking smart technical strategy writing”
In today's GROW B2B FASTER episode, our host Sammy, Managing Partner and founder of SAWOO catches up with Tim Riesterer, chief strategy and marketing officer at Corporate Visions, Inc.That's in it for you1. How decision science works and why the approach is useful for B2B businesses2. How to become a trusted advisor by uncovering your customers unconsidered needs3. What the DIQ approach is and how to implement it 4. Why destroying the status-quo of your customer doesn't work for existing buyers5. How often should you take business reviews with your clients?About TimTim is the co-author of four books on the subject: "The Expansion Sale" (2020), "Three Value Conversations" (2015),  "Conversations that Win the Complex Sale" (2011) and “Customer Message Management” (2006). In 2018 he started to work for Corporate Visions as the leading provider of science-backed marketing and sales training programs and consulting services for B2B companies. Since 2019 he is also on the Editorial Advisory Board at International Journal of Sales Transformation.About Corporate VisionsCorporate Visions is a leading marketing and sales messaging, tools and training company that helps global B2B companies create more sales opportunities, win more deals and increase sales profitability by improving the conversations salespeople have with customers.ShownotesTim's Book "The Expansion Sale"Find Tim on LinkedIn or on TwitterFind Tim's Company Corporate Visions at corporatevisions.comFind Tim's research firm "B2B decisions Labs" at B2Bdecisionlabs.comThe book that was a turning point in Tim’s Life: "Peace with God" by Billy GrahamTim's favourite business book: "7 Habits" by Stephen CoveyTim's recommendation for books on behavioural science: "Thinking, Fast and Slow" by Daniel KahnemanTim's recommendations for a more entertaining and commercial version of "Thinking, Fast and Slow": "The Undoing Project" by Michael
In today's GROW B2B FASTER episode, our host Sammy, Managing Partner and founder of SAWOO catches up with Tyler Lessard, VP of Marketing & Chief Video strategist at Vidyard, a fast-growing company ($ 75m funding) headquartered in Ontario - Canada.That's in it for you1. How to improve B2B lead generation & book meetings with potential clients by using video 2. How Tyler got “more visual” in his marketing at Vidyard3. The future of marketing & sales in B2BAbout TylerTyler is a business leader with a passion for creative storytelling and exceptional customer experiences. Recognized by Demand Gen Report as the top Buyer-Focused B2B Marketer, and by Marketo as one of the top 50 Fearless Marketers, he's a frequent speaker and author on video marketing, content marketing, brand building, and demand generation. As VP Marketing at Vidyard, he's spent 6+ years helping businesses grow through the strategic use of video content.About VidyardVidyard offers a video marketing platform, enabling customers to create personalized videos and analyze their performance.Shownotes:Get in touch with Tyler on LinkedInTyler's company Vidyard, that creates software to host and analyze video performanceTyler's favourite business book: "They Ask You Answer" by Marcus SheridanTyler's favourite business leaders: Vala Afshar and Brian SolisTyler's Book "The Visual Sale" or find it on the website thevisualsale.comOne of the ultimate books for marketing "The New Rules of Marketing and PR" by David Meerman ScottTyler recommends this guide to learn more about how to utilize videos for your sales: The Ultimate Guide to Video and Sales
In today's GROW B2B FASTER episode, our host Sammy, Managing Partner and founder for SAWOO catches up with Greg Alexander, Chief Investment Officer for Capital 54. Greg sold his 30 person consultancy for a whopping $162m and now has the goal to help other founders to scale and exit their professional service firms as succuessfull as he did.That's in it for you:1. How Greg built and sold his 30 person consultancy for $162m  2. Why the hero complex holds most consultancies back from scaling3. How to decouple revenue growth from employee growth4. Why you should explore offshoring and the freelance workforce and how that reduces risk and increases profit5. How to get to over 50% margins with your consultancy6. Bye Bye to the "only partners sell projects" logic - why you should invest into a sales engine with dedicated business development staff or hire external power to help you grow7. 2 things that make your sales people successful8. How to hire the perfect sales person for your company9. How to leverage podcasting to demonstrate thought leadership that increases your brand awareness10. Why you need to deliver apps instead of PowerPoints and how to do soShownotes: - Greg mentioned the book "Topgrading for Sales: World-Class Methods to Interview, Hire, and Coach Top SalesRepresentatives" a great resource for how to hire salespeople- Greg recommends his favorite book at the moment about the science behind decision making: "Thinking, Fast and Slow" - Greg's own Book about "How to make your professional service company ready to sell"- Greg's initiative to help and connect professional service companies: Greg's company that invests into professional service companies: Greg's Podcast with learnings on how to build a sellable professional service company: - Sammy's book tip on how to optimize your hiring process: "Who: The A Method For Hiring" by Geoff Smart- Get in touch with Greg: 
In today's GROW B2B FASTER episode, our guest is John Kaplan, co-founder and Managing Partner of Force Management, and the host is  Sammy Gebele, Managing Partner and founder of SAWOO.That's in it for you1. How Force Management started and John's daily motivation to keep going2. How John helped successful companies grow faster3. How to tackle marketing & sales expenses during a crisis4. What is going wrong in the B2B marketing environment nowadays?5. The 4 magic questions that will help you align your B2B sales & marketing  6. Most important things for sales leaders when scaling a company7. What should everybody in B2B sales and marketing start doing?About JohnBefore co-founding Force Management, John served as Senior Vice President of International Sales Operations for PTC, a software and professional services company listed at the NASDAQ. PTC went 43 straight quarters of never missing their number to wall street!His company Force Management provides real-world experience to help clients define sales solutions and create management tools that produce measurable results. They e.g. helped NS1 increase its bookings by 60% or JAMA software increase its new and expansion business growth by 50%.ShownotesYou can find John on LinkedIn: or contact him via email at kaplan@forcemanagement.comJohn's company Force Management helps clients define sales solutions and create management tools: recommended a guided meditation by the organization "Art of Living" mentioned the book "The Power of Habit" as one of his favourite business books also recommends the book "Extreme Ownership" as one of his favourites episode is sponsored by SAWOO - " We help you grow your B2B business faster"
That's in it for you:1. How you should change your sales approach when switching to remote selling2. How to change your sales presentation to increase its success in remote selling 3. How salespeople can master technology to convince customers in remote selling Our guest Massimo Pernicone is a director for the Innovation & Sales and Marketing Practice at BTS, based in Madrid, and a dear friend with whom I studied over 10 years ago at IE Business School. He and his team aim to bring classic sales models into the virtual era and enforce sales transformations. Furthermore, they help to enable sales to use hybrid selling.This episode is sponsored by SAWOO - " We help you grow your B2B business faster"
That's in it for you:1. Sisu (Finnish for intransigence) as Marten's secret for success 2. When entering a new market one should focus on closing deals first and let the marketing  follow3. Stop focusing on deal sizes - just close deals and make customers happy. The rest will take  care of itself4. In the digital world, quantity creates quality 5. Which mindset to look for when hiring people Learn from Mårten Mickos, the CEO of HackerOne, how to increase the success rate & generate value for your B2B customers. HackerOne is a fast-growing company out of Silicon Valley, helping companies like Goldman Sachs, Lufthansa, and Uber secure their platforms and systems with their "good Hackers". As of September 2019, the company had raised $110 Million.Mårten is a seasoned professional and entrepreneur, who was e.g. the CEO of MySQL AB from 2001 to 2008. He grew that company from a garage start-up to the second largest open source company in the world. This episode is sponsored by SAWOO - " We help you grow your B2B business faster"
*This is a German episode*"That's in it for you"1. That you should shift your focus from closing deals to building long-term relationships with your customers.2. The key factor for charismatic appearance is full presence and the commitment to really listen to your customers.3. The main goal for you should be to build up a reputation of accountability and reliance towards your customersIn times of Covid-19, B2B sales are wrongly paid little attention. Studies by BCG and Bain clearly show that companies that focus on growth in recessions grow faster than the competition both during and after the recession. See article: “CEO crisis-playbook: grow faster AND expand profitability during times of crises”We show you how B2B sales employees should act in times of the Corona crisis to secure existing business and generate new leads.We invite B2B sales experts Adi Goth and Dr. Tobias Kiefer who will give you pragmatic tips.This episode is sponsored by SAWOO - " We help you grow your B2B business faster"
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