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Author: Pran Patel and Dr Sarif Alrai

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Dr Sarif Alrai and Pran Patel speak truth to power on a variety of different topics ranging from systemic anti-racism, activism, education to our everyday lives. We speak simply about our reality as two men of colour in the Great British (UK) society today.
3 Episodes
In this episode, Sarif and Pran are joined by Dr Dwight Turner, Senior Lecturer at University of Brighton, UK. They discuss the concept of The Other as well as representation of People of Colour in the world of Psychology, Psychotherapy, and Mental Health. 
In episode two, Sarif and Pran invite Maire Cervenak from New Jersey (USA) to contribute on the 'rise of 'Karens''. We delve into questions like: What is a 'Karen'? Is the term Racist? Sexist? Classist? What are 'White Women's Tears'? How does it relate to privilege, intersectionality and society today? And finally, as antiracists, how do we battle its impact? 
In this episode, Pran and Sarif reflect on the outcome of the 2020 US Presidential elections. They talk about the nature of politics, knowledge, and populism in today's society. 
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