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If you are a Real Estate Agent in 2022 and you aren't producing consistent content on YouTube, I can guarantee you are leaving money on the table. In this video I talk about why you need to be on YouTube and I also share some great optimizing hacks for your channel.  Check out our Teams Channel:🌐📹 Business Planning for Agents:📹 New Agent Blueprint:📹 Sell More, without Selling: 📹 5 Instagram Tactics:
One of the most overlooked part about becoming an agent is that many don't understand that you are starting a business. Many still think that you are a still an employee and retain that employee mind set. Let me ask you this: would you open a restaurant or a retail business without first creating a plan? So why do so many Real Estate agents just “Wing it” and hope for the best?YouTube: colinbreadnerWebsite: colinbreadner.comInstagram: @colinbreadner
I remember how hard it was to get started as a New Real Estate Agent. The learning curve is steep and you may feel you are alone in this. In this video I take what I know now, after being in this career for 15 years, and turn back the clock. I break down what I would do if I were to start as a new agent in 2022. 🌐www.colinbreadner.comInstagram: @colinbreadnerYouTube: Colin Breadner
Is the job title of “Salesperson” becoming stigmatized? We’ve all experienced being sold to in a pushy, sleazy way, and it’s often quite an unpleasant experience. In this podcast, I'm going to talk about how to sell...without selling. How to become a consultant and not a salesperson in order to create long term clients and a successful real estate practice.Website: colinbreadner.comYouTube: colinbreadenerInstagram: @colinbreadner
Have you ever wondered why some agents thrive while others fail? Well, it has everything to do with perceived Authority. What better way to increase your authority in the age of Social Media then the use of video. In this video I'm going to show you my top 6 videos I create to engage my audience while increasing my authority as a top real estate agent in my market.Find me on YouTube: Click HereWebsite: colinbreadner.comInstagram: @colinbreadner
Do you find yourself floundering when it comes to your social media marketing. Do you sit there and ask yourself “What the heck am I supposed to do with this?”. Well stick around because in this video I'm going to show you 5 actions to take on Instagram to grow your audience, create authority and ultimately position yourself as the “go to agent” in your market.LINKS:YouTube: colinbreadner.comInstagram:
Are you short on cash or just looking for innovative ways to build your Real Estate brand locally? Well I've got you covered in this video. I'm going to lay out 5 ideas that I've used to build a multi-six figure real estate business without breaking the bank so stick around. One of these ideas could be just what's going to take your business to the next level.YouTube:
So, how do you make 6 figures consistently every year from your Circle of Influence? Keep listening right to the end because I'm going to share with you my strategies on how I have accomplished this for the past 15 years selling Real Estate.Whenever I start working with an agent that is new to the business, the first thing I tell them is to start with their Sphere of Influence or S.O.I. The key to success in Real Estate Sales is to get as many people possible to Know, Like and Trust you. Once you have trust, they will do business with you. If you continue to watch my videos, you will hear me say that over and over again. Know, Like and Trust. So when beginning in this business, why not start with the people who already know, like and trust you.Join me on YouTube:
They say that the "Riches are in the Niches". Working with Seniors is very different then working with young first time buyers. On this episode we have one of the best in the business, Kelly O'Dwyer, sharing her knowledge on the best practices when working with Seniors. Kelly O’Dwyer specializes in client care and building relationships so that your real estate journey is a quality experience. She gets to know your needs, understands your values, and analyses your situation to find out what is going to work best for your real estate requirements.A licensed realtor for 14 years, Kelly has honed her skills to help you as a first time home buyer, if you are upsizing or downsizing, and specializes in relocations from across BC, or out of province.Prior to her real estate career, Kelly spent fifteen years working as a mortgage lender. That banking experience gave her knowledge of the real estate process, the life situations that can affect transactions, and the consequences of not following process.There are many steps to a real estate transaction, so Kelly developed her own processes that take you from your first visit with her to when she hands over your keys, and sees a smile on your face.Kelly and her husband were born in Nanaimo, raised their four children here, and plan to retire here. She knows the best places to eat, the best places to play, and the best driving shortcuts to anywhere around town.Keep Calm. Call Kelly.Senior’s Real Estate SpecialisteXp Realty Nanaimo Partner/OwnerDirector – Vancouver Island Real Estate Board 2019-2021Direct line -
Listing in any market is key. I was told early on in my career that you have to "List to Last". In this episode I talk about why you must become a great listing agent and the strategies to get you there. Strategy #1: Know "why" the consumer must list with youStrategy #2: Out work your competitionStrategy #3: Old School tactics still workStrategy #4: Playing the long gameStrategy #5: Stop thinking about Real EstateFor courses and Real Estate resources,  visit my website:
It's easier then ever to generate leads online. However, it still takes skill and knowledge to create "Clients for Life". In this episode we talk to John Cooper of the John Cooper Group in Nanaimo, all about earning life time clients and building a real estate business for the long term.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------John has been helping families buy and sell homes on Vancouver Island since 2007, when he relocated to Nanaimo from Vancouver with his young family. With a background in digital marketing, John saw a gap in the market, and has been a leader in the digital evolution of the local industry ever since. Starting in real estate at a time of global economic depression was a challenge, but it taught him that by putting his client’s needs first, he could build a long term, sustainable business that would last. By focusing on a boutique agency model with the virtual brokerage, Exp, he’s been able to craft a small and mighty team that is focused, nimble, and incredibly effective at providing experienced guidance, effective marketing, and personalized service. Although awards are not the focus, experience is. He’s grateful to have been awarded the following: 2 time EXP Icon Award WinnerTop 20 Under 40 Award Winner2020 VIREB Service Award RecipientRealtors Care Award RecipientFormer President of the DNBIARE/MAX Lifetime Achievement AwardRE/MAX Hall of Fame AwardRE/MAX Diamond Club Team AwardRE/MAX Chairman's Club AwardRE/MAX Platinum Club Award
In every HOT market, Sellers question the advantage of having a Real Estate Professional working on their behalf. A few decide to sell on their own.  In this Episode Colin and Jeff discuss how to work with For Sale By Owners and ultimately bring them value.About Jeff Lyons:Helping agents reach their goals on their own terms is my ultimate goal. Doing that while simultaneously helping buyers and sellers with their largest investment is my passion.Doing a little bit of everything. I’ve been a solo agent, a top producer, a brokerage owner, and now a team leader at eXp Realty. With over 7 years of experience, I’ve realized a clear path to help buyers, sellers and agents be as successful as possible.Connect with 
In this episode I talk about 6  success strategies to help you make 2021 your best year yet. I talk about Personal Branding, Social Media Strategies and how to find your "Why". If you like what you hear, think about joining my Real Estate Mastery Group on Facebook.  If you would like to chat more, hit me up on Instagram DM. I would love to hear from you.For great downloadable content, head to:
In this episode I  discuss why you should hire an assistant, when you should hire and what they should do. Mindset: Fixed vs GrowthThe math. How much do you make per hour and why are you doing tasks that you can pay someone less then what you make. Thus freeing you up to do the "High Ticket Items".How do you know it's time to hire? Well here is my list of signs that you are ready:You are consistently closing 2-4 deals per monthYour lead generation is consistent, as in you are generating leads every weekYou are profitable on a monthly basisYou are willing to give your assistant autonomy (this system will only work if you don't' micro manage your assistant)You have a system in place to organize your transactions. What is the one questions to ask everyone you are looking to hire?Website:
Eric began his journey into real estate and digital marketing working for one of the fastest growing real estate marketing agencies in Canada. There he spent two years learning from veterans who've built $500 million companies via digital marketing excellence.After helping take a sales team from 2 to 20, and running over 150 live workshops and 50 webinars for real estate agents across North America he branchedout to become one himself. After implementing whathe had been teaching he found early success, but was quick to recognize the huge demand for digital marketing services from those with actual industry knowledge.So… Although a great career full of potential, Eric has now formed a digital marketing agency and online education platform to serve real estate agents. He now helps agents level up online with YouTube, online courses and Google Ads & Pay-Per-Click (PPC) agency services.My Website:
Jason has a value-based approach that has allowed him to outperform the market year after year. In his first year, Jason sold 135 homes. In Jason’s second and third year he accomplished the purchase and sale of 205 then 257 homes in a declining market.As a dedicated mentor and coach, Jason guided two brand new agents to 71 sales and 48 sales in their first year as Real Estate agents. Jason is very proud of the fact that each of his agents has earned a healthy six figure income in their first twelve months working within the Sims Real Estate Group.With just under $300,000,000 in Real Estate sales over the last three and a half years Jason has reached the top echelon in Canadian Real Estate has been celebrated for being a top producer in Western Canada.Jason has a client-centric approach which is all about creating an elevated, world class, experience with his clients by providing a personalized approach that is always core-value based.Jason has a passion for helping others succeed and has founded Sims Coaching Systems along with Joseph Moretti based on the pure passion for collaborating with others and helping others succeed in their businesses.When Jason is not in the office, he can be found spending quality time with his wife, three sons and daughter. Jason also loves a good game of golf on any of the beautiful golf courses that Vancouver Island has to offer.
Who is Jamie Adamchuk you ask? 🤔 Jamie is a superstar business coach, professional trainer, and all around awesome guy - I guarantee this chat will be full of energy and you will definitely learn something new that you can apply in your business! 🙌He's served with the Anthony Robbins Group of Companies as a Tony Robbins Certified Master and Platinum Coach (how awesome is that?!), conducting in excess of 7000 coaching sessions, along with providing his services as a Tony Robbins Business Trainer.He’s coached clients in over 30 countries world-wide, on 6 of the 7 continents, and has most recently traveled to Australia to do so, where he had the opportunity to connect with and be mentored by Grant Cardone, Kerwin Rae and Gary Vaynerchuk (Gary Vee) .... amazing!!Jamie is a Proud owner of UE Coaching where he helps business operators relieve unnecessary stress, scale their businesses, and become TRUE Business Owners.Don't miss this one!!LINKS:My website: colinbreadner.comMy Downloads: Click Here
Winter can be a hard time for agents where business traditionally slows and for some agents, pay cheques are scarce. Especially for newer agents.So what do we do to keep the pipeline full and keep our current clients happy. Here are my top tips of how to spend the winter months moving your business forward.Download My 100 Point Prospecting Game Here: CLICK HERE
Welcome back to the podcast.  In this episode I discuss a few tactics that I've employed this year to ensure that I've had a steady stream of clients using me to buyer or sell. Also I talk about how to get into a positive mindset when you're surrounded by all the uncertainty and fear during the pandemic.Links:My website: colinbreadner.com300 Instagram Story Idea Download: Click Here365 Days of Social Media Content: Click HereBombBomb 14 Day Trial: Click Here
I truly believe that you should be able to create massive success in your real estate business without being overworked, burnt out, and running yourself ragged. I’m SO glad you found your way over to this podcast today, you won’t regret it! My goal with this podcast is to bring you the best ideas, practical advice and special tactics to help YOU create massive success, passive income, and business growth as a real estate agent. I’ll share with you everything I’ve learned from my 14+ years of Real Estate experience PLUS, I’ll be having some uber successful guests from all walks of life that will appear on the podcast and share THEIR best tips for business success.
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