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SponsorsBuzzsprout - last week, 3,437 people started a podcast with Buzzsprout Squadcast - Create high-quality audio and video content just using your browser and using Dolby Enhanced Audio Mastering, they’ll sound better than ever.Special GuestTom Webster -  Sounds ProfitableShow Notes & LinksTom Webster has announced he is to join Sounds Profitable as Partner.  Writing in Sounds Profitable, he outlines the future for Sounds Profitable - to share content, research,  run events and advisory services to help set the course for the future of the audio business. Todd Cochrane’s Geek News Central hits episode 1,600 this week. One of the first podcasts in the world, its first episode was Oct 9, 2004 - just a few weeks after the word “podcast” began to be used. This was the first podcast Tom Webster listened to.  Wondery is streaming some shows in Dolby Atmos. You’ll need to be a Wondery+ subscriber to listen because there aren’t any standard podcast apps that playback the format yet.The sixth annual IAB US Podcast Advertising Revenue study was published. It shows US podcast ad revenue growth increasing dramatically during 2021, hitting $1.4bn. Revenues are forecast to hit $4.2bn in 2024.iHeartMedia’s podcast business brought in $69m during the first quarter - 12% of total revenue; its radio business brought in $416m. The company posted a net loss of $48.7m, though, for the quarter. Spotify is to close Spotify Stations, a lean-back music radio experience.Spotify is testing a new homepage layout that allows a toggle between music and podcasts. h/t Chris Messina.Spotify has published its Swedish Podcast Report 2022. 54% of Swedish people from 18-79 listen to podcasts regularly; 60% say they listen on Spotify; SR Play is #2, and Apple Podcasts is #3.Acast says the company is focusing its efforts on Conversational Targeting, meaning “advertisers are targeting conversations — not individual users”.
SponsorsBuzzsprout - last week, 3,549 people started a podcast with Buzzsprout NEW: Squadcast - Create high-quality audio and video content just using your browser: and, using Dolby Enhanced Audio Mastering, they’ll sound better than ever.Special GuestSteve Jones -  Content Director at Crowd NetworkShow Notes & Links: Facebook is pulling out of podcasts and will close the service starting Jun 3. The company will stop creators adding podcasts to the service this week. They don’t plan to communicate the closure to Facebook users.Facebook was responsible for just 0.3% of all podcast downloads last month, says Buzzsprout. It had reached 0.5% in February, making it the 17th largest podcast app.More than a quarter of new podcast episodes published in April were on Anchor, according to data from John Spurlock: The world’s largest podcast host, Anchor was down for much of yesterdaySpotify is hiring for a podcast moderation team in Dublin Ireland.Michael Mignano is to leave Spotify. He’s said to have given his resignation last week and leaves at the end of June. Chartable has clarified its future, in an email to users. In the UK, The Radio Academy’s ARIAS took place last night. Headliner has added an integration with Hindenburg (build 2434).  They've also added export to LinkedIn.Tom Webster has announced he is to leave Edison Research.  He is our guest on next week's show. Fountain 0.3.16 is now available on iOS and Android! New features: Lightning Addresses, Fountain User Splits, Activity Notifications.Livestreams now supported on Podverse web.JustCast added support episode level <podcast:person>, <podcast:location> and <podcast:funding>Transistor is launching new free website builder just add your RSS feed.
SponsorBuzzsprout - last week, 3,448 people started a podcast with Buzzsprout GuestsTom Billington - Content Director for The Podcast ShowNeil Mody - CEO & Co-Founder Headliner Show Notes & Links: Spotify’s Anchor has rolled out proprietary video podcasts to all Anchor users in the US, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, and the UK. Paid subscriptions will be available for these shows, too; additionally, Anchor has integrated with Riverside.Remote recording tool Riverside has just raised $35m in Series B funding.A better future alternative (perhaps) is to support the alternateEnclosure tag. Podbean appears to be seeing a large number of migrations away from the service.Spotify has just released its financial results for Q1/22. Spotify stock reached its lowest point ever! Spotify is launching a fund to support open source software. Apple has launched three new Apple Podcast Collections, Apple Podcasts has also launched new listening reports for paid subscriptions.Fountain is giving away free money for podcast listeners. The Lightning-enabled podcast app is giving every new user 1,000 sats in their account - for them to share with podcasts they enjoy  Quick NewsTwitter has been bought by Elon Musk for $44bnTriton Digital has released its inaugural Canada Podcast Report. Triton Digital has released th
SponsorBuzzsprout - last week, 3,684 people started a podcast with Buzzsprout Notes & Links: 1. Spotify Selling Vapourware Again!?In June 2021, Spotify announced the Spotify Greenroom Creator Fund for US creators to “support and reward creators for the communities they build and the experiences they create”, as part of the launch of Spotify Greenroom. However, the fund never launched; and yesterday, Spotify emailed applicants, admitting that the program had been cancelled.2. Gaming the Spotify Algorithm?There’s a new global #1 - the Brazilian artist Anitta’s Envolver. How did Anitta do it? By apparently asking her fans to game the Spotify algorithms  - https://charts.spotify.com3.  Spotify Moderation ?Spotify has quietly rolled-out a new misinformation policy that says it may hide shows, or in their words “restrict content’s discoverability”. NiemanLab has discovered the company’s new rules, which Spotify have yet to announce: and nor have they added them to their public Platform Rules page.The Brookings Institution has written a new document that highlights current platform policies, describes how Spotify and Apple allow listeners to report shows, and suggests areas that policy-makers might focus on.4.  Spotify Curation?How do the Spotify team decide which podcasts to promote? Spotify for Podcasters describes what you can do to be considered.Higher Ground, Barack and Michelle Obama’s production company, is to leave Spotify, says Ashley Carman at Bloomberg5. Goodbye Facebook Podcasts?A year after it announced podcasts in its app and other audio tools, Facebook’s interest in podcasting is waning, according to Bloomberg’s Ashley Carman.6. Buzzsprout YouTube Platform Specialist · Buzzsprout · Jacksonville, USAemail:
SponsorBuzzsprout - last week, 3,686 people started a podcast with Buzzsprout Special GuestLauren Passell - CEO TinkMedia talks about why she has launched a podcast swap database for podcasters interested in setting up a promo swap for their podcast.Notes & Links: An Anchor podcast called Soldier of Misfortune has been accused of being a shameless rip-off by Brendan I Koerner, a journalist for The Atlantic . He accuses the podcaster, Jesse Rapaport, of knowingly stealing his work. Spotify says that they’ll continue losing money from their podcast acquisitions in 2022, but podcasting should begin to make a profit at a time “not too far away”.Podcast host Anchor’s creator interface is now available in 35 different languages. Of the top five podcast hosts, Omny Studio is in six languages, Spreaker is available in four; Buzzsprout and Libsyn only offer English, though YouTube is in 82 different languagesApple Podcasts has now added follower metrics for all your shows in Apple Podcasts ConnectAdvertisers should move money away from podcasts that don’t provide transcripts, says Bryan Barletta in Sounds Profitable Spotify Live went live in the US.iHeartMedia is making an NFT-based podcast networkPodchaser has launched an API for sponsors and ad spends
SponsorBuzzsprout - last week, 3,847 people started a podcast with Buzzsprout Special GuestHarry Duran talks about how he found a sponsor for his new podcast, raising $9k before launching  SubStackSubstack is moving into podcasting - “but better”. The platform also lets you podcast for freeYouTubeYouTube is the third most popular podcast platform in AmericaShould your podcast be on YouTube? Rephonic crunch the data: revealing that for English-language shows, it could well be worthwhile. The Podfather thinks it's a waste of time.Dan Misener analyses the different types of podcast on YouTubeJeff Vidler from Signal Hill Insights calls YouTube “the elephant in the podcasting room"AcastAcast published its annual report. The company saw net ad sales grow by 73%; while it almost doubled the loss of last yearAlberto Betella has suggested a podcast:verify tag, designed to removed the need for podcasters to expose/spam their email addresses in RSS feeds.BBCThe hosts of one of the UK’s biggest podcasts, Mark Kermode and Simon Mayo are to take their film review podcast to Sony Music EntertainmentWorth Reading Is talent in control - Matt DeeganOtherPodmachine has been launched - a tool to grow and edit your podcast for youHeadliner has launched EddyDave Jones writes What is Podcasting 2.0 all about?Podchaser launch their 3rd annual Reviews4Good programDaniel J Lewis is celebrating 15 years in podcastingCastopod 1.0.0-beta.12 is up! Grab your Castopod on
SPECIAL GUEST:  Chris Messina NEWS: YouTube:Exclusive: YouTube is planning tighter integration, monetisation and analytics for podcasts.  Despite no announcement from YouTube’s director of podcasting, Kai Chuk, at Podcast Movement Evolutions last weekYouTube is looking at ingesting podcast RSS feeds directly with a new podcasts homepage to be at (a URL that doesn’t work, yet) Spotify: Spotify is working on a brand new podcast interface. Spotted by Chris Messina, who posted a screen recording archived by Podnews here, the new interface adds a dedicated Podcasts tab, vertical scrolling, and live captions for all shows. Want to play with the new Spotify interface for podcasting? It’s already on your phone. On an iPhone or iPad, open Safari, visit spotify:internal:podcastclips and you’ll go straight there. /via @chrismessinaSiriusXM:Freakonomics Radio is to become a radio station on SiriusXM. RØDE has launched its first-ever set of headphones. i.e the NTH-100s Podimo has bought Dag en Nacht, the largest podcast publisher in the Netherlands. Sonnant has launched new AI-powered tools for audio and video monetisation. Dave Jones from the Podcast Index has posted about WebSub, and why “it doesn’t scale well”. The Podcast Index is using a system called PodPing.There has been an update to the socialInteract have proposed a new <verification> tag to remove the need for the iTunes: email tag used to spam podcasters. JustCast added support to  episode level value-for-value namespace! AudiWave have added support  PodcastindexOrg - People, Location, and Transcript support to the iOS appThe PodLP app has had a new release for KaiOS, adding a season filter (just like Apple!), and configuration improvements.First look: Popular podcast app Overcast is to release a redesign today. Buzzsprout Podcast hosting and a whole lot more
Special GuestAlban Brooke - Head of Marketing at BuzzsproutNews: Kai Chuk from YouTube presented but said nothing about their future plansMatt Deegan writes more about podcasters using video in his newsletterBy the end of the year, it’s going to be essential that podcasters are creating proper video versions of their shows. - Matt DeeganIt’s also why nearly 20% of podcast listeners regard YouTube as their main podcast app.  - Tom WebsterTom Webster from Edison Research, warns podcasters to be careful saying “get this wherever you get your podcasts” if they don’t put their show on YouTubeAdori announced a new YouTube integration to help grow your podcast audienceThe results of the Podnews Report Card were announced at Podcast Movement Evolution by our Editor, James Cridland. Selections from the 750 comments captured are on the Podnews websiteEdison Research unveiled the Infinite Dial 2022 The Ambies, the awards from The Podcast Academy that celebrate excellence in podcasting, took place last night. The winners are here: 9/12, from Amazon Music, Pineapple Studios and Wondery was the podcast of the year; the podcast’s host Dan Taberski accepted the award in the award ceremony in Los Angeles CA, USAApple Podcasts will add follower numbers to Apple Podcasts Connect, starting next month. You’ll be able to view followers per show and easily measure followers across showsWriting in Variety, Jem Aswad is highly critical of Spotify’s $310m sponsorship of FC Barcelona, which they announced on Tuesday Buzzsprout - Let's get your podcast launched! Start for FREEDisclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase, I may receive a commission at no extra cost to you.
MONTY PYTHON: Spam SketchSPECIAL GUEST: Marty Michael - CEO & Co-Founder Gumball Gumball has raised $10 million to expand its podcasting host-read advertising platform. The company was built by the team behind the Headgum Podcast Network. NEWS: Podcast host Acast is still spamming podcasters, even co-founders of rival podcast networks, or hosts of shows that ended three years ago. Libsyn's Rob Walch correctly notes "Friends don't send emails starting 'hello friend' (as Acast's do), and they don't spam". Hypocritically, Acast actually offers its customers a tool to obfuscate your email address in your RSS feed, so that it will "help our podcasters avoid unwanted spam". It's a problem the company is more than aware of, then. "Email marketing is one part of our marketing strategy", said Ross Adams, the company's CEO, when we last asked.Oscar Merry has suggested Lightning Comments as a potential solution for cross-app commenting: using "boostagrams" as a method of sending comments. We like this idea; and the spec is simple enough for us to code it; so, you'll find a "comments" section on every update in Podnews's web version. You can also see those comments in the Fountain app.Podnews are also, as of today, permanently supporting the socialInteract tag for Twitter (and will probably pull in those comments to the page, too, at some stage). A new version is up: 1.0.0-beta. This release comes with bug fixes and an exciting feature: WebSub! From now on, Castopod will push your newly published episodes directly to open subscription hubs, meaning that they will get broadcasted instantly after publication.A gateway from WebSub to PodPing. allows any WebSub-enabled podcast to push notifications to Podping. Please note that is still at an early stage. Contact us if you want more information: hosting company Transistor now supports multiple languages for its built-in podcast websites.EMAIL:
GUESTS:  James O. BoggsAndy BowersNEWS: Spooler's "dynamic, real-time audio" publishing system launched last week. According to an analysis by John Spurlock, on its first day, Spooler helped The Refresh from Insider to produce five editions of their podcast. A new podcast platform, Spooler, has launched. It's founded by a who's who of podcasting, including CEO James O. Boggs, formerly Head of Podcasts at Apple; CCO Andy Bowers, co-founder of Slate Audio and Megaphone; CTO Dan Benjamin, founder of Fireside·fm and the 5by5 podcast network, and Exec Producer Kerry Donahue, former EP at WNYC.  Amazon has released Amp, a “live radio app” seen as their version of Clubhouse or TwitterSpaces. It’s available in the US for iOS users only in a waitlist; it’ll enable you to DJ your own music show (with “tens of millions of licensed songs” they say), and you can take callers, too. Amp’s website is live, and you can download the app to join the waitlist.YouTube is offering podcasters up to $50,000 to film their shows and paying podcast networks up to $300,000, according to Bloomberg’s Ashley Carman.TikTok on the clock, but the party don’t stop: except, says Rephonic, podcasters are ignoring TikTok. Twitter is significantly over-represented across all podcasts, the company summarises; but TikTok has by far the highest average number of followers.Is TikTok getting into podcasting? TikTok is hiring for someone to work in their “Podcast Operation” in Sydney NSW, Australia.TikTok is launching its own music marketing and distribution platform, SoundOnHow many podcasts use chapters? About 1.22% of all episodes, says new data from John Spurlock’s Livewire. ID3 tags within MP3 are the most popular method.A cross-app <lightningcomments> specification that could be added to the Podcasting 2.0 namespace.Justcast adds support for Seasons <podcast:season/> and you can pick the season from a list, and create a new one on the fly.
Special Guest: Laura Ivey - Director of Research at Edison ResearchNews:Will we see a podcast player in Twitter? Alessandro Paluzzi has spotted a podcasts option in the latest Twitter code, and Jane Manchun Wong has also unearthed a Podcasts tab. Nathan Gathright has brainstormed some ideas about what he hopes Twitter is up to - let’s hope it’s not just reruns of Twitter Spaces.A new podcast platform, Spooler, has launched. It’s founded by a who’s who of podcasting, including CEO James O. Boggs, formerly Head of Podcasts at Apple; CCO Andy Bowers, co-founder of Slate Audio and Megaphone; CTO Dan Benjamin, founder of Fireside·fm and the 5by5 podcast network, and Exec Producer Kerry Donahue, former EP at WNYC. The product claims to be a new modular content management system for audio, allowing instant edits and re-ordering of content while being compatible with RSS podcast apps. The tech also incorporates Dolby·io to smooth audio volumes and apply noise reduction. Axios has more information.The British Podcast Awards 2022 are now open to enter. If you’ve created at least six episodes of a podcast over the last year, you’re probably eligible.iHeartMedia’s Conal Byrne has made a number of predictions about podcasting for 2022, writing in Forbes. “The entire internet will be converted to audio and distributed on-demand”, he says.iHeartRadio has added a tool called “Talk Back” to its app. It lets listeners send short voice messages to radio and podcast hosts. It “will roll out to interested iHeartRadio podcasters who opt-in sometime in early April.”Audacy has launched the Audacy Digital Audience Network, which they call “the highest quality addressable audience in audio”. 60 million listeners across podcasts and radio are available to target.Unusually, That Peter Crouch Podcast, a show grown by the BBC, has signed with the Acast Creator Network. Producer George Cottam will leave the BBC to continue producing the show; Chris Stark will continue to host. 
GUEST:John Spurlock talking about implementing ActivityPub/Co-Comments  LINKS: https://podcastsocial.org Anyone can claim to be a creator of any podcast within the GoodPods app, without any proof or validation, we’ve discovered. Acast has been been “spamming podcasters”, says competitor Buzzsprout, which has published an unsolicited email from Acast sent to many of Buzzsprout’s customers; we’re aware they’ve also been sent to Anchor users too. “Email marketing is one part of our marketing strategy as we look to bring even more great creators to Acast, and we’re focused on providing the best possible tools and services to help them reach their potential.” — Ross Adams, CEO, AcastHow should apps best verify ownership?  Fountain asks for the email held in the RSS file to claim podcast? Proposed Solution by James Cridland.  Is there a better, easier way to help podcasters “claim” their podcast on different apps? Currently, that process is a clunky method of hoping someone has access to the email address in the RSS feed, and then sending them an email. We think there might be something rather easier. Here’s some proposed documentation of how it might work.WebFinger is a protocol specified by the Internet Engineering Task Force IETF that allows for the discovery of information about people and things identified by a URI. Edison Research released their Super Listeners study, with Ad Results Media. “Super listeners” - US adults who listen to 5+ hours of podcasts a week.Responding to Spotify purchasing Podsights and Chartable, Bryan Barletta writes this week in Sounds Profitable that “Grading your own homework isn’t third-party measurement,” Libsyn has launched Libsyn Studio Beta, iHeartMedia has signed with Veritone to use synthetic voices to translate shows into different languages. SPECIAL MENTION: Wayne Cheong, the founder of PodFest Asia, has died. He was 44. His memorial service will be held this weekend. He was a friend and fellow LFC Fan.  YNWA. 
SPECIAL GUEST:Mike Carr. - Crowd Network NEWS:Spotify has acquired Podsights and ChartableSpotify has published an interview with Sean Creeley from PodsightsApple has just published a guide to getting promotion for your podcast from Apple PodcastsBreakit, a Swedish news website, has published an article (translated) that alleges downloads are being bought on SpotifyiHeartRadio in the US has signed with Sounder to offer advertisers brand safety tools. The company is a seed investor in Sounder’s latest Series A funding roundPodnews is launching the first annual report card for the podcast industry. Please give your views here before Mar 1.Delegate day passes have just gone on sale for The Podcast Show 2022, coming to London in May. May 25-26  You can get your day passes today - use promo code PODNEWS for 20% off a limited number of day passes. Podnews is a media partner (and we’ll be there)A podcast has turned into its own radio station in the UKFacebook appears to have rolled-out audio rooms across the world Amazon and Spotify are both said to be considering buying AudioboomEVENTS: Podcast Futures 2022: Feb 22 · Virtual · freePodcast Movement: Evolutions: Mar 23 · Los Angeles, California, USAThe Podcast Show 2022: May 25 · London, England, UK
GUESTS:Gigi -  Closing the Loop - The Future of ValueOscar Merry - Fountain Podcaster WalletEvo Terra - Hall of Fame InductionStewart Townsend - Podcast HawkNEWS:Lightning Network is now available on Cash App. It's the fastest, free way to pay anyone in bitcoin. The Lightning Network is a new way to send BTC/SAT that's faster and free!!!Some legend gave 100 million sats (1 bitcoin) to Cinemuck, the people behind the movie "Human B" - Gigi #Value4Value Podcast app Fountain has launched a full Podcaster Wallet, making it the easiest way to earn Bitcoin from your podcast. Just search for your podcast and claim it in the app:  you can monitor how much you earn, and see messages, in the app too.Castos has released a new feature enabling all its podcasters to earn Bitcoin from listeners, as well as links to PayPal, Patreon and others. It’s one of the first podcast hosts to build in support for “value4value”.Exclusive: Mumbler has released what they call the first monetisation study for podcasts in Spain. This year’s Podcasting Hall of Fame inductees will be unveiled at 9am ET today by Podcast Movement.  Podcast Movement: Evolutions: Mar 23 · Los Angeles, California, USAEdison Research has released the top 50 US podcasts for 2021. Podtrac reports iHeartRadio is #1 for podcasting for January's US publishers listPodchaser has released The Podchaser 25, a list of the “hottest up-and-coming podcasts” in the US. After the Joe Rogan controversy, 40% of Americans, and 53% of Canadians, think Spotify should exercise editorial control over controversial content.&nbsp
GUESTS: Mark Asquith co-founder and MD of Captivate.FM talks about their acquisition by Global and what's next for Captivate and how the line between radio and podcasting has blurred?Craig Hewitt founder and CEO of Castos talks about the latest version of their platform and their upcoming support for Value4Value and why advertising is not the future for podcast monetisation.  NEWS: Google is randomly switching podcasts in its app to point to pirated copies with ads. Jason Calcanis noticed his podcast, All-In, mysteriously had ads in it; Google’s Danny Sullivan replied: “we appear to have mistakenly pointed to a duplicate version of the podcast”Buzzsprout’s data suggests that the Google Podcasts app is losing market share, from 2.6% to 2.3% in the past year. Buzzsprout’s global stats for January, calculated to the IAB standard, show the company hit 100 million monthly downloads for the first time.A website using Google Fonts has been fined for breaking GDPR privacy rules, since it leaked the visitor’s IP address to Google without their permission. Podnews phased out use of Google Fonts for privacy reasons more than two years ago.When publishing a show to Spotify, you are now reminded to read the platform rules; though not to explicitly agree to them.SiriusXM has launched AudioID. The BBC says it saw a total of 257m podcast downloads globally last quarter. That would make it the #3 podcast publisher in the world.TECH: TECH: JustCast is supporting the podcast:person tagJohn Spurlock has released MiniPubHelipad is being updated to a new version, v0.1.8
GUESTS: SCOTT WAXMAN // HALA TAHANEWS:Spotify takes Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s podcast ‘into its own hands’ after the couple produced NO content for a YEAR.Spotify picks Joe Rogan over Neil YoungStephen Fry has launched a new podcast exploring the brain. The podcast is exclusively on Audible.Amazon Buys Exclusive Rights to ‘My Favorite Murder’ Podcast. Amazon Music and Wondery will offer new episodes of the podcasts for a week before they are available on other services.Libsyn has put its new user interface, Libsyn5, live to all users. The new interface is easier to use, and features 'social scheduling’ and support of the locked tag.Exclusive: The free and open-source podcast solution for you to self-host, Castopod has reached v1.0, and now has a website of its own.  The podcast platform includes open comments, video clips, anonymised analytics, and wide support for the new podcast namespace. It’s available for download today.Podcast hosting company Castos has added customisable podcast website themes.CEO Craig Hewett will be a guest on the show next week. Captivate launch Automated Show Notes. Mark Asquith will be a guest on the show next week.Anchor podcasts are unplayable in some podcast apps. Overcast CEO/Developer Marco Arment, added, in a tweet to Anchor: “It’s been two weeks that you’re serving malformed files, breaking media players, and losing the audiences of your customers. Do you care about this medium at all?”Ross Mathews and Nikki Boyer are co-hosting The Ambies, the second annual Awards for Excellence in Audio run by The Podcast Academy. They’re the co-hosts of Dying for Sex, the winner of the 2021 Podcast of the Year; the ceremony is on March 22 in Los Angeles, and live online.Castopod joins Spotify, Podchaser and Podnews in adding copious amounts of JSON_LD to podcast pages.this podcast ( is putting their boost messages onto their website. (If you’ve an Umbrel running Helipad, http://umbrel.local:2112/boosts is a JSON feed that might help)  Gigi will be a guest on next weeks show.NEW Boostergram Icon from Benjamin Bellamy.Acast has launched Acast Amplifier, a podcast incubator to discover the next generation of UK podcasters. You’ve until Mar 25 to enter. Learn about Nakamoto Consensus and Neutrino’s   
GUESTS:  Brad Mielke - Host/Managing Editor, "Start Here" Podcast at ABC NewsEffy Kang - Head of Capital Markets at Lizhi - the first podcast app that Apple promoted in the Chinese app storeNEWS:Apple Podcasts has launched “Listen With”, a podcast playlist service to help listeners discover new shows. The first podcast guide is Jay Shetty. Creators can request to be included using this form.The flagship podcast from ABC News, Start Here, marks 1,000 episodes today. Since its launch in March 2018, the podcast’s host, Brad Mielke.PodPing a method to inform podcast apps the instant a new episode is published, Podping saw 139,328 new episodes published over the last seven days.Use the Podping Watcher to see new episodes in real-time.  Home bitcoin and lightning node Umbrel has released v0.4.11, and the first version of Helipad: an app that lets you see a live view of incoming boosts and boostagrams.  We’ve a guide to get started. Over 4,000 podcasts are now on the Lightning Network!Exclusive: PodInbox has launched a monetisation feature to allow podcasters to get fan donations.  Here is Evo Terra’s.48% of podcast downloads are of old shows, says research from Firstory. German podcast hosting company Julep Hosting has launched “Dynamic Baked-in”, a system that allows a bridge between baked-in advertising and DAIPodchaser reviews are now available in Podcast Guru, a podcast app. Podcast Guru users can read, and add, reviews direct from the app.Twitter Spaces can now be recorded by anyone - on Android and iOS.FURTHER READING:Podcasting 2.0 – Evolution of Podping - Alecks GatesMatt Deegan - 7 Habits of highly effective podcasters
NEWS: Spotify has launched clickable call-to-action cards, - described as ad banners for podcasts.  Currently limited to Spotify Originals and Exclusives, US only.Spotify’s new CTA cards aren’t new and aren’t open. The new JSON-based chapter specification from Podcast Index also allows graphical banners and clickthroughs which can be timed with audio.Spotify has added star ratings to its app for podcasts. Could you please rate us?Spotify added 1.2m new podcasts to Spotify’s catalogue in 2021. “Anchor continues to drive 80% of the new podcasts. Podcast Index added 466,000 shows in the past six months. It added 3.1m this yearThe Podcast Font for websites, containing icons and logos for popular podcast platforms, apps with just one line of code. It’s open and freeMore new podcast episodes were published last month on Anchor and Buzzsprout than anyone elseThe Podnews Ranker shows an unchanged top threeThe podcast:liveItem tag has been formalisedGot licensed commercial music on your podcast? Facebook will edit it out, muting your show insteadA content warning and privacy notice has been added to the Google Podcasts app - the notice links to this pageThe Podcast Hall of Fame will be held at Podcast Movement Evolutions in Los Angeles on Mar 25Podcast 3 anyone?
James Cridland talks with Jonas Woost Director Of Strategy at Pacific Content about his podcast predictions for 2022. They talk about ...Who is Pacific Content?Is Podcasting still open in 2022?Paid Subscriptions?Legacy media buys into podcastingWhat does that mean for indies?The rise of fiction podcastingAre celebrity podcasts dead?It’s been another remarkable year for many in podcasting with some tremendous growth in our industry.  As 2021 nears its end, it’s time to ask, ‘What’s Next?’  For the seventh year in a row, Pacific Content has asked some of the smartest thinkers in podcasting this important question. We received plenty of predictions!Part One: Two Podcast hosting and a whole lot more
GUEST: Larry Rosin, the co-founder and President of Edison Research Spotify buys Whooshkaa! Congratulations Rob  Loewenthal.  A great guy and a great team.  SiriusXM is being sued for failing to provide podcast transcripts for deaf users by the National Association for the Deaf and the Disability Rights Advocates.  As we researched in June 2020, transcripts can offer significant SEO benefits.  The podcast:transcript tag is an open standard, supported by a number of podcasts and offers both static transcripts (in HTML or text) or real-time captions (in the SRT format). Widely supported by many modern podcast hosts including Captivate, Transistor, Buzzsprout, Omny Studio and others, a number of podcast apps display these transcripts, including the popular Android app Podcast Addict. Amazon Music has a proprietary solution for transcripts.Spotify added the right to transcribe using their own proprietary solution in May 2020, and a limited beta in May 2021. There is no mechanism for publishers to supply their own transcripts.Google offers live captions within every Android app on Pixel phones; that live caption tool is also available on desktop Chrome .  The company doesn’t support the podcast:transcript tag.Apple surprisingly doesn’t offer any live captioning.  The company doesn’t support the podcast:transcript tag.With the exception of Podcast Addict,  no major podcast app supports transcripts. In terms of podcasts to test things on, Podland contains live captions and transcripts using the transcript tag. Also using that tag, the Podnews podcast contains a transcript only.Comments are live on Podverse! Podverse has added episode comments to their new website using ActivityPub Protocol.Buzzsprout now supports the podcast:person tag for hosts and co-hosts. It’s available to everyone (and added to Podland).
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