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Author: Dr. Marsha

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How you find the time to take care of yourself when your career is all about taking care of others? As mental health professionals, we take on the enormous task of taking care of others’ emotional needs, placing ourselves at greater risk of vicarious trauma, burnout, and compassion fatigue. I'm Dr. Marsha, a Licensed Psychologist, and mental health expert. Join me as I connect with fellow mental health professionals about the challenges of managing one's own mental health and self-care while juggling high-stress roles at work and home.
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In this episode of The Self-Care Chronicle, I connect with Chelsea Davis, LMFT.  Chelsea is the Owner of Revive Coalition located in Florida. Chelsea talks about how learning to be less self-critical helped her to practice self-care more effectively. Kathlyn "Chelsea" Davis is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in Orlando, FL. She is the Owner and Operator of Revive Coalition located in Florida. Revive Coalition aims to provide a safe and open environment as well as access to affordable and culturally inclusive mental health resources to diverse communities. Tune in to hear Chelsea talk about the importance of accepting and admitting when we’re not ok to better manage mental health and self-care. Find out more at: 
In this episode of The Self-Care Chronicle, I connect with Nicole Osborne, LCMHCA.  Nicole is the Owner of Milk & Honey Therapy in Greensboro, NC. Nicole talks about ways the “exhausting” events of 2020 and 2021 led to a more intentional approach to managing her own mental health and self-care. Nicole Osborne is a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor Associate and Owner of Milk & Honey Therapy located in Greensboro, NC. She specializes in working with teens and young adults from a variety of cultural backgrounds. Nicole uses her compassionate, fun-loving, and easy-going nature to help her clients overcome a variety of issues. Tune in to hear Nicole’s approach to combating the mental exhaustion unique to Black female mental health professionals. 
In this episode of the Self-Care Chronicle, I connect with Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Dr. Kristie Norwood. Dr. Norwood discusses the challenges of maintaining a consistent self-care routine. Dr. Norwood currently serves as the Director of the Student Counseling Center at Hampton University. She focuses on enhancing mental health services to college students. Dr. Norwood created ReMIND U, LLC, which serves to promote the importance of remembering to keep mental health in discussions. Tune in to hear Dr. Norwood discuss ways that graduate school often prepares mental health professionals to overextend ourselves, to the detriment of our mental wellbeing. Learn more at: 
In this episode of the Self-Care Chronicle, I connect with Vanessa Charles, LMHC. Vanessa is a Postpartum Support International-certified mental health clinician. Vanessa discusses how trying activities out of her comfort zone led to finding unique methods of self-care. Vanessa Charles is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor based in Florida. She treats individuals with a wide range of concerns including depression, anxiety, PSTD, infertility, pregnancy or baby loss, birth trauma, and postpartum depression. Tune in to hear Vanessa discuss the challenges of finding activities to add to her self-care toolbox. To learn more about this episode's guest, visit
In this episode of The Self-Care Chronicle, I connect with Dr. Jasmine R. Burton. Dr. Burton talks about the importance of being attuned to her own mental health processes so she can adapt her self-care routine in the moment.  Dr. Jasmine R. Burton is a licensed psychologist and the founder of Essence Psychological Health Services, PLLC. She provides specialty services to women experiencing challenges related to reproductive loss, early infant mortality, infertility, Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders, trauma, and grief. Listen in hear Dr. Burton’s personal challenges to practicing self-care while serving specific needs within a traumatized community that does not always encourage discussion of that trauma or mental health needs.  
In this episode of The Self-Care Chronicle, I chat with Sonny Etienne, LMHC. Mr. Sonny talks about the role of self-care while serving the mental health needs of the minority community during the murders of unarmed Black citizens and adapting to COVID-19. With nearly two decades of experience as a mental health professional, Sonny Etienne, LMHC, CAP, NBCC is the owner of Introspective Counseling Services, LLC. Affectionately known as “Mr. Sonny” to his patients, he has extensive experience serving youth and their families to resolve issues including risk of delinquency, runaway, addiction, and family dysfunction. Tune in for his honest, relatable, and crucial discussion about the challenges of maintaining mental wellness as a Black male mental health professional during unprecedented times. 
In this week’s episode of The Self-Care Chronicle, I chat with Dr. Paul Bryan. Dr. Bryan talks about the stressors related to keeping suicidal patients safe and practicing gratitude to maintain mental wellness. Dr. Bryan is a Florida Licensed Psychologist with over 30 years’ experience as a mental health professional. He owns and operates a private practice that specializes in forensic evaluations and individual psychotherapy. Listen in to find out how Dr. Bryan uses gratitude to counter the mental health impacts of working with high-risk populations.  
In this episode of The Self-Care Chronicle, I chat with Tasia Milicevic, LCSW. Tasia talks about how her unique method of prioritizing helps her stay on top of self-care, despite juggling a private practice, a growing team of clinical employees, and mommy duties.  Tasia is the Owner and Clinical Director of TMR “Treat Me Right” Mental Health Care, P.C. In her practice, Tasia leads a multidisciplinary team of clinicians who support clients in developing the skills necessary to cope and thrive in various aspects of life. Tune in to hear more about Tasia’s go-to methods for avoiding burnout at work and home. Read More… 
In this episode of The Self-Care Chronicle, I chat with Dr. LaTasha Russell. Dr. Tasha talks about the importance of firm boundaries in order to maintain mental wellness. Find out how Dr. Tasha mastered the invaluable art of saying, “No.”  Dr. Tasha is an award-winning Mental Health Clinician, Author, and Speaker. She currently serves as the President of the Association of Black Psychologists, South Florida Chapter. Her new book, "It Ain't the Dishes," is sure to help anyone who has experienced challenges in their relationships. Dr. Tasha has made regular media appearances on programs including Hot Talk with Jill Tracey and CBS4 Miami. 
In this episode of The Self Care Chronicle, I connect with Psychologist, Dr. Ana Kodžić. Dr. Kodžić gives an inside look into managing self-care while navigating life as a forensic expert.    Dr. Ana Kodžić is a Licensed Psychologist with well over a decade of experience in the assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of severe mental illness.  She currently performs forensic evaluations and testifies in court as an expert witness. She has also trained and supervised a number of future mental health experts at the master's and doctoral training levels. Her roles as a forensic expert and mentor make her days non-stop and often stressful. Tune in to hear Dr. Kodžić’s thoughts on self-care and getting it all done. Read more at 
In this episode of The Self Care Chronicle, I chat with coach extraordinaire, Dr. Sharon Grossman. Coach Sharon shares her secrets to implementing self-care into her already-packed schedule.   Coach Sharon is also an author and speaker. She specializes in working with women in medicine who are struggling with anxiety, overwhelm, and burnout.  She is truly an inspiration to high achievers around the world. Her new book, “The 7E Solution to Burnout,” has already guided countless high achievers on their journey to empowerment. Between coaching, writing, and speaking, she still manages to find time to prioritize self-care. Tune in to find out how she does it…. Read More at
In this episode of The Self Care Chronicle, I chat with Licensed Psychologist, Dr. Elizabeth Rodriguez. Dr. Rodriguez gives an inside glimpse into making self-care a priority while juggling two jobs as a forensic expert.   Dr. Rodriguez is a Licensed Psychologist in the Northeast where she currently serves as a Director of Assessment in a correctional facility. Dr. Rodriguez also owns and operates a private practice that provides expert evaluations of clients who are in immigration proceedings or facing criminal charges. Between working in a correctional facility and running a thriving private practice, Dr. Rodriguez’s work scores high on the stressful scale. Tune in to hear her thoughts on and go-to methods for self-care... Read More at
In this episode of The Self Care Chronicle, I chat with renowned award-winning Forensic Psychologist, Dr. Lori J. Butts. Dr. Butts gives an inside look into managing self-care while managing multiple professional roles.   Dr. Lori J. Butts is an award-winning forensic psychologist and attorney. She is the Chief Executive Officer of the Clinical & Forensic Institute in South Florida. She also serves on the Board of Different Brains, a Non-Profit organization that promotes the acceptance and understanding of neurodiverse individuals. To top it all off, Dr. Butts is also the host of a bi-weekly podcast called Spectrumly Speaking, which is sponsored by Different Brains.  A day in the life of this forensic psychology Rockstar is busy and stressful, to say the least. Tune in to find out how she manages self-care amidst the chaos... Read More at 
In this episode of The Self Care Chronicle, I chat with renowned Forensic Psychologist, Dr. Michael P. Brannon. Dr. Brannon gives an inside look into managing self-care while navigating life as a forensic expert.   Dr. Michael P. Brannon is a Forensic Psychologist with over 30 years of experience providing expert witness testimony and conducting evaluations for high-profile cases in criminal and civil court matters. He has testified as an expert over 2,000 times in Federal and State Divisions throughout the State of Florida. He is regularly sought after by media outlets to discuss various topical forensic issues and legal cases. Dr. Brannon’s job is high-stakes, fast-paced, and incredibly stressful. Tune in to find out how he manages self-care as he navigates life as a forensic expert... Read More at 
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Great conversations that have to be had right now! very important topics and insights. Episode 9 is great and very topical. Thank you.

Feb 26th
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