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What is a Twin Flame? How will you know if you've found yours? And will your union be destined for success or separation? Find out the answers to all of these questions and more in this episode with Ashleigh @The_Soul_Surgeon, who has experienced her own Twin Flame journey and now guides other people through this transformative soul connection. There's lots of conflicting information out there about Twin Flames, so hopefully what we talk about in this conversation will cut through any confusion for you to get to the heart of what this fated spiritual union is really all about. Listen to episode 60 of The Spiritual Success Podcast with Liz Roberta now 🎙️▻▻▻
Purpose is what it means to be totally in alignment and listening to your intuition. It's the end result of a life lived in tune, and it's how to get the most fulfilling outcomes in the shortest timeframe possible. The subtitle of my new book is "21 Questions to Activate Your Intuition and Find Your Life Purpose" because it is by being totally tuned in to your intuition that the path your soul craves gets lit up in front of you.  Also, LIT is the abbreviation for Living In Tune. Coincidence? I think not. Listen to episode 59 of The Spiritual Success Podcast now to find out how to fulfil your biggest purpose 🎙️▻▻▻
There's no greater feeling than finally bringing your book into the world, so in this episode, I've got my dear friend and now business partner, Rachel Alyce, on the podcast to talk about our experiences becoming published spiritual authors. We've both taken different paths to publishing, felt differently about writing, and had different motivations behind our initial idea to write a book. We think this is why sharing our experiences together is so powerful, because it shows everyone that it's possible - whatever your reasons are for wanting to write a book and however you want to go about publishing it. Join us at our free masterclass training if you want to Publish Your First Spiritual Book → Listen to episode 58 of The Spiritual Success Podcast with Liz Roberta now 🎙️▻▻▻ 
Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to finally have your book out in the world? Well, today, I'm sharing my experience of what it felt like for me!  There were highs and lows on my journey to becoming a published author - but the super-high highs massively outweighed the brief lows. I can't wait to do it all again, and let me promise you that my 2nd book is on the way!  This episode is for all of the aspiring spiritual authors out there, and if that's you, I'm inviting you to a FREE masterclass I'm holding with Rachel Alyce about How To Successfully Publish Your First Spiritual Book 📚 You can sign up here →  Listen to episode 57 of The Spiritual Success Podcast with Liz Roberta now 🎙️▻▻▻
A new year is here, but what will it bring...? I think we all felt that the last 2 years turned out differently than expected, so I got Vedic astrologer Christine Rodriguez from AstrologyNow on the podcast to tell us what's in store. I chose to use the Vedic sidereal system rather than the Western tropical system this time because I have found it to be the most accurate astrological system for me, which we talk about a little bit at the beginning. I hope you enjoy hearing what's head and I hope you have the most magical year yet in 2022 🪄 Listen to episode 56 of The Spiritual Success Podcast with Liz Roberta now 🎙️▻▻▻
Internationally renowned Shaman, best-selling author and Host of Ceremony Circle Podcast, Alyson Charles, went from being a national champion athlete, top-rated radio host and national daytime television talk show host, to aligning with her calling as a Shaman after a traumatic moment provided her awakening. In this episode, we talk about her incredible journey and how the spirit animal kingdom guided her to write her new book, Animal Power. "Brimming with vibrant illustrations, transformative practices, and captivating stories from around the world, Animal Power is an enlightening guide to the power of the animal realm..." If you've ever looked up the spiritual meaning of a certain animal or heard the term 'power animal' and wondered what it meant, this episode is for you! Instagram: @iamAlysonCharles Listen to episode 55 of The Spiritual Success Podcast with Liz Roberta now 🎙️▻▻▻
If your inner critic is loud sometimes, you're not the only one! We all have one, so the best thing we can do is to not let it get the better of us. When we allow it to take over and stop us from living in our purpose, that's when it's gone way too far... This is why I got Zofie on the podcast to talk about silencing your inner critic today, as she's a Happiness Coach at her mindset & spirituality brand RelaxMeHappy. It's time to stop your inner critic in its tracks and take the reigns in your own mind. Listen to episode 54 of The Spiritual Success Podcast with Liz Roberta now to find out how! 🎙️▻▻▻
It's finally here! Get your copy of my Hay House book, Living In Tune →
As a sensitive, intuitive person, your body is your greatest tool. In my new book, I talk about this so much - how you need to be in tune with your body to sense what is right or wrong for you in life. And this is how we can tell what foods are working for or against our energy. If you're a busy spiritual entrepreneur, parent and/or have a job too, your energy is your biggest asset because it's what keeps you going every day. By learning how to hack your energy, you can thrive through your food and the effect it has on your body. This is why I got Holistic Health Coach, nutrition expert and ex-registered nurse, Sophie Ballantyne @TheFeelGoodEffect_ on this week's episode to tell us how we can start making changes today to live a healthier life where we're more in tune with our body and the food we're putting into it. Listen to episode 52 of The Spiritual Success Podcast with Liz Roberta now 🎙️▻▻▻
Being a parent and building a spiritual business are two enormous responsibilities to have at the same time... Juggling both the big internal and external changes that come with having a child can be overwhelming, and a lot of people feel like they lose their old dreams and identity in the process. Life may look different as a parent, but that change can be a beautiful and positive thing if it's handled in the right way. This week, I've got Life Coach and NLP Practitioner for parents @iamColleenEmily on the podcast to share her advice for thriving in life and business through parenthood. As a single parent herself, she has become a master of time management and now coaches parents to help them find confidence and success, so that they can feel more fulfilled in family life. Listen to episode 51 of The Spiritual Success Podcast with Liz Roberta now 🎙️▻▻▻
The Emotional Freedom Technique - also known as EFT Tapping - can get your energy flowing and help you to release whatever is holding you back. Whether it's fear, anxiety or a low mood, tapping on certain meridian points can clear the blocks that are getting in the way of your manifesting, as well as helping you to feel more calm, relaxed and at ease. It's super quick and easy to do, and of course, it's free! So, this week I've got Beth from @HighVibeBabe to talk about The Power of EFT Tapping and how it helped her to overcome her mental health issues. It has proven so powerful that she now teaches it to students of her manifestation programs to help them manifest houses, cars and career success. Listen to episode 50 of The Spiritual Success Podcast with Liz Roberta to learn more about this simple technique 🎙️▻▻▻
Your aura is a snapshot of your energy body at a moment in time, and it's always changing depending on your mood, health and the frequency you're vibrating at.It can shine different colours depending on your life purpose, connection to the divine, and where you are on your spiritual journey.But how can you see your aura? And even when you know what colour it is, how do you know what it means?Listen to episode 49 of The Spiritual Success Podcast with Liz Roberta now to find out 🎙️▻▻▻
Breathwork is a powerful tool to help you lift your vibration and manifest more easily.Even though breathing is the most natural thing of all - we do it without thinking from when we're born until we die - trying to breathe intentionally for 45 minutes or more is actually really challenging.It brings up so many unpleasant emotions, both physically and mentally. It shows us our limits and gives us the chance to push past them.On this episode, I got manifestation coach and breathwork facilitator @AleshaMcNeill on the podcast to talk about the link between breathwork and attracting your desires. Try this free and simple tool to help you bring your vision board to life with ease! Listen to episode 48 of The Spiritual Success Podcast with Liz Roberta now 🎙️▻▻▻ 
If you haven't started your podcast yet because you think it's too late or you don't know where to begin, this episode is for you.One of the most common fears I'll hear from my coaching clients is that it's too late to start a podcast. This is clearly a limiting belief because there are 1 billion active Instagram accounts out there and only 2 million podcasts. And yet, most people never say the same about being on Instagram.The truth is that there is still space for you if it's what you're meant to do. You haven't missed the boat already. In fact, this is a more perfect time than ever for you to get started - and this episode will help you to do just that.Listen to episode 47 of The Spiritual Success Podcast with Liz Roberta now 🎙️▻▻▻
Being a psychic isn't the easiest job in today's world. Most people still don't get it, are sceptical, and are so separate from their own intuition that they can't believe anything exists outside of the physical.However, it's a fulfilling job and it can be a lucrative one too! In this episode, I talk to Laura Powers @LauraPowers44 who has managed to build a very successful business as a psychic. She has been interviewed on Will Ferrell's podcast, gone viral on Buzzfeed, and had millions of podcast downloads. Her reputation means that she works with celebrity and high net worth clients who want intuitive guidance.We talk about some of the strange and unexpected changes that happened to us when we were going through our psychic awakening, as well as some of the challenges that came with it. If anything we say resonates with what you're going through, feel free to reach out to me on Instagram!Listen to episode 46 of The Spiritual Success Podcast with Liz Roberta now 🎙️▻▻▻ 
When you feel like you're drowning in your to-do list, having a team is what you dream of most. At least, that was the case for me... And now, I do! I've taken on my first 2 team members at Liz Roberta Spiritual Coaching and I learned a lot about myself and my business in the process.There were things I needed to fix in my mindset, as well as practical things that I needed to solve first. I had to get clear on what I really valued and prioritised in prospective employees.Whether you're ready to hire help or not, it's going to be useful for you to know the advice in this episode so that you can make the smoothest transition possible from solopreneurship to a supportive spiritual team whenever it's your time.Listen to episode 45 of The Spiritual Success Podcast with Liz Roberta now 🎙️▻▻▻
Ayurveda is one of the world's oldest holistic healing systems, which works with the mind, body and spirit to restore balance.We are all born with a constitution that shifts and changes over time depending on our lifestyle, but when issues start to arise from imbalances that we have, that's when we may need to seek out the help of an Ayurvedic practitioner.In this episode, I got Rachel and Angelica from @SoulFullVeda on to share their wisdom with us about this ancient healing practice.It's fascinating to hear how they work together in synergy as a duo and how Ayurveda can help us to make small changes with big results. Listen to episode 44 of The Spiritual Success Podcast with Liz Roberta now! 🎙️▻▻▻
What is false light and how can we avoid it as an intuitive?In this episode, I asked Caroline @TheSpiritualEmpath to answer this question.Her approach to spiritual work is based on spiritual science and an academic approach to metaphysical matters, which makes for an interesting and enlightening episode.If you want to know more about the dimensions of your energetic field, how to avoid dark entities in the astral realm, and how to become a more accurate channeler - this episode is for you!Listen to episode 43 of The Spiritual Success Podcast with Liz Roberta now 🎙️▻▻▻
Shamanism, cultural appropriation, and training with indigenous elders in Peru...These are just some of the topics that I talk about with today's guest, Erica Cuevas was a mentor of mine in 2020 when I did her multidimensional mediumship program, before she had a "Tower moment" in her career which took her on a whole new journey towards becoming a medicine woman.She has also had a separate near death experience, which is when she first unlocked her psychic powers.This is a truly fascinating and informative episode, so listen to episode 42 of The Spiritual Success Podcast with Liz Roberta now 🎙️▻▻▻
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