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The Spiritual Success Podcast with Liz Roberta

Author: Liz Roberta

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There is so much more to your success than you can see on the outside. On this podcast, we will be giving you all of the tips that you need to build a life and business that feels aligned and fulfilling.

We interview successful spiritual entrepreneurs, authors, and thought leaders to understand their journey and the biggest lessons that they've learned.

If you identify as an intuitive, empath or highly sensitive person, this is for you!

As an author, online entrepreneur and spiritual coach, Liz Roberta teaches about all of the topics that she knows best, like Tarot, Starseeds, Angels, psychic development, energy, intuition, and being a spiritual person - as well as building an unconventional business and marketing to a spiritual audience.

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46 Episodes
When you feel like you're drowning in your to-do list, having a team is what you dream of most. At least, that was the case for me... And now, I do! I've taken on my first 2 team members at Liz Roberta Spiritual Coaching and I learned a lot about myself and my business in the process.There were things I needed to fix in my mindset, as well as practical things that I needed to solve first. I had to get clear on what I really valued and prioritised in prospective employees.Whether you're ready to hire help or not, it's going to be useful for you to know the advice in this episode so that you can make the smoothest transition possible from solopreneurship to a supportive spiritual team whenever it's your time.Listen to episode 45 of The Spiritual Success Podcast with Liz Roberta now 🎙️▻▻▻
Ayurveda is one of the world's oldest holistic healing systems, which works with the mind, body and spirit to restore balance.We are all born with a constitution that shifts and changes over time depending on our lifestyle, but when issues start to arise from imbalances that we have, that's when we may need to seek out the help of an Ayurvedic practitioner.In this episode, I got Rachel and Angelica from @SoulFullVeda on to share their wisdom with us about this ancient healing practice.It's fascinating to hear how they work together in synergy as a duo and how Ayurveda can help us to make small changes with big results. Listen to episode 44 of The Spiritual Success Podcast with Liz Roberta now! 🎙️▻▻▻
What is false light and how can we avoid it as an intuitive?In this episode, I asked Caroline @TheSpiritualEmpath to answer this question.Her approach to spiritual work is based on spiritual science and an academic approach to metaphysical matters, which makes for an interesting and enlightening episode.If you want to know more about the dimensions of your energetic field, how to avoid dark entities in the astral realm, and how to become a more accurate channeler - this episode is for you!Listen to episode 43 of The Spiritual Success Podcast with Liz Roberta now 🎙️▻▻▻
Shamanism, cultural appropriation, and training with indigenous elders in Peru...These are just some of the topics that I talk about with today's guest, Erica Cuevas was a mentor of mine in 2020 when I did her multidimensional mediumship program, before she had a "Tower moment" in her career which took her on a whole new journey towards becoming a medicine woman.She has also had a separate near death experience, which is when she first unlocked her psychic powers.This is a truly fascinating and informative episode, so listen to episode 42 of The Spiritual Success Podcast with Liz Roberta now 🎙️▻▻▻
What Is An Empath?

What Is An Empath?


If you do struggle with being an empath, I just want you to know that you're not alone.I want you to see it as an absolutely incredible God-given gift or Universe-given gift. Or if you don't believe in anything like that, then it is just a gift. You have a skill that enables you to tune in to people and give them what they need to help them along their way. You have the ability to make people feel understood, and held, and supported.You have the ability to see into people's souls and hearts and minds. It's such an incredible skill.It just means that you need to look after yourself. It demands that you know yourself better because you need to manage the special skill that you have; with great power comes great responsibility, and being an empath is a responsibility - but it's also a very special gift that you're blessed to have.Listen to episode 41 now to find out more about being an empath 🎙️▻▻▻If you vibe, click SUBSCRIBE! ✨
Empaths are extra sensitive to their surroundings, which is why you might find that your mood can vary a lot depending on the space you're in.For spiritual entrepreneurs working from home, having intentional interior design is an important thing to think about. I know from my own experience that it can be really hard to focus on writing channeled messages, coaching or doing readings for people if there's noise outside and the room is dark and gloomy.In this episode, I talk to interior designer, Catrine @RoomFlow, to get some tips and advice on creating a high vibe home space that lifts your mood while supporting a positive mindset.Listen to episode 40 of The Spiritual Success Podcast now 🎙️▻▻▻If you vibe, click SUBSCRIBE! ✨
Are voodoo, black magic, and African spiritual practices really what we think they are?So many helpful and healing practices from Africa have been demonised due to colonialist propoganda labelling "the dark continent" as an unholy place of chaos in order to legitimise white enslavement of black Africans until the late 1800's. This is a multi-layered and complex topic which intersects history, religion, geography and psychology - so I'm so grateful to have Ghanian-British healer and writer, Araba Ofori-Acquah, on the podcast to talk about it.She is the founder of Ashe Wellness and advocates African-centred wellness in the global conversation on holistic health, healing and spirituality.Instagram - @Araba.OA - - @AsheWellness - - www.ashewellness.coListen to episode 39 of The Spiritual Success Podcast now 🎙️▻▻▻If you vibe, click SUBSCRIBE! ✨
If you know the 9-5 isn't for you, then you're probably struggling with how to make that leap, while balancing the practical realities of leaving your job behind with your big soul-led dreams.We've all been there... and, by we, I mean every full-time spiritual entrepreneur.There are so many things to consider when it comes to changing your career and/or leaving your career behind altogether, so how do you know where to start?It can be so overwhelming. That's why I got Casey Mason from @therealherproject on for this episode to talk about building a business on the side and scaling it with only a few hours a week.Listen to episode 38 of The Spiritual Success Podcast now 🎙️▻▻▻If you vibe, click SUBSCRIBE! ✨
You are not meant to be happy all the time, you are meant to be a human.We are here in this 3D world to experience life as a human…Not to miss everything it’s meant to teach us.We need to experience the bad to know what the good feels like. We need to experience pain to know how good the joy really is. And we need to experience depression to know how lucky we are to have energy, and good mental health, and a strong mindset.We’d never have a chance to nurture our mindset and build it and work on it if we don’t have anything to work our way out of.There is a place for the bad, as much as there is for the good. If this episode resonates with you, please share it on your Instagram stories and tag me @iamLizRobertaListen to episode 37 now 🎙️▻▻▻
This episode is for everyone who struggles with limiting beliefs.This week I've got @andrewrowe111 on the podcast to talk about the work he does healing people from them on an energetic level.He has a super inspiring story of going from being addicted to drugs to healing people all over the world with his work, while spreading a message of joy and love.Listen to episode 36 of The Spiritual Success Podcast with Liz Roberta now 🎙️▻▻▻If you vibe, click SUBSCRIBE! ✨
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to write a children's book?This week I have the author of Living Your Best Life with Sophia The Seal  on the podcast to talk about her journey of translating a spiritual message for children, working with an editor and illustrator, and self-publishing.It's a fantastic children's book with a positive, uplifting message which I highly recommend and have bought for both of my nieces!Lauren Watt is a life coach and the founder of lifestyle business @wearetrulylife, as well as a radio host.Listen to episode 35 of The Spiritual Success Podcast now 🎙️▻▻▻If you vibe, click SUBSCRIBE! ✨
I'm yet to find any simple, straight line to entrepreneurship...From everyone that I've spoken to on the podcast - and my own experience - there are always unexpected obstacles and detours. The universe will often take us to where we're meant to be via an elaborate labryinth of twists and turns, which can seem scary and unsettling until we learn to let go and embrace the flow of the journey with full trust.And if it was easy, everyone would do it.That's why I got @kimmellor_ onto the podcast to talk about her journey going from being a successful model in England to a successful entrepreneur in network marketing, currently living in Bali.To learn more about what the entrepreneurial journey is really like, listen to episode 34 now 🎙️▻▻▻If you vibe, click SUBSCRIBE! ✨
The Husband Edit

The Husband Edit


My husband came on the podcast!It definitely took some convincing as he’s not an entrepreneur, not spiritual, and basically the total opposite to me in every way 🤣Thank you for your questions that you submitted on my stories and the answers to them are all in this episode - how we met, how we balance our relationship with the biz life, and how he’s seen me change over the last 10 years on my spiritual journey.Listen to episode 33 of 𝗧𝗵𝗲 𝗦𝗽𝗶𝗿𝗶𝘁𝘂𝗮𝗹 𝗦𝘂𝗰𝗰𝗲𝘀𝘀 𝗣𝗼𝗱𝗰𝗮𝘀𝘁 𝘄𝗶𝘁𝗵 𝗟𝗶𝘇 𝗥𝗼𝗯𝗲𝗿𝘁𝗮 now 🎙 ▻▻▻
Tarot is becoming more and more popular as people see the advantages of it for healing and self-reflection, as well as the more obvious reason - being able to see the future!I started my business with Tarot readings, so this topic is one that I was so excited to talk more about.This week, I got Comic K ( on the podcast as she has grown her Tarot business very rapidly indeed and is impacting people every day with her readings. If you're interested in learning Tarot or making your card reading skills into a paid business - this episode is for you!Listen to episode 32 now 🎙️▻▻▻If you vibe, click SUBSCRIBE! ✨
What should be the easiest part of manifesting is usually the hardest part...Leaning back and letting go of our desires so that magic can make its way into the gap between us and the thing we want. Holding on too tightly is often what holds us back, keeping us stuck when what we really desire is to move forward instead. So, how do we get past this?How do we get over our control issues and allow ourselves to receive?I discuss all of this in a juicy conversation with Madison from @MagneticallyYouI hope you enjoy episode 31 of the podcast 🎙️▻▻▻If you vibe, click SUBSCRIBE! ✨
If you want some spiritual advice, Oracle Cards are such an easy tool to use. They're direct, clear, and an easy way to confirm what your intuition is probably already telling you.In this episode, I cover:✨ How to choose the right deck of Oracle Cards for you✨ The difference between Tarot, Oracle and Angel Cards✨ Who can use Oracle Cards & how they can helpTo learn more about Oracle Cards, listen to episode 30 now 🎙️▻▻▻If you vibe, click SUBSCRIBE! ✨
When I had generalised anxiety disorder, it was hypnotherapy that got me out of it after 3 years of sweating, nightmares, headaches and palpitations every day.That's why I couldn't wait to find a hypnotherapist to bring on to the podcast because I recommend it to anyone who needs help getting over anxiety, phobias or addictions. It can also help you to rewire limiting beliefs by changing your blueprint.@theclearthoughtproject works with people to build their confidence so that they can unapologetically live life by their rules. In this episode, Jodi shares what she's learned in her years as a hypnotherapist and takes us deeper into how the subconscious mind works.To learn more about hypnotherapy, listen to episode 29 now 🎙️▻▻▻If you vibe, click SUBSCRIBE! ✨
The tradition of Yoga is about so much more than just the moves that take place on a mat to gain physical strength and fitness...Of course, it's certainly a benefit - but there's a whole philosophy and way of life behind the movement. When we trace Yoga back to its roots, it reveals a deeply spiritual practice of embodiment where we devote every part of ourselves to the quest of enlightment. Today, I interview one of my coaching clients @colleennclare to find out what she's learned as a Yoga and meditation teacher, and how her perspective on life and enlightenment has changed through her discovery of the Yogic path.Listen to episode 28 now 🎙️▻▻▻If you vibe, click SUBSCRIBE! ✨
Copywriting can make or break your launch... People need to know WHAT you're offering and HOW you can help them in order for them to click that buy button or send you a DM asking when they can start working with you.If you want to write more persuasive copy - or you're someone who feels afraid to sell yourself in your writing - this interview with @mia.copywriter will give you plenty of actionable tips to up your copywriting game.If you enjoy this episode, share it on your Instagram stories and tag me & Mia!Listen to episode 27 now 🎙️▻▻▻If you vibe, click SUBSCRIBE! ✨
I always talk about going your own way because we all have our own individual path to walk in this lifetime when it comes to both spirituality and entrepreneurship.What works for someone else won't necessarily work for you, and there's so many ways that we can limit ourselves when we try to keep ourselves in a box. As much as we want to stay safe, be the same, and be accepted - there is so much more value to be gained from being ourselves.In this episode, I talk to Ania Halama, a freedom entrepreneur and the author of A Rebel's Guide To Spirituality.Listen to episode 26 of The Spiritual Success Podcast now 🎙️▻▻▻If you vibe, click SUBSCRIBE! ✨
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