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The Trade Finance Distribution Initiative Podcast brings you news, insights, and interviews from members and experts around the trade finance world. We look at market trends, opportunities, and challenges when distributing or investing in trade finance.

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Sean Edwards, says that Digital Negotiable Instruments will definitely be on his list of talking points at the Trade Finance Investor Day.     Sean, the Chairman of ITFA, will be one of the key speakers at next month’s event, with a presentation on ITFA’s roadmap for institutional investors.   The Trade Finance Investor Day has more than 20 speakers lined-up for the 19th and 20th October at the Grove Golf and Country Club, just outside London.   There are a limited number of tickets available, and time is running out. Book your place today:
The TFDi’s CEO, André Casterman, gives an update on how preparations for next month’s big event are going… the Trade Finance Investor Day takes place on the 19th and 20th October at the Grove Hotel, just outside London. The conference next month will focus on alternative lenders and institutional investors, analysing breakthroughs in both origination and distribution spaces. More than 20 speakers have already been announced. Tickets are still available. Get yours today:
Mercore Group is the latest organisation to join the Trade Finance Distribution Initiative. Anthony Wadsworth-Hill, COO of Mercore Group, has been speaking to our podcast about how he’s looking forward to the Trade Finance Investor Day. ‍Mercore is a non-bank financial institution specialising in the provision of trade finance to SMEs and customers with trade flows involving developing/emerging markets.   Anthony will be speaking at next month’s big event, the Trade Finance Investor Day. He’ll be appearing on the Originator Panel on the 19th and 20th October at the Grove Golf and Spa resort, just outside London. For tickets, location, and a list of all the other speakers on the day, head to our event website:   This series is also available as a podcast.
In our latest mini podcast, Deutsche Bank’s Global Head of Trade Financing and Lending tells us why he’s looking forward to our Investor Day conference. Oliver Resovac will be speaking at the Trade Finance Investor Day at the Grove Hotel, just outside London, on the 19th and 20th October.  Oliver oversees more than five thousand employees globally, approximately 1.8billion Euros of revenues and 110 billion Euros of assets.  He’ll be appearing on our Originator Panel – alongside Dylan Martin (Teybridge) Capital, Anthony Wadsworth-Hill (Mercore).  A limited number tickets are on sale now, get yours before they’re all gone:
Dylan Martin, CEO of Teybridge Capital Europe will be speaking as a part of our Originator Panel at Trade Finance Investor Day.   In our two-day event just outside London, we’ll reveal the latest fintech innovations, banking-fintech partnerships and the rise of trade finance as an investable asset class.   Don't miss this five-star experience at The Grove Golf and Country Club, Hertfordshire on the 19th and 20th October 2023. Register for your ticket now:
Chris Southworth, Secretary General, ICC United Kingdom, has been speaking to us about the Electronic Trade Documents Act (ETDA) ahead of his appearance at our Trade Finance Investor Day. Chris is a leading international expert on creating modern digital trade ecosystems, and is also an independent adviser to the UK government on the digitisation of trade.  Over the last few years he’s been heavily involved with getting ETDA passed into law. Last month that finally happened and it’s now promising to transform the way international trade is carried out.  Chris will be joining us at The Grove Golf and Country Club on the 19th and 20th of October to give us his insights on ‘the legal revolution in trade financing and digital assets’.  Don’t miss out. Register for your tickets today:
Teybridge Capital is the TFDi’s 70th member. Dylan Martin, its European CEO, speaks to us about how the company differentiates itself in the global trade space. Teybridge Capital is a non-bank originator specialising in supply chain finance as well as structured trade and commodity finance, amongst other services. Dylan is also one of the many names to be speaking at our Trade Finance Investor Day. He’s on our Originator Panel at the event at the Grove golf and country club, just outside London, on the 19th and 20th October.  For tickets, location, and a list of all the other speakers on the day, head to our event website:
Salman Khan, a Senior Portfolio manager at Santander Alternative Investments, tells us why this asset class is so important.  Salman specialises in Global Trade Finance investments and is one of the many names to be speaking at the Trade Finance Investor Day.  He will be appearing on the Investor Panel at the conference in Hertfordshire to discuss ‘The Perfect Deal’. Speaking to us from Madrid, he says the event will be an unmissable networking opportunity.  Tickets are now on sale for the two-day event at the five-star Grove golf and spa resort, just outside London, on the 19th and 20th October.   Tickets, the full list of speakers, dates and location can be found here: 
André Casterman, the CEO of the TFDi, highlights what makes October’s Trade Finance Investor Day ‘the event with a difference’. André says the two-day conference, at The Grove Golf and Country Club, will bring ‘new players onto the stage’.  There will be two major panels, a keynote, Power Pitch sessions, testimonials, and of course the opportunity for networking at the five-star resort in Hertfordshire on October 19th and 20th. Don’t miss out, register for your ticket now: 
Episode 27 is an exciting conversation with Kountable's Founder and CEO, Chris Hale. In this episode we discuss how Kountable enables SME's to deliver sustainable development and the areas they are focusing on as a business within the sector.
Episode 26 is a solidly-packed chat with ANZ's Head of Trade and Supply Chain Product Solutions and Head of Trade Portfolio Management, Damian Kwok, as he talks about the dire need for liquidity in the market, ANZ's form of digitalisation through a DLT and their DNA as a trade finance bank.
Episode 25 of the TFD Initiative Podcast features the founder and CEO of Pablo Terpolilli discussing Vabble's automation and legalisation of manual supply chain finance processes to offer better conditions for liquidity to flow.
TFD Initiative is delighted to speak with the CEO of ARC Ratings, Oliver Howard. Our conversation revolves around working with clients in trade finance and the nuanced processes of their ratings methodologies.
Episode 23 is a special feature from a Member of the House of Lords, Lord Chris Holmes of Richmond, who is a fierce advocate for digital technologies, fintechs and blockchain. We hear about his passion for sustainable trade finance methods like the ETD and a more inclusive finance market. 
We're kicking off 2023 with a brand new podcast from Surecomp's SVP Strategy, Digitisation and Business Development, Enno-Burghard Weitzel, as we delve into Surecomp's new business solution RIVO and why client needs form a core part of designing their technology. 
Our last podcast for 2022 features TFD Initiative's Chief executive André Casterman as he sits down with Doris Kononowicz to discuss how this year has seen a grown to the TFDi community, and some key milestones that were achieved.
TFDi Podcast episode 20 features the Commissioner for Commercial and Common Law at the Law Commission of England and Wales, Sarah Green, who shares first hand insight into how and why a bill such as the ETD was born, and the journey through the great thinking that constitutes what new digital asset laws should look like.
Episode 19 features CEO and Founder of SupplierPlus, Kaspar Kagu, as he sits down with Doris Kononowicz to discuss supply chain finance processes and the geographical edge SupplierPlus has, being a technology-enabled solution.
On this episode, we host TFDi founding member, co-founder and CFO at Tradeteq, Nils Behling, as we discuss the new TRADA Token on the XDC Network and how banks and FIs can connect, access and distribute illiquid assets through Tradeteq's innovative technology solution.
On this episode, our guest is Mark Hickey, Head of Working Capital Finance at Pemberton. We delve into the evolution of bank markets, technology and Pemberton’s growing portfolio in corporate credit. 
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