DiscoverMOTIVE powered by Holman: an auto, fleet & mobility podcast
MOTIVE powered by Holman: an auto, fleet & mobility podcast
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MOTIVE powered by Holman: an auto, fleet & mobility podcast

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A new auto, fleet, and mobility podcast where we explore the big issues around moving people and goods. We’re going to examine industry mega trends like greening, electrification, connectivity, as well as autonomous, and shared mobility. We’re also going to take you on a behind-the-scenes look at the auto industry, from new products, to work trucks, and even high end exotic cars. So buckle up--because we’ll also talk about safe, too—and get ready for the ride, because this is MOTIVE, powered by Holman.
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The Connected Future

The Connected Future


It  goes without saying that our lives have become increasingly connected. From our phones, devices, streaming services, and with the pandemic, the ubiquitous Zoom calls and video conferences. So, it should be no surprise then that our vehicles have also become more connected--from GPS  to in-cab infotainment systems, and even safety and emergency support. There’s a whole lot of technology behind that connectivity and a whole of lot of opportunity, too. This episode of MOTIVE features global telematics leader GEOTAB as we explore the future of the connected car and  the opportunities that are available today.
Global supply chains have been challenged like never before, and this is especially true for those supporting the movement of goods and people. Hear from  senior automotive  supply chain leaders as they share the big issues facing fleet and automotive supply chains in 2021 like disruption, risk, and resiliency; and how you can stay ahead of these challenges and trends.  Hear the latest on:Global supply chain challengesCurrent OE production, upfitting, and vehicle deliveriesThe specific impact of semi-conductor and other component shortagesUsed vehicle market outlook
In this episode, you will travel the Last Cold Mile along the vaccine distribution chain.  Specifically, you'll learn about the very important role specialized trucks play in getting a precious cold cargo, quite literally, into the arms of America. So, what does it take transport a life-saving vaccine at ultralow temperatures? To help explore this, hear from two experts who know intimately the complexities of building fit-for-purpose refrigerated truck units. Starting it all off is the latest news on the Biden administration’s plans for electric vehicles, the outlook for used vehicle market, the latest on the critical semi-conductor shortage, and more. Because this is MOTIVE powered by Holman. 
Welcome to the inaugural episode of Motive,  where we explore auto, fleet, and mobility issues, including the business and future of moving people and goods. In this episode, we have a panel of experts who unpack many of these issues, like the impending electric vehicle revolution and what’s the outlook for shared mobility in the era of COVID.  We also have the latest auto and mobility news you can use. 
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