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This episode is a unique one, and one I’ve never done before!I was energetically guided to pick a deck of Oracle Cards and hit that record button. But before I did, guess what happened? Did my mind get in the way you might ask? Wondering what, why, how??? Of course it did! Lol….at first! With trust, I was able to move ahead, knowing I was guided by calling in the collective animal energy and animal spirit that are in direct connection to the purest and highest love, and the purest and highest light.From there, everything flowed, and a beautiful story was presented to us, reflecting and representing our present journey. One that is here, now, full of manifestation on the energetic level.In this episode, 6 animals come forward to share with you the steps and the framework for what all this means, what it looks like, and how we can bring it into our physical environment.It’s a time of renewal, rebirth, and coming into our divine purpose of why we are here. You will receive the wisdom and the guidance for the journey to continue unfolding, for it’s on its purpose and its truth holds strength. The strength that you need, and the strength you are seeking.From my heart, I invite you to enter this space of loving guidance from this totem of 6 animals who are here to honour and serve each and every one of us.It all starts with entering this sacred space. Shall we do that? Let’s go!Let’s connect further!  I would love to hear from you! Drop me a line at:Website: www.thegalspeaks.comI’m also on Telegram at:
Have you ever witnessed your surroundings? I mean truly took the time to move aside the mind, open your heart, and receive the blessings that are there in plain sight?A little while ago, I just knew I had to get out into nature. This wasn’t a maybe or should I or shouldn’t I go…it was a definite message of “it’s time right now!” So I followed this energetic nudging and away I went.That day, I was given the gift of presence, and I was able to witness many beautiful beings make themselves known to me, each in their own special way.I saw insects that I’ve never seen before up until now. The animals were able to share their gift of presence just by showing up. It was truly remarkable!In this episode, you will hear more about the gift of presence that animals share with us. You also will meet a new spirit guide who has made himself known and wants to work with you.He feels like a Shaman to me, a specific type of spirit guide who is also a healer who is here to teach us an alternate state of consciousness which is called “presence”.  He’s come to help us enter into what would normally be invisible to us and help us find clarity in the visible.He’s here to guide you and me and has shared a channelled message as well in which you are invited to utilize in whatever way is in the highest and best for you. You will receive healing vibrations and frequencies throughout this time together.Would you like to come with me and receive? The benefits are priceless and the serenity is beautiful!Here we go! Let’s walk with the Shaman Animal Spirit Guide together!Let’s connect further!  I would love to hear from you! Drop me a line at:Website: www.thegalspeaks.comI’m also on Telegram at:
Hi friends! This episode is one that was a bit of a surprise to me! I had no idea what was going to come through other than hearing the collective animal energy and animal spirit say “tell a story”.Immediately my mind came into the forefront trying to figure this out, but then my superconscious mind came forward and invited me to just trust the journey! A lesson I have been learning about for a while now!Choosing to trust this journey, I hit that record button and the rest all fell into place.In this episode, you will be able to connect in on an energetic level to find deeper meanings to why you choose to do some things, and why that particular choice holds value for you. You will also learn whether these choices are helpful or not helpful.Lastly, you will learn how to embody, embrace, and elevate your vibration and frequency to a new level by connecting inwards with your superconscious divinity, that space that is held within our heart space on our physical body to receive clarity.Oh!!…and a really cool divinity tool came to my awareness on how to receive further insight on life situations, and you’ll hear about this and how to do this too!Are you ready? Let’s embody, embrace, & elevate with the Collective Animal Energy!Let’s connect further! Join Marybeth here:Telegram: @thegalspeaksWebsite:
Hi friends! I have two questions to  ask you: “What’s in a name?” , “What’s in a destiny?” Hmm, the answers could mean many things right?Did you know that your name and date of birth are associated with specific corresponding numbers that share insight and meaning to why you’re here, the traits you share, and so much more?It’s with excitement that I introduce the topic of Numerology With Animals!  By using the numbers associated with you and your animal’s information, you can develop an even deeper relationship together! How cool is that?In this episode, discover ways to learn more about the unique gifts that you and your pet(s) have come to share with each other with my special guest Laura Canal with Miles of Smiles Alternative Solutions.Laura will share with you her expertise during our unscripted talk on all things numerology and astro-numerology. Receive inspiration and activate a deeper and meaningful life with animals.All this by the use of numbers! Come join me in something pretty remarkable! Are you ready? Let’s do this!Let’s learn about numerology with animals!About Laura Canal:Laura Canal is the founder of Miles of Smiles Alternative Solutions, located in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada. She is a Certified Reflexologist, Reiki Master, Aqualead Master, Level 1 Integrated Energy Therapy, Mastery Healer, Astrologist, Numerologist, Transformational Coach, Empath, Psychic Medium.Laura creatively combines traditional sessions for an ultimate unique experience!  She empathetically feels into the energy of what the client needs, and this is reflected in the intuitive feedback in everyone of the Healing Sessions she offers. Laura has a gift to serve humanity by getting to the root of each individual’s journey and unlock their “Limitless Potential”.Laura’s experience in the service industry and education in the medical field has given her a unique ability to relate to client’s needs and share her wisdom to help them evolve.You can learn more and contact Laura through her website at: https://milesofsmiles.caLet’s connect further! Join Marybeth here:Telegram: @thegalspeaksWebsite:
I received the inspired nudge to find a beautiful maple tree and spend some time with her and her fellow, surrounding trees one afternoon. The weather was beautiful, the sun was shining and the beings of the earth, both seen and unseen, were welcoming me to join them for an opportunity to unite in healing and to share this with anyone who feels in alignment to doing the same.As I walked out to this space, I was guided to a place where transformation could occur.The maple tree was releasing its natural sap, and as it was flowing out of the tree, dripping downwards, there was this magnificent sound it made as the movement created a vibration that could not quite be explained in words.The insects joined me, making their presence known. Each one was so unique in the way they presented themselves and they received nourishment from drinking in this sacred synergy of the sap’s elixir.The birds joined in with their energetic support surrounding us in a safe and circular space. It was magically beautiful!The ancient wisdom from this very maple tree brought us on a journey, in teamwork with Mother Gaia so that we can transform in a way that only she can provide.In this episode of Awaken With Animals, you are invited to come to a space to release the things that you have been holding on for so long and never knew where to put them, from our ancestry and lineage, and to the things we agreed at some point to carry for others, when it was never for us to carry in the first place.This is an opportunity to rebirth into new life the “divine corrected direction” that your soul so eagerly has been waiting for. It now has the tools to do just that with ease and grace.If you're ready journey with the soul that inhabits your body, give it the gift of releasing what it no longer needs so that you can move forward in your life experience following the path you have come here to do, take my hand and let’s unite together with a choir of angels, our teams of guides, our friends the insects, the maple tree, Mother Gaia and the beings of “exalted presence”.This is a journey that we are ready for! Let’s go forth with the intention of ease and grace. Let’s heal the aspects that our souls are ready for. Let’s drink in the “Elixir of Sacred Synergy” together!Let’s connect further! Join Marybeth here:Telegram: @thegalspeaksWebsite:
Animal frequency always surrounds us! It’s truly magnificent! Have you ever experienced it? It’s similar to receiving the medicine that an animal shares with humanity through their vibration.For example, a bear may come forward to share the frequency of inner power. A dog may visit you to share the frequency of unconditional love. There are many books on this subject. Ted Andrews and Steven Farmer are popular authors of such books.Over the last many years, animals have come to visit me both physically and energetically. When they do, they share a vibration and frequency which I receive through my being and hear, feel and sense their messages and gifts.This past weekend, I returned from a beautiful space in Oxtongue Lake, Ontario, Canada. It was a piece of heaven! So beautiful, so vibrant, so healing!In this episode of Awaken with Animals, you are invited to come with me and travel to this healing space to receive the blessings of frequency from the waters, trees, the earth and three special beings who have come forward with messages to the soul and healing for the heart.A reminder that each and every one of us can receive this healing if we wish to! Would you like to join me in this healing from the animal and earth frequencies? If so, let’s go!Let’s heal with the Guardians & Keepers of The Land at Oxtongue Lake.Let’s connect further! Join Marybeth here:Telegram: @thegalspeaksWebsite:
Time with animals brings so much to our lives, doesn’t it? I mean, they bring so much forward through their beauty, energy, and unconditional love, through their fun and quirky antics and so much more.Animals are amazing! When the time comes for them to leave this earth, and transition from physical to spirit, it can be a challenging time.This episode has been created and inspired by the animals themselves, for they remind us of our soul’s entanglement with them. As we connect together during this time, we are invited to remember and honour them.We are also going to receive a very special message from the animals in spirit form, and an invitation to be able to look at death and loss, grieving and mourning in perhaps a new and different way, or maybe even a way that will shift in perspective so that we can take our healing to the next steps and beyond.With a huge thanks to the animals that have joined us in this particular episode, and if you’re listening to this right now, I invite you to come with me as we hear of their messages and as we connect and honour them.Let’s get going, hand in hand, and walk the journey together.Let’s connect further! Join Marybeth here:*NEW! Telegram: @thegalspeaksWebsite:
These last couple of weeks, I found myself very much inside of my head. I was having a hard time being able to see things clearly. I felt stuck, confused, and had several situations present themselves to me in ways that I didn’t think I could handle much more.You see, I forgot my tools! The ones that I usually have and that have served me well.Guess what happened?Because I became stuck, I reverted back to old patterns and allowed the ego to lead the show. The ego wanted to keep me safe, and did its best in protecting me. My allowing this resulted in the feelings of fear, depression, and various emotions with lots of anxiety!It wasn’t until I pressed that record button that the collective animal energy was able to share divine wisdom, guidance, and inspiration, that wasn’t only for me, but for us all!You are invited to come and be a part of something that will change your life experience in finding your truth by listening to this episode. Come learn about the illusions we create in our life experiences and become empowered by learning how you can change those illusions to become your truth.When you are in alignment with your truth, the game changes! Clarity is seen, calmness is felt, joy is known and so much more!The Illusions We Create….let’s dive in and learn from The Collective Animal Energy!Let’s connect further! Join Marybeth here:*NEW! Telegram: @thegalspeaksWebsite:
Animals are spiritual beings. They are sentient and have the ability to think, make decisions, reason, and have access to divine wisdom. They are here to help us as humans in so many ways.Animals come into our lives for a reason, a purpose, and they bring with them a mission. We too share the same journey as we incarnate into the physical bodies we inhabit.In this episode of Awaken With Animals, you are invited to journey into the soul as we discuss soul contracts, soul families, and soul groups. We will cover the aspects of the roles animals have come into our lives to be and how they help us with those specific roles.This journey isn't only about communicating with the animals in our lives. It's also about connection to their consciousness and continuing the spiritual aspect of our journeys with them.When we can Awaken With Animals, we can activate a deeper and meaningful life. We can upgrade and expand our consciousness and heal and grow into the best version of us, why we are here, and our purpose and mission.It all begins with an openness to become one with animals and their wisdom and this episode will take you there! Are you coming? Let's do this!Let’s connect further! Join Marybeth here:*NEW! Telegram: @thegalspeaksWebsite:
There is a topic that has been floating around in my life experience ever since I was a little girl. It was something that back in the 1970's and 80's was always taught to me as taboo and untrue. Learning that back then created a foundation for me to be closed to the idea that this topic could even exist in the first place!What topic am I speaking of? Any guesses?I'm speaking about reincarnation. Have you ever wondered about this? Maybe you believe in it but are looking for more information.In this episode, I became inspired to click that record button and just begin talking...surrendering to whatever was meant to come through. I'm really glad I did because I was able to share and receive some powerful information from the collective animal energy and animal spirit.Do I proclaim to know it all about reincarnation? Absolutely not!I do however promise you that the information in this episode has been shared from the heart and channelled from the animals.However you feel about this topic, I completely respect. If you're open to hearing what transpired in this episode, stay with me! We're just getting started! See you on the inside!Let’s connect further! Join me here:*NEW! Telegram: @thegalspeaksWebsite:
Have you ever surrendered to allowing what will happen next to just happen? I mean, doing something without expectation or planning? Well that’s what this episode is all about!I had the honour of joining together with two lovely souls who agreed to me pressing that record button and just seeing what would come through here on the Awaken With Animals podcast.We set an intention for the highest and the best and voila….this episode was born!We had to be an observer and a witness, plus we had to be directly involved as well! Actually it was easier than it sounds. I found it to be inspiring, supportive and motivational.Wonderful tools to support the frequencies we are all integrating here on Planet Earth came through as well as guidance for moving through the changes and shifts were discussed.Some wonderful animals and even water beings came through with their message of guidance as well.If you are open to walking this journey with us, also without expectation, come on aboard! Listen in and let’s share in this vibration together!Another episode, unscripted without expectation! Are you coming? Let’s go!Learn More About This Episode’s Guests; Eva Lukacs & Alicia Lukacs-Hall:We, Eva & Alicia are Mom and Daughter here on Earth and have come to assist with the Evolution of Humanity and Mother Gaia. We come with honour & compassion as Krystalline Ascension Guides, Galactic Activators, Multidimensional Facilitators (Healers), Vibrational Creatrix's, Dream Weavers, Wisdom Keepers, Code Holders & Planetary Terraformers. We are co-Creatrix’s of Krystalline Ascension and work in sacred unison by guiding you Home to your Heart, supporting and empowering you to embody your Divine Essence through sacred offerings & Soul Mentoring to live a more consciously illuminated life within your ascension journey! Weave the Rainbow Dream of heavenONEarthWebsite: www.krystallineascension.comKrystalline Portal:’s connect further! Join me here:*NEW! Telegram: @thegalspeaksWebsite:
We all have an innate aspect of us that talks to us all the time...did you know this? It's part of our soul's journey and a higher aspect of our being. But there's one problem...most of the time, we don't hear it!Why? Because we currently live in a world where we are taught to listen to our external environment, and not our internal one.We are used to being taught things with specific steps of how to do them. We have tangible experiences that we can see, touch, feel and more, and that's what we've become accustomed to.Because we have never been taught how to really focus inwards to the aspects of our inner guidance system, and our soul's messages to our life experience, we become lost in navigating our internal GPS system so to speak.That brings us to this episode! Come along with me, and let's journey to learn more about how our soul talks to us in whispers, how we can learn to turn up the volume to hear its messages and unite with it to move forward with our life purpose and life journeys.And guess what? A very special teacher has come forward as well to mirror and match our vibration to share with us more about this too!Are you ready? Let's go!Let’s connect further! Join me here:*NEW! Telegram: @thegalspeaksWebsite:
The animals have been coming to join us around the healing space of transformation! In the last two episodes, we were greeted by the first and second group of animals who came and brought us very specific gifts.In this episode, the final group of animals arrive. Not only have they brought us gifts, but they also bring us on a journey. There is an aspect of us that is reaching out for healing. It stems from our childhood and is given an opportunity to become free of all burdens, receive what he/she wishes to and most of all, to be playful and curious in walking through life with what is necessary and needed.You’ll hear a direct message from an ancient scroll that was written from the contents of the bark from a tree in light brown ink. A message of healing vibration, of loving intent, and most of all, what is needed for each and one of our inner child aspects of self.Come with me and let’s discover who this last group of animals are, why they have come, and what they bring to this circle of healing. Receive their vibrations and integrate them in what will be for the highest and best for you!The healing space of transformation’s circle is complete. The animals have gathered! This space is here now for every one of us, and to visit at any time!Are you coming with me? Take my hand and let’s go right now!Let’s connect further! Join me here:*NEW! Telegram: @thegalspeaksWebsite:
The animals continue to gather around a space of transformation! In the last episode, the first group had already arrived and shared with us such magnificent gifts. In this episode, the next group of animals has joined us, each bringing gifts of loving vibration and have placed them in the centre of this very special meeting place.You'll hear how the matriarch shares with us that it's not only time for humans, but also for the animal kingdoms to heal and release what no longer serves, for it is no longer in vibration to our planet's ascension. She also shares with us an invitation to embrace the new energies of planet Earth.Friends, if you're ready for this next phase with the animals, come and join me. Receive these gifts and integrate them in what will be for the highest and best for you!The journey continues, the animals continue to gather and their gifts continue to shine bright!Let's go, shall we?Let’s connect further! Join me here:*NEW! Telegram: @thegalspeaksWebsite:
The animals have begun to gather! They are gathering around a space of transformation. Not all of them have arrived yet, only the ones that we need right now.They each have brought us gifts of loving vibration and have placed them in the centre of this very special meeting space.They call this space the Meeting Space of Transformation and have a request for us all.You know what? It’s time that we listen!The vast amount of love the animals have provided to us in this episode has shifted my life journey in such a powerful and profound way!You are invited to receive and integrate these gifts should you wish.If you’re ready and want to hear more, come and join me!Let’s connect further! Join me here:*NEW! Telegram: @thegalspeaksWebsite:
“We remembered who we are, and the game changed!” When I clicked the record button for this particular episode (just like all the other episodes here on Awaken With Animals), I had no idea what was going to come through.I’ve learned to trust in the process as Awaken with Animals grows and evolves as a podcast and channel for sharing this unique wisdom with the world.As partners together with animal spirit, collective animal energy, and in the intention of calling forth the purest, highest love, and the purest, highest light, I connect with their divinity and am reminded of my own. I have come to trust that whatever comes through will be perfect, just the way it is.In this particular episode, some new vibrations come forward, introducing themselves as ‘The Rainbow Frequencies’. While accepting their gift of frequency, I found myself in a space of vulnerability. Guess what? With trust and inner guidance, I went with it, and I received profound healing! You will hear this as it happened live in this episode.It is my heart’s intention to share an opportunity for you to also receive ‘The Rainbow Frequencies’ as well, should you choose. If this resonates with you, come join me as we connect with the Ocean Jasper, Angel Ariel, and Dove.This is quite the journey! Are you coming? Let’s go!Love and blessings,Marybeth xoLet’s connect further! Join me here:*NEW! Telegram: @thegalspeaksWebsite:
Did you know that on December 1st, 2021, the Awaken With Animals Podcast turned 1???Happy Birthday to you,Happy Birthday to you,Happy Birthday Awaken With Animals,Happy Birthday to you!!!!In this episode, you are invited to celebrate this milestone.  You will hear from the Guardian Animals of Lightness with their channelled message of guidance.They’ve joined us by sharing an invitation of awareness for how we all can birth forward the next phase or our life journey experience in alignment with our purpose and why we are here…and there’s more too!!I’m really excited to share this with you!Will you join me?Let’s celebrate! Let’s do this!Love and blessings,Marybeth xoLet’s connect further! Join me here:*NEW! Telegram: @thegalspeaksWebsite:
In the last episode of the Awaken With Animals podcast, a very special soul in the form of a sheep came forward sharing the vibration of one last gift she had for the world.Following in her footsteps, and in this episode, another beautiful being that I have the gift of sharing life with decided to create a Part 2 for healing with ‘Love’s Light’.In September of 2020, a bearded dragon named Brigger was born into this world. She came with a specific purpose, although she didn’t know what it was at that time.During the first 4-6 weeks after her birth, something traumatic happened and she began to experience life in a new and different way.Now that she is just over a year in age, she has come to the space where she is ready for healing. And guess what????She decided to do this publicly right here on this episode!Brigger has brought forward a gift for us all. She calls it the “Gift Of Love’s Light In The Essence Of Healing”, and you are invited to join Brigger in this powerful episode in which she shares with you the opportunity to be able to work on the inner YOU; to be able to bring forward that essence of YOU that derives from the space where love and light are created.Please join me as we unite with Brigger and learn how she has chosen to not only bring healing to herself, but as she brings forward this gift of healing for us all!PS. Three cheers to YOU, Brigger! I love you, my beautiful soul friend! xoLove and blessings,Marybeth xoLet’s connect further! Join me here:*NEW! Telegram: @thegalspeaksWebsite:
An amazing and beautiful being reached out to me with a clear and specific request. She wanted to share with humanity one last gift. In this episode, I share with you, the experience, the gift, and an opportunity to receive the light of love from this wonderful soul who came to earth in the form of a sheep. Her purpose was to be ‘Love’s Light’ and her purpose has now been fulfilled.Please join me in this very special episode.Love and blessings,Marybeth xoLet’s connect further! Join me here:*NEW! Telegram: @thegalspeaksWebsite:
At the time of recording this episode, the rain is falling upon my windowsill. As I witness the drops, I recognize that each one is landing in its own unique way.  I am reminded of the many shifts we are going through in our world, and how it can feel like a struggle.  This rain is a cleansing symbolism of what we as humanity can shift and transform.As we navigate the energies of the world at present time, we are invited to come together in unity and join the light. In this episode, the Guardian Animals of Lightness make their debut and share a healing and powerful transmission for all. Please join me and let’s heal! It’s time!Love and blessings,Marybeth xo**It is not recommended to listen to this episode while driving. **This episode also offers guidance for healing through our physical, auric, and energetic  fields. The transmission of codes and energy is not meant for medical treatment , nor to be used as medical advice. It is always recommended to consult a trained medical or holistic professional for specific medical treatment.Let’s connect further! Join me here:*NEW! Telegram: @thegalspeaksWebsite:
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