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What happens when a tip amount on the credit card line doesn't correspond to the total?Bad math by the customer!BUT... does the rule "always go by the total apply"?? NO!! Every situation must be looked at independently - by a manager. There is no one size fits all solution. Find out more on this week's episode. Support the show (
You ask your server for a good glass of wine. They recommend one. They don't tell you how much it is; you don't ask.Turns out it's $50 a glass. You've had three glasses.Whose fault was it?Support the show (
Recently we came across a restaurant that just implemented a new policy that servers would have to pay for the restaurant's credit card fees that they incurred.We disagree with that policy wholeheartedly.That is a cost of doing business. That is unfair to the servers.THAT will not make servers happy and THAT is not good for business.Support the show (
With special guest Meredith Soleau, President of 424 DegreesDuring Covid-19, it's important that restaurants and other small businesses are operating at peak performance; however, we all have a bad day. Meredith and Jay discuss how customers need to cut them some slack because they're already struggling during this hard time, yet remind everyone that it's important for staff and management to make sure guests are happy before they leave.Did you know, too, that there's a correlation of the number of Facebook friends someone has and the likelihood that they'll write a bad review? It's pretty fascinating!Find out how a fish sandwich got the conversation started.Support the show (
Be honest - are your servers doing the best they can? Are they guiding your guests through their culinary experience or just taking orders and turning tables?The difference between the two can make or break you.Support the show (
With special guest Jim Ziegler (The Alpha Dawg)The car business has changed. It's more customer-focused than ever before. Do you have certain feelings about car salespeople or the car buying experience? He may just change your mind.Hear from veteran car salesman, manager, and nationally-recognized sales trainer and keynote speaker Jim Ziegler, the Alpha Dawg, about his thoughts on customer service in the car business - and even about his own experiences in restaurants and hotels.Support the show (
Short episode to finish up the year.Remember, you can make or break someone's day. Why not make it?Here's to staying positive and making 2021 a better year!Support the show (
The most (in)famous chef on the Internet, Chef Davide Cerretini, joins me as he explains how he declared war on Yelp!In 2014, Yelp kept contacting Davide to advertise with them. He refused. Then he saw his positive reviews disappear and his bad ones popping up. Coincidence? Davide didn’t think so. So he decided to try and beat them at their own game. Disclaimer: This episode is controversial and fun. I don't necessarily agree with his Yelp tactics, but it's sure entertaining to hear about it! Listen to Davide detail his feud with Yelp when he was running his Italian restaurant/pizzeria, Botto Bistro, and find out what he's up to now!Does he sound familiar? See why:Chef Davide Cerretini on the Daily ShowChef Davide gets his Yelp response read on the Tonight Show by Jimmy Fallon and Aziz AnsariChef Davide Cerretini's New Cooking ShowMeet the Most Infamous Chef on the InternetBillion Dollar Bully movie - now on Amazon PrimeHospitality Defender video interview 2015Support the show (
We Don't Determine What Good Service Is - The Customer DoesWith special guest: W. Scott CassIs customer service top-of-mind with you and your staff? Do you do whatever it takes to fix a problem? Is your mindset always customer-focused or stuck on just running shifts?This week's episode contains the musings and reminiscing of a former restaurant General Manager and his former employee. Mr. Cass takes us through his philosophies, thoughts, and experiences with running restaurants and being a consultant to some of the biggest names in the customer service world. And, we have some fun too, remembering the Great Denver Blizzard of 2003, where half the staff was stuck at the restaurant, while the other half was stuck at home.Support the show (
When you're running a business it's important to have processes in place! From training programs to steps of service to keeping an eye on your employees and making sure they're upholding your standards, it all begins with strong processes. Here's a birds-eye view of the kinds of things you need to be doing in order to be successful.Support the show (
Welcome to our first episode! We were just getting our footing here and this was recorded just prior to the Covid-19 pandemic. This is an all-over-the-place introduction to what we hope this podcast will be about. We'll touch on many different topics in the future!We promise future episodes will be much more interesting and with less "um"s, "you know"s, and background noise. We sure learned a lot!Probably, however, the same amount of wine will be consumed.Support the show (
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