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Author: Junction Journalism

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Making A Difference is a Junction Journalism podcast produced by student journalists in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific. From June 2021, new episodes of Making A Difference will be hosted a different university each month. We'll continue to report on stories that don't shy away from issues but also explore solutions and better ways of working. Subscribe to listen every month. or wherever you get your podcasts.
30 Episodes
Para athletes don’t get the headlines or recognition of their able-bodied peers yet their stories are the epitome of resilience and overcoming adversity. Less than a year until the Paris Olympics and Paralympics, we speak to four athletes about how sport has transformed their lives. HostsElla Bradford and Julia ForbesStoriesEmily Beecroft – Reporter: Julia ForbesJenna Jones – Reporter: Ella BradfordBlake Cochrane – Reporter: Bobby WilsonNathan Jason – Reporter: Rattanakorn BoontemEditor: Simon BradyExecutive Producer: Peter EnglishFor more stories from the best student journalism in Australia:The JunctionMusic'There Is Only The Unknown Ahead' - GetMusic ‘Steps’ – Lance Conrad‘Fell In Love’ – Keplar Beats'Wake Up' - vitaminsound
Every place has a story to tell: its past, present and what might lie ahead in the future. In this episode, our reporters from RMIT take us to native forests, a former prison, a public housing estate and a community on bushfire alert to find out how those places are changing. HostsAnnabel Fleming and Ned ColemanStories‘Citizen Scientists’ – Reporter: Melanie Bakewell'Stories From The Inside’ – Reporter: Ruth McHugh-Dillon‘Public Housing: Retain, Repair, Reinvest’ – Reporter: Penry Buckley‘The Bushfire Spectre’ – Reporter: Sydney Lang Audio Editor: Tito AmbyoExecutive Producer: Tito AmbyoFor more stories from RMIT:The City JournalMusic'There Is Only The Unknown Ahead' - GetMusic'Wake Up' - vitaminsound
This episode by journalism students at Curtin University in Perth challenges conventions that have dictated our lives and the progress of society.We look at ways people are taking on and dealing with accepted norms around housing, families, drug use, gender equality and identity. Host: Andrew DuStories'Grand Designs' - Reporter: Xander Sapsworth-Collis'Stemming the Tide' - Reporter: Cindy Cartojano'No Children, Please' - Reporter: Premila Ratnam'It's Not Easy Being Me' - Reporter: Andrew Du'Pot Luck' - Reporter: Georgy SidesProducer: Andrew DuEditor: Simon BradyFor more stories from Curtin University:Western IndependentMusic:'There Is Only The Unknown Ahead' - GetMusic'Wake Up' - vitaminsound  
This episode by journalism students at the University of Melbourne explores the binaries that govern us: good and bad, real and virtual, life and death. But life often exists in the grey zones in-between and we look at what happens when you bend, blur or break those binaries. Host: Thomas PhillipsStories:‘Human-made nature’ – Reporter: Meghan Dansie‘Death Doulas’ – Reporter: Sasha Gattermayr‘Virtual Boyfriend’ – Reporter: Qiyun Liu‘Parallel Universe’ – Reporter: Jade Murray‘Lying for Good’ – Reporter: Sean Ruse Audio editor: Thomas PhillipsExecutive Producer: Louisa LimMore stories from the University of Melbourne's Centre for Advancing Journalism:The CitizenMusic:'There Is Only The Unknown Ahead' - GetMusic 'Wake Up' - vitaminsound 
This month’s episode is the first in a three-part podcast by Nicola Brayan from the University of Sydney.We’ve all been told that there’s a “proper” way to speak English. What if that wasn’t true? There are thousands of dialects of English that are “non-standard” yet they still carry cultural and historic significance. Nicola’s deep-dive into English dialects around the world shows how language shapes identity, communities, and, too often, discrimination.This story challenges us to think before we judge the way others speak.You can listen to the entire three-part podcast (and you should!): SpotifyApplePodcast IndexiHeartAmazon MusicPodchaserOr type 'Standard Deviations Junction Journalism' into your favourite podcast app.Written and produced: Nicola BrayanSupervising Editor: Lea RedfernSound design and audio editing: Josh DowtonArtwork: Veronica LenardFor more stories by journalism students at the University of Sydney: 
This episode by journalism students at the University of Canberra tells stories that make us think about some of the important things in life: our health, our happiness and our fellow human beings.HostsMaddi Green and Lila GreylingStories'The 'New' Australian Dream’ – Reporter: Lara Stimpson‘Nutrition For The Mind’ – Reporter: Hannah Donald‘A Taste of Country’ – Reporter: Leo Phimphravichith‘Libraries 2.0’ – Reporter: Celeste Gibbs‘They Do More Than Bring Me Flowers’ – Reporter: Chloe SwanExecutive Producer: Simon BradyFor more stories from the University of Canberra:The OwlMusic'There Is Only The Unknown Ahead' - GetMusic'Brown Hill' - Motion Array Originals'Wake Up' - vitaminsound
This episode by journalism students at Curtin University in Perth tells stories about preservation: preserving the environment, our reputation, our identity and our well-being.HostsRuby Devlin and Amy FigueiredoStories'Money For Marks’ – Reporter: Elliahn Blenkinsop‘Saving the River’ – Reporter: Bronte Holmes‘The Young and the Restless’ – Reporter: Mya Kordic‘Complex Identities’ – Reporter: Ash Ramos‘Do I Need Therapy?’ – Reporter: Amy Figueiredo‘The Comfort Bottle’ – Reporter: Ruby DevlinProducer: Simon BradyFor more stories from Curtin University:Western IndependentMusic'There Is Only The Unknown Ahead' - GetMusic'Wake Up' - vitaminsound
This episode by journalism students at Deakin University tells stories about our changing world and how people are finding ways to navigate these new times. You will meet Australia’s first dental therapy dog who is helping people overcome their fear of going to the dentist, and join theatre workers as they delight in a return to the stage after long lockdowns. The episode also explores the dangers of a La Nina weather pattern, the problem of inequality in STEM jobs, and the pros and cons of social media influencers, which may make a difference to how you view and use certain platforms.Hosts: Billy Eason and Brad McGeeStories:'The dangers of a La Nina weather pattern' - Reporters: Will Tremain and Garbis Sanossian'Equity in STEM' - Reporter: Grace MacKenzie'The thrill of theatre’s return' - Reporters: Chloe Williams and Ashleigh Kreveld'Teacher shortages' - Reporters: Jonathan Peck and Ali Calafiore'Australia’s first dental therapy dog- - Reporter: Jena Carr'The influence of influencers' - Reporters: Phoebe Griffiths and Rylee Pattison-MooreAudio Editor: Dr Chris ScanlonExecutive Producer: Alison McAdamFor more stories from Deakin University: DScribe Music'There Is Only The Unknown Ahead' - GetMusic‘Illumination’ - Paul Yudin'You Can Do More' - lemonmusicstudio'Inspirational Background' - AudioCoffeeTikTok accounts for influencer story: @ellieshauls_@spencer.barbos’@jellybean.celine@hismile'Wake Up' - vitaminsound
This episode by journalism students at Griffith University in Queensland tells stories about ‘home’. From campaigns that support people facing housing crisis to acknowledging the importance of feeling at home in your own body. We also investigate the impact of natural disasters on ecosystems - which we like to think of as non-human homes - and there is a tribute to the volunteers who keep our homes safe. They are truly making a difference.Host: Chanelle MacbethStories'Raise the Rate for Good' - Reporter: Chanelle Macbeth'Kym's Cycle for Charity' - Reporter: Elizabeth Heseltine'At Home in Your Own Body' - Reporter: Indio Myles'The Other 'Homes' Ruined by Floods' - Reporter: Joshua McGuinness'Local Heroes' - Reporter: Elizabeth HeseltineAudio editors: Chanelle MacbethElizabeth HeseltineIndio MylesJoshua McGuinnessBridget BackhausHeather Anderson Executive Producers:Heather AndersonBridget BackhausFor more stories from Griffith University:The Source News Music:'There Is Only The Unknown Ahead' - GetMusic'The Art of Silence' - DHDMusic'If We Knew All The Laws of Nature' - Robert Farmer'Wake Up' - vitaminsound  
In this episode, journalism students at the University of NSW explore prejudice and bias, sometimes unconscious, sometimes ignorant and sometimes deliberate. There are stories that look at the issues of racism and identity from the perspective of victims, and why it’s so important to hear those voices.ProductionHost: Kyle SmitizisStories'We are kinda racist' - Reporter: Sanjana Jose'Racism: too much reactive, not enough proactive -  Reporter: Jacob Sukiennik'Helping Ukrainian refugees' - Reporter: Claudia McDonnell'Minority parties' - Reporter: Sanjana Jose'Confronting Indigenous racism' - Reporter: Madison Howarth'Race and identity in the media' - Reporter: Vivienne CrowleAudio editor: Peter R. R. WhiteExecutive Producer: Peter R. R. WhiteMore stories from UNSW at Newsworthy: Music 'There Is Only The Unknown Ahead' - GetMusic'Wake Up' - vitaminsound
This month's episode was produced by journalism students at Charles Sturt University. The range of stories emphasises the challenges right now, particularly for rural and regional communities. If it's not the pandemic, it's the threat of varroa mite and foot and mouth disease. And then there's the damage of months of heavy rainfall. We hear how communities  are dealing with a relentless wave of threats to livelihoods.ProductionHost: Sophie NorrisStoriesBee aware: the varroa destructor mite - Reporter: Cody MildwaterFoot and mouth threat to agriculture - Reporter: Archie Staines Farmer wants a worker - Reporter: Tahlia TranterDoctor, doctor - come quickly - Reporter: Joseph Richards Positions vacant - Reporter: Susy CornfordThe great tradie hunt - Reporter: Eden Puriri Making connections - Reporter: Christian PennyFilling in the gaps - Reporter: Sophie NorrisCountry living, city parking - Reporter: Noah SecombBack on track - Reporter: Duck WilsonAudio editor: Sophie NorrisExecutive Producer: Jock CheethamMore stories from Charles Sturt University: MusicOpener - 'There Is Only The Unknown Ahead' - GetMusic Closer - 'Wake Up' - vitaminsound 
Relive election night as journalism students around the country reported on a momentous vote count that saw Labor, led by Anthony Albanese, sweep to power along with a wave of independent candidates. This episode captures the highlights and defining moments from Junction Journalism’s national radio broadcast on election night. More stories from Junction Journalism: for this episode:Hosts: Aditi Kutty and Naomi NewcombeExecutive Producer: Simon BradyElection broadcast teamExecutive ProducersAditi KuttyDiya KhannaPresentersNaomi Newcombe (Deakin University)Jack Crnjanin (Swinburne University)Alessandro Rossini (Swinburne University)Dr Andrew Dodd (University of Melbourne)Results analysisOlivia Garra (Deakin University)Maggie Papas (Swinburne University)Alessandro Rossini (Swinburne University)Marilyn Tan (University of Melbourne)‘Live’ cross producersCallum McNaught (Deakin University)Brandon Demura (Swinburne University)Social media producersNueva Mambor (Deakin University)Stefanie Podsiadly Soto (Deakin University)Kinta Walsh-Cotton (University of the Sunshine Coast)Ebony Weston (Swinburne University)ReportersChelsea Bunting (Deakin University)Olivia Cleal (University of Sydney)Sam Devenport (University of Sydney)Jessica Evensen (Curtin University)Maddi Green (University of Canberra)Celeste McDonald (Swinburne University)Jason Gunst (Deakin University)Daniel Holmes (University of Sydney)Liam Jennings (University of Canberra)Oliver Lane (Curtin University)Liam Mulhall (University of Canberra)Sophie Norris (Charles Sturt University)Verena Power (University of the Sunshine Coast)Joseph Richards (Charles Sturt University)Xander Sapsworth-Collins (Curtin University)Jamie Thannoo (Curtin University)Adriana Wainstok (University of Sydney)Hannah Whitehead (Deakin University)Supervising Executive ProducersPeter Marcato (Swinburne University)Simon Brady (University of Canberra)Technical productionDarren McKenzieVideography and photographyDenby Weller (Swinburne University) Music'There Is Only The Unknown Ahead' - GetMusic ‘Harmony in Ultra Blue - LEXMusic'So Many Memories' - Myton Music‘Digital Heart’ – Frequently Asked Music‘Little Hero’ – Lexin Music'Wake Up' - vitaminsound 
In this episode of ‘Making a Difference’,  journalism students from the University of Melbourne report on what was one of the most marginal electorates in the country, Chisholm in Melbourne's eastern suburbs.Reporters spoke in-depth with voters throughout the election campaign about the issues that were most important to them.Climate change, relations with China, Victoria’s COVID response, and house prices were common themes . The team analyses how Labor took the seat from the Liberal Party on election night. ProductionHost: Thomas PhillipsStories"Democracy in my hands': First-time voter feeling the privilege and weight - Reporter: Jenny CaiFrom isolation to activism: First-time voter hopes political heat will drive climate action - Reporter: Sean Ruse Frustrated voters could take state grievances to federal ballot box - Reporter: Meghan DansieBus driver father worries how his children will ever afford homes - Reporter: Caitlin DuanPost-election analysis of what happened in Chisholm - Reporter: Petra StockAudio editor: Thomas PhillipsExecutive Producer: Louisa LimMore stories from the University of Melbourne: - 'There Is Only The Unknown Ahead' - GetMusicCloser - 'Wake Up' - vitaminsound
This episode of Making a Difference is an election special with journalism students at Charles Sturt University in Bathurst putting the microscope on the electorate of Calare in the heart of NSW. The National Party holds Calare comfortably but like many seats in this election, independent and smaller party candidates are hoping to have a say on the outcome.ProductionHost: Sophie NorrisStoriesKate Hook (Independent) - Reporter: Sophie NorrisTracy Whittaker (One Nation) - Reporter: Sophie WatsonKay Nankervis (Greens) - Reporter: Sophie WatsonAndrew Gee (National Party) - Reporter: Sophie WatsonSarah Elliott (ALP) - Reporter: Noah SecombAudio editor: Noah SecombExecutive Producer: Jock CheethamMore stories from Charles Sturt University:news.2MCE.orgMusic:'There Is Only The Unknown Ahead' - GetMusic'Wake Up' - vitaminsound 
This episode by journalism students at Swinburne University in Melbourne counts us down to the federal election. They look at issues that are energising young people: climate change, cost-of-living and an integrity commission are never far from the conversation. And they put candidates on-the-spot to see how their parties will respond.ProductionHost: Jack CrnjaninStories‘Candidate interview: Piers Mitchem (Greens / Kooyong)’ – Reporters: Jack Crnjanin and Alessandro Rossini‘Young voters making their voices heard’ – Reporter: Claudia Harvey‘Candidate interview: James Patterson (Liberal Party) – Reporter: Alessandro Rossini ‘Candidate interview: Peter Khalil (Labor Party) – Reporter: Alessandro Rossini‘The rise of independents’ – Reporter: Charlie Mills (Curtin University, WA) Audio editor: Jack CrnjaninExecutive Producers: Jack Crnjanin, Alessandro RossiniMore stories from Swinburne University:The Standard -'There Is Only The Unknown Ahead' - GetMusic 'Wake Up' - vitaminsound
This episode by journalism students at the University of Canberra (UC) looks at issues of these pandemic times. From the availability of affordable housing to the financial security of women, drug law reform, innovative ways of treating health conditions and realising sporting dreams.The stories were produced in conjunction with ABC Radio Canberra.ProductionHosts: Sara Garrity and Lara StimpsonStories'Tiny Homes' - Reporter: Brooke Roff'Super, not super' - Reporter: Lauren Light'To Punish or Reprieve' - Reporter: Rania Yallop'ADHD-Tok' - Reporter: Ebony Heins'The Messenger' - Reporter: Rebecca More'Road to Paris' - Reporter: Rian MurphyProducer: Natalie LarkinsExecutive Producer: Simon BradyMore stories from University of Canberra: 'There Is Only The Unknown Ahead' - GetMusic'So Many Memories' - Myton Music 'Deep River' - Finval'Wake Up' - vitaminsound
This episode by journalism students from the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) explores the decision by Muslim women to adopt the veil to cover their hair, bodies and faces.  We hear the stories of five Muslim women from different walks of life and racial backgrounds who live across Australia. They tell us their reasons for covering-up and the struggles they go through as visible representatives of their faith in the face of increasing Islamophobia.  By simply being themselves and choosing to don the hijab, these women are Making a Difference. ProductionHosts: Sara Amir and Eve CoganReporters: Sara Amir and Arshmah JamalAudio editor: Sara AmirExecutive Producers: Sara Amir, Martin NewmanMusic‘There Is Only The Unknown Ahead' - GetMusic‘Singularity’ - Lagua Vesa‘To Bright’ - Mochas‘Cold Conclusion’ - August Wilhelmsson'Wake Up' - vitaminsound For more stories from the University of Technology:
This episode, produced by journalism students from Deakin University and Southern Cross University, hears from people who are helping others and, by extension, helping the planet.We delve into the world of Depop to explore if the movement is helping to curb our fast-fashion ways. We also follow Ten-Cent Tom, a guy who is building a recycling business one aluminium can at a time, with the aim of employing people with disabilities just like him. This episode also explores the complex issues of loneliness, identity crisis and voluntary assisted dying.ProductionHosts: Curtis Baines and Georgia DunneStories‘Walking Away From Loneliness’ – Reporter: Jason Gunst (Deakin) ‘The Pace of Fashion’ – Reporter: Olivia Lowes (Deakin) ‘Identity Crisis’ – Reporter: Meghan Fernandes (Deakin) ‘Life Choices’ – Reporter: Naomi Newcombe (Deakin) ‘Ten-Cent Tom’ – Reporter: Lauren Munro (Southern Cross) Audio editor: Christopher ScanlonExecutive Producer: Alison McAdam More stories from Deakin University: Music 'There Is Only The Unknown Ahead' - GetMusic ‘Downtown Boogie’ – Bryan Teoh 'Solo Acoustic Guitar’ – Jason Shaw ‘Heartbeat’ – b-train ‘Groundwork’ – Kevin MacLeod ‘Simple Love Song’ – Sasha‘Little Hero’ – LexinMusic ‘Remembering You’ – Equilibrio 'Wake Up' - vitaminsound
This episode produced by journalism students at Deakin University in Melbourne hears from people who are taking a stand to help others and, in some cases, themselves.We talk to people working on the ground to stop the trade of human trafficking in south-east Asia. We hear from the victims of online dating scams and their advice on how to avoid the traps. We also learn about the challenges and successes of people who live with Tourette Syndrome – a neurological disorder that affects one-in-100 children in Australia.  And there are the ways people are finding their voice to make a statement about fashion, politics, social issues and – in the case of social media influencers – themselves.ProductionHosts: Curtis Baines and Georgia DunneStories‘Stop The Traffick’ – Reporter: Krsytle Richardson‘Behind The Screens’ – Reporter: Jessica Fisher‘The Fashion Statement’ – Reporter: Brandon Davis‘Living With Tourette Syndrome’ – Reporter: Benjamin Filosi‘Don’t Fall For It: Online Dating Scams’ – Reporter: Cal DolanAudio editor: Christopher ScanlonExecutive Producer: Alison McAdamMore stories from Deakin University:'There Is Only The Unknown Ahead' - GetMusic ‘Aquatic City Vanished’ – Bryan Teoh'Dreams’ - Bensound  ‘Dance’ - Bensound‘Infinite Peace’ – Kevin MacLeod‘Signs To Nowhere’ – Shane Ivers‘Depth Of Focus’ – Shane Ivers‘Opening Move’ – Shane Ivers 'Wake Up' - vitaminsound
A look at dating, love and sex as more than simply social interactions but reflections of how we’re actually going through the various stages of the pandemic. This month, journalism students at Curtin University in Perth look at how dating has changed in these virtual times.Romance reimagined explores the thrills and trepidation of making the first move, online dating and long-distance relationships. And how all of it might be helped with a more enlightened approach to sex education. ProductionHosts: Isabella Corbett and Gabrielle Becerra Mellet 'Making moves' - Reporter: Emily Farquhar'Fishing for swipes' - Reporter: Connie Maturana'Kisses and kilometres' - Reporter: Breanna Redhead'Let's talk about sex' - Reporter: Daryna ZadvirnaAudio editors:  Isabella Corbett and Gabrielle Becerra MelletExecutive Producer: Glynn GreensmithMore stories from Curtin University'There Is Only The Unknown Ahead' - GetMusic'Walk Through The City' - Alex_Besss'In A French Café' - Brooklyn Brother 'Fancy Life' - Oak_Music'Move Your Body' - Kyle'Soulful Walk ' - Kinone'Wake Up' - vitaminsound 
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