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In this podcast, GDFM and Compass Partners Services discuss expected crypto-related regulation and the impact it may have on digital assets and digital asset service providers.  We’re focusing on the latest moves in the UK, Europe and the US.  We cover the EU’s Markets in Crypto Assets and it’s possible impact on the UK, which is being brought in to complement AML rules and enhance financial stability and investor protection in Europe, President Biden’s executive order 14067, and some enforcement action by the SEC.  We also offer our musings on the TerraUSD debacle.
Via the link below, we invite you to listen to GDFM’s Daiman Baker, Laurence Parish, Josh Clarke, and Gavin Burr discussing Third-Party Risk Management and what the recent UK regulatory updates mean for the financial services industry. They provide their insights into the challenges caused by increased regulatory expectations, and what these mean for the often complex operating models that exist in many FS institutions.
Whatever the size of the firm, KYC is a necessary process that impacts the client relationship.  It can make onboarding of new clients smooth and also reduce friction for existing clients.  The opposite is certainly possible yet avoidable.In this episode, we discuss how eKYC, perpetual KYC and client-tested technology solutions can augment how people execute this vital function.You can contact Chor at chor.teh [at], and Clarisse at clarisse.mallem [at]
In this episode, Tony Adams of GDFM and Daiman Baker of FourPark Group UK discuss data subject access requests (DSARs) under GDPR and the UK's Data Protection Act 2018.  More and more DSARs are expected to be filed by individuals in the wake of Covid-related furloughs.  These can raise administrative, IT, regulatory and even legal issues for the companies receiving them.Tony and Daiman review top tips and managed solutions in the space.
In this episode, Tony Adams (Cyber Risk Practice head at GDFM) is in conversation with Daiman Baker of FourPark Group UK.Tony discusses cyber crime risk and what financial services firms can do to mitigate it from his unique perspective as former Head of Investigations - UK National Crime Agency's Cyber Crime Unit. 
Welcome to the GD Financial Markets podcast.  Our consultancy business is focused on delivering risk advisory solutions for a wide range of firms, both within and outside of financial services.We have launched this podcast with FourPark Group UK to give listeners insights into some of the challenges and opportunities we see on a daily basis.We will be interviewing industry experts, real practitioners and other professionals to give you meaningful insights and practical solutions to the challenges you are facing today.Thank you for joining us on this journey.
In this episode, Sarah Peaston and Daiman Baker will discuss how regulatory change, governance and control fit within and give insights into the bigger picture of how a firm operates. Reg change, governance and control can lead not only to less regulatory risk but also to operational efficiencies and cost savings by requiring less reactive compliance support and more proactive and efficient support. 
In this episode, Clarisse Mallem is in conversation with Daiman Baker, discussing:Finding and fixing issues in KYC and client due diligence processesThe elements of an effective control frameworkWhy more and more clients are leveraging managed service offerings for their AML and KYC needsWe hope you find value in this episode.
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