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Thoughts Over A Cup Of Coffee

Author: Stephen Willette

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Life's journey is filled with challenges, detours, pit stops, and traffic circles. Let's talk about some of these things. Join us as we talk about life.
4 Episodes
"Chasing the Wind."

"Chasing the Wind."


When I think about the title of this episode, I envision Clark Griswold and family driving around and around a traffic circle in Europe during their vacation in "National Lampoon's European Vacation."  I imagine you or I sprinting back and forth across our yards, while the neighbors watch in hysterics, and we chase after something we will never quite grasp.Chasing after the wind is not a new concept.  It's something mankind has been doing since we first walked upon this earth.  We have been after things for thousands of years.Support the show (
Has your relationship reached a plateau?  Do you feel like you're stuck in a rut?  Please listen and join in this two week challenge, as we set aside some time for deliberate and meaningful conversation with those most important to us.Support the show (
What Is Success?

What Is Success?


Are you successful?  What determines your level of success?  Who told you you're successful? Join Steve in this episode as he talks about success, what he believes to be the true measurement of success, and how you can be one of the most successful people you know!Support the show (
We live in a world of uncertainty.  Many of you, like myself, have walked in a steady state of uncertainty, and sometimes fear, during the past several months.  Many are fearful and anxious about the future, after this unprecedented election year, the results, and the future of America.  Some are worried about the future of COVID.  What do we do with this worry?  What does the Bible have to say about worry and anxiety?Support the show (
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