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Have you ever been to quilt Canada? Well, I just attended this Canadian quilt show last week. And I've got a recap episode in store for you today. I'm Brandy. Maslowski also known as the quilter on fire today. I'll share some stories of my trip to Vancouver for quilt Canada, 2022. I had so much fun from staying with friends on a boat and taking in the show to meeting past podcast guests for the first time and about to share it all with you.Enter the weekly podcast prize giveawayCheck out all of the winners of Quilt Canada 2022Sign up for the Quilter on Fire Email List
There is so much to learn about quilt history, curation of shows, care of quilts and preservation. And I love the topics and guests that the six know-it-alls have on their show.These talks just work because these six knowledgeable women come at the topics from all different angles. It is important to them to bring the viewer along to learn quilt history. They want to bring about an understanding. They want to let quilt makers know how much value they can get by looking at older quilts.Link to the Weekly GiveawayLink to the Six Know-It-Alls Facebook PageLink to the Quilt District Website
This week's guest is the owner and founder of Luana Rubin. She has been a designer in the quilt, textile and garment industries since 1980. She's a BERNINA Ambassador,  and a Chair Holder in the Color Marketing Group and International Color Forecasting Association. She is a Textile Design Consultant and has designed for Robert Kaufman, Timeless Treasures, and many other quilt fabric companies for well over two decades in the quilting industry, and has their own exclusive line of digital printed fabrics. Luana is an  industry expert on digital textile design. She has her finger on the pulse of the quilting world from quilt travel and quilt activism to the latest trends. She has a strong voice for our earth and on this episode we're going to dive right into her story.Enter the weekly podcast giveawayCheck out Luana's website
Today's guest is Abby Glassenberg president and co-founder of the Craft Industry Alliance. I started following Abby's blog While She Naps well over a decade ago while I was fumbling away in my tiny studio in Manitoba.And I was dreaming of doing my passion full-time she has since co-founded Craft Industry Alliance, and now serves as the President, she's a sewing pattern designer, teacher and journalist. She's dedicated to creating an outstanding trade association for the crafts industry. And I'm so happy to share her story with you.JOIN the Craft Industry Alliance right here: weekly podcast giveaway:'s Etsy Shop:
Christa Watson is award-winning quilt maker, pattern and fabric designer, teacher and speaker who has created a really great business and website with loads of educational content.Christa will fill your toolbox with an abundance of great new quilting skills. She has an ask me anything approach, which really tackles current problems where quilters are stuck and helps her students and followers grow. Be sure to join her on Facebook, YouTube and check out her website at the weekly giveaway here: out Christa's website here:
My special guest is Alex Anderson! Laughter is plentiful in this in-depth interview with the one and only Sweetheart of Quilting.OK yes, there are many sweethearts in the quilting world, but Alex has risen to the top for decades with her caring, happy demeanour and this interview "simply" makes my heart sing. That's an old school pun on her first show.Enter the contest giveaway for a chance to win $100 in store Visit Alex Anderson's websiteGo to the Quilt Show with Ricky Tims and Alex Anderson Check out the Facebook LIVES by Alex here 
This week's guest is Mary Fons, famous for learning to quilt from scratch on a public stage, bringing new quilters into their comfort zone, and pushing the boundaries of how quilting is taught with her engaging, delightful personality. Her quirky demeanour takes a front stage in her content again and again. She has been a TV host, a writer, magazine editor, a lecturer, and has a passion for quilt history research.She creates original, raw engaging content across all media, which is astonishing because social media changes every single day and on the podcast I share the best bits of her story with you.Link to the Prize Giveaway: to Mary's website: to Quiltfold Magazine:
Deborah Fisher is the docent and ringmaster of a crazy mixed up cabinet of curiosities, the circus juggler and the museum curator. And it's the perfect description of herself. Actually, her lines of fabric, quilt patterns and handcrafted items create the perfect menagerie of joy that just makes you want to collect it all.Link to the Prize Giveaway: to the Fish Museum and Circus website:
Bridget O'Flaherty is an award-winning textile artist and all around creative inspiration who specializes in thread painting. Bridget has a Bachelor of Arts with an Environmental Studies Major and she just graduated with Honours.This is such a valuable conversation to have, and she really has her toes in the water when it comes to the topic of sustainability and she carries that expertise into quilting.  She brings the conversation forward, not to say that we should never buy fabric again, but with the notion that we can have a good conversation about how we can take little steps to start making a difference.Enter the contest giveaway here: Bridget's Website here:
Anna Maria Horner is best known for her unique fabric designs. She uses bold colours and a gorgeous, vibrant mix of designs and patterns to create instantly recognizable fabric. Her pattern designs are bold and beautiful and her trunk show  was just filled with eye candy and very inspiring. This is the story of a mom of seven with a passion for fabric design, quilt, pattern design, and an entrepreneur with a thriving quilt shop. And on top of all that goodness, she takes the time to nurture and mentor upcoming designers in her field. I love it when it quilter's story is filled with hard work well-deserved success and a mindset of abundance. Enter the contest here: out her website here:
My special guest today is Stephanie Hackney Director of Sales and Marketing for Hobbs Bonded Fibers. She is a brand professional known for her expertise on batting. She has lectured at many major quilt shows such as Quilt Market, Quilt Festival, Road to California, AQS Paducah and many more. She also delivers this great content to guilds and retail stores all over North America. She really has a passion for providing quilters with the info they need to choose the best batting for their quilted, sewn and crafted projects. I have invited her twice to be a part of my recent lecture series - once in December featuring holiday projects and once in January featuring everything you could every want to know about batting and I just can’t get enough of this information, so I had to have her on the podcast. Enter the contest giveaway right here: out the Hobbs Bonded Fibers website here:
This week my special guest is Tracy Mooney. When I first met her recently at quilt festival in Houston, I learned first hand that it is very cool to meet a podcast personality and hear their voice in person for the first time. I'd been listening to the Quilt'n'Tell Podcast for a while. I started to feel like I was getting to know her and her fellow hosts.  It's kind of hard to believe you're meeting that person behind the voice on the podcast. Tracy Mooney is the Editor of Quiltmaker Magazine and Fons and Porter's Quick and Easy Quilts. She is Producer and one of the three hosts of the Quilt & Tell podcast with Lori Baker and Ginger Sheehy-Tatic.She thrives in her roles because she is a deadline driven writer and journalist with over a decade of experience. So let's take a listen to her story...
Join me for an episode all about of my visit to QuiltCon 2022 in Phoenix, AZ. You'll hear my favourite moments, interviews with influencers, quilters, vendors, the organizers of the show and some special exhibits as well. LINKS to things I mention in this episode:Social Justice Sewing Academy with Sara Trail: Navajo Quilt Project with Susan Hudson: AccuQuilt on the Go! QuiltCon Part 1: AccuQuilt on the Go! QuiltCon Part 2:
EQ Educator Yvonne Menear. She has had a passion for EQ for over 20 years. She speaks to quilt guilds, at retreats, at regional, national and international sewing and quilt shows. She does projects and blogs for EQ and teaches at their annual retreat. She creates bespoke workshops to give the student exactly what they need. And today we are going to talk everything EQ! Link to the Youtube Trailer - I'm travelling so it's COMING SOON!Link to the Northcott fabric prize giveaway: COMING SOON!Link to the EQ 20% off discount with code: FIRE20 until March 31st:
Kim Neidzweicki is a sewist, quilter, and pattern designer with a passion for social media. One thing I loved hearing from her on the podcast is that no one is really a social media guru or maven because it changes every single day. We get massive doses of the unknown from social media and there is so much pressure to go viral. It is intimidating. You finally figure out how to make a reel on Instagram and then TikTok comes along and steals the show. The hardest part of it all is just going gloves off and diving into the ring to try everything. It’s new to everyone. We are not alone. And Kim is out there spreading the word about how people can grow.Watch the Youtube Trailer here: the Weekly Podcast Giveaway here: Kim's incredible blog here:
Vivika Hansen Denegre is an avid artist and crafter who lives and works in New England. By day, she is the editor of Quilting Arts and QuiltCon Magazines and serves as the Director of Quilting Content for Golden Peak Media. You’ve likely seen her on Quilting Arts TV, listened to her on The Quilting Arts Podcast, and read some of the many articles and blogposts she writes for traditional quilting publications and By night, you can find Vivika hard at work in the studio where she knits, sews, quilts, and draws. She enjoys her work as a volunteer board member of both SAQA and the Modern Quilt Guild and is fascinated by the work of art quilters from around the world.Watch the Podcast Trailer here: the contest here: the Quilting Daily website here:
On today’s episode you’ll meet Katie Fowler. I had the pleasure of meeting her in person for the first time at the Houston Quilt Festival and wow - she instantly felt like a kind-hearted mentor. Katie is a Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coach, an award-winning artist and a former teacher who loves facilitating learning. The very first day I met her she had her book in my hands and we were chatting about creativity. If you are stuck she guides creative people in connecting with themselves, with others and with their own passions.Watch the Podcast Trailer here: the contest giveaway here: Katie Fowler's Website here:
I’ve been so excited to have Berene Campbell on the show. I first heard of her when my local Okanagan Modern Quilt Guild hired her as a speaker. I loved every word she said. She was heartwarming and inspiring to say the least, and our guild then took on her Mini Mod Swap which is a challenge for the Handmade Collective Awards which we talk about today on the show. Secondly, she’s a delightful person. Berene is a quilt pattern designer, teacher, speaker and community project instigator. Her patterns have been admired by the likes of Tula Pink and her community and charity projects have raised over 35,000 thousand dollars and inspired quilters all over the world.Listen to the PODCAST TRAILER HERE: the PRIZE GIVEAWAY HERE: the Happy Sew Lucky website HERE:
This week’s guest is Clara Nartey. She is an Artist, Entrepreneur and Coach creating Educational programs for Creatives. She suddenly found herself jobless after a dream career in the corporate world and forged ahead to discover her own creative path only to realize she’s not the only one who could use the skills and systems she’s learned along the way. Now she helps other creatives find their path and we are going to dive tight into her story.Tuesday Podcast Preview: podcast giveaway: Nartey's Website:
Rhonda Pierce, is the stitch savvy Marketing Director for Schmetz Needles. She offers her needle expertise around the world in workshops, lectures, monthly Facebook Live sessions and she’s also available to talk for your local guild. Once life returns to normal, watch for Rhonda at quilting shows and events around the country. She’ll be delighted to talk to you and to find out how you use your favourite SCHMETZ needle.Watch the Podcast Trailer here: the PRIZE GIVEAWAY here: the Schmetz website here:
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