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As many as 15% of people globally are dyslexic. Dyslexic individuals will thrive in environments that support different ways of thinking and doing. In this podcast episode, we’ll be taking a look at how inclusive technology can support Dyslexic individuals from university right through to the workplace. Joining us is Crystal Rose, a Public Sector employee with Dyslexia.
A panel discussion featuring EY’s Entrepreneur of the Year AlumniAnyone who has dyslexia is typically very good at problem-solving and focusing on the wider picture – so it’s no wonder they make great business leaders.10 percent or 450,000 Irish people are said to have Dyslexia. Young people with Dyslexia are often given international examples of people like Richard Branson or Jamie Oliver who are successful business people with Dyslexia. However, there are plenty of examples of Dyslexic Irish business people who have started their own start-ups or small businesses. In a recent survey, 230 EOY alumni surveyed, 75% identified a connection in some way with dyslexia. We took the opportunity to sit down around a (virtual) table with some of EY’s Entrepreneur of the Year Alumni to chat about what makes people with dyslexia so inclined to go into business for themselves, and how their dyslexia and different thinking paves the way to success. With Richard Branson and Made By Dyslexia collaborating with LinkedIn to recognise “Dyslexic Thinking” as a valuable skill, the initiative is a breakthrough in acknowledging the positives of being dyslexic in the workplace. We all have a role to play in breaking down the stigma attached to dyslexia and other neurodiverse traits in the workplace and this recognition is a great start. 
We've dedicated an entire season to raising awareness about dyslexia in the classroom, the workplace and beyond, in light of Dyslexia Awareness Month. Throughout season 1 you'll hear from our presenter, Donna Thomson, from Texthelp. In this episode, Donna introduces an insightful conversation between her colleague, Chelsie Spencer and Sierra Goodfellow, a learner who was diagnosed with dyslexia in the first grade. Throughout her life and education, Sierra has faced many barriers to learning. After years of self-advocating, she finally recieved the right accomodations for her and went on to find success and a love for writing. Something she never thought was possible in the early days of her dyslexia journey.This is Sierra's story...
In this episode we hear from Texthelpers Donna Thomson and Greg O'Connor. Donna introduces the discussion before passing over to Greg who is our host for the day. Greg was joined by Aussie educators Jacinta Keenan and Brett Salakas and also by El'ise Bothe, a reality TV star and dyslexia ambassador.  Finally, Donna closes out the session and gives us 1 thing to know, 1 thing to think about and 1 thing to do. 
Research from leading charity, Made by Dyslexia and ManPower Group found that by 2025 humans & machines will split work 50:50. The 50% that are ‘human’ skills are also Dyslexic Thinking Skills. This means that if at school and work we’re not all able to succeed, that’s a problem for everyone. We need to redefine dyslexia for the 21st century by educating workplaces and education systems to understand dyslexia as a strength. In this podcast episode, we’ll be learning from lived experiences. Joining us is Lynsey Redpath, a fellow Texthelper with Dyslexia who is breaking down stigma and shouting about the power of her Dyslexic thinking. ------------------------Show notes:Your one thing to do - sign up for our Inclusion Festivals for free Professional Development and expert advice.For schools, colleges and universities, visit For workplace support, go to Download a copy of Lord Holmes' report into the Disabled Students' Allowance (DSA)
During this episode, you’ll be hearing from Jason Carroll, Chief Product Officer at Texthelp who is joined by the authors of Inclusive learning 365 again. This time, we’ll be finding out what the guests have been getting up to since their last time on Texthelp Talks a few weeks ago, as well as getting all the details from their roadtrip to ISTE and the conference itself.
Getting funds to invest in technology is really only the first hurdle for schools and local authorities. Driving adoption of these tools also presents challenges. That's because there are a lot of stakeholders and voices within education. To be able to select the right tools and drive usage there needs to be engagement with the whole school community. In this episode, we hear from different perspectives to help local authorities and schools on their EdTech journey.  Listen as South Lanarkshire Council share their story to rolling out devices and software across their 150 schools. You'll learn from education support officers, right through to parents.----------------------Don't miss South Lanarkshire's event on 12th September at Duncanrig Secondary School to discover how they are making use of a variety of tools, including Read&Write. Book your spot here.
To innovate and create our own future, we need to think differently. And to unlock the potential of all students, we need to create more inclusive learning experiences. In this episode of Texthelp Talks, we’re joined by Rachel Nowicki to discuss all things accessibility by design. Rae is the Disability Support Advisor at the Dyson Institute of Engineering and Technology. She discusses the Institute’s approach to inclusion and how this gives their Neurodiverse students opportunities to succeed with engineering and maths from day one. -------------------------Read Rae’s recent article in AdvanceHE, “A proactive approach to neurodiversity in higher education”.And to learn more about the Dyson Institute of Engineering and Technology, check out their website and follow them on Instagram. 
Jason Carroll, Chief Product Officer at Texthelp is joined (for the second time) by the authors of Inclusive Learning 365:  Chris Bugaj, Karen Janowski, Mike Marotta and Beth Poss -  who all come from a variety of backgrounds in education.In this episode, we find out a bit more about the authors, delve into some of the topics they are passionate about and discover what drove them to write their book Inclusive Learning 365. They also share some of their plans for the 2022 ISTE Conference, taking place in New Orleans and how they plan on getting there...Show Notes: Follow the Inclusive 365 authors on their Roadtrip to ISTEAdd your favorite road trip songs to their spotify playlist for the tripOrder your copy of Inclusive 365Follow the Inclusive 365 Team on Twitter and Instagram
The Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ) recommends that access arrangements for exams are part of a student's "normal way of working". But what does this mean and what does this look like in a busy classroom environment?In this episode, we're putting these questions and more to Simon Tanner from Bohunt Education Trust. Simon shares his experience as Director of SEND in supporting students to produce their best work and have the right opportunities come exam time. -------------------Additional resources:Find out more about Simon's MAT SEND Leadership Programme on Twitter Get to grips with the latest JCQ guidance 
In this episode we are joined by 2 experts in maths education in Australia. The host for the podcast is Allan Dougan, Allan is CEO of the Australian Association of Maths Teachers (AAMT). The AAMT are partnering with Texthelp to further maths education in Australia, so Allan is in a great position to host this session. Allan started his career as a Secondary Mathematics teacher in Scotland. As a celebrated teacher, he held various leadership positions in schools and was Scottish Teacher of the Year Runner Up. After moving to Australia, Allan quickly proved himself as a teacher of merit holding senior leadership positions in NSW schools.Before joining AAMT in December 2020, Allan was Global Head of Education for a large EdTech company - a role that saw Allan present professional learning across the globe and develop a strong knowledge of current and emerging educational practices and pedagogies worldwide. Allan is passionate about relational and relevant education which helps young people become lifelong learners.Allan is joined by Dr. John West, who is an independent mathematics education consultant. He currently works as the WA Project Officer for The University of Adelaide’s Maths in Schools Project, a casual lecturer in mathematics education at The University of Western Australia, and a fly-in/fly-out numeracy consultant to Coober Pedy Area School. John currently serves as the President of the Mathematical Association of Western Australia (MAWA) and is the author of a growing range of books for students and teachers including the Problem Solving Handbook (2021) the popular Puzzle Compendium series.So you can see that if anyone can answer the question, what makes a good maths lesson -it's John and Allan. 
In this episode of the Texthelp Talks podcast, we caught up with Caroline Wright, live from Bett 2022. Caroline is the Director General of the British Educational Suppliers Association. BESA is the UK’s national industry association for educational products and services. Caroline talked to us about the work BESA do to support schools and educators. As well as reflecting on the past 2 years, where we're at now and how we can maintain momentum with EdTech to make our schools even more inclusive. 
In our latest #TexthelpTalks podcast episode, we hear Steve Nordmark and James Basham discuss the future directions of UDL (Universal Design for Learning) and unpack what an ‘expert learner’ really is…
#36 BETTer Together Day 3

#36 BETTer Together Day 3


Our third and final day at Bett 2022 has arrived and with it is our final BETTer Together podcast. To wrap up an exciting three days at the show we are joined by leading Bett speakers Abid Patel and Graham Macaulay, as well as some Texthelp friends. Listen along to hear why our key takeaway from Bett this year is 'momentum'.
#35 BETTer Together Day 2

#35 BETTer Together Day 2


We are back with day 2 of our BETTer Together podcast series live from Bett 2022! Today we were joined by a host of different speakers and even some special VIPs (Very Important Pupils). What we love about Bett is the community of educators that we can learn from and share different experiences with. In this episode we asked our guests the same 3 questions and got very different answers, so we think you can learn from them too. 
This week the Texthelp Talks podcast is on tour at BETT 2022! Join us for a behind the scenes look at day 1. In this special episode we are joined by Siddiqui Education's Baasit Siddiqui as he shares insights on closing the achievement gap.
At Texthelp it’s our mission to help unlock everyone's full potential through technology. We love hearing from other like minded people who are passionate about education, accessibility and technology. That's why we have invited Luis Pérez, Technical Assistance Specialist at CAST, and Mindy Johnson, Director of Digital Communications & Outreach at CAST, to join us for this episode.We’ll be discussing the importance of accessibility, both as a foundation for UDL, and in online teaching in general. This includes the steps that educators can take to ensure accessibility on their materials, as well as the importance of making sure that PDFs are accessible.To find out more about how OrbitNote can support accessibility in your classroom visit: useful links from the episode:CAST UDL Symposium July 27 – 29 (online): Summit March 31 – April 1 (online): summit.udl-irn.orgNational Center on Accessible Educational Materials at CAST: (Resources on POUR: Designing for Accessibility with POUR, Vetting for Accessibiltiy with POUR, Creating Accessible Documents).Mindy’s always-up-to-date digital handout on accessible social media: can also hear more from Luis over on Twitter, @eyeonaxs and Mindy, @min_d_j.Transcript also available here:
In this episode of Texthelp Talks Ben Dyer, our Customer Relationship Champion, chats to student Shelly Zheng. Shelly is studying for a Bachelor of Business, Human Resources Management at Western Sydney University. Shelly shares her experiences of student life and accessing the tools and support she needs to complete her studies. Through this podcast Shelly hopes to inspire others who may be wary of attending university, she offers some tips and advice that could be of help too.  We hope to produce more resources with Shelly later this year, so keep an eye out for that! More resources to check out:Hear the top 6 reasons why Western Sydney University love Read&WriteVisit our Higher Education page for more information 
At Texthelp it’s our mission to help unlock everyone's full potential through technology. We love hearing from other like minded people who are passionate about education, accessibility and technology. That's why we invited Sky Caves, a Senior Learning Technologist at Basingstoke College of Technology onto the podcast. Sky shares why she's so passionate about integrating technology into the classroom and how her and the digital team at BCoT drive digital adoption across the college.----------------------------------------To find out more about the EdTech Demonstrator Programme and to sign up to get help and support from schools and colleges like BCoT, visit 
In this episode Brett Salakas speaks to Texthelp's Greg O'Connor about future building in education. Brett is a teacher, leader, poet and the founder of aussieED (the largest online network of teachers in Australia) and the co-founder of both the ED Poets Society and TheWalkingED.Greg and Brett discuss:-Preparing children for the future- Access to Ed-tech and equity issues- Learner agency in a changing world- The role of the teacher in building for the futureYou can follow Brett on Twitter at@MRsalakasyou can catch Greg on@gregoconnor.Two books mentioned were:Stratosphere: Integrating Technology, Pedagogy, and Change Knowledge by Michael Fullan.Work Less, Teach More by Dan Jackson.
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